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Everyone always talks and wonders about Rick’s wife, I do too. But what about Rick’s parents? The people who raised him, the people who might have influenced him the most. Who are they? Were they as smart as he is? Did they teach him anything? Were they normal and loving or cold and genius? Did they even raise him at all? Did they kick him out? Did they run away?


happy monday, everyone! here’s some design stuff i did for No More Pow Cards

the sequence where dendy explains the history of her ancestors seemed like the perfect opportunity to pay homage to one my favorite films, My Neighbors the Yamadas! i imitated the style in the boards to the best of my abilities, and did a small illustration of what i thought it could like in the final, but man the design team REALLY took it above and beyond what i thought was possible for an 11 minute cartoon!!! i’m so happy with the way it turned out

i also did some really quick design ref for dandy’s parents, pepelina & pavel! i believe credit for their names goes to geneva

be sure to tune in this friday for TWO new episodes of OK KO!

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Why are there so many stories that have nothing to do with retail/customers? I sometimes read stories where the person specifically states that they work in an office and their submission is a complaint about their co-worker in the next cubicle. Or stories from teacher dealing with parents. There's nothing bad about these stories, they just don't belong on this blog.

It’s almost as if dealing with customers doesn’t require a store environment! -Abby

Have a bit of a rant about Batjokes (yeah still not over that Telltale episode 2 preview) and DC in general, especially regarding Joker’s sexuality.

Isn’t it kind of funny how Batwoman (Kate Kane) was created to make Batman appear more straight (no I’m not making this up, they actually created her because Batman seemed too gay – you can google it) but then they decided to make her a lesbian? And how Harley was created to make Joker appear (among other factors) more straight and was then made into a bisexual who’s currently dating Poison Ivy in a lot of comics. But of course they always bring her back to Joker whenever they need to make a point again how terribly straight Joker is.

Yet neither Joker nor Batman are allowed to explore their YEARS LONG homoerotic subtext properly without hiding behind a big “but no homo tho” (fun fact: Batjokes is actually kind of canon in the Flashpoint Paradox because it was Bruce who died and Bruce’s parents turned into Batman and Joker … so clearly the writers see the appeal but can only do it if one of them is a woman lmao) . Like it just frustrates me to no end.  I’m not saying to make them canon in all comic/game/movie canons but DC has this thing of creating a lot of self-contained stories. Like the Gotham show on Fox for example is it’s own thing (but let’s not even start what they did to Nygmobblepot last season ugh, that’s a story for another day) where they play with different interpretations of characters and canon. Telltale also changed a lot of stuff and had a fresh new take on the Batman lore.

Remember how Anthony Ingruber was so freely saying how he sees Joker’s feelings for Bruce as borderline love? And even revealing that they made him play the church scene as a first date, so all the subtext we’ve been feeling wasn’t just “shipping goggles”. Well my theory (and this is just a theory, not saying it’s true) is that the higher ups saw what kind of interpretation the fans started to have and felt the need to make a “no homo tho” statment. When you even see Youtube comments catching onto it you know it’s not just something strictly coming from the audience on this site.

I feel like they’re also gonna (or already did) tell Anthony to keep it down with his Batjokes rambles in interviews.

Look, realistically speaking I wasn’t expecting any canon gay in Telltale. I just expected strong subtext to continue and hoped that Harley wouldn’t be Joker’s love interest. And I was completely happy with that. But then they put out that preview and the more I think about that scene the more it hurts me. It’s like they wrote it in just to kill our more homoerotic interpretation. Like to make it CLEAR that NO, Joker doesn’t love Bruce, you silly silly people. Ugh. Sorry, my salt is real. But on the bright side, I’m glad it at least wasn’t treated as a joke or anything. And Joker didn’t react in any homophobic way or anything like that so there’s that at least. :l Still hurts though. Thought I think we should still wait for all the episodes to come out before being sad about it because this was just a quick preview and previews can be deceiving sometimes. I don’t want to judge this decision of theirs too harshly before getting the whole picture, you know?

