'she called me ugly'


SINCE JANUARY FIRST 2015 TO TODAY, DECEMBER 28TH 2015 I HAVE DOCUMENTED EVERY DINGLE FUCKIGN MEME THAT WAS WIDESPREAD ON THIS GOD FORESAKEN WEBSITE, and yes I may not have been all scientific about it like some other people, but guess what this was a years worth of work and if this doesnt get some notes i ‘m going to scream

so, the memes of 2015, in a sort of chronological order but not for all of them:

  • “Sure Jan.”
  • year of neon genisis evangelion
  • Actually the entire brady bunch movie
  • reverse rick rolling
  • Miyazaki talking shit bout stuff (which tbh tho otaku culture is really messing up japan as a whole so this is sort of a serious thing idk man)
  • captain america civil war
  • i’m a jaded teenage girl.  i’ve been through shit that you wouldn’t even dream of.  you think life is hardd? try asking the cutest guy in the grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he had a fucking girlfriend.
  • Innapropiate audition songs
  • Dick cheney made money off the Iraq war
  • if you’re reading this it’s too late
  • *looks at smudged writing on hand*
  • Hoe don’t do it… Oh my god
  • Natalia kills
  • Uptown funk counts as a meme
  • The thing with all the emojis and send this to ten people
  • jet fuel can’t melt steel beams
  • Sausage movement
  • Taking the text from like a TV show title and editing it to say new shit.  I don’t even know if this meme has a name.  
  • garnet, amethyst, and (thing that isn’t pearl)
  • 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
  • Russia made memes illegal (I am gay gay gay I like long big cocks)
  • Paul Blart Mall Cop
  • rare pepe
  • *opens buzzfeed* … *closes buzzfeed*
  • sonic for real justice DOWN WITH MOD AMY. JUSTICE FOR MOD SILVER
  • barber: what you want –> barber: say no more
  • take me to snurch (snail church)
  • snake people, or sneople (two seperate memes)
  • She called me ugly I said “bitch swhere” she said “Under all that makeup” i said “bITCH SWHERE????!!!”
  • #thisgeneration
  • mcfreakin lose it
  • down with cis
  • minions
  • just gals being pals
  • where you live you’re first language what you call this [then an image]
  • you’re a kid you’re a squid
  • knife sharpening truck
  • gothic
  • af gifsets
  • me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right thereright there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
  • cheeky nandos with the lads
  • anti coleslaw (coleslaw is great but everyone hates it apparently)
  • like is there a college aged woman who thinks quasadillas are a mystery?
  • cute gender neuteral terms for your partner
  • the author of the journals… my brother
  • siri what’s 0 divided by 0
  • iPhone restart
  • the jurrassic world scene with chriss pratt being ike “k stay back” to the dinosaurs
  • The gif with rihanna flipping her hand and wiking
  • minion hate (srsly tho they’re everywhere and i hate it)
  • BUSH DID 9/11
  • if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what
  • zoobe
  • me, shoving breadsticks into purse: sorry i have to leave right now immediately
  • #growingup_____ (growinguphispanic, growingupblack, growingupshy, growingupasian, etc.)
  • gun
  • okay… that sounds fake but okay
  • old american infomercials (ANim aL CRackE R s iN My sOUP)
  • you’ve heard of ________, now get ready for ______
  • X: stop telling everybody i’m dead! y: sometime’s i can still hear their voice
  • straight outta
  • the one where it’s like somebody is lost in  crowd so soebody else yells something offensive to find them
  • critically analyzing spongebob
  • netflix and chill
  • banksy
  • i hate when people dress like this… we get it you smoke weed
  • And now… back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press the other day Miley what’s good?“
  • ”And now… back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press. Miley, what’s good?“
  • dan nicky your bobbie s
  • kidnapper: say it me: no kidnpper: say it me: *spits at them* fuck you
  • psychologist: *reads my mind* my mind: SCREAMING psychologhist: what the fuck
  • speech bubble meme (Like the character has a speech bubble so they’re saying a text post or something)
  • vine
  • ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ
  • *violins* ……run. BOW BOW BABABABABBAA
  • does “I aint get no sleep cuz of ya’ll!” count
  • me: *takes a deep breath* i lo-
  • kinkshame
  • relatable
  • dog of wisdom (ha da ba ga. ha bada ba gaga)
  • draw the squad/otp like this should count as a meme by this point
  • pokemon go (pokemon in real life)
  • [series] personality quizzes be like
  • …….anyways
  • u gotta
  • Putting fucking Halsey lyrics and other “deep” shit on Spongebob screencaps this one was funny until i saw a marina and the diamonds one and now i just feel disrespected
  • Concept; me
  • (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2008©)
  • I’m the X
  • october 21st 2015 (back to the future)
  • poot lavato (this meme is actualy really shitty but it’s still a meme like nmot just a bad meme just like ableist and misogonystic and urgh)
  • the outfits for doing shti with 1d like burying harry alive outfit charts
  • hotline bling
  • “do you ever look at somebody and wonder, ‘what is going on inside their head?’”
  • the ufo in LA
  • the time shia labouef screened all of his movies for three days straight and he streamed it but he didnt stream teh movies he streamed himself watching the movie
  • pineapple pizza discourse (it’s fucking disgusting if u like it please evaluate your descisions)
  • money cat (and similar posts)
  • 47 lamborginis
  • [tumblr user] is stealing bones!
  • feudal lord/handmaiden
  • in this world it’s kill or be killed
  • replace “feminism” with
  • loss.jpg made an impressive comeback
  • 2015 in a nutshell
  • “the stars sure are beautiful tonight”
  • tubbs the cat discourse
  • hobo and glunkus
  • star wars opening crawl
  • also from star wars, the ine storm trooper who yells “TRAITOR” in the force awakens
  • Cinder: Ha ha ha, you have a sister?
  • Levana: Channary, yes. Shut up, and when we were kids, she was so mean to me. Always teasing me, calling me the ugly princess, rubbing cheese curds in my eyes. One time, she stabbed me in the neck.
  • Cinder: So now you’re, like, super close?
  • Levana: Hell no. I wouldn’t piss on her neck-stabbing ass if it was on fire.
The Note Tree ❋ L.H. Pt.7

