Also, for those of you who are salty about Joshaya and are quick to throw around the word “pedophile”, let me remind you of a couple things (oh, and don’t worry, it won’t take long so you can go back to bashing ships, flooding tags, and licking your lucaya-isn’t-happening wonds)

1. Josh has consistantly made it clear that Maya is too young for him.

2. Josh has not seen and/or interacted with Maya for a while since their last interaction that was almost a couple months (close to a year) prior to Ski Lodge, meaning that he has the same interpretation of Maya as he always had: his niece’s little friend that he doesn’t take seriously.

3. Josh has a seen a new side of Maya from this trip with how she handled everything with Riley and Lucas. He has seen that she has matured and he admits that he wants her in his life-BUT NOT AS A GF IMMEDIATELY because of the person she is. He even states that he let age get in the way of missing out on her friendship. 

4. Even after he acknowledges how he feels about her, he is not in any rush to make it a romantic relationship. Although Maya is adamant for that, he still respects the age difference and the place that both of them are in their life. He even says “you live your life” but still lets her know that he will be there.

5. I have seen a lot of things about “grooming”-and how was Josh grooming Maya? By saying that he liked her? By holding her hand? By complementing her? Everything that Josh said to Maya about her friendship with Riley and who she is as a person, has been said to Maya by almost everyone in the show. Even Lucas, who at one point, reciprocated romantic feelings for her. The same reason that Josh said he liked Maya are the same ones that Lucas had for liking her. 

At the end of the day, the main thing is about the age, however that is addressed and dealt with on Josh’s part-He is no rush to be in a romantic relationship with Maya. MOST IMPORTANTLY, he does not put a a set date on when they can be together. Not once does he say, “when you are eighteen” or “when you graduate” or “when you go to college”. He doesn’t ask that she wait for him, nor does he promise her that he will wait for her. 

In closing, Joshaya is adorable, stop tagging hate, ship and let ship.

I am currently looking for the cutie in the picture below. She snuck away and I’m now currently chasing after her. So if I plow you over, sorry. 

She’s my niece Chloe and she’s wearing a pink an black tutu and one of the t shirts I got her earlier. I’ll be the idiot carrying heels in my hand, jogging after her.

Inhuman ~ Part Two (Sequel to Encryption)

[So this is the sequel to Encryption, a fifteen part series you can find at my Masterlist - hope you like it. Oh and this series is actually a reader insert!]

Summary: You are Clint Barton’s niece and have just finished at your school for the summer, before you could head home you got a message from your mother to find your recently-arrested uncle for help. Not knowing what to do you travel to one of his nearby houses to look for clues.

Warnings: none - I hate Thaddeus Ross

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You slipped out of your uncle’s house and walked to your car carrying your duffle bag as you sighed and reached your car. You sat in it and looked around before driving away, unsure of where to go yet. Looking through your Facebook on your phone there was another news story on inhumans being locked up until they signed the accords. You shook your head and found yourself driving to the park you used to visit with Clint. After parking your car and leaving your phone in the glove compartment you looked through your duffle, dumping out everything then repacking. You slipped your old iPod into your pocket and put your headphones in before turning the music on and filling your duffel with the food and clothes again. 

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Yesterday went out with my aunt, sister and my aunt’s niece! My sister is right behind me. She’s about twelve shades lighter than me and Afro-Latina. You wouldn’t believe how many people don’t believe she’s even related to my mother and I. Society is quite strange and forgetful where genetics are concerned.

Fair Grounds - Bucky Barnes One Shot (Requested by Anon)

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Request - Hey, Lovely! Could you please write a Bucky x reader where the Avengers (+ Y/N, Tony’s niece) take him to a carnival for his birthday and he gets a bit of toffee apple on his chin and the reader kisses it off? Just super fluffy! Xx

A/N - pls don’t sue me if you have a heart attack bc of this fluff!!! don’t forget to follow and request a fic if you want one!