And I mean I get it. I get why DC is more comfortable making female characters LGBT because their audience consists of largely straight dudes. Many big DC female names were confirmed to be LGBT, now that I think about it (Batwoman, Harley, Ivy, Catwoman, Catwoman’s sidekick, even freaking Wonder Woman who’s as big as Batman and Superman is said to be bisexual in comics) but they shy away from doing it to any male characters. Because fanboys would have a heart attack if their favourite hero and villain (Batman and Joker are very big names and are DC’s main cash cow so yea) would be confirmed not straight in any version. And DC as a business wants their money. So yeah I do get it, but it’s still frustrating as hell, especially with all the double standards.

Also in general it’s frustrating when writers try to deny J’s homoerotic subtext because they’ve been using it as a horror element for so many years (back when gay was seen as a bad thing) but now that Joker is so popular and we live in a culture where villains are usually more of an interest to people than heroes themselves they’re trying to back away from those elements. Like … that’s just a shit thing to do. Own up to it. Now that he’s seen as cool he’s no longer allowed to be gay? A lot of his charm comes FROM those homoerotic traits, even if they fly right through some people’s head.

Rant over. Sorry haha ;;

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Hey! I was wondering where people got the idea that Richie's parents are neglectful? I watched the movie a second time last night and didn't notice anything (besides the fact that they're not shown). Thanks! Love your blog!!


So in terms of why they think his parents are neglectful in the movie, I believe it all came from this interview. Finn talks about how Richie’s mother is an alcoholic and how his father is a dentist that doesn’t pay any attention to him. This interview came out before the movie so I think everyone was thinking we’d get to see some of that in the film, which we unfortunately didn’t. But everyone held onto that HC anyways, because it’s sad and does kinda give an explanation as to what may be one of the reasons Richie acts how he does. 

As for the book, some people don’t feel his parents are exactly “neglectful”, but imho they’re definitely not like… great parents. His mother says she doesn’t understand Richie at all and sometimes he even frightens her, and she wishes she had a different child (maybe a daughter) who she would be able to understand better. His mother also doesn’t listen when Richie comes home with broken glasses crying and saying he was being bullied. Instead, she gets mad at him. And as for his dad, he’s still a dentist in the book but I don’t think it’s exactly that his dad doesn’t pay attention to him. In the book they kinda just always make snarky remarks to each other and joke around, and his dad calls him an idiot a lot. Besides that, his dad isn’t really addressed.

Hope this cleared some stuff up!

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Illidan isn't the Child of Light and Shadow (At least, not the Light anymore). But if we think, there's is someone whose parent are the Light and Shadow, *cough*AlleriaandTuralyon*cough* So all hail Arathor the true Chosen one.

Confirmed. I’m fully on board with this theory, it just makes so much sense! Also it would be fantastic to see Arator be, you know, relevant. 


Reader x  Logan 

Requested by @crazyfreckledginger

Prompt List

“All you have to do is sit there and listen to the teacher.” You said quickly and Logan sighed.

“Is there alcohol?” He asked quickly and you rolled your eyes.

“No it’s a parents day, at a public school… why would there be alcohol?” You asked, crossing your legs as you tried not to laugh.

“You’ve only been there a week.” He complained and you shrugged floating the nicknacks, you’d collected on the road, around you.

(Thiam as Nolan’s Parent's -Part 4 )

(This one is more Nolan and Theo.)

 Theo: *From all the scenarios that went through his mind, he wasn’t expecting THIS reaction from their son when he accidentally saw him shift.*

 Nolan: Just for a little bit? *His big eyes light up in excitement.* …Please?

Theo: *He would argue but seeing as he’s fully shifted into a coyote, whining appears to be his best defense to his son asking him to play (fetch) catch.*

 Nolan: *A nervous smile forms on his small, freckled face as he gently pets the head of the whining coyote, still holding the ball in the other hand.*  And maybe I can bring you to show-and-tell…sometime? 