Part S E V E N 

Summary: A cherry blossom tree, residing at the farthest part of the schools courtyard. Nobody dwelled there, and you didn’t care much for it. Until you kept hearing one song played over and over, with lyrics changed to touch at your curiosity. They knew you were listening, and one day you gave in and made your way to the pink tree. Waiting for you, a series of notes tied to a single strand of string.

Word Count: 3k+

AN: eep, i came back early from my small vacation aha ^^ anyways, hi! im so happy you guys are getting to like this series (makes me smile lots). im so sorry this part was a little delayed as i was away w/o my pc. but im here and will try to write much faster x oh, and 100 notes please <3 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine, thirty.

I M A G I N E 


After sleeping through the rest of Saturday, you decided to stroll outside on a Sunday morning. And, of course, it was raining. 

You draped on a large, gray sweater, the kind that was actually hand knit and not a generic made from a company. Your legs were hugged by navy blue leggings, which was ornate with unintentional holes. You shoved on a pair of green-gray Converse as you walked down the middle of the quiet, vacant road. 

Your head was buzzing. Your body was slowly adapting back to its usual, completely-in-control setting as you slowly trotted down the road. The black road ornate with yellow streaks worth of paint shined from Natures produce. You felt the cool dollops moisten your face, feeling somewhat refreshed but annoyed. It hadn’t occurred to you to get an umbrella until you were too far to go back for one. 

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One of my older sisters is always so cold hearted towards me and I just don’t understand why. She insults me every time she sees me calling my Afro nappy, saying how wide and ugly my nose is, and calling me fat. It hurts my feelings a lot of the time and whenever I show that her comments sting it seems like she enjoys getting a rise out of me. I wish I had a better relationship with my sister, but I literally can’t trust her because she is always being so hurtful.

Slytherin Hero// Draco Malfoy x Slytherin! Reader

Title: Slytherin Hero. 

Request: Hi! Could I get an imagine where the reader is a Slytherin and shes dating draco, but you get attacked by some other slytherins in the common room because they are trying to get back at draco but draco ends up coming in and saving you? Thanks love!! –Anonymous. 

Paring: Draco Malfoy x Slytherin! Reader 

Warning(s): Bullying.

Being alone wasn’t unusual. That’s how it’s always been, until I meet Draco, of course. Draco never left my side, unless he had a lesson to attend, and I didn’t. Today wasn’t any different other than I was sick, and Draco wasn’t going to see me all day.

 I was sitting in the Slytherin common room reading a book on Potions. I looked up in the fire before turning my head towards the sound of the doors opening. I looked at the three people walking in. Crabbe, Goyle, and Parkinson, they were Draco’s ‘friends’ which surprised me that he would be friends with the girl who has been obsessing with him since first year. 

“Hello, Y/L/N.” Parkinson snickered; I nodded her way turning back to my book. “Wow, ignorant aren’t we? Won’t even talk to your ‘boyfriends’ friends.” Her and the boys laugh loudly, “Bloody brilliant you are Parkinson, insulting the girl whose dating the boy you’re supposedly ‘in love’ with,” my voice was scratchy but I managed to get what all I was saying, “since, last time I checked Mr. Malfoy actually liked me, and would get you expelled, as well as your other ‘frineds.’” I closed my book, getting up. My eyes showed fire, as hers did. She moved her dark brown hair to the side, looking at Goyle. His face scrunched up, “Now, if that is all, I will leave.” I muttered walking away before Parkinson grabbed my arm pulling me to look at her.

“You’re so bloody stupid, Y/L/N. Thinking Draco would actually like you, let alone love you.” She laughed as the boys chuckled. I made eye contact with her, not pulling away once. She said the same things over again. She called me ugly and stupid until I cut her off when she talked about my relationship. “At least I know he loves me.” I muttered she laughed again, and started saying things louder; I looked away this time, as Crabbe and Goyle pulled their wands out, hearing something I didn’t. 

“Leave her alone,” I heard a deep voice, not just any voice though. I looked up and over Parkinson’s shoulder. Draco was standing there, waiting for Crabbe and Goyle to put away their wands, Parkinson moved away from me. 

