The Wobbegong shark is a dorsoventrally flattened fish. There are twelve species of Wobbegongs and they all have these little stylish fleshy tabs on their chins for camouflage; Wobbegong comes from an aboriginal name meaning “shaggy beard.” Because Wobbegongs are extremely confident in their camouflage, they cause no threat to divers. In fact, divers can swim up to one and it just sits there and doesn’t move, completely convinced that it can’t be seen. Unlike most sharks, which breathe through their mouth, the Wobbegong breathes through a pair of spiracles that are kind of like nostrils that don’t smell, they’re on the top of the head. This is because the mouth is down so low to the sand, if they were breathing through their mouth, they would just get a mouthful of sand. Yuck.