 Theo:  *Tail drops from the mere thought of a bunch of random children petting him like he was some kind of animal. (Because how rude.)* 

 Nolan: *Seems to understand the body language and kneels down, he drops the ball and takes the coyotes head into his small, unsure hands.* It’s okay… I get scared too. *His previously happy expression falls into a sad but reassuring smile.* 

 Theo: *His eyes shoot up to Nolan’s in shock at his sudden confession. It was the first time this kid really opened up to anyone other than Liam since adopting him about a year ago.*

Nolan: I’ll protect you, okay? *Gives his father his best attempt at a confident smile.* 

 Theo: “That’s my line, kid.” * He reflects as he nuzzles his nose into his son’s face, expressing his pride.* “Bond with our son, you say, I’d like to see you try one up-ing this man’s best-friend, shit.” *Tail begins to wag at the thought of seeing his husbands face right now.*  

 Nolan: *Bursts in giggles at the face full of fur that’s currently tickling face.* I can even get you a collar and everything! 

 Theo: *Backs outta there pretty fast after that comment.* -“OKAY and we’re done here.” *Decides he better leave before his son gets him a doggie bowl.*


Shigeru: When I went to the funeral, there was something that concerned me…a young boy, about 14 or 15. Ever since he lost his parents, he’s been going from one adopted family to another. And well, it doesn’t appear he was being well-treated. We have a room we aren’t using. It may be worse for a young boy to come out here to the countryside perhaps, but he was so thin…and felt so detached from everyone around him…if you’ll allow it…I want to bring him here. 

You don’t have to answer immediately. I thought about it a long time before I bought it up to you. This house is very important to both of us, so I want you to-

(Touko starts crying)


Touko: No, I’m sorry. Yes, I’ll think about it. It just makes me so happy…and you’re so kind…I don’t know why, but I’m crying.

It’s hard to express how much this means to me. We have a lot of narratives where kids are abused and mistreated and no adult notices or cares- or if they do notice it, they’re unable to do much about it. The kid has to figure out a way to escape themselves, collaborate with other children to expose their abusers or simply focus on surviving the abuse until they are able to finally leave. We see the abuse, we see how the child survived, but we never get to see them be rescued, we never see them settle in with a family that loves them until they’re grown. And those narratives mean a lot about me, and many people have also lived through that story.

But Natsume’s story is a story that happens too, and it’s also a story we should aspire to make the norm in real life as adults. The story where an adult is alert enough that they see a child clearly suffering from abuse and DOES something about it. Who takes responsibility for that child and takes them out of that environment and places them in a loving and stable one. They don’t make token gestures of comfort, they don’t try to make compromises or leave it at a simple scolding of the parents, they take that child and give them a better home. 

It’s just so goddamn refreshing and heartwarming and cathartic  to see this for once, rather than the story where everyone keeps their head down and the child is forced to claw their way out themselves. The Fujiwaras don’t need Natsume to admit what’s going on to them. They can fuckin’ see it, and they are going to do what they can about it. Natsume doesn’t have to do anything, and he shouldn’t have to. It’s not his responsibility, its the adults’.

The Fujiwaras exist here as an example of how adults should act- they shouldn’t look the other way. The Fujiwaras are observant, responsible, compassionate and they think long and hard before taking responsibility for a child and consider his needs and feelings. Shigeru also respects his wife and makes it clear this is a joint decision for them. 

Touko is moved to tears by this, and so am I, honestly. This should be what always happens, and I’m so glad Natsume is showing us what it looks like and how important it is to do something like this. Stories of kids surviving their abuse even when help is scarce are inspirational and relatable for many, but stories where they are rescued from their abuse because people do notice, people do care, also give us so much hope and inspiration. It’s important to remember there are good people out there and you’re not alone. They don’t always find you, but they can, and you should always aspire to be that person for someone else as well. 