“Come on Barnes, just one ride!” Steve said to his old time friend, shaking his shoulder.

“No way Steve! I’m not gonna throw up like you did after The Cyclone.” laughed Bucky, making Steve smile at the 70 year old memory.

“It’s payback time. Plus, the fact that it’s your birthday makes it even better.” said Steve. Bucky nodded his head, admiring the fact that Steve still cared so much about him despite what he’s done in the past.

It was Bucky’s birthday, and uncle Tony decided to rent out a carnival grounds for the team and I. There were fairy lights hung everywhere, twinkling under the night sky. The smell of cotton candy and caramel apples reeked through the air and provided a childlike environment we all missed out on.

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Keeper - Steve Rogers x (f)Reader

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Words: 1605
Pairing: Steve Rogers x (f)Reader
Featuring: like everyone
Warnings: kidnapping kinda, fighting
Requested by @subject-a-9
Hi! I was hoping I could have a Steve Rogers request? The Reader would be Tony Stark’s niece who always hangs out at the Avengers tower and then after Tony’s party in the age of Ultron, Ultron would kidnap her like he did with Natasha? The Reader is also very shy and suffers from social anxiety disorder. Tony is very protective of his niece and always teases her for having a huge crush on Steve Rogers. Natasha tries to push the two together and then Steve makes it his mission to save her? fluff?
Authors Note: this was cute. also, only a fem. reader since i mention “niece.”


“Hey kiddo.” Tony looked up when you walked into the lab.

“Hi.” Bruce smiled.

“Hey guys.” You looked around to see them messing around with a bunch of, glowing stuff. “What are you working on?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Tony shrugged, looking back down.

“Oh come on Tony,” Bruce said. “You know you can’t hide anything from (Y/N) for long.”

You gave off an innocent smile, causing Tony rolled his eyes. “We’re making a friend for JARVIS.”

“Sir, I would advise you to tell your niece what you are doing before she goes to find out for herself.”

“Yeah, Tony.” You smirked. “See, if J. we’re a human, we would cost bump right now.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “We’re working on making another, more advanced, AI, alright?”

“See, that wasn’t so hard.” You crossed your arms as you sat down in a chair.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Bruce caught your attention. “Are you joining us at the party tonight?”

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wait, who are the new assistants?

“Gunne is Dr. Fol’s great niece, she’s visiting.”

“we shouldn’t have kids in the lab…”

“We used to let Papyrus is more, aheh.”

“that was different!


Old footage from HMY Britannia is watched by Lady Sarah Chatto, the Queen’s niece, describing the time passed at the royal yacht as “magical”. The frames, taken from Elizabeth at 90 (2016) documentary show other family members, namely the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley, her youngest son, her sister Princess Margaret and even Lord Mountbatten can be spotted

“She [The Queen] included my brother and I in holidays and… her life really. We felt very lucky”

      Lady Sarah Chatto on her aunt

© BBC One

Okay, but what if Jack’s family is really cool? And like his Daddy’s this quiet farmer and his Mama’s a gardener and they have this slew of children. And they’re God-fearing folk too. Jack comes out and they’re not all sure at first. They’re even insensitive, but with time they come around and they love Jack just the same. They defend him too, even if they may not understand all the time. And then Jack comes home with his new boyfriend, Gabriel. And his parents and aunts and uncles prepare this huge dinner and the whole Morrison clan gathers round to party. Gabe gets tugged around by Jack’s nephews and nieces as they show him the farm animals. Jack’s sister hands him a baby. They stay up long into the night, playing poker and drinking and laughing, and everything’s fine. And years laters, decades later, the Morrison family refuses to believe that their Jack is dead.

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Hey G, wasn't there a time a while back when you said you might have had a sister named Times New Roman? Congrats it's actually your niece how the heck did you manage to mix this up




“N-Nothing! I’ve told you everything… and hey! I’m always silent!”