“She’s a filthy half-blood.” She muttered, “Actually, I am not. My mum had full wizard blood in her, and so did my father. We say my father isn’t full wizard but he is, he doesn’t like saying he’s a pureblood Slytherin because of his mum leaving him when he was five.” I stood up for my father, “And this whole thing about Draco not loving me,” I paused looking at him, he looked down at me. I leaned up and kissed him. 

I pulled away soon after smiling at him, “I love you.” He murmured, “I love you too.” I whispered before hugging him. I heard Parkinson stomp out of the room. 

“I really do love you.” He said smiling, I smiled back. “I love you too.”

A/N: This is short but it’s kind of cute??? Im trying to figure out if i should do a part 2 of ‘Mum, I loved her.’ but idk. 

25. Part 3

Originally posted by bittenbysalvatores

I thought I would shake off the fact I am angry about the whole situation but I am not, I got the jet as soon as Royalty woke up and ate her breakfast “I am so sad baby, this week is ending so fast, I have enjoyed you so much” Royalty placed her hands on the table in front of her “you going to miss me? I am going to miss you, your momma ain’t finna let me see you for a while now” I didn’t think I would be able to deal on my own but Royalty was a blessing, she didn’t hassle me on anything. She just loved life, we had some serious father and daughter time “gimme a kiss baby, come” waving her over, Royalty climbed up on the seats on the jet “come here, come to daddy baby” Royalty smiled at me climbing on the table “come on” holding my arms out, she reluctantly let herself go and fell on me. Catching her “oh my baby girl” cradling her like a baby “you going to miss me?” I asked her, she shook her head “oh what!?” lowering my head down attacking her face with kisses, Royalty giggled out loud trying to move my head away. Moving my head back “ok roro, last chance. You going to miss me?” she has this cheeky little grin on her face, she is wanting me to attack her face with kisses “it’s ok, I don’t mind kiss you” Royalty put her hand on my face “silly butt, you silly butt” she keeps on calling me this “you’re ugly” I retorted, she placed her hand over my mouth to shut me up.

Rylee didn’t answer my text, she looked at it and didn’t reply which I didn’t text her about. Her ass will be home anyways, she can’t hide away from me. Great start to having a fiancé though, barely got to the second stage either. Unlocking my home door, it’s nice to be back and see my cars are all here intact “inside now baby” grabbing Royalty’ arm and motioning her inside, Royalty skipped inside and started barking “thanks just put the cases in the lobby” walking inside my home “doggy dad!” Royalty pointed and then ran, she wants to play with a dog “Roro, I will get doggy out later” looking around the corner, Royalty pointed at the glass door. The hell is my dog’s doing out, I know Rylee won’t let the dog’s out so it must have been Joe. Royalty slapped the window and barked, my dog’s saw me and ran to the window. This is what I didn’t want, they about to make my window’s dirty. Royalty soon ran to me, she got scared of them all running and barking “come, let’s put TV on” holding her hand.

Biting on my nail waiting for my manager to take me off hold, he was speaking to me and then the record label rang. I would have actually woken Rylee up but I am not in a loving mood at all, I have been here for an hour and I am not even sure she is here “ok so I told them you left New York, that is fine. You did your part, you just you didn’t sign off for the album cover which we can send to you over email. We will work on it, we are thinking October release date and then the end of November tour, we are confident that the tickets will sell out” shaking my head looking at Royalty eating chips and making a mess, I want to see Royalty for Christmas “man, I mean what the hell. What about after? January maybe?” seeing Rylee walking to the kitchen, she looked at me and I looked at her “Chris, let’s just go with this” so I am stuck with this, that is what he is saying “fine, put it through. Anything else? I mean, I was in New York and nothing was said” what a waste of time “the promo, the interviews. Will be sent out, let these people know Chris Brown is back. Come on Chris, you have been quiet for far too long” he has got a point “cool, I got you. Talk soon” disconnecting the call.

Royalty held a chip up to me, she loves feeding me “you know the mess you made is not cute, you trying to make it up to me?” my couch looks so bad “it’s ok baby I don’t want it” Rylee made her way over to us and I am still not going to say shit to her, looking up at the TV “when did you come back?” she finally spoke “about an hour ago” Royalty’ head shot up, she shuffled off the couch “lee!” she yelped, Rylee put her breakfast on the table in front and picked her up. Looking at my phone and seeing Mijo calling me “bro” he took his time “what’s good?” I said sitting back “you called me fool, all good there?” he right I did “you and the kids want to have Royalty? I need to deal with something” Rylee looked at me and I stared back, she is the thing I am dealing with “little Royal, yeah of course, all night thing?” shaking my head “nah bro, just a few hours. You pick her up later, she is due a nap now” see, I know Royalty’ times now. I know my daughter “cool, talk soon” he put the phone down, getting up from the couch “Chris I am sorry” Rylee said, walking by her “it’s fine, I am just going to cook Rosa some food. I am sure I will be a good husband to her” Rylee scoffed behind me, I can be petty too.

