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I feel like the thing about Ereri is that Eren doesn't look like he's that young and Levi doesn't look like he's that old (I showed a bunch of people a pic of Levi and I asked them what they thought Levi's age would be and none of them said anything over 25) and when people ship, they don't take in consideration the age or the age gap because it seems unimportant. Some of the people who ship Ereri ship it because it just makes sense in their heads and not because they think of the age gap

Yeah, I think that might be true. Especially in anime age gaps aren’t often as ‘visible’ as in other forms of media. But I think the part about people not taking the age gap into consideration is what makes people dislike the shippers, because it seems like they just don’t care and feel like it doesn’t matter, when it’s something you should definitely reflect on (like all other kinds of stuff in the media you consume, but you know what I mean). Personally I don’t share that sentiment, because as long as you don’t excuse or defend the age gap as being super healthy or even legal or whatever I assume you know what you’re doing there. What I also think is funny is that I heard it quite some times now, that ereri shippers harassed rivamika shippers for shipping an age gap ship haha

Here’s my submission for Topic 2, “Star’s Ancestors”. Since there were no canon pictures of Skywynne or Solaria with their eyes open, I had to guess at what their eye colors were. I think the colors I picked suit them.

Sorry about the late submission, this one took longer than I thought it would (and it’s still not what I would call “finished”). Hope you enjoy anyway!

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[eerily calm] Logic. If Morality had randomly come up to you and said "I don't want to be friends with you anymore", would you have thought "he wants to be something more" or would you have thought "he hates me"? That's what I meant when I said "bad choice of words". Please. *Please.* Say something more.

*logic actually thinks about what he said. Realization dawning on him. He gets up his legs are shaking, he goes over to where @morality-sanders is hiding* morality I love you *starts to cry* I didn’t mean it like you think

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What are your thoughts on Nick's makeup?

I am not a fan of the theory. The coloration of eyelids and lengthening of eyelashes in males is common in animation to add more interest to the face.

Also, some guys naturally have long eyelashes and foxes have dark eyelashes to protect their eyes from the sun.

Dark shadows on the eyelids is also a sign of being tired. Given that Nick is a nocturnal animal who lives a daylight lifestyle, it makes sense that his sleeping habits are skewed. Also, during the events of the movie, Nick and Judy apparently don’t sleep for about 48 hours. Now, when you look at Nick in the Graduation scene? Notice that the dark eyelids are gone.

Originally posted by disney-yensid

Just my thoughts. I won’t knock those who enjoy the idea, though. Just like I don’t knock those who put him in dresses for fun. *Cough @trashasaurusrex Cough* :D

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HELP! I just bought my first digital art tablet today and I'm lost! There are so many programmes for photoshop alone, I don't know what to do! Please help!

i’d say go for photoshop CS5+!

that’s what i use! and have used for forever. i haven’t looked into a ton of alternatives as to not bog my computer down with experiments. i know there’re quite a few artists who follow me who have some alternatives (i’m somewhat medicated rn so my brain is really scraping to think of some i apologize) so if you know some good starter programs, feel free to share!

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I thought, “Oh God, what’s wrong with your skin!?”, but then I realised there was a layer of plastic covering it.

it’s weird, right!? i haven’t gotten a tattoo in like, over a year, and this shop offered a really fast way that heals tattoos and i thought they were lying??? like i didn’t believe them at all???? and i referred to it as black magic

what you see is a saniderm tattoo bandage! so far it’s great but it is making my skin break out quite a bit. i’ll show another pic once everything is all healed up!

