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so bright the sun is ashamed to rise & be in love with all of these vampires - a moodboard

gotta love some love mcr tbh, w o w so emo; also I am the vampire, love me

you know when you see a good text post and then somebody adds “yes! reblog!” or “keep reblogging it’s making _____ mad” and now you….can’t reblog

HI! I’m Buster, and I’m not your AVERAGE cat!

I was living the outdoor life, when I was attacked by a vicious beast and ended up at the Howard County Cat Club in Columbia, Maryland. And WOW, this place is sure swanky!

Since life is clearly on an upward swing for me, it’s obvious the next step is a loving home! I’m a great cat, and I give AWESOME hugs! I also really like my feather dancer toy, and would enjoy sharing my life with some cat buddies, or even a friendly dog!

I still like the great outdoors, so a home with some safe outdoor access would be amazing. (Three-story catio, anyone?)

If you’d like to know more, or set u a meeting, just holler up my peeps at 410-730-3679!

And if you can’t adopt me, you know what’s almost as amazing? REBLOGGING ME!

Can’t wait to love ya.


S: “Well look at that! Guess my rusty talking sword just beat King Arthur! Heheh!”

SH: “… Hold on…”


B: “…”

Thanks to @neonnautilus for drawing that hilarious idea from me, them, @verdoiier and @bitter-fell-child !!!!! Where Sonic and the Black Knight is actually an elaborate game of DND and Sonic just keeps rolling perfect d20s despite not even making a proper character!



**please do not delete the text or self-promote**

hello, loves! rei and i have decided to host our very first awards together called the cocktail awards :)

🍸 Rules 🍸

  • must be following rei @sihlvers and i @vanillahs (we will be checking)
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  • likes are only bookmarks

🍸 Categories 🍸

  • apple rickey - best overall
  • raspberry peach punch - best icon
  • cherry cream soda - best url
  • basil grapefruit ginger spritzer - best theme
  • gin and tonic - best posts  
  • coconut lavender lemonade - best colour scheme
  • emerald palmer - sihlvers favourite
  • passion fruit summer drink - vanillahs favourite

🍸 Perks 🍸

  • two new friends (!!!!!)
  • a follow from both of us (if we are not already following you)
  • a spot on an absolutely beautiful page found here

🍸 Higher Chance 🍸

  • talk to us (increases your chances a bunch)
  • reblog this post more than once
  • reblog rei’s other awards here
  • follow alyssa on social media found here

🍸 Other 🍸

  • rei designed the stunning banner and created the winners page as well, so check out all of her other awesome designs on her theme page here
  • we will pick the winners once we are happy with the notes
  • good luck & happy reblogging

thank you so much, beauties! have a great day/night :)

i saw my own gif on my dash but it wasn’t reblogged it was reposted

there’s a damn reblog button for a reason, make your own gifs/edits if you are just here for followers for fucks sake

anonymous asked:

Enrique is secretly an Iranian man. What's the evidence? He reblogs Iranian stuff all the time. A tad suspicious, isn't it? He also really hates ISIS. Why is that? Well, everyone knows that ISIS is Sunni. Sunnis and Shias don't like each other, because Sunnis followed different a Caliph after Muhammad died. ISIS actively kills Shias due to this. Iran follows Shia Islam. Enrique, or whatever his name really is, is obviously butt-hurt about that. How has no one noticed before? Stay #woke, sheeple.


Well fuck me, was I this paper thin?

Anon’s right in everything but one thing, I’m not Shia, I’m an orthodox christian that nevertheless supports their struggle against daesh cunts, plus they want me dead too anyway. 

My real name is Eskandar by the way, and I live in Ahvaz.  

زنده باد ایران

anonymous asked:

since you're big in this fandom and I really need to know this: what's the difference between reblogging and reposting? like everyone is saying do not repost but am I allowed to reblog it? this is probably stupid but I kinda need to know >.<

The main difference between reblogging and reposting is that reposting is STEALING someone’s work. Reblogging an image is just clicking the reblog button on tumblr! It’s super easy and is a great way of sharing the things you love with credit given to the original creator!

More information about reblogging vs reposting here!

anonymous asked:

Not trying to be rude or anything honestly just trying to understand (I don't have a acnl blog) but why is it rude to delete captions?

I don’t think this is rude at all! ☺💕

deleting captions is rude because the original person who posted the photo made the caption. we work hard on our edits and photos to share and the captions are just as important to us as the photos that go along with it. it’s our post, OUR caption and it’s just really disrespectful to disregard that, delete it out, and reblog our post, ya know? it’s just not right, in my opinion. I would never just delete someone’s caption and reblog their picture! :/

and lol that’s a lot of the word caption and post 😂