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I remember coming across an anti post concerning Allura being a teenager. Saying something about how it's the way she acts: About how she has her girlish moments, been shown having fun on that hover chair of her's when she was in bedrest, instigating the food fight, being moody. In my opinion it was one of the weakest arguments ever, cause like! They do know having fun and being childish doesn't end right? People in their 20s and beyond don't suddenly become these stiff and boring people....

listen if we’re taking the amount of fun characters have as the deciding factor in how old they are then i have some new age headcanons for the team, in order from oldest to youngest:

1. Keith:

rarely has fun, ever. majorly needs to Chill™. joined in with the squishy asteroid fight and that’s about it. refused to do laser gun noises. his idea of “downtime” is fighting bots on the training deck. estimated age: 45

2. Pidge:

also not good at having fun. didn’t join in the asteroid fight, spends half her time buried in a laptop working. understandable, since she’s trying to find her family, but still. did nerd out about that retro video game in the space mall, though. estimated age: 38

3. Allura:

pretty serious a lot of the time - very focused on being a leader. has fun but mostly on her own when others aren’t around. shut down the laser gun noises when everyone was having a good time. clearly needs to loosen up more. estimated age: 25

4. Shiro:

a serious and focused leader, but with a clear goofy side that comes out when encouraged by others. joined in with the food goo fight, asteroid fight, and the laser gun noises. actually a huge dork when you get right down to it. estimated age: 19

5. Hunk:

spends a lot of his time nervous, but knows how to loosen up. bakes to cope with stress. enthusiastic about the asteroid fight, but still pretty mature. hope for him, but he’s getting older and rapidly leaving the Fun Zone. estimated age: 17

6. Coran:

absolute goofball. skates around the hallways, has a full-on Red Paladin dress-up outfit ready to go at a moment’s notice, ranks Paladins by height. did you see him in Space Mall he had all those costumes ready to go i mean… come on. was way too into the food fight for him to be an adult. estimated age: 12

7. Lance:

clearly the baby. always goofing off and having fun. wants to play or chill all the time, never serious or focused. instigated both the asteroid fight and the laser guns. was super excited the first time he piloted his Lion. estimated age: 8

i’m sorry this is all based on canon facts so… looks like shallura is fine but all lance ships are now Problematique™ and Keith’s too old to be paired with anyone

Salty Motherfucker

Between Oak being forced to break his contract to The Great Comet and T*ump’s ban on Transgender Americans from serving in our military, I’m one salty motherfucker today.

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when you start to get called delusional for seeing a heterosexual pairing :o


It’s like… you have actually just confirmed that our reading of Destiel is actually probably true and some people are just blind to romantic subtext.

Saileen was scripted and the point was that they used all the same tropes etc as Destiel that we talk about so…. 1+1=2.

If they didn’t see Saileen and it was scripted then the fact that they don’t see Destiel doesn’t mean it’s not there AT ALL. Quite the opposite. They are just blind. 

Don’t crap on me because I can see both and the one that is less obvious is confirmed as canon so therefore the other is highly likely so.

LMAO. Comedy gold.

au where everything is the same but the elrics’ fear of izumi is not comedic in any way, and the effects of her abuse are more apparent and shown more than a split second moment where ed flinches away from mustang. izumi faces repercussions and the elrics have to deal with the fact that someone they love and admire was abusive toward them and that it was 100% unhealthy. 

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I've come to my favourite vld meta fairy in seek of answers. I love Shiro and also wish for his speedy return to pilot the black lion in season 3. But I was wondering in his absence do you think Allura will be a good black paladin? I think she would be amazing as the black paladin but seeing the vld fandom constantly hyping up black paladin Keith kind of always serves a reminder to me as to how people undermind Allura's leadership. Idk what's your take on it?

hi you’ve reached Berry’s Salt Mine, we are on air and taking calls! today’s topic: why does this fandom constantly suck Keith’s d–