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Omg, I love Nightwing!! I was so excited when I saw your drawing :D Does Matt want to get a Nightwing role? That would be awesome :p

thanks!! a bunch of my friends just pointed out that he would KICK ASS in that role. while he is a great doctor priest on GH, dude is a pure, ripped hug monster that i’d love to see in a role like that ;u;

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I love the hair from #MattForNightWing! Look at the form! And the color! And the shade! It looks awesome! HOW did you do the little blue uhhh stripes..? :D

thanks so much!! i actually drew them in on one side in their own layer, duplicated that layer and then mirrored it. i combined all of the line layers and then made little minor tweaks to either side to make it a little less precise 

You have sucked me dry.
You have stolen all of my love and used it against me.
Took me for granted and abused my kindness and vulnerability.
I feel forever indebted to your mercy and your love.
You have made me weak.
You have turned me into someone I am not.
Someone I do no recognize nor like.
I have lost a part of myself I’m not sure I’ll ever get back because every last drop of my energy went into loving you.
To be what you wanted.
Or at least what I thought you wanted.
And it’s still not enough, it will never be enough.
I am not what you have made me.
I’m not sure I will ever forgive you.
This was not my fault.

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yes hi I have a crush on you!! the reason why is as a fellow artist I believe an artist's art style reflects not just their skill but their personality and being as a whole. and your art is beautiful! <3 <3 <3 please never stop drawing what you love

that’s actually really cool, i never really thought of it like that.


Actual conversation with a colleague
  • Him: I just had a weird idea
  • Me: Go on...
  • Him: I was thinking about Philip K. Dick and how his novels got big after he died. Imagine if you could use electrical waves to send ideas through corpses in a cemetery.
  • Me: You basically want to email Philip K. Dick to let him know how successful he is?
  • Him: Yeah, email his dead brain directly.
  • Me: That is a very weird thought, but what's weirder is that I can see exactly where you're coming from and agree completely.
  • Him: Could someone in theory work out the electrical make up of an emotion like love and then just walk around transmitting it?
  • Me: The world would be a much better place.
  • Him: It would. Let's divert all this money from defense spending. Just plough it into love machines...

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what does Lucy call her dads?? I know "daddy" & "papa" is overused, but it's super cute tbh. If that's what she calls them, then I think Thomas should be papa, bc that's what you call you dad in French, & I thought that would be kind of funny 😅

yeah she calls Thomas papa but then she started calling him “pops” bc of Thomas’ southern accent (n for the irony as well) bc she knows it’ll annoy him n it amuses James so much

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I see Tom with someone kinda like him. Maybe a musician a singer an artist, photographer, Not a star though, with all the glitz nails make up and glamour, but with someone, you know, true blue. That's hard to find. What are you thoughts?

I see Tom with someone who makes him happy. 

Hinoka+Asama - Japanese support

Part one of a request. This was very fun to do and also a surprisingly good support. It’s quite different from the English one, like how it alludes to Hinoka’s trauma over losing Corrin. Also the S-support is a lot better (it actually feels like she has feelings for him), even if it’s still a bit  awkward. All in all a solid support chain and pairing imo.

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It's almost like this guy is having an argument with someone else and you are getting the messages by mistake!? at first I was disappointed that the pictures you were posting weren't of you, but this has become quite entertaining, what a weirdo! hahaha

That’s what I thought! And I agree, it has been very entertaining. Though he’s blocked now because when people start making personal attacks, insulting games that I like and insulting the size of my boyfriend’s completely irrelevant penis…What’s the point of entertaining someone like that? It’s just very silly and I don’t wanna continue to argue with someone so immature.

The Dungeon

   She woke up, dazed and confused, it was dark and gloomy, the air was thick, The room was dark, she tried to move, but there was something, something around her ankle, something binding her, she felt metal. A chain, A chain around her ankle. She was tied, bound, bound in place. In this strange place. 

   “Oh god, what’s happening?” She started to freak out. “What am I doing here?, What’s this place?” Her thoughts racing, what was the last thing that happened she started to think to herself. “I was jogging in the park. The weather was nice and good, I had music on, just like I always do” So how the hell did I get here. She started to panic again.

