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Um, have any headcanons for Cisco?

- cisco has glow-in-the-dark stars on his bedroom ceiling. he’s a little embarrassed about them but the truth is he always wanted them as a kid but his parents never let him put them up (afraid they’d damage the paint and lose their security deposit). So after he got his first apartment by himself, one night he was feeling kind of lonely and bummed out and he decided to order a whole galaxy worth of star stickers and put them up, and it made him feel better.

We want to let you know about a project we are organizing, a fanbook we’ll give to Matt as a gift at the ShowtimeCon2 in Spain next year (March 2017). It’s open worldwide and you can participate either you attend the Con or not.

Do you want to participate? You can send us the following stuff so we can add it to the fanbook:

1) Your drawings (either of Matt or any of the characters that he has portrayed)

2) Letters

3) Edits

We will not accept anything with sexual content or that contains bad language.

The deadline for sending your stuff is January 15, 2017 (yes, you have a lot of time to think about what you’ll send to us!), and the email you need to send them to is mattdaddariospain@gmail.com . Subject: Fanbook

IMPORTANT:  Add your name and twitter/tumblr username in the email.

can we just live in the moment?

Lisa asked Shawna to come up to the roof and see the stars, but there aren’t any stars tonight, just thick clouds shot through with pale greenish light as they drift in front of the moon. 

It’s still early autumn but it’s a cold night. They’ve got an afghan throw draped across their laps, shifting with the breeze and the movements of their legs hanging over the edge of the roof. Shawna’s holding a mug of hot tea in both hands, while Lisa’s sipping black coffee with a little Irish in it. When Shawna leans her shoulder against Lisa’s, leather creaks softly against leather.

These two have been spending a lot of time together without talking much lately. Sometimes they watch TV, sometimes they just drive around, consider stopping somewhere but never do until they’re almost out of gas. One time Lisa offered Shawna a cigarette out of the cracked enamel case in her purse, and Shawna said she’d quit, and Lisa said “me too” and then they smoked what was left in the pack, leaning against the side of Shawna’s Honda Civic and sharing lights, and Lisa watched Shawna exhale and wanted to lean over and suck the smoke from her painted lips but she just wasn’t sure. Lately she hasn’t been trusting her instincts. Everything feels unstable, like the earth might crack under her feet if she makes a sudden move. She’s adapting to it.

“No stars,” Shawna says suddenly, her tone muted. Her head is resting against Lisa’s shoulder, hair tickling Lisa’s ear. “Sorry. I know you like sparkly things.”

Lisa takes a slow sip of her coffee. “I’m not complaining,” she replies. “It’s a pretty night, in a spooky kind of way.”

It takes her a second to realize that the sudden heat on the back of her neck, stroking up toward her hairline, is Shawna’s hand warmed by the mug of tea she’s been gripping so tightly. She hears the earthenware mug being set down gently and when she turns, Shawna is looking right at her, eyes dark and wide, and then that warm hand pulls her closer and their lips meet.

Lisa would expect a collision like that, something that feels so heart-stoppingly irrevocable, to make a sound, but at first it’s utterly silent, nothing to interrupt the distant sounds of the street below. Shawna’s lips are soft beneath a layer of matte lipstick and she tastes like green tea with honey, and she shakes just a little as Lisa traces the inside of her lips with the tip of her tongue. Lisa’s pretty sure she’s trembling too. The air is cold but Shawna is so warm, one hand in her hair and the other clenched in her jacket holding her close. Shawna’s teeth close around Lisa’s lower lip and Lisa’s little whine breaks the silence.

When they separate they’re both breathing shallow, swollen lips slightly parted, staring into each others’ eyes with a look that’s got an element to it of oh, shit.

“This doesn’t have to be anything,” says Shawna with her chin lifted. “Just a kiss.”

“It feels like something,” Lisa says quietly. She wishes she’d bought more cigarettes.

“Yeah, it does,” Shawna admits after a moment. “I don’t just kiss people for no reason.”

Lisa smiles, her natural smile that’s a little bit crooked. She takes one of Shawna’s hands and squeezes it, and Shawna smiles, too, slow and bright like the moon clear of clouds.

sure is exhausting how kl@nces keep suddenly acting like huge victims over the fact that not Every Single Person likes/is comfortable with it and claiming the ONLY reason anyone could dislike it is because theyre a disgusting pedo shipper or a racist when it’s like

actually i can’t not associate it with my repeated experiences with being hesitant and conflicted and push-pull about entering relationships with crushes bc my abuse makes me feel like im too Much and too broken to pursue them, and then sexually self-harming with them which is damaging for both people

but go off i guess