Kids shouldn’t be forced to endure abuse. Not if they can be saved. Not if they can be noticed. Not if you can give them something better. It’s not hopeless. It never is. 

It’s like my parents know when things are getting bad again for me, but we’re the kind of family that doesn’t talk to each other, and instead just hope that material goods will fix things. In two days my parents bought me an air conditioner for my bedroom because it’s starting to get hot, and hooked up cable TV to my bedroom. I mean, I guess in a way that’s nice, because I never leave my room and now I’ll have cable and aircon. It’s like they want my depressive slump to at least be comfortable, so thanks guys. 

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HC that Tim's shity parents never took him trick or treating when he was a smol bean because they were too busy. When Damian came into the picture and things settled down just a bit, Tim dragged Damian all over Gotham to Trick or Treat. Damian hates it, but plays along anyways because he knows Tim just wants to make sure Damian gets the childhood experience that Tim never got too have.

Damian actually having a lot of fun and it’s nice because he and Drake are? getting along?? the smile hasnt left Tim’s face all night and they’ve got enough candy to give Alfred a heart attack and its just!! its good!!


Nando and Helena Fork, Pat’s parents!

Nando loves flirting and taking a nap on the couch every day in the afternoon. Helena loves her son, but she wanted to have a few more. She’s extremely kind and has a great mood!

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Me a boy who's parents only buy things that make passing hard: I may be a boy but DAMN IT IF I'M NOT KILLING IT IN THIS SKIRT~~

Im sure you are killing it!!!

the weird & the feared pt. 11

  The weird & the feared, pt. 11

warnings: booze, swearing, smut (NSFW)

words: 2898

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The Lothbrook Benefit Dinner was something that Ivar’s parents had set up when we were just kids. Ragnar, Ivar’s father, understood what the people of Bernisdale thought of him, his family and his business partners, and the dinner was a chance for the Lothbrook’s community to give back to the town through a series of fun activities for the wealthy – silent auctions, donations, tons of overpriced champagne, ect. In return, the town would choose to look the other way regarding any future questionable Lothbrok business practices.

I had attended the dinners when I was a teenager, on Ivar’s arm. Ivar’s mother always enjoyed our presence there – especially when she realized neither Ivar nor I were ever going to make her prom photo dreams come true. This time, however, I was attending as Bjorn’s date instead.

It wouldn’t be all awkward, I hoped. I had managed to pressure Hvitserk into bringing Bitsy as his date, so I wouldn’t be completely alone as I watched Ivar whisper sweet nothings to Faith while dressed in a suit.

Plus, I reminded myself, open bar.

Bitsy was thrilled to be attending. The Benefit Dinner was a big deal, she had heard about it before, so she made me spend the week before preparing. This meant I was tweezed, waxed, washed, styled and exhausted by the time Bjorn showed up to pick me up.

The plan was to drive with the boys, so Bjorn texted me when he arrived, letting me know that he was next door. I replied that we’d be over soon, then went back to slamming the glass of wine Bitsy had poured me.

“Should you eat?” Her hesitant tone called out to me from across my living room as she finished pinning up her hair.

“I’m fine,” I snapped back. “Everything’s fine.”

Everything was not fine – my nerves were a mess. Ivar and I hadn’t seen each other since our kiss at the Chinese restaurant, and that was a two weeks ago. I’d gone from bumping into him every time I was in the hallway to complete radio silence. My brain could only form one logical conclusion: our kiss made him realize that he was 110% over me, and he had been holed up with Faith – getting it on, just like they had that night at Sekret. Tonight I was going to see him in a suit, which was – as he knew – my weakness. I prayed that he left his hair down, because that low bun he wore would make me lose my mind. I prayed he shaved that evening, because the stubble that grew on his jaw made my mouth water.

“Fuck!” I yelled out and Bitsy came over to tut around me.

“It’s gonna be fine,” she attempted a pep talk. “You look great. I’m sure Bjorn looks great, I mean, when does he not?”

