Because I am only 20, it’s hard to be a role model to so many young women. I want the best for every girl. I stay away from expressing my political views, because if I say something wrong, it’s a heavy burden on my shoulders. We’re living in such incredibly hard times right now, and it’s difficult to put my opinion out there without somebody saying something about it. But when I feel something, I really feel it.

To be able to be a part of a protest for the Muslim ban was life-changing for me. To be able to walk with the people was incredible. Nobody cares about who anybody is; nobody cares about what you’re doing, what you do, or what you look like. Everybody is marching completely for what they believe in, and we have all the same beliefs.

My sister and I started marching with all these random people. It was the most liberating feeling of all.

—  Bella Hadid on speaking up about politics and protesting against the Muslim ban

jobs at the hunter association, headcanons:

killua maybe ends up working in the security department of the hunter association. he specializes in criminal investigation, poison detection, and is occasionally sent after rogue and missing hunters.

gon becomes a beasts and rare animal hunter and works with conservationist teams to save endangered species and save/create new habitats.

kurapika flocks around several fields but mostly works in decoding/preserving extinct/endangered languages, and and reconstruction/protection of architectural heritage around the world.    

leorio is head of a hospital owned by the association for a while but he passes on the job to another person and maybe travels around the world because he feels being static in one place is not really fulfilling his dream, though he’s still sent with relief/medical teams on missions to conflict zones.  

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Im having ~feelings~ about Bucky wanting to court Nat nice and properly bc they didn't get to do that the first time around and he asks her to go STEADY with flowers and shit and she's very amused but charmed HELP


Also that was totally the inspiration for the top art on this post!! After all the dust has settled from Civil War, Buck wants to try going back to being his old suave self a lil bit and woo Nat properly!!

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Splash of color remind me of "Eleanor & Park" by Rainbow Rowell. See, even the author name is matching ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Ooo I’ve heard of the author but never the books. I can see where you feel that. Settle in tho I’m pretty sure they will have wildly different endings.

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If Bumblebee was to happen, would they live on Menagerie or Patch?

Oh shoot this is a good one, I’m assuming they’ll just travel around offering their work as huntresses for a while, but would eventually settle in Menagerie, since that’s where Blake seems to be super comfortable with, plus since Ghira is some kind of chieftain she kinda has that mantle to pick up once he passes. Though I guess Yang ALSO has that kind of title that could be passed down onto her, but I doubt she’d take up as the leader of a bandit tribe, and I also doubt Raven would give Yang that title too (But who knows with Raven).

Idk though, good question. Interesting thoughts.

Kravitz is good