I am trying not to be too petty, I am just waiting to talk to her “y’all about to get freaky?” Mijo questioned “how about no” I shrugged “the fuck!?” Mijo spat “it’s just a disagreement, I am trying to deal with it in an adult way. I am trying here, I have never been in love and dealing with issues now is so much more different. I ain’t about to throw her out, I care too damn much” Mijo is giving me a disapproving look, he didn’t want me engaged “love sucks homie, I guess good luck. Communication is key, talk it out and I am glad you are trying to be calm” he doesn’t know how angry I am “daddy” hearing my daughter say “daddy I’m princess” Royalty stepped down on the last step “she dressed herself” Rylee said behind her “oh wow, this is different baby but I love it. You look unique” picking her up “you are dressed half boy and half girl” touching her dress “you look beautiful” pressing a kiss to her cheek “You go with Uncle Mijo, see mymy?” Royalty nodded her head “be good for him beautiful” Royalty generally goes to anybody, she rarely cries “little Royal, you looking beautiful girl” smiling at them both “see you soon, and Rylee” Mijo waved at her.

This is awkward then, I guess it’s not the conversation I wanted so early on “I have work in an hour” I need to be calm and talk, turning around rubbing my cheek with my hand “do you even care about me? Do you even care about this engagement, you’re more into your work. Like now. You did a night shift so I know you have the following day off, did you take on more hours?” I ain’t stupid “besides, you haven’t answered my question? You just going to leave me hanging?” Rylee stared at me in silence, looking down at the Rolex and then back at Rylee. The silence is deafening, I have never felt this pain in my life but I am, it’s foreign to me. First time in my life I am scared, scared to lose something. Unclipping the Rolex, taking it off my wrist and holding it out to Rylee “your grandma said to give it to the guy you love, I don’t think that is me. Don’t say it, I rather you just walk if you’re going to do it” Rylee shook her head “I gave that to the right guy, I was just staring into your eyes. Sorry, I got lost. You’re scared” looking away from Rylee “don’t read me and don’t play with my feelings” I don’t like it “I got taken back, sorry. I don’t think you realised it but at that moment you didn’t guard your feelings, I am sorry” she spoke, walking off to the kitchen counter and placing the Rolex down.

I want to stay away from her so she can’t look into my eyes like that “I am so sorry I hurt you, it’s a big decision you know. I moved here for this, this has been crazy for me. I spoke to my grandma, it made me laugh because I don’t know why I spoke to her but I did. Her answer was you obey your husband, she is from the island so she will say that. I called my mom after, she also told me I deserve to be spoilt, stop being so independent. I spoke to my dad, ask him if he would be disappointed to leave such a job, he told me he would leave any job for my mom. It made me realise that you would do anything for love, what I got with you is special and it’s not worth a job. It’s not worth a friend, you are my best friend. I just didn’t want to a be disappointment to my parents that I left just to live off you, that is not what I want and want to be labelled as” Rylee sniffled “I am so sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean too. I will leave the job for you, it’s not worth it” I don’t like to see her cry, I didn’t even want her to leave either but she’s not safe there.

Sighing out “I feel like a dickhead right now” I mumbled “don’t, I am scared there anyways. I always think someone is about to attack me, people know me. And my ex knows where I am, it got to a point where I just wanted him to kill me because I am sick of feeling like this” that fucking ex, he needs a fucking beating “life has come at me so fast, I didn’t think I would be in love. I didn’t think I would find a man that loves me the way you do, I didn’t answer the text not because I was deciding to leave you but because I didn’t want to argue with you either. I am scared that what if something happens between us, where does that leave me? I living under your roof, I am living by your means” folding my arms across my chest staring at Rylee “a wife” I said, leaning against the kitchen counter “what do you mean?” she questioned “you about to be my wife, you telling me your mom don’t get spoilt? Your dad worked so hard for that house, you’re no different and I don’t want to come off as a controlling man, but I love you. I am like the softest I can be with you, I am a dickhead Rylee. I am not nice and I can’t believe I got you” taking in a deep breath “so can we talk about our future then? Like once and for all, I appreciate you so much Chris I do but I want to work” I always feel the need to be high when she speaks about working on something.

“What do you want from me?” Rylee questioned, that is a good question “what do you want me from me?” I retorted, Rylee scoffed at me “come on, I asked first” rolling my eyes unfolding my arms from across my chest “I want you to travel the world with me, I want you to be a mother, a wife, a step mom. I want you to succeed and for the world to know you as Rylee Brown and not just Chris Brown’ wife” Rylee looked at me all shocked “that is a lot, but can I say what I want and we can come to an agreement?” nodding my head, I am open to it but it depends on what she says “I will leave this job, today I am leaving it. But I want you to support me enough to let me work in a different place, I will make sure it’s part time but I want to work Chris” walking around the kitchen counter “I say part time because then we can have us time too, I can start somewhere new but I want you to support me. I want you to be happy for me” she really wants to do this “I am happy with that, I never wanted you to leave but I can’t accept Daniel there. I will go with you to your interview, I will root for you” Rylee smiled “really?” just to see her smile “yeah but don’t forgot me, I need you too” I want her with me forever “you know what I want from you? Nothing Chris, you have been the best. Don’t ever change, when I got with you I wanted you as a person” standing in front of her “oh god, don’t” Rylee placed her hand on my chest “don’t, I could have lost you” now she is being stupid “listen to me, don’t cry” wrapping my arms around her, holding her in close “stop it now, we won’t lose each other because love got us” Rylee sobbed out.

