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u know that yuri is 15 and otabek is 19 right??

My dear anon:

You know that Yuri is 15 years and 9 months old right? You know that Otabek is 18 and 1 month old right? You know that they only have a 2 year and 4 month age gap right? You know that I ship them as slowburn friends to lovers right? You know that they have the purest, healthiest and most loving (and not even necessarily in a romantic way) relationship right? You know that love can actually exist without sex right? You know that it’s problematic to automatically equate a perfectly sweet and supportive friendship with a sexual relationship right? You know that the age of consent in both Kazakhstan and Russia is 16 so that even if they wanted to have sex, they could after Yuri turns 16 right? You know that anti-behavior is extremely harmful and toxic right?

You know that I don’t care what other people think of my shipping preferences right?

Feel Like Making Love

Here is part five in “Salt And Pepper”

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader
Words:  1425

Read “Behind Brown Eyes”
Read “Back In The Saddle”
Read “Sweet Emotion”
Read “Just What I Needed”

Warning: this is the smut chapter :)

Thank you @mamapeterson for looking over this for me!!

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You couldn’t help but smile as you looked in the mirror. You had invited Jeffrey over for dinner. The two of you had eaten together and had had a great time. But now it was time to show him your real plan for the evening.

            You had picked out the red and black corset lingerie set with him in mind. You felt sexy. You felt good about yourself. And you hoped Jeffrey would react in the way you had a feeling he would.

            You took a deep breath before walking back into the living room where he was waiting for you.

            When he turned his head and saw you, all your feelings of sexiness were heightened. His eyes were instantly darkened by lust and his tongue darted out of his mouth to lick his lips, “Damn, Baby,” he growled.

            You sauntered over to him, “Do you like it?”

            You were just out of his reach now and his eyes were raking over your body, “I love it.” He nodded, his eyes landing on your breasts, accentuated by the corset top pushing them up and together.


            He reached for you then, “Come here, Baby.” He practically pleaded.

            You stepped closer, letting his hands come to rest on your hips, “When did you get this little number?” he asked, eyes finally traveling up to meet your own.

            “Couple days ago.” You smiled, “Saw it and thought of you.”

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He’s Like the Mona Lisa

Marinette sighed, staring at the back of Adrien’s head as though it was a particularly difficult physics problem. Which she supposed it was.

‘Why…’ she pondered for the millionth time since she had discovered his secret.

'Why don’t Chat and Adrien look alike?’

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composed by: im hyunsik
lyrics by: im hyunsik, lee minhyuk, peniel shin, jung ilhoon 

your touches on my hands
your calling for my voice
i can still feel it, i can still hear it
why did i not do my best while you were still around
if only i can be stronger
maybe then i would stand a chance of holding onto you till the end

even i am content with my ordinary life
the forgotten memories keep reappearing.. i am caught in a dilemma
i hope you know the me that has you, the me that loses you
are two completely different people

air thickens as i sink into all sort of wild dreams
first time first love…. it was a decent enough first love, isn’t it?

we were both hurt and devastated in this war, but someday
one day we will meet again
in better days
we will be happier we will be more comfortable
파도치는 퍼다 같일때

we must meet again
i will be waiting patiently
there be this someday,
we will live happier and much more comfortable
and the sunlight will be breathtaking 
the day i sent you away, i was such a fool 
to blame everything on you, to grumble about you, and hating you

like being torned apart, the pain is endless, therefore i choose to erase you
its all because i am a fool, i didn’t know there would be no turning back

someday when we are both not so young, someday when i am much stronger 
if there’s a chance for me to hold your hands again, please promise me you would allow me to do so
someday we will meet again
in much better days
we will be happier and we will be living more comfortably
파도치는 퍼다 같일때

we must meet again
i will be waiting patiently
there be this someday,
we will live happier and much more comfortable
and the sunlight will be breathtaking 
there be this someday

to be honest, i am filled with remorse 
if only i had apologize, everything would be alright 
not gonna lie, i’d admit everything is my fault
our breakup is entirely my fault 
what i want to say now is that i am truly regret it 

i pray every single day, praying that we will be able to meet again
i pray for you every night and day
hoping to see you face and face again someday
someday we will meet again  
in much better much beautiful days
we will live happier we will live more comfortably
파도치는 퍼다 같일때

we must meet again
i will be waiting patiently
there be this someday,
we will live happier and much more comfortable
and the sunlight will be breathtaking 

Mr V Salt was our only placement who talked. Tiny Strega Nona signed a bit, but certainly not sentences. Same with our resident rockstar. As for baby blobfish, well… She was a blobfish of the baby variety, so.

Anyway, Mr V Salt was the only one who had his almost-three-year-old way of saying things. So there are times now when I’ll see something or say something, and I get his voice in my head. The way you might change your speech to call it pasghetti, or titty tat, we have spidermans. It’s on my list as spidermans. It will forever be spidermans. You know, the chewable things filled with daily nutrients? Spidermans.

Another one? Doofus. Weirdo. I’d call him both, and he’d say, “Amma, me doofus? Me weedo?”

Oh, and penis. His love for asking me if the dogs had penises (Amma, Rio got penis? No. Oh, Rio got ‘gina? Yes. Ohh… Cosmo got penis?), followed by whether I had a penis, followed by whether he had a penis (Yes. Yaaaay!) is forever in my brain.

He also had this death glare. I have never seen anything so creepy-terrifying outside of horror movies with kids who haunt houses. I just… Whoa.

Salty Netherlands

Netherlands, 1581, writing his declaration of independence: “-.. after which the city of Maastricht and Antwerp have been violently attacked, destroyed, pillaged, murdered, burned and been treated in such a way, that the most cruel and tyrannic enemies of the country wouldn’t be able to do worse..-”

Netherlands, modern days: “I wasn’t exaggerating anything.”