*cough* i’m sorry, lemme rephrase that:

i think Allura is an amazing leader already, and it annoys me that fandom doesn’t really… seem to see or appreciate that? in the run up to S3 there’s been so much focus on the idea that Allura will get to pilot a Lion, oooh finally, she gets a Lion… as if that’s the marker of whether or not she’s a good and worthwhile character on the show. whereas in fact… she was already a really great character on the show? her role as leader and commander of Team Voltron has always been really important. just because she’s not out in the field firing lasers at people doesn’t mean she’s not a competent and inspirational leader. she is an important figure in her own right, and the excessive focus on the idea of her “finally getting a Lion” to my mind undermines much of what she was already offering the team in terms of leadership, strength, tactical support, and inspiration.

this is why i think she’s the natural choice to temporarily replace Shiro as Black Paladin: she’s already a leader that the team trusts and “follows without question”. she’s already qualified for that role. her energy is tied to all of the Lions, so there’s no reason to suppose they wouldn’t accept her as their pilot. she could slot right in, no lion switching necessary, and do an amazing job.

of course, fandom doesn’t actually want to see that - judging by the outpouring of excitement over Allura sitting in the Blue Lion in her pretty pink paladin armour, everyone seems super-duper-happy and excited to see Allura cast in a role that makes her subservient to Keith. I mean, yes: she’s piloting a Lion, and i’m happy for her… but at the same time “having a Lion” is not the measure of how important or valuable a character is, and i find it annoying that fandom seems to have lost focus on that fact. for Allura, going from overall commander of Team Voltron to being the pilot of the Blue Lion is a demotion: she’s now under Keith’s leadership. she’s literally gone from being his commanding officer to being his subordinate. and i think there’s a clear issue there when you’re talking about a female character (and a woc, no less) being shifted from a leadership role to a position where the dude is Clearly In Charge.

to me it’s really painfully clear that the Lion Switch with Keith in Black, Lance in Red, and Allura in Blue is just an homage to Old Voltron and that’s it. that’s really the only reason it’s happening, and it honestly feels rather forced. because again - the natural choice for Black Paladin would have been Allura. i’ll wait and see how the show handles it and the exact context for the Lion Switch, but as it stands it’s hard for me to get excited about all this for multiple reasons:

  • i am deeply attached to Shiro as the Black Paladin and don’t want anyone to permanently replace him
  • Shiro x the Black Lion (aka Blackashi) is basically my brotp for the show so watching Keith pilot Black is like watching one half of your otp make out with a character you don’t even like
  • i’m not a huge Keith fan and i find the excessive focus on his character tedious and dull
  • this hell fandom has spent months gleefully discussing who gets to replace Shiro whilst ignoring the fact that permanently removing a canonically traumatised and mentally ill character from an important and heroic leadership role would be a fundamentally shitty move that would ruin any goodwill i might have with this show and its writers
  • the fact that this switch is a demotion for Allura really grates on me
  • it’s hard for me to get excited about any of these previews because i’m so stressed at the thought of Shiro not coming back and not being Black Paladin anymore that i can’t get emotionally invested in what’s happening for anyone else

the hype around Black Paladin Keith is especially grating to me because so much of it is at the expense of Shiro. there’s a lot of talk about how Keith “deserves” to be leader or it’s his “natural role” and a lot of talk about how he was the leader in Old Voltron so this is his predestined character arc. as someone who is primarily a Shiro stan above all else, it gets really old really fast when so many people are arguing that Shiro should be permanently removed from his role as Black Paladin just so Keith can ascend to the throne and shine like he was supposed to. not only do many of these arguments ignore all the canonical reasons why Keith would be a terrible leader; they paint Shiro as a bad leader instead. i’ve lost track of how many posts i’ve seen arguing that Shiro is a terrible leader who deserves to be removed (usually so that Keith can replace him). oh, and then there’s all the concern-trolling about how Shiro “needs a rest” and “it’s all too much for him”, so that people can feel justified in wanting Shiro to get out of the way for their precious fave to be Black Paladin instead.