“Ivar’s gonna look great,” I grumbled. “Ivar always looks great.”

“Maybe let’s not say the “I” word?” Bitsy suggested and I glared at her. She threw her hands up in defense. “Just an idea. God you are tense. Here,” She reached over to her purse and began fumbling around in it, pilling out a pill bottle.

“Oh my god, Bitsy, I don’t need drugs.”

“It’s just a Xanax and, um, yeah you do. You’re freaking out. You need a chill pill.” She held up a small pill and grinned. “Voila! Thank me later.”

I stared down at the pill in my hand and took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and immediately pictured Ivar, which resulted in me letting out a frustrated groan. I threw back the pill before I could change my mind.

“Give it a few minutes,” Bitsy smirked at me, and we finished up our wine before heading out. Immediately we were met with four Lothbroks and one Ragnarsson, all in black suits. Their heads had been bowed in conversation, but they all turned to look at us when we came out.

I immediately noticed that Ivar’s hair had been braided, ending with a low bun, and that he hadn’t shaved.

I was suddenly very thankful for the pill.

“Where’s Faith?” My voice came out squeaky, and I blushed. Each man reacted differently. Ubbe tilted his head in confusion, Hvitserk’s mouth fell open as he turned to his brother and beside Ivar, Sigurd smirked. In a swift motion, Ivar reached out and grabbed Sigurd’s arm.

“She couldn’t make it,” he grunted, and Sigurd looked pained by his brother’s grip.

“Oh,” the noise fell from my lips, but I shrugged. “Bummer.”

At that moment Bjorn caught my eye, shooting me a quick wink, and I felt my body relax. Bitsy was right – Bjorn looked great. I made my way through the gaggle of brothers to lean into him.

“Well don’t you look nice,” he murmured into my ear as I pressed my face into his neck in a welcoming hug.

“I clean up now and then,” I shrugged, “but only on very special occasions.” With Bitsy’s encouragement, I had put the most ridiculous dress I could find on my credit card last week when we went shopping for outfits. This was, after all, a black tie event – which meant I could be considerably extra with my outfit. My floor length dress was bright red with a slit all the way up one side. It was relatively backless, and it had taken me a glass and a half of wine before Bitsy was able to convince me that I was technically wearing enough clothes.  I had pulled my hair up in a low updo, and let Bitsy take the reigns on my makeup.

Bjorn placed a friendly kiss on my temple and gave my hand a small squeeze.

“Car’s here,” Ubbe’s voice pulled me back to the present moment and I held Bjorn’s arm as we made our way to the elevator.

A limo had been sent for us – I wasn’t sure by who, but I never really asked questions about that sort of thing. As I climbed in and squeezed myself next to Bitsy, I felt an overwhelming sense of déjà vu that had become common when I found myself in situations with Ivar.

He was looking at me, I could tell. I could feel his eyes on me – taking in my dress, my face, my body – but I refused to look his way. I didn’t trust myself to play it cool, so I searched for something else in the limo to steal my attention.

“Hey!” I grinned, leaning forward to the limo’s wet bar. “Champagne!”

The benefit was as glamorous and glitzy as I remembered it – but unlike when we were teenagers, as adults we were smack dab in the center of it. I barely got two words out to Bjorn before people who wanted to catch up pulled him off in a million different directions. I didn’t mind, and chose to remain in my seat next to Bitsy – taking it all in; the dancing, the food, the champagne, the gorgeous dresses.

After a while, the Lothbrok boys settled back down at our table and the drinks continued to flow. Ubbe had found a pretty blonde to dance with and Hvitserk was currently trying to bribe Bitsy into slow dancing with him.

“Oh!” my mouth fell open as the band started the next song. Immediately my eyes shot across the table to Ivar, who looked equally bemused.

“What’s wrong?” Bitsy beelined her attention on to me and I waved a hand at her dismissively.

“It’s fine, it’s,”

“This was Hope’s favorite song in high school,” Ivar’s voice enveloