I work as a professor of theology in a seminary, a place where the imagery around seeds is abundant. Etymologically, a seminary is a place of planting and harvesting, of discerning which seeds are good for each type of soil, and testing how different varieties can be mingled together to form new types of vegetables and plants. Seminaries are also places of dissemination—where we launch the seeds of ideas and interpretations and cultivate both faith and doubt in our students.

It’s in this context that a monopoly over seed production and dissemination—just like a monopoly over theology and religious teachings—strikes me as especially dangerous.

—  Filipe Maia in Transformation at Open Democracy. Spirituality and the insurrection of seeds
All monopolies—religious, social, political and economic—spring from the desire for power and domination.

Hello, writerly friends~ ✿

In the last two years I’ve made a lot (and I do mean a lot) of Story Seeds, and writing prompts. Of course, during that time people kept asking me if I would compile them into a book… and I said I would never do that.

Why, when I can just make more Story Seeds! :D

What you see above is my latest book: 400 Story Seeds to Crush Writer’s Block. The book is filled, to the brim, with ALL-NEW Story Seeds by yours truly!

What are Story Seeds, you ask?

Story Seeds are little bundles of ideas & questions to get your mind rolling and to kick your imagination into over-drive! A Story Seed may come with characters, locations, objects, situations, or all of the above. It’s up to you to fill-in the blanks, to connect the dots and find the story that only you could tell.

Best of all is that this book is available in multiple formats from day one! You can pick it up on Amazon, or on Gumroad if you prefer your eBooks DRM-FREE. Or, you can pick up the hefty Paperback– which is 240 pages of Story Seeds! woah :0

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I love breakfast parfaits: Chia seed pudding parfait with Blueberry Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Kiwi, Blueberries, Mango and Watermelon

It began with one of my most beautiful breakfasts to date, the oatmeal parfait, and the obsession intensified with my perfect smoothie parfait. But this is a parfait of all the nutrients, flavours and colors I could ever need in my life, and is definitely going to be a recurring thing - Chia seed pudding and “boring” won’t be put in the same sentance again! 

Healthy lunch box ideas pt. 2 is now up on the blog - this time featuring a summery strawberry/asparagus pasta salad with pesto dressing + chocolate hazelnut “nutella” balls and fresh fruit <3


Gaia Virus

Write about a character witnessing an apocalypse, except the world is not being destroyed but reborn. Nature reclaims everything. Mountains rise. Seas rage. Plant-life devours entire cities. Explore the mind of a character witnessing the destructive power of Mother Nature.

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Curse Of Libra

Write about a character who was born with a horrible curse, their destiny serves as a counter-balance to another person’s destiny. This character has suffered an awful life, full of hardships, while the other person has found fame, wealth, and happiness. Is there… anything this character can do to undo this curse?

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