and hey, look, i got nothing against people liking Keith - we all have our favourites - but… why does so much Keith stanning have to come at Shiro’s expense?

so yes: i’m annoyed that so many people are willing to jump on the Black Paladin Keith bandwagon when there’s clear evidence in canon that he’d be a disaster as leader. i’m annoyed that people seem so keen to embrace the idea of Allura being in a subservient role to Keith, after she’s been his commanding officer for two seasons. and i’m intensely annoyed that in all this, Shiro is being forgotten or dismissed as unimportant - as if his contributions to Team Voltron are so trivial and minor that he can just be switched out for someone else and they can go on as normal.

i’m not sure what i hope for or expect from S3 anymore, but if i the message of the season is that Shiro can be replaced (by KEITH, of all people, what the fuck come ON) then i will feel not only disappointed but betrayed by this show. because that’s not the story they’ve been telling for the last two seasons. and if i have to watch Team Voltron move on from Shiro and form Voltron without him, without any trouble or problems - all so we can have some shitty tribute to Old Voltron - then Dreamworks and the entire VLD writing team can meet me in the parking lot at 3am, cos i’ll be ready to throw down.

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People see Aaron as homophobic is because he's worried that the guy who's a consummate liar, saw his brother being sexually assaulted, has been saying that he isn't sexually attracted to anyone is suddenly in a relationship with Andrew. Aaron saw how Andrew reacted to Neil being missing and in Baltimore and he knows that it must mean at least something to Andrew for him to react that way. Of course he doesn't trust Neil. Of course he's worried. I would be too. (1/2)

I have a host of issues with how Nicky was written in the first book but the majority of comments Aaron makes are in relation to Nicky’s behavior towards Neil. I’m not trying to excuse Aaron and his behavior or tell people that they shouldn’t be critical, but he does seem to take most of the heat when the behaviors of the rest of the foxes gets brushed aside. Aaron’s character arc isn’t anywhere near resolved by the end of the series and he has a long way to grow so at least give him that. (2/2)

i completely agree with you! you’ve nailed exactly what we’re trying to say here!

basically, aaron’s character within the fandom is butchered down to one thing: homophobia, despite how complex he is from context’s point of view. he was raised with an abusive mother and turned out to be an addict when he was in high school, and when he was sixteen his mother was murdered by the brother he didn’t even know existed until a year or so prior.

also at sixteen, he went to live with his cousin (the same cousin who is treated like a sex-crazed, gay comedic relief-type character within the fandom), and got to wean off the drugs and keep his promise to andrew all while working at a bar to make ends meet.

that deal he made with andrew? the premise was to not make any friends or have any girlfriends for the remainder of high school, and was later renewed when the trio went to PSU, where aaron fell in love with katelyn and subsequently tried to hide her from his brother until his promise was either broken or wore off.

to summarize: aaron minyard’s life and history (told in the books, excluding son nefes and the extra content) center completely around other people and the opinion of his teammates. since neil is such an unreliable narrator (who sees aaron as a nuisance for the majority of the books), you can’t just take his perspective on aaron and refuse to see the rest of his character. that’s not how it works.

sure, aaron’s an asshole, but so are the rest of the people in the entire series. aaron minyard as who he is and being unaccepting of neil when it relates to andrew can almost completely be tracked to the deal he made with his twin in high school, coupled with his past experiences and what that did to his personality and behavior.

to summarize 2.0: you are 100% right and i love that you sent this ask to us.

texts from last night: the freshman

ok so i used to do recaps of the freshman in a group text with my friends who had no idea what choices was (lol they still don’t) and i figured i would share some of the highlights for y’all since don’t lie we are all TRASH for this book

note: my entire sense of humor is savagely ripping into things i love so don’t get offended b/c like the freshman characters are my children; also this is entirely just screenshots that i cropped so there is virtually no narrative flow, but such is the price we pay for art

first up: gazeb-hoes, or “later days to the dance i’m gonna go do it in my twin bed (with zig)”

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