“It’s hard Chris, I was home alone and alone at work. I had nobody without you, I felt so lonely. Without you I am nothing and all this happened less than a year, I just didn’t think Chris” she said through her cries “stop it Rylee, I love you too much to leave you. I just want you happy too, I will help you look for another job. While then I can show you my life” running my fingers through her hair “what do you mean?” she mumbled “promo my album and interviews, rehearsals and then show you how to run Black Pyramid” pressing a kiss to her head “you want to go and see your mom? I don’t like you sad, we can go together” Rylee moved back from me “really?” nodding my head “before I get busy, I will come with you. I want to know your family even more” she is so damn happy now “I don’t deserve you at all” Rylee shook her head “I don’t deserve you either, I guess we equal. If I didn’t love you then I would have thrown you out, I guess talking works” I chuckled to myself, I am learning.

I do feel bad about this but I said she can get another job, I just can’t deal with her working with Daniel at all. Closing my car door, Rylee waited for me. Locking my Lamborghini door walking around my car “you good?” I asked Rylee before holding onto her hand “yeah, just you know. End of a chapter” she mumbled “and a start of a beautiful one with me, I feel bad though. If you don’t want to do it then don’t, I rather you not be sad but then I won’t be happy either” Rylee rolled her eyes tugging at my hand “let’s just go” Rylee walked to cross the road tugging at my hand, smiling at my wife. From the corner of my eye, I see a car driving towards Rylee, yanking Rylee back towards me. The car flew by Rylee, frowning at the car driving off without even stopping “the fuck” I said, he could have hurt my girl “let’s just get out of here” this place is bad vibes, I didn’t bring Joe either.

Rylee has a tight grip on my hand, she is nervous and looks a little emotional “I will need to go into the staff only part on my own, are you ok to wait here?” nodding my head, pulling Rylee towards me. Placing my free arm around her “I love you” pecking her lips “I love you too, I am not upset about leaving anymore. I am just going to miss the people here, I will be quick. I love you so much Chris” she let my hand go walking off, smiling at her as she walked off. The fuck am I going to do now though, pulling my snapback down a little more. Getting my phone out from my pocket, looking down at my phone and seeing my reflection. Smiling down at my reflection, I have not worn my gold grills in a while and I miss it, I look a mess but I missed it “I swear that is Chris Brown” hearing someone say, looking up from my phone staring at a guy and his wife “I knew it” looking back down at my phone, I don’t like being here at all.

It’s been like thirty minutes now, this is annoying. Looking down at my watch sighing out “woah, wait!” this female said as she froze smiling at me “Maria, we met before. Oh wow, what are you doing here” I think I remember her “oh, I am waiting on Rylee. She is in here” Maria pointed at the door “you’re waiting? I thought you would keep her waiting, wow. How does Rylee do it” rubbing my neck laughing “I mean you are Chris Brown and she got you waiting out here? What? Why?” she looked in disbelief, licking my bottom lip smiling “she is leaving this job now, that is why” Maria gasped “oh no, oh wow. I mean I knew it was coming, I am glad you are taking her. She deserves better and she has so much life to live, honestly Chris. Good choice, she is wasted here. She is too kind and I feel like she needs someone to tell her, good on you” I am so happy she agrees with me “thank you, I want her to have the best and this job is not good and I don’t like a certain guy here” stuffing my hands in my pockets “Daniel?” she already knew “yeah, other things but I just want to keep my girl close” Maria smiled at me lightly “I will tell her to hurry up, nice meeting you. Hope to see you out of work, bye” waving at her, hopefully Rylee will come out.

Sitting next to this old lady on the seats, my feet hurt from standing. I am sat here like a patient, this is so awkward “do those things hurt?” the lady at the side of me asked pointing, looking over at her “my teeth?” I questioned “yeah, do they hurt?” shaking my head laughing, hearing the door open my head turned “finally” Rylee walked out with a box and a woman behind her, getting up from the seat “you been crying again?” I asked, Rylee nodded her head silently “she is escorting me out, let’s go” taking the box from Rylee “come, let’s get out of here” walking ahead of Rylee, I am so glad to be out of this place but I don’t like my girl crying over this shit, even Maria knows she deserves better “Chris Brown, he is more handsome in person” grinning from ear to ear hearing the talk behind me.

“This is it Chris, I came to live out my dream and now I am leaving” Rylee stared at the building “you’re leaving this building with a fiancé you love” Rylee looked at me “and I am so happy I am” she better be, Rylee wrapped her arms around my arm walking “you legit happy though? Maria agreed with me” I am happy she did “oh yeah, she told me. I am meeting her for a meal, she said for you to come. She has a husband and wants to meet up” Rylee is asking to do couple things, this means Rylee has time to plan shit “Rylee! Wait” my ears perked up at the voice, Rylee let my arm go turning around and so did I, I knew that motherfuckers would appear “you leaving!? What the hell?” he has some nerve “is that it?” he is walking closer and I am about to punch his face “it’s time for me to move on” Rylee said, Daniel’ eyes lit up. It’s like he wants some attention “you’re leaving because of this crazy motherfucker, Rylee you’re making the biggest mistake of your life. Don’t leave” dropping the box to the ground “take yourself and your nurses outfit back in there, you think I won’t beat you just because I am a celebrity” stepping to Daniel, he laughed in my face “wifey material? Nigga you had years! You had years to have her but you couldn’t, she don’t like you like that. How many times you want to be friend zoned, and then you got beat up by Blake. Do you ever want to just stop!?” moving my head back as Daniel was about to headbutt me but I swung my fist around which met his jaw “Chris, no!” Rylee grabbed my shirt, I threw my fist again at his eye and then pushing him onto the floor. He fell back onto the ground “don’t ever speak to my girl again” Rylee grabbed my shirt “fuck, Chris! Come, stop it” I want to beat him up even more.

I feel so much better, I punched him. He thought I would just stand there and do nothing, I don’t care and I would catch a case on god “Chris, I am so sorry about everything. I was just so confused” seeing some folded paper on my windscreen, picking the paper off my screen and unfolding it. Seeing a picture of Rylee and I having sex on my kitchen counter, the blood drained from my face. Looking around me “what have you seen?” Rylee questioned, who the fuck was watching us. Looking back down at the picture, I was eating Rylee out but who the fuck saw this, who the fuck was at my house.

Elorcan Fanfic Part 3: Beautiful


Thank y’all for reading and sticking with it, I really hope that you have enjoyed it and will continue to do so! Again, please give me feeback, message me and feel free to ask me anything. 

“Elide… Talk to me.” Lorcan whispered as he kneeled down next to Elides bed.

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  • “you’re my sibling’s best friend and heard me crying as you walked past my room so you came in to check on me and started laughing when you saw the IKEA chair in pieces on the ground- no this is a serious matter would you help me build this goddamn thing my pride is at stake here
  • “we’re both super athletic and competitive in gym class, so the gym teacher just started putting us on the same team so we wouldn’t end up murdering each other and wow you’re actually pretty hot when you aren’t trying to kill me”
  • “I’m the frat boy king and you are the double major nerd but we’re pretty good friends and I managed to drag you to my frat party so you could relax but you are currently kicking my ass in beer pong while outdrinking me and I think I’m in love with you??”
  • “I’m an astronaut and you don’t know so for the past hour you’ve been telling me all about space travel and it’s really cute how excited you are so I don’t want to break it to you yet”
  • “we go to school together and I think you’re cute and apparently you’re also the pizza delivery guy and my little sibling opened the door screaming hey sis! you know that kid you’re in love with? you really weren’t kidding when you said his jawline could cut steel holy shit-” 
  • “you’re my son’s teacher and he just punched another child in the face for telling Susie she was ugly and you called me to say no your kid isn’t in trouble but he said you taught him to throw a right hook like that and I wanted to say that I’m impressed
  • “I’m a pediatric doctor and you volunteer at the hospital all the time to read to the kids with cancer and a patient we were both close to just died and now we’re crying over ice cream in my apartment together”
  • “I have a really bad stutter and feel like I’m annoying people with it but you are always super patient and listen carefully to whatever I’m trying to say and I really can’t tell you how much it means to me”
  • “I live in the dorm room across from yours but we’ve never really talked but now we’re both locked out of our rooms really late at night so we’ve been playing monopoly in the hall for the past three hours and where have u been all my life??”
  • “I’m a nurse and you’re the frat boy who just dropped a keg on his foot and holy shit man I’m new to this but I really don’t think your foot is supposed to be that shade of purple- look you could literally be dying for all I know right now this is so not the time to ask for my number” 
  • “you’re trying to buy tampons for your little sister but are totally overwhelmed by all the different options and I’ve been giggling in the next aisle at how clueless you are for the past ten minutes but finally I’m showing mercy and have come over to help you- buddy no I really don’t think she needs six boxes I promise
  • “I just got my period and heard footsteps in the bathroom so I asked you for a tampon but it turns out I’m in the boys bathroom?? but you got me one from the nurse anyway and this is so embarrassing??”
  • “we’re partners for tennis in gym but you really suck, so I’m kicking ass as a one-man team but buddy you can’t even hold the racket? aren’t you the captain of the football team?”
  • “you work at the coffee shop down the street from me and insist on saying my name a different way every day… it’s been six months how are you even still doing this??”
  • “you got really drunk the night before at my party and I found you asleep on my kitchen counter cuddling my dog?? sorry buddy but this is not ur house- no, I really don’t want you to make me breakfast
  • “I ran into the bathroom at work to eat the last pop tart and you’re waiting outside the door to tackle me help me pls.
  • “I don’t know you but you just spent the last hour helping me look for my dog in the park and wow you’re actually really attractive do you want to get coffee after I stop crying??”
  • “You really pissed me off last night so I stole your fish and am holding Stanley for ransom until you apologize”
  • “our siblings who are about to get married keep trying to set us up and they gave up and just shoved us in a closet together wow real mature guys I CAN HEAR YOU GIGGLING OUTSIDE THE DOOR”
  • “we were partners for planning a wedding in class together and we have argued over every single detail so tbh we should probably just marry each other and save ourselves the trouble of ever doing this again” 
  • “I’m planning a birthday party for my grandmother and accidentally invited you but my grandmother ended up loving you?? and you stayed behind to help me clean up and my grandmother called me and loudly explained how she wants me to marry you and grandma look you’re embarrassing me he’s right here- NO, you can’t talk to him
  • “you started a fire in our cooking class and now we’re sitting outside in the pouring rain so you gave me your jacket but I’m still wondering how the hell you burnt toast??
  • “this is your first time flying and you look pretty terrified so you sort of grabbed my hand during take off but I don’t really mind. About ten minutes into the flight you realized you were holding my hand and you look incredibly embarrassed and incredibly cute
  • “I’m singing along to some cheesy pop song while stuck in traffic and you’re in the car next to me and started singing along too and holy shit you sound like beyonce and I’m literally a dying walrus
  • “I work at the zoo and someone was harassing me about how terrible zoos are while I was feeding the penguins and man, I just work here?? you came over and yelled at them to leave me alone and I’m really grateful- hey wait do you want to come pet the penguin babies? I think Earl really likes you
  • “you work at a pet friendly grocery store and my dog Ketchup ran off so I’ve been loudly screaming his name for the past ten minutes and you kindly told me it was in aisle ten and you’re in tears laughing at me as I explain the dilemma”
  • “I’m a cheerleader and you’re failing calculus so when I showed up to tutor you when the teacher asked, you fell out of your chair in surprise- look buddy, I’m number one in the class and you might be cute but… I don’t remember where I was going with this? Lets just study okay? No, I didn’t say you were cute you need to go to the nurse you must be hallucinating”
  • “we have first period together and I’ve spent the past half hour watching in a mixture of horror and amusement as you consumed an entire tray of brownies right out of the pan?? are you okay?
  • “your mom really likes me so she invited me over for dinner but failed to mention her extremely hot kid was going to be there. I’m 99% sure she’s trying to set us up but you spilled spaghetti all over me and I sort of accidentally hit you with a frying pan and your mom is really striking out here”
  • “our grandmothers play bingo together and they made us come with them and now the two of us really got into it and jesus christ I should not be attracted to someone because of how hot they look playing bingo
  • “I’m your kid’s teacher and we were supposed to be having a parent teacher conference but you walked in on me on top of my desk armed with a stapler and screaming at the spider on the floor, so you calmly walked over and killed it and wow this is totally not embarrassing at all
  • “You were supposed to be on a date and I was just grabbing takeout but I noticed that you got stood up and the rude girls from our school were making fun of you so I sat down with you and pretended like I was your date. we’ve never actually talked before but the look on their faces and the smile on yours was priceless
  • “I absolutely hate when people call me by a nickname but you have a special one for me and smile really big whenever you say it so I GUESS its okay if you call me it but ONLY YOU
  • “I have never heard you laugh before and I’m the class clown who sits next to you in third period and I swear I’m going to make you laugh by the end of the year IF ITS THE LAST THING I DO”

