thanks to my buddy who loves watching my runs
for taking note of the crap I come out with.

  • How can you share love if you don’t feel love?
  • Toriel that’s literally child abuse.
  • Well you could say that Froggit – croaked the bucket.
  • This is the face of someone who doesn’t give a single fuck.
  • Ribbon makes me cuter? What are you trying to say? Am I not cute enough already?
  • Who the fuck would leave a knife lying around?
  • Snails in a bucket? Someone likes their midnight snacks.
  • Who ate all the pies? Not me, I’ve been down here for 30 minutes and I’m starving.
  • Do you cook nothing BUT pies?
  • Here Toriel, have some of my LOVE.
  • Hoover you later.
  • Gordon Ramsey would love you.
  • My name’s Papyrus and welcome to Hells Kitchen.
  • Boy I just love stabbing these snowflake people.
  • I have no regretti or spaghetti. This is an outrage.
  • Sorry no time for puzzles I have monsters to murder.
  • Why does the Underground have food I DON’T like??
  • My flirtation skills involve decapitation and mass murder.
  • Boy look at all this death.
  • I’m gonna punch a fish tit.
  • Smells like Lesbains.
  • Why did Monster Kid fall to his death off a cliff? Because he had no arms to save himself.
  • You know I’ve killed all your friends right?
  • Yeah yeah hurry up and die already please.
The Groundhog has been out and about...

And that means it’s February. I could probably write a whole blog post about the ridiculousness of trusting a groundhog with our weather forecasting– although here in the lovely state of Indiana where all four seasons can happen in one day, he’s probably just as accurate as the ones trained for the job.

But a new month means a new project. With it being winter, indoor projects are always better suited. And this one, much like last month, is more about research than actual… well action. Sort of an ongoing work in progress like this blog will be. 

If you happened to catch my first reblog of the month, you would have a little clue to February’s project– self publishing. It seemed to go well with starting a blog, especially for someone like me who would write in my sleep if it was physically possible (Don’t think I haven’t tried). 

Many moons ago, when I was young and thought I knew everything, I told anyone who would listen that I didn’t want to be published. And really– what writer doesn’t want to be published? Sort of the point really, otherwise you might as well just be writing a diary– FOR MY EYES ONLY. But I had it in my head that writing was my escape, my therapy in a world that wasn’t always nice or fair and any number of other emo-tastic teenage angsty thoughts. I didn’t want my sanctuary to become the prison cell of a job with requirements and deadlines and expectations. Looking back, I think it was more about being insecure in my writing. I started writing when I was 7-ish and I didn’t let another soul read it until I was nearly out of high school and even then it was a very small number of people. 

No need to bore with all the details but I’ve come to realize with continued prompting from people in my life— writing is my one true passion. Without being too dramatic, it’s my air, my life-source; it’s how I document, make sense of the world around me. Outside of my family and friends, it is the one thing that makes me genuinely happy. OK… that was a little dramatic but it doesn’t make it any less true.

I’m not sure i would be ready for the time and energy it would take to get myself in the door of a big publishing house. And while my confidence in my writing has grown by leaps and bounds, I’m not sure it would be good enough for that sort of thing anyway. But self-publishing is a good way to get your work out there and see how the masses respond and more on my own terms. 

Like I said, this month will be far more researching how to go about self-publishing than something I can actually show. It will also mean putting in a lot of extra time on my long list of current writing projects (which just grew larger by one, yesterday) so that if I decide self-publishing IS for me, I actually have some good work to put out there. 

Let the powers that be keep the blocks away…

anonymous asked:

hey there i saw you reblogged a post about how eating apricot kernels can cure cancer and i just wanted to tell you that post is false, like i saw someone already debunk it once but dont have the link saved, but yeah basically there`s no scientific evidence saying vitamin B17 can cure/prevent cancer and in fact apricot kernels contain cyanide and if consumed long term could bring health risks so yeah >.<

I must admit I didn’t do my research to check if it was true or not, my bad 

I’ve watched a documentary once that said that something coud help in curing cancer faster I need to find it and post it (why am I even saying that though?!) 

lol anyway thank you for pointing it out