Okay I KNOW I get a little salty during the winter holidays but I think anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas understands the feeling of being smothered to death by that damn holiday in December at every turn (online, irl, on the radio–everywhere).  Not to mention like the cursory- Oh look they have a single stand with Chanukah decor at the shop in the middle of like 52 aisles of Christmas shit.

So, that being said, I keep seeing these, 12 days of Christmas prompts in all my fandoms, so I’m gonna go against the grain and write an 8 nights of Chanukah prompt fest.

Which anyone can participate in.  In fact, if anyone wants to send me prompts, I’ll make a list of them and post them so other people can participate. Let’s talk about your favourite characters and their Chanukah traditions (the ones they love, the ones they hate).  Having to see all their family, and all the gossip and chirping and listening to your old aunts wonder why you aren’t doing more with your life.  Where’s your nice Jewish girlfriend/boyfriend.  Oh that’s who you’re dating?  Send me prompts about salty characters in relationships with goyim, or being surrounded by all their goyim friends and having to participate in shit like secret santas at work.

 All ships are welcome.  I’m gonna do this for omg check please but I feel like the list can be reblogged and used in any fandom.

Let’s get some more Chanukah representation out there, damn it!  So who’s with me?

Send me prompts and we can get writing/posting!


Hey fam, remember when I said I was going to set up a mail box so you guys could send me all the weird and wonderful romance/erotica (and other) books you find and don’t know what else to do with? Well guess who finally got their shit together.

That’s right the planets have aligned and my house is probably about to sink into a swirling hell vortex, but at least now you can write to me at:

Joy Demorra
# 250
2038 Ford Parkway
Saint Paul
MN 55116

I know this was primarily going to be set up for you to mail me books to review and add to my Collection™ but a few people have asked me if they can also send a few other things as well. To which the answer is yes you can send me other things you think I might like, but with one stipulation: Don’t be creepy. I swear to god if I have to open another box with a severed finger in it in my lifetime I will not be happy, so please, don’t do that.

And just so we’re absolutely clear: candy/tea/trinkets/books good, body parts bad. (I’m looking at you @vampireapologist 👈👀👈👁)

I look forward to all the weird wonderful shit that’s about to enter my life ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

APH Cameroon: I’m glad you could all join me for brunch today!

APH France: What’s the occasion?

APH Cameroon: Do you even have to ask, France? It’s to celebrate my amazing streak of good luck.

APH North Italy: Good luck?

APH Cameroon: Yeah, don’t you remember last night?

[flashback of Cameroon beating Germany at soccer]

APH Germany: Augh! You only beat me last night because of my bad luck.

APH Cameroon: No, Germany, I beat you because of my good luck, and it’s that luck that makes me trust that we’re all going to love this restaurant that none of us have never even been to!

APH France & North Italy: Yeah!

imafuckingreverseracist  asked:

Sam takes Steve to the family reunion and Steve is way out of his depth. He doesn't understand that all the mean teasing is coming from love; they keep making black culture references he has no chance of getting; everybody calls him Mr. Rogers because he's old, white, and wearing a sweater; and he can't understand the rules of Spades to save his life. When he and Sam leave for the night, he lies and says he had a great time, but when Sam admits that they all loved him, Steve can't stop smiling

Ohhh god, this made me smile so hard <3 … Steve really, really wants to ask what “head-ass” means, he wore a sweater because he thought it was NICE, and Sam’s wearing a sweater, he wasn’t teased about it, and he has to nod politely while one of Sam’s cousins shows him her Instagram, pic after pic after pic, and the whole table erupts in laughter when he tries sweet potato pudding for the first time and his eyes go wide with delight, and someone’s kid keeps asking if he has games on his phone, and Sam’s grandma keeps pinching his bicep, and a huge heated debate about Obama breaks out that Steve WISELY sits out, and then someone turns on what they call ‘old-school’ music but Steve barely knows any of it except one

and then this happens:

And Sam’s family will never let another holiday go by without inviting this fool to dinner.


  • The AU was an absolute clusterfuck.  None of it made any sense.  The timeline was fucked because Henry shouldn’t even exist, much less have Neal be his father.  Princess Emma was great, but not enough to redeem the AU bullshit.
  • All the Emma/Regina interaction made me want to suffocate myself with a pillow.  I hate their dynamic and I hate that the writers keep writing them as though they’re total besties who have each other’s best interests at heart.  
  • We didn’t even catch a glimpse of Killian in the AU, so I was severely disappointed.
  • The Robin Hood comeback was fan service, plain and simple, so the next time someone tries to come at me and claim that they only made CS a thing because the fans wanted it, despite A&E saying otherwise, then please view the circumstances around his return.
  • Captain Charming was great, but not enough to make up for anything.
  • The EQ being turned into a snake and having her awful presence removed from the show, at least for awhile, was the biggest blessing of tonight’s episode.
  • The reveal of the hooded figure was anti-climactic since I already knew who it was due to filming spoilers (that one’s my fault so I don’t really care as much about this detail).
  • We still have to wait until March to finish a two part episode.
  • The promo for the next episode completely outdid the entirety of the episode solely because of the shot of the engagement ring.  

Thank god all that’s finally over.  Here’s hoping 6B can rise above the very low bar 6A has set.