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I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING AND NOW IM SAD BUT OMFG when ignis (who is still blind ) has a kid what if he has a girl and his little girl asks him if she's beautiful what if she's being bullied and she sits on his lap crying and says "daddy all the girls at school call me ugly " and he tries to tell her she's beautiful but she just sobs out a " how would you know? " i hurt myself so bad



Little Sister

It was hours past the king’s feast when Arya came to him crying.

Jon had been leaning against the open window in his chambers, breathing in the cold night air and relishing the hushed quiet of Winterfell after a day of watching the king’s party from afar. All the Lannister and Baratheon men had taken over the castle like roaches to wood, wearing the stones with their boots and filling the halls with their queer southron accents; every man in red or gold spread their rot like a plague over the seat of the Starks, strangers that were as unwelcome here as flowers in the snow.

Jon’s eyes had been set upon the heart tree’s bloody bloom, transfixed by the swaying red hands, when his door swung suddenly open and shut. Arya flattened herself against it, heaving like she’d just run from a dragon. The candles flickered with the sudden whoosh of air, and as their golden wisps danced, the glistening tracks running down his sister’s face glowed like crystal ribbons.

It was late - far too late - and Lady Catelyn and her septa beast usually had Arya wrangled up for the night by this time, penning her like Nymeria. Jon was suddenly alert.

“Little sister,” he pushed away from the window and went to her, kneeling so they were eye to eye. Ghost bounded over to lick once at Arya’s hand, his fiery eyes shining with a red fury Jon had never seen before; Jon shook off the hot hunger that tasted of blood, and took Arya’s face in his hands, swiping at her tears with the pads of his thumbs. “What is wrong?”

Her lip quivered and those grey eyes filled up once more, like dark wells of pain. “He said,” she sobbed, “he said…” Her words trailed off as she threw her arms around Jon’s neck, clinging to him as a child would their favorite toy.

Jon held her tight against him and got to his feet, lifting her with him as he moved to sit at the edge of his bed; she sat sideways in his lap, but gripped him all the more desperately. Jon frowned, absorbing the convulsions of her cries as Ghost came to curl protectively at their feet.

“Arya,” Jon tested softly, stroking the length of her thick brown hair, “tell me what happened.”

