theventusk  asked:

So... What would the skelebros (ut,uf,us,sf) would react their s/o with a popsicle? Ya know, like licking, suckling, all that lewd stuff but their s/o is not like doing it on purpose. OH! And the popsicle has to be exactly like the skelebros magic color. If that's okay, that is? It's an nsfw

(*Since this ask has been submitted, I’ve kicked my character limit down to four skeletons, but I did six because I’ve been meaning to do something with this trope! )


It’s not obvious, but he’s watching you.  The only obvious sign that he’s getting flustered by that blue popsicle (which you mercilessly keep lapping your tongue along, and stars, some of it drips from the corner of your mouth before you catch it with the tip of your tongue) is that his pun game is off.  He ends up answering with a joke that has nothing to do with your set-up.  You remain oblivious, but he ends up giving you his half of the bisicle the minute you’ve finished off yours.


Papyrus is completely oblivious!  In fact, you’re the one that’s enthralled watching him eat his.  His tongue is so long!  And it’s glowing!  And glistening with melted popsicle.  He’s talking about something between licks, but you’re not paying attention.  

Your popsicle melts and drips onto your lap.  Papyrus gasps and dabs at it in public with a napkin.  You’re mortified, and your face now matches his scarf.


Red’s watching you with a lewd smirk, slavering slightly at the sight.  From the way his eyelights are directly on your cold treat, you know what he’s thinking.  Purposely, you put on a show, licking the side of it and flicking your tongue against the tip.  He sucks in a sharp breath, and when his gaze raises to yours, his eyelights are positively smoldering.  

“sweetheart, yer killin’ me,” he rasps, breathless.  His arm slides around your waist, pulling you to his side, and you playfully stick out your cherry-red tongue.  

Then you take a shortcut to his house.



You glance up from your popsicle in surprise, half of it still in your mouth where you’d been sucking the melting portion from it before it had the chance to make your fingers sticky.  You pop it out of your mouth and take in the sight of his features.  He looks personally offended, his skull a bright, glowing red.  "Eating a popsicle?“ you query, wide-eyed at the outburst.

“I SEE THAT,” he spats, crossing his arms.  "EAT THAT MORE DECENTLY!“

More dece— OH.  Realization dawns, and you find yourself blushing profusely… and then you slowly and oh-so-deliberately run your tongue along the side of the popsicle.  You can hear Edge’s sharp inhale, his attention now riveted on your red tongue.  


You swirl your tongue around the end of the popsicle and then slide it halfway into your mouth again.  You’re embarrassed that he called you out in public, but at the same time, his wide-eyed expression is worth it.  You pop it out of your mouth again, and with a shit-eating grin, you ask, “It’s not what?”



Blueberry trails off in the middle of an excited explanation about snowman construction Underground when he notices the way you’re licking that blue popsicle.  He goes completely silent, watching you in some sort of trance, until you pull the treat from your mouth to ask him if he’s all right.  After all, it’s not like him to be this quiet, and his face is looking rather blue.


You oblige him without a second thought and hold your treat out for him to take a lick.  He ends up putting the entire thing in his mouth, to lick every inch of the popsicle.  When you regard him with a raised brow at his fervor, he smirks and hands it back to you.



Stretch is mimicking you, and you don’t even realize it.  He’s smirking as he does it, trying to be over-exaggerated so you’ll notice, but you’re too enraptured in the bliss of an orange creamsicle.  

The two of you are getting a lot of weird stares, though.  

He gets it all over his mouth and chin, and when you notice, you chide him on being sloppy and wipe some off with your thumb… which he promptly licks.  His grin turns teasing, and you blush like crazy because you liked it.  You like it even more when he nips the tip of finger shortly after.  You’re in no hurry to move your hand.

You guys are becoming a spectacle.