   As her thoughts race, a light appears in the end of the room, a dim light, faintly illuminating the room, she takes a few seconds to get used to the light, she looks at her ankle seeing the chains, realizing that it is true. She is chained in what appears to be a dungeon. She sees some other chains and ropes laying around, but what truly catch her attention. The huge screen in front of her. “What’s a screen doing in a place like this?”she wonders nervously. Trying to pull her chains and escape this terrifying place.

  But as she struggled with her chains. what she was afraid of happened. The screen suddenly came to life. A bright light appears as she looks in amazement. She’s shocked but what she sees. She seeing those images. Images of ladies, of ladies kneeling, of bound ladies, tied up, tied up in all manners. She sees men. Strong men, Dominant men. Controlling those ladies. Each picture. Showing a man and a lady. The man in control while the lady submits. She starts to notice something else along these images. Those words, words behind each image. the words are.


  She gasps as she sees those words, she gasps as she realize what this is, These subliminal messages, “They’re trying to brainwash me!” She realizes panicking. She instantly close her eyes. But as soon as she does, she starts hearing this voice. A soft voice, yet firm. repeating the words.


 She panics even more, as she puts her hands on her ears, shutting out these sounds, shutting out these images, shutting it all out. But as soon as she does that. She finds something unexpected. Truly unexpected. She felt a vibrator, a vibrator between her pussy. Strong fast, touching the perfect spot. As she gasps. she gasps and starts to moan, she finds a vibrator tied to her pussy. chained to her pussy. She tries to move it away, she struggles to move it away. But she fails and as she tries she can feel it. feel it turning her on, more and more, stronger and stronger, getting closer, so much closer, knowing that if she continued like that she might break. “How long can I take it? If I gave up once I know well I will not be able to resist and they might actually break me!” She panics, trying with all her might to escape. But to no success. She knows she is getting closer and closer knowing that f she gave in once. It’ll be all over. 


Seeing those images, seeing those flashng words, soaking them in, little by little accepting them.

Hearing that voice


Such a soft voice, yet so firm and controlling, you can’t help but admire it. You can help but feel his words slowly creeping inside your head, inside your mind, accepting them.

  Finally, finally realizing the futility of your situation. Knowing there is no use. no use to fight it any longer. You accept it. You accept what’s about to happen. You give in. 

You Orgasm.

 And that was it, that was the beginning of the end. You don’t know how long you remained there. How many times you orgasmed. How many times you heard that voice, fell in love with that voice, Realize that this. This is the voice that controls you. This is the voice of your Owner, Your Sir, Your Master. You lost track of time. Of all thoughts, of memory, everything. 

 Until suddenly, one of the walls, slides open, A bright light coming out of the room, a dark figure standing at the door. You hear the voice say


 Everything stops at that moment. You become empty, blank, mindless, no thoughts at all. You realize one thing and one thing only. This is the voice. This is his voice. You instantly drop to your knees, drop to your knees looking down. Knowing this is your life now. He is your Owner, Your Sir, Your Master. You are his loyal, loyal, devoted and obedient slave.

This is your life now.


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OK I JUST READ THAT JIKOOK FIC ANd my heart is literally sinking holy crap. I'm just a little confused with the ending where Jimin's brother says he's all healthy with only a few light scratches?? Like does that mean Jimin doesn't have amnesia after all and was just acting like he did in front of his parents, because in the last few lines Jimin apparently keeps looking at Kook in a 'longing' way and he 'hesitates' as he sees Kook leave

IM STILL RECOVERING!!!! that’s what I thought too ;8; my heart clenched

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Arent jonsi and the other jonsi the same person or something? At least that's what I thought. Man getting into Icelandic music is sooo hard!

ikr! I thought the same. but. there are two of them, man. I was like wtf why couldn’ t you pick different nicknames, my guys

so here’ s our jonsi


and here’ s the other one


they look a bit same. well whatcha say white straight guys. EXCEPT one of them is gay haha….. yeah