Banner creds (once again) to the always-lovely @justsnkedits <3 Thank you so so much, it’s so pretty I actually almost cried ;u; Sending much love to you (’:

I never did think that I’d reach this milestone so quickly! I’m really very grateful for all the experiences I’ve had while running this blog thus far. I appreciate them all, and I’d like to think I’ve been able to learn a thing or two from them as well. I really can’t express my gratitude for all the people who’ve interacted with me on this website~

I’m working on another special project for this milestone; so I’m afraid I won’t have the time to go into descriptions for each of these lovely people as I did for my previous follow forever; my deepest apologies!!

Just know that I appreciate you all very much; thank you for making my dash such a wonderful place, for being there to chat and for never failing to make me smile ♥

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WHAT SHULD I ASK FOR FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! list some ideas m y dudes help me

im makin my list i gotta giv it to my papa by the end of the day JUST SUGGEST THINGS DONT MIND THE COST OR ANYTHING CMON HELP ME

Private Thoughts

Originally posted by resourcesforourfallenheroes

Summary: you are a telepath like Charles. Even though the professor has told you not to read people’s minds without there permission you become bored and do it anyway. What you didn’t expect was to listen in on some private thoughts that you probably weren’t supposed to hear

Pairing: Alex Summers x reader
Warnings: some swearing
Fandom: X-Men

You had become bored. The professor had given you a book that was supposed to help you with your powers but you just couldn’t focus at all. See you were a telepath like the professor himself but you obviously weren’t as powerful as him.

“How is a stupid book supposed to help?” You thought miserably “if I want to get better I should practice on real people”.

“[Y/N] people’s thoughts are private, you shouldn’t intrude on people’s minds”. Is what the professor had said to you.

You groaned “oh come on it wouldn’t hurt”.

Sean, Hank, and Alex were the only ones in the room with you at the moment. Sean was sitting in front of the television, Hank had his nose in a book as usual, and Alex was off playing an arcade game that was in the corner of the room.

You always wondered what happened in boys minds. A sly smirk formed on your face as you began to focus on Sean.

Meet the Flintstones
They’re the modern stone age family
From the town of Bedrock
They’re a page right out of history
[There’s no way a dinosaur would let a person slide down there neck like that]

You couldn’t help but giggle softly to yourself. You had a feeling Sean’s thoughts would contain something like that. It was a good thing none of the guys seemed to take notice to your silent laughter.

You had a feeling you already knew what Hank’s thoughts would be about as well but still you took dip inside the scientist’s head.

Methionylthreonylthreonylglutaminylarginyl…isoleucine (the words has a total of 189,819 letters)
[I’d like to see Alex try to pronounce that]
is the chemical name of titin also known as connectin. Which is the largest known protein.

You winced as all this this information hit you at once. It made your head start the throb. Like you said you weren’t as good as the professor yet so sometimes reading minds made you a bit dizzy.

Unfortunately this time everyone noticed your strange behaviour. Alex, Hank, and Sean all turned to look at you with raised eyebrows.

“[Y/N] you good?” Alex asked.

You shot him a weak smile “oh yeah I’m fine. This book’s just giving me a headache”.

You managed to laugh and Alex smiled back. Sean and Hank both shrugged and went back to what they were doing but Alex kept his bright blue eyes on you. Hmm I wonder… You bit your lip hesitating for just a second before you took a trip into the blonde’s head.

Man she has such a good smile. God and her laugh. She’s so pretty. Why can’t I just tell her that I’ve been crazy about her ever since we met? You’re pathetic Summers. Why is she looking at me like that? Shit how long have I been staring?!?!

You felt your cheeks going red and you quickly looked away before he could catch you blushing. You suddenly felt rather uncomfortable. Not because you didn’t feel the same way, actually you felt exactly the same about Alex but it was almost like you walked in on someone changing. You had seen (or well in this case heard) something you weren’t supposed to. Maybe the professor had been right…

You thought about saying something but you stopped yourself. Those were Alex’s thoughts and if he wanted to come out with them that was his choice.

“[Y/N] you look sort of freaked out” Alex said snapping you out of your thoughts. He seemed unconvinced you were truly fine.

“I’m just thinking is all”.


I was tagged in some selfie posts recently (like a week ago) by @darklydreamingdahmer & @mvggotwhite (and someone else I am forgetting, sorry) so I’m just gonna compile the posts. My new phone takes strange (I can’t tell if the quality is good or not, lol) pictures so I threw in the red one from a few months ago. I don’t think I have one flattering selfie on this blog currently, so hopefully one of these fulfills that social obligation.

Get to know me tag (and post a selfie).

Are you named after anyone?- Nope.

What is your Favorite drink?- Green Tea, Dr. Pepper, h2o, hot chocolate, hard liquor

What is your favorite animal?- Cats, foxes, bats.

Are you Single or Taken?- Celibate.

How many Girlfriends/Boyfriends have you had?- 2/3

How would you describe your fashion sense?- Stuck in the 80s and dressed in the dark. I look more like a Ramirez blogger than a Dahmer one, tbh.

Do you have any pets?- Four male cats.

I tag these pyts: @dahmer-man @northafricangal @lonelakes44 @nnaturalerection @truecrimedaily @improbablypsychoanalyzingyou @asaproofie @grimygore @ginsengstrip1994 @jeffrey-and-the-chocolatefactory @too-true-crime (I have no idea how many people I’m supposed to tag but I know most of you guys take selfies and they’re cute lol)