La mamma è sempre la mamma.

Dolce & Gabbana took this Italian motto very seriously by giving their Fall/Winter 2016 collection a sweet, motherly twist.

After letting us wonder through enchanted woods (f/w 2015) and Spanish scenarios (s/s 2015) we couldn’t expect anything but a return to the so loved Bel Paese, to which the historical fashion duo did an elegant homage with the new theme titled Viva La Mamma.

Down the catwalk we saw the usual detailed, embroidered, masterpiece-like creations adorned with children-made dedications inspired by the scribbles of Domenico’s nieces, colourful prints, precious applications and, of course, lovely toddlers and babies in little matching outfits. Iconic the appearance of a pregnant, bright-smiling and definitely gorgeous Bianca Balti.

The fils rouge of this year’s collection are black, pastel colours, bon-ton and geometric cuts, see-through materials, statement accessories (interesting the presence of bold headphones) and an overall cozy fitting. Roses mark almost every piece, as a tribute to the scent of the red lipstick Stefano’s mother used to wear.

The show resulted as a massive thank you to all the mothers of the globe, even the most modern ones – those who manage to keep a career, grow their children and be independent, showing the world that women can actually make it.

See the whole catwalk, close-ups, backstage and front row photoshoot at Vogue UK 

See more at Dolce and Gabbana’s official website 

Today T’s little niece and nephew stroked my arm hair and told me I had fur and it was very soft and nice and I said thank you, and then they wanted me to roll the sleeves down on my button-up so they could try rolling them back up for me because rolled sleeves were a new and confusing thing to them. 

I also got to play with hung out with them while they played with all of T’s old toys and I’m so jealous of how many Power Rangers he has. >:[ AND he has a lot of dinosaurs! And a mecha Goliath! And this weird Venom who transforms into some kind of Killer Croc/Venom hybrid something as far as we could tell but it’s more like you open his chest and a crocodile (???) head comes out and his fists turn into tiny crocodile heads and you can remove his feet???? which also have flip-out talons??? and he’s got all these little flip-out… kickstands… in his shins… idk. He was a very confusing man. I wish I remembered to take a picture because he was such a confusing man. 

Now that the kids speak English they hang out with me when we visit with T’s family and have designated me their new best friend because I have purple hair and can beat iPad games for them. They are very confused by my inability to speak Cantonese and the older kid told me I need to go back to school and learn some and I told him he was absolutely right, but then he was fine with it because I found and AT-AT toy with a hatch in the side that opened and it was filled with tiny plastic bats and a very small Donatello and all language barriers were forgiven because I knew who the Ninja Turtles were.

Children like me and I have no idea why, but hey I have purple hair and hold things they hand me so I guess I’m the perfect best friend for a 4 and 5 year old. Also I know a lot of Pokemon names. They thought that was really cool.

Ooc: Help for Lacey

Hi everyone. Usually I don’t do this but a family friend’s niece was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. I have the GoFundMe page to help offset the costs of transportation, bills, and other things to help make their lives easier. I was given permission to post this here. Please reblog, donate if you can, or give prayers and good healing thoughts. She is going to be 10 in May.


Thank you in advance!

Please consider:
  • "You’re a celebrity and I’m a paparazzo, sorry friend I have to take pictures of you to pay my rent next month" AU
  • "You’re a store clerk and oh shit I just spotted my ex please let me hide behind your desk-thing” AU
  • "I don’t know you but I need some place to stay for the night, my roommate’s getting some" AU
  • "I’m helping my niece’s girl scout troop sell cookies and hell no, fuck off soccer coach, we were here first” AU
  • "This has been a very bad week and you just grabbed the last box of my favorite comfort food at the supermarket" AU
  • "You’ve locked yourself outside of your apartment and there’s a storm rolling in and I pity you so I’ll let you into mine" AU
  • "We’re neighbors who don’t really talk but your cat might have gotten my cat pregnant?? We must raise this little kitty family together" AU
  • "A toddler broke your nose and I may or may not have snapped my thumb during a very intense game of Mario Kart and now we’re both sitting next to each other in the hospital waiting room" AU

superheroskye asked:

Who was the kid you were talking to at the Alexander wang show? Any future play dates to come with your new friend?

OMG! That’s Aila Wang, Alexander Wang’s niece. She’s one of my fashion icons for sure, Her style is everything. She’s such a sweetheart, although I think she offered me Molly at her uncle’s show.

It’s girl scout cookie season and the smell of Thin Mints is in the air!

This is my niece’s first year as a girl scout and she is 100% committed to selling as many cookies as she can! And, because the girl scouts are basically the best ever, they’ve made it so you can order them online.

Best. News. Ever.

Each girl has their own link so, when you buy the cookies, that girl will get the credit and her cookie sales go up.

This is Elizabeth’s link

If I didn’t personally know a girl scout, being able to buy girl scout cookies online would be a godsend because these cookies are basically made from God’s personal ingredients and everyone should be able to experience them.

Shipping is kind of pricey and I understand completely if you can’t afford it, but if you could reblog this and get it around, it would be absolutely amazing. I want Elizabeth’s first year as a girl scout to be the best year ever!

so I was just at target carrying my 5month old niece around and she was being fussy and I happened to overhear a guy telling his young daughter “don’t ever make that same mistake”. Meaning that he thinks I’m a teen mom. So I confronted him and said “she’s my niece and even if she were my own, do you know how that would make me feel?” and he denied even saying anything. other people heard it and came up to me saying sorry. Shout out to all the teen moms out there that have to go through this bs on a daily basis. You’re doing great

beneath-a-timeless-sky asked:

I love your eremika drawings, they're so good! <3 I was wondering if I could make a request? I'd love to see an Eremika!Kid. Mikasa & Eren with their daughter :3 Just wanted to ask first if you need payment or anything? Thanks! :D

I hadn’t even thought about this! And that’s maybe because I don’t like kids that much and I never want to burden my OTPs with children, but this time I thought of my niece, who’s super cute and loves animal, insects and running around, and suddenly I wanted them to have this daughter.

I imagine them taking her everywhere they go (when the titans are gone) and let her explore and she gets excited about everything she sees, and then chases little animals and collects flowers and rocks and everytime she shows her findings to her mom, Mikasa is like “wow, so pretty” and inside she really doesn’t give a damn but her daughter is so cute and she loves her so much that she always fakes wonder

And she really is proud of her little girl, not just because she is super cheerful, but also because she looks like her and she knows that her own mother would be so proud of that.

And Eren just feels so lucky of being alive and having them in their own home that he is always smiling :,)

Thanks for the requests and your kind words, and nope, I obviously don’t need payment :D!

Hope you like it!