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Blur fandom: A Summary

• 13 is the best album.
• Think Tank makes part of the dark past for them. (Sometimes like to pretend it doesn’t even exits).
• Hair is very important.
• Alex hair banging in synch with music is VERY IMPORTANT.
• The fandom’s religion is Graham’s drunk interview with Brandy Wine in 1995.
• Most of them call Alex by his first name, Steve.
• Song 2 is the best song for memes and it’s not really hated.
• Alex is a diva. They all are okay with that.
• No Distance Left To Run *gives them war flashbacks*
• “Hard to be a fan of a band who their peak was in the 90s”
• The only pair they ship is Gramon. (Which is 100% acceptable, they even write songs about each other, so…)
• Experts of getting rare pictures of them.
• Their usernames are mostly a songs/one of the members name/or is also a gorillaz blog.
• “Love that woohoo song”.
• They either love Oasis too or just ignore them.
• They legitimately cried with all the Think Tank confessions.
• The interviews for them are VITAL.
• Big supporters of the solo works.
• They don’t hate the singles/overplayed songs (which is something really rare)
• Nobody, literally… NOBODY talks bad about Graham, NOBODY.
• They silently appreciate ALL the albums (even Leisure, who think it deserved better)
• The only problematic™ member is Damon.

Early Cambrian Ocean

I want to make a series of images of prehistoric oceanscapes called Lost Oceans.  This is the early Cambrian feat. Anomalocaris, which you may know as the inspiration for the pokemon Anorith.  Other friends include various trilobites, Opabinia, Marella, Pikaia, Hallucigenia, crinoids (sea lillies), Kimberella, Wiwaxia, arcaeocyathid sponges, stromatolites, brachiopods, other invertebrates, and red algae.

please don’t use my art without permission/proper credit <3