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UNSPKN part 67

Where Sans faces a blaster.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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Original fanfic - here

anonymous asked:

What do you like about yandere Blueberry? And how did u get into him?

It’s storytime cookies! (Don’t ask me how I managed to draw sth. My usual laptop is at the doc and probably needs to get repaired for high money. So yeah, using my old one that could crash anytime…)

Well… the first question should be: Why do I even like Blueberr in first place?
At first, I thought that this version must be the most annoying one since he was displayed hyper cute and hyperactive? He seemed like a total cutie-character that was way too innocent to be interesting.
But damn, how wrong I was at that. I only looked in a shallow way on the Underswap Bros… until I saw some interesting pictures. Both kind of yandere and very violent.

I took another, deeper look on the swapbros and noticed that I got them totally wrong. There were so many more way to interprete their personality. Especially Blue ones.
I mean… he is so pure and kind-hearted. He can’t be possibly only pure. it can’t be that he doesn’t know anything about evil and… indecent stuff.

I’ve kept searching for pictures and found some that really changed my mind and idea about him.
Eg. This This This  and This.
Probably it’s all thanks to @cinidorito who pushed the idea of Yandere Blueberry.

So uh… looking through art and reading stuff kept giving me so many ideas that I slowly fell not only for the Yandere version of him, but both Swapbros. This is how I fell into the lovely hell of Yandere Blue.

I mean I’ve developed a headcanon for Yan Blue in no time. I am so in love with him <3

What do I like about him?

In my view Blueberry is not as clueless as he is displayed nor is he childish. He may act so but he isn’t. Like: if Papy would make some dirty joke, he would understand it. Maybe not every single one, but he would.
How intriguing.. how exciting… the thought is that something seemingly so pure has yet such a dark, bloody side. I am a fan of gore/candy gore and I can imagine a lot of stuff into Blueberry.
I like the idea that he isn’t innocent, that he has dark desires but he doesn’t want to scare his beloved one off. I think that Yandere-Blueberry offers a ton more options than the usual Blue - he is a lot more sluttier and pervier than the original. At least in my view.

I think my version of him is now a little different to the others. I have certain ideas about his personality, how he would act in this or that situation and how much knowledge he has about monster sex in that state. (xSympathy will display the most of my ideas and believes) I find it so exciting to see lil’ Blueberry with dark intentions, acting with a childish innocence yet kiling without mercy. Childish violence is mostly the cruelest. I think that’s suiting for him, since he usually doesn’t show his wrath.

After thinking about Yandere Blueberry for so long, I couldn’t resist the idea of a one-sided-love. Which is a critical factor for a Yandere. And somehow that’s how Sympathy was born.

I could name so mane more factors.. but I think I’ve talked enough bullshit.

Hm… somehow my style of drawing Blueberry changes all the time. At first I wanted to draw him smol and cute.

But In the end I’m drawing him simply in my style… more real anatomy and stuff… uhh… nvm.