One year ago, I created the first fan video of my life, BLACK COAT, for the fontcest fandom. (And accidentally suck out lots of people’s tears I guess)

One year has passed…… stuffs happened…… And I have been learned through so many skillz…… Finally, I used all I have…… to created ONE ANOTHER NEW VIDEO………….


(Yes this time it is a shitpost.)

Watch on Youtube in here!

Oh yeah I finally remember: Since a month ago there have been over 10,000 pals join my shithole.

Never see this much people coming to me, really, so consider this video as a thank you gift also. Love you, love you all, peace out.


I don’t know if I’m qualified to answer this at all, but I’ll do my best! Before I start, this is how I draw Sans, how you choose to draw him entirely depends on what feels more comfortable to you and your style. (I tried drawing Sans a bunch of different ways until I found a style that suits me.)

FIRST!! Start off with a ‘t’ shape (we all know the drill but its super important to help figure out where his face goes and how to shape his face)

After all that noise, you can shape his face around the ‘t’. It helps a lot when you’re figuring out his jaw situation.

Again! Use the lines to figure out where to add his face! (*gasp*! he’s already cute af)


Sans is all curves. (one of the reasons drawing him is so therapeutic for me)

Make him round! Add some poofy clothes! Tell him he’s pretty!

Basically my tips are don’t underestimate the ‘t’ and Sans is at his most powerful the rounder he is.

Aquel episodio de Su (Steven universe), Stuck Together, esa ecena donde steven le pide a Aquamarine hablar sobre su sentimientos y cosas asi me recordo a nightmare~ no se por que haha! supongo el reaccionaria igual xP

ehhh ignoren al annon de atras~ (?)


That episode of Su (Steven universe), Stuck Together, that scene where Steven try to talk to Aquamarine about her feelings or things like that, well I remembered nightmare ~ I don’t know why haha! I guess he’ll have the same reacction~ xP

uhh.. ignore the annon back there~ (?)

Nigthmare Sans © @jokublog  ❤
“Reference” from SU, aquamarine?