It was a few moments before she could speak, before she could even stifle her cries. “He called me ugly,” she murmured against the curve of Jon’s neck, nestling there like it was the safest place in the world.

“Who did?” Jon asked, feeling the anger rise within him. This was not the first time Arya had been dealt blows within the stones of her own home; Sansa and Jeyne Poole would tease Arya often for her looks, haughty little brats who giggled over cakes, but never before had any man or boy of Winterfell dared talk ill of Arya Stark. If they had, Jon would have struck them where they stood.

“King Robert,” Arya finally whispered, pulling back to look Jon in the eyes. Her grey eyes were sad, a mirror image to his own; everything about them was a mirror, two halves of one whole, never belonging anywhere but together. “I heard him say I was no great beauty, just after he praised Sansa.”

No great beauty… The words rang through Jon’s head like a sword-blow to a helm. Bitter rage crawled through his veins like poison, and at once the king’s fat face swam to his mind’s eye: tangled black hair, flushed, damp cheeks, drink-glazed eyes, a laugh that was a touch too loud. A king no one was proud to call their liege.

The stag-man had once been betrothed to their aunt Lyanna, a great winter’s beauty by all northern accounts; even the Dragon Prince had fallen in love with her, if the whispers could be believed. Father had once said that Arya looked like her, their aunt Lyanna, that she would grow into her loveliness like a budding winter rose.

Robert Baratheon had not deserved Lyanna Stark, and Arya did not deserve this pain.

“Little sister,” Jon said with an iron tone, needing her to understand, “you are not ugly, nor should you ever listen to what comes out of that fat drunk’s mouth. He knows nothing of beauty nor love.” Jon leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her tear-streaked cheek; her cheekbone was sharp as a knife beneath his lips, the softness of her youth shedding away quicker every day. Soon she would be a woman grown and married off, a thought Jon did not like to dwell on.

Arya sniffed once and rubbed at her eye. “Sansa always says-”

Jon put a finger over her mouth, stopping her immediately. “Sansa’s eyes are blinded by the songs. If I want to know the sigils of the west or how to write a poem, I will ask her. Otherwise, I do not care what she says. You, little sister, are not ugly. You will be as beautiful as Aunt Lyanna and then the boys will be tripping over their feet to catch you.” To take you away, far from home and far from me.

Arya made a face; Jon smiled. “I don’t care if boys think I’m pretty,” she muttered petulantly, “I don’t want anyone to catch me.”

Jon stroked her cheek gently, his smile waning to sadness. “You might one day, little sister, and when that day comes you will no longer need me.”

Arya’s brows furrowed and a frown turned down her lips; she got the stubborn look that meant she refused to listen. “That’s not true,” she vowed with a summer child’s ignorance, “I will always need you.” She climbed higher in his lap and lay her head against his heart, listening to the beat that it made. “You will always be mine, Jon Snow.”

i somewhat resent my mother (hair story)

i resent her because i used to have the longest hair. of course, every black female tells this story, but it’s true. i had hair that surpassed my butt. from the time i was born, to the time i was about 5, my hair was never permed. i always had a blowout & my hair was “diana ross-puffy”. it was huge, and long, and majestic. and then my mom started perming it. it was still long, but not as long as it used to be. it was always straight, and she admitted to me that she kept perming it “because it was easier”. she would also indirectly teach me that anything other than relaxed hair was ugly. little did i know, that my hair kept getting shorter and shorter, until it was just past my shoulders in high school. then i started doing my own hair. my mom wouldn’t help me so of course i burned it all off. as long as she didn’t have to do it, she didn’t give a fuck. so i was unhappy with it, until junior year of high school when i tried clip-in extensions. it was a hot mess, because my mom would get the cheap kind with super silky hair, and it never matched my dull hair. she never taught me how to blend my hair & people would make fun of me at school. again, she cared, but she didn’t care. She would never teach me how to do my hair, but always reminded me of how ugly it was. i tried weave about a year ago, and i felt beautiful again. i had long hair, and it was straight. of course the lifespan of a weave is dependent upon how well you take care of it. i didn’t know that at the time. i would never wash it, or comb it out, and it looked like amanda bynes’ wigs. i had to learn how to take care of my weave, and it took alot of trial and error. when i went to college, my weave was getting ragedy and due to my college budget, i couldn’t afford another one of the same quality, so i said fuck it. my mom offered to sew in some scraps of different colors into my head, but i just looked at her in disappointment, due to the fact that it was utterly ratchet to even mention that option. so i took it out. she ran a quick perm through it, again, “because it’s easier” and i finally saw my hair after a year. i didn’t know how to style it, or what to do with it. i had to re-learn everything. it was shoulder-length and i was happy. over time, i realized that the texture was different. my roots had a stubborn wave to it. i liked it. so from then on i said no to perms, and now i’m four months into my natural hair journey. my mom, as usual, throws shade at my hairstyles and indirectly calls my hair ugly. she even made me straighten it for thanksgiving dinner. i’d like to think that i have very pretty hair that goes against the stereotypical fro (fros are pretty too). she just doesn’t understand me, but i understand her. i just wished she raised me with an option of natural hair.