Regarding the Offense Overwatch Heros Secrets by Jeff Kaplan on IGN
  • Me: It's crazy that the video didn't have any secrets about the characters being gay, since all the offense heroes are gay.
  • Husband: That can't be true.
  • Me: Well, go through the list.
  • Husband: Okay.
  • Husband: Well, McCree is definitely gay.
  • Husband: So is Pharah.
  • Husband: And Reyes and Morrison are absolutely married, so double gay.
  • Me: Sombra's definitely gay.
  • Husband: I think she's bi, actually.
  • Me: Still gay!
  • Husband: Right, okay!
  • Husband: Genji's gay too?
  • Me: If he's ace, he's still part of the community.
  • Husband: Rad.
  • Husband: So that leaves Tracer-
  • Me: Who's confirmed gay in the lore.
  • Husband: ...Huh.
Earth Charged Black Salt

So I wanted to make some black salt but had no charcoal so I thought I’d come up with a new recipe, more charged with earth magick (SO LOTS OF DIRT)

- Salt (as if you haven’t guessed)- absorbs negative energy

- Black pepper- ward, banishing negativity 

- Cinnamon- sanctifies an area, healing, protection

- Chilli Powder- protection, strength, power

- Tobacco- offerings, cleansing

- DIRT (graveyard, garden, swamp, whatever the eff you want)- grounding, earth 

Mix and Charge with intent.


Have fun guys! 

to those that live in the dark


yeah, you.
in the corner,
dark eyes, 

dark soul

–  you.

my sanity matches yours.

I mean, hello. 

I’m sane, I promise.
(a different kind of sane – the kind
that terrifies people

who can’t navigate storms)

let me
– would you let me? –
take you away
from this sunscorched place
and wrench open the
trapdoor to the
jagged gale of my heart 

let’s run away, 
laughing and whispering
into bleeding nights 
with nothing but stars 
for a blanket.

let’s hold our broken skin together
and tattoo over our
thirsty demons,
till no one can tell
we were shattered in the first place.

let me kiss
the scars they’ve left on your soul
while we weep ritual salts
on our rusted
wrought-iron wounds.

okay so @preludeinz the other part of your question was:

which rocks particularly should i avoid

In the theme of “nav hates aura quartz but mostly because people try to pass it off as something that it’s not” here are some rocks that I wouldn’t say avoid so much as take it with a grain of salt.

First up we have dyed geodes and agates (I’m putting them into one because to recognise one is to recognise the other). They’re pretty common, because colourful things attract the eye. Like with aura quartz, it’s another case of people prettying up quartz because it’s not beautiful enough.

Again, I am bitter.

Agates and geodes come in a whole range of different colours naturally, though its mostly muted greys and browny reds. It can be super pretty (I bought two bits today).

Dyed slices are typically brightly coloured, hot pinks and blues seem to be most common, but I’ve also seen greens and purples. Pink is the easiest to pick out, because nothing in nature is that colour. You basically never get green quartz, and when you do it’s not the colour of dyed slice. 

Purple can be trickier to pick because you can get amethyst geodes and agates, but the colour is usually a giveaway. Dyed stones are much more vibrant than the real thing.

Blue dyed stones are another case where I need to stress the fact that this is not an “avoid completely” so much as a “you do you” and get it if you want. I have a soft spot for blue dyed agates. My grandfather used to ave a set of bookends. I tend to lean more towards appreciating the more muted tones though.

Next cab off the rank is crackle quartz. Another dyed stone and dressing up poor old quartz in artificial colours. The stones are heat treated for the crackle (it’s internal fracturing) and then dyed to a greater or lesser degree.

Sometimes the colour is subtle, sometimes it’s not there at all. The internal crackle is fairly distinctive. 

Again, this is not so much as a stone to avoid completely as something to watch out for. I have a couple pieces of subtle golden yellow crackle in my stash, because I picked them up in a bulk lot of stones, and they’re pretty cool. 

I also had a blue piece on my keys for a very long time, until I dropped them and it broke. The crackle makes them very brittle, but so long as you’re not dropping them in a carpark it’s probably fine?

Last up we have goldstone/sunstone/gold sunstone. It has a bunch of different names, and you will know it when you see it. Sparkly AF. It also comes in blue and, as I recently found out, green.

Sunstone is on here because it’s not an actual crystal/mineral, although it is often sold as such. It’s actually a fully synthetic glass. As with aura quartz, sunstone mostly bothers me when it is being peddled as something all natural.

It is not. It is even less natural than aura quartz, which at least has the decency to be glittered up actual crystals.

The glittery bits in gold sunstone are actually tiny flecks of copper in the glass. Using cobalt or manganese instead will get you blue sunstone, and the green stuff is full of chromium.

Natural sunstone is an actual thing, although its colouring and sparkles are much more irregular. It’s a type of feldspar with tiny crystal inclusions of goethite or hematite, which flick the light around and give the glitteriness. It seems pretty cool, but I’ve never actually seen any in person that I can recall.

Again, I will reiterate that these are “not rocks to avoid” (although I will say again that goldsotne/sunstone is not a rock, it is an artificial glass) so much as “things to keep an eye out for and look at somebody sideways if they try to pass it off as natural”.

An honourable mention goes to the weird habit of polishing things into six sided points or bars and pretending that they’re natural crystals.

No buddy. Just no. 

Revisiting Salt

Remembering rubs it in every time
weeds grow where positives should be.
Unchecked, they become happy, overgrown monsters, 
mimicking gorgeous floral arrangements.

In the middle of the weed patch, a familiar figure stands. 
My scarecrow wears odd shoes and new clothes.
Her smile is like mine, but it is lopsided and made
of hand blown glass. I stare until my neck hurts

and the mineral burns below the surface.
Small bulbs struggle to take root and wither.
I breathe through sharp pain, rinse old wounds; 
the past is subdued for now. 

anonymous asked:

Sooo what's your take on the ring scene? And our friend the Centipede showing up?

The ring scene seemed to me like a continuation of what we already saw in chapter 125. It was Touka basically trying (and succeeding) to anchor Kaneki by giving him something to hold on to. The ring was important to her because it’s something that she held on to in times of difficulty. I think that her wish for Kaneki to find similar comfort in it is pretty clear. I also wonder if she purposefully gave him something which is tied to her parents, given how Kaneki is an orphan and has a history of choosing bad parental role models. 

Also, as other people have said, the scene was also a parallel to this: 

Kaneki is filling that emptiness by holding on to Touka like Takizawa filled his by giving his life the purpose of living for Akira and Amon’s sake. 

As for the centipede, I don’t know how to interpret it besides a generic bad omen of what’s to come. We already know that all of the characters are running away from their problems and refusing to grow (Mutsuki losing their composure when they made it clear that they can’t let go of the past was just the most recent addition to this narrative), and many hints have been dropped that shit’s about to go down. 

In the original series, the centipede was symbolic of Kaneki’s ghoul side, and of how violence was necessary in order to become strong. That was Yamori’s lesson, one Kaneki made his by eating his kagune. So I’m wondering if the centipede here is supposed to hint at Kaneki possibly falling back to that mindset, especially now that he’s reached emotional intimacy with Touka, which, ironically, puts a wider target on both of them, especially given the parallels to the anteiku raid.