~Lesson 1- Learning about Soul Unification <3

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So uh…. yeah. Less imagines, more talk. I’ve think it was about time to explain what Puppy was trying to do. I don’t know if such things are already existing, but I made up my own magic there. It’s Soul Unification. Yet, although it is explained partly at this page, Puppy only tried to make it happen. (You’ll see that later)
Mweh, I love these two so much. They are so interesting, soo, aahn <3

Don’t be disappointed, tho ;) I’ve got great plans from here on.

For now… enjoy this pervy Puppy. He loves his Sans <3 (Dang, gotta update the relationship chart soon <.<)



Crossember Day3: UNDERSWAP

Looking for someone to ruin your whole story? (~・∀・)~ ✨

Pff- I mean I just can’t miss the opportunity for the whole ‘the sanses with their charas’ riightt?? ;;w;;

lol anyway the crossember challenge by @byutak-SENPOI

zoethenoth  asked:

Okay, I have this question tied in knots. And I have to know. What give you the idea to make Underverse!Sans plus XTale? Also, I love your Cross!Sans. ^u^

I have the same question from many people on my ask box, anyway, I choose you for give the answer!!

I don’t know.

As many Undertale and Undertale AUs artists here, I just fell in love with the videogame and its story, so I didn’t want play the game and doing nothing for a game that made me so happy with my brother. So I just was determined….for making a pair of comics and maybe one animation.

But I was a  huuuuge lack of confidence about my art. I didn’t care what people would say, I was so angry with myself after many…life dissapointmens- Anyway- I made some silly comics and short Undertale AU GIFs. That was all, but people loved it!. I said - “Meh…well, thank you, I guess…” I was sure I can’t make an amazing story like other great senpai artists, because I tried many times, but I just was so cruel with myself.

I was so bored on my (dissapointed and unfinished) University vacations (it just was one week) So, I decided make a short animation about my favorite AU Sans’es with a nice music. At first, that animation would be just animated GIFs, but when I found Headphone Actor song, I started to animate those “GIFs sequences” into a 20 seconds animation. That was supposed to be the last Undertale / Undertale AU thing I made.

The video reached many views and likes, something that I never expected, because I knew I made something that many haters hate a lot: Things only about Sans. But there also was many nice comments, and people telling me about make an “Anime show” about those guys…

I was concerned about what kind of animation do about AUs, At first I thought making AU shorts, but I didn’t want to publish them on youtube or make just a comic. People loved the animation so…What about making AUs short-stories like an animated comic!!

But then, the second thought came to my mind: “Hm…but there are better stories and funny comics about those AUs…wait…what if I make…a Crossover!!!!”

The new character and the cause of this crossover was created, the being better known as C, and then, Cross.

And Underverse came to life, thanks too to this post I made before release the first Underverse GIF sequence…


I thought I could make the entire Underverse parts on GIFs, but then I took the encouragement to create a full video animated series.

Those ideas put on my these animations I didn’t create them at the first time I created this project. I just had in my mind some main ideas, but the rest of them appear while I’m start writting the scritpt, and even while I’m animating the scenes. It’s just a bit of luck, creativity and improvisation. Self-Confidence.

I was still afraid about people hate Cross and even the entire story, so I didn’t want to develop a story for Cross. But, when people start talking about Underverse, and try to know who is Cross, finally i decided to complete Cross’es backstory, or, XTale. His own AU. The story that is implied too with Underverse Main Story.

So, you have to read XTale Comic and watch Underverse together, so you will understand many things in the future.

That’s the story about how was the entire Underverse/XTale birth.


Crossember Challenge! - Day 1

Knock knock, it’s Cross! - Let’s start the challenge by drawing Cross coming into your life (and bothering you for the next 31 days, probably)


I had this idea at work, but it took me forever to finish it XD I like this idea a lot. I might doodle more on this later.

Also bonus: