Psychedelic Salt Mine, Russia

Anyway, I’m mad as hell but I’m still looking forward to B.A.P finally performing on a proper MAMA stage, even if it is less songs than even rookie groups have and even if they were snubbed in awards nominations. B.A.P shine the most when performing live on stage and this performance will not only showcase their ridiculous amount of talent, but will do so to an enormous audience. Also, Mnet can have some pretty gorgeous stage designs and camera work, so I cannot wait to be blown away by this stage, even if B.A.P deserves more.

The foxes probably have an official Snapchat that they rotate between the members.

On days Dan and Kevin have it, they post pictures of practice, though Dan posts more fun ones while Kevin’s seem to be strictly practice.

Matt posts videos of the upperclassmen feat. Aaron, and sneaks pictures of Neil whenever he can.

ALL of Allison’s posts include herself in them, usually with at least another fox (more likely than not either Neil or Renee) by her side.

Renee takes pictures of banners with cheers on them and photos of when everybody is just hanging out rather than practicing or doing something crazy.

Andrew refuses to use Snapchat so they dropped him from the rotation.

Aaron does try to be serious with it, but Nicky always tries to photobomb any picture he takes by dabbing in front of the camera, so he sticks to being more professional about his posts.

Nicky is one of the more avid users of the account and uses it like a vlog about anything relating to the foxes. His are also the pictures more likely to be screenshotted

Neil just takes a lot of blurry pictures of Andrew and sometimes the rest of the team. It’s become a pastime to try and figure out what his pictures are for.

Piggybacking off @loptyrofjugdral‘s misassumptions on Alvis post, some of the diction Fire Emblem Hero’s English localizers chose really bothers me.

The use of “hellfire”, like huh??? The choice seems out of character within the context of his setting and more from a Metatextual angle of the audience’s knowledge of his plot role.

In world, Alvis thinks of himself as a force of good, associating with both Crusader Fjalar, who we know from the epilogue stood for Justice, and Saint Maera who taught equal treatments for all. If anything I’d think Alvis would see the fire of his Holy Tome Valflame as divine and righteous, rather than something from the pits of the underworld. Likely Alvis smiting you with holy fire is the will of heaven, for him.

I’ve been told that in other FEH localizations (French, Spanish, German) the choice of “hellfire” is absent, which I’m glad for. Although it makes me worry that NoA’s current Treehouse team has no sense of subtlety when it comes to writing for villains… so I hope that FE4 remake is still a ways off.

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how did sheith end up being the hated one and klonce the beloved one? there was like no klonce in seasons one and two

it’s weird. like under different circumstances i would understand why kl@nce is a popular ship. pretty much every fandom has at least one mlm ship even if their canon interactions can barely be interpreted as romantic. and that is fine. that is what fanon is for. but the thing is in voltron we have sheith who literally have the closest relationship in that show. we have keith tenderly touching shiro’s face before lance and keith ever even interact. i don’t need to go into details since we all know how sheith moments compare to kl@nce ones so logically speaking most people should see that and be all over it. but for some reason that didn’t happen. rivalry ships are popular but one would think that a ship that is so canonically close and has so many moments that can easily be interpreted as romantic would automatically become the big ship. it’s so odd and i ask myself how this even happened daily. and i can imagine that staff is doing the same thing, especially if they do plan on making sheith endgame. they definitely never expected the popularity kl@nce would have. this is not to say that no one should ship it, people like different things but generally it doesn’t make sense imo. 

Man I cannot wait for broganes to die

its hilarious that an AU got turned into something people accepted as canon just so they could not truly acknowledge Shiro and Keith’s relationship at all.

Because if you don’t write them off as “brothers who grew up together” then its OBVIOUS that their relationship is peculiar.

ayra not being a free unit and being on a banner: this kills the man

to be fair i guess it was the fault of our own expectations to think she was free, but its REALLY scummy of intsys to not put her on the first banner with sigurd/deirdre/tailtiu and instead wait a few days later to introduce her (alongside eldigan for pity rate-breaking fun)

i thought they said they were going to be careful about powercreep but the fact that a +10 merged +spd ayra can exist is Evil. i figured they would release some very strong units for free so that F2P players could compete with all these reinhardts and brave lyns and other top tier units in the arena modes but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Very Tiny Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar (even smaller than the last one)

So, second spell jar. Pretty cool. I struggle a lot with anxiety so I’m hoping this might help a bit. It’s not a substitute for therapy or medication, which I have, but this won’t hurt. I layered it because sometimes you need to take things in steps when dealing with anxiety, you can’t just rush in all at once.


💜 Crushed Chamomile (bottom- for relaxation)

💜 Sea Salt (middle- for grounding)

💜 Lavender (top- for calming + de-stressing)

I charged it with Amethyst, Lavender essential oil (not pictured) and a candle (not pictured.) I think this one is really cute and I’m super excited to make more!!

Bonus: this compared to the also tiny but not quite as tiny self-love spell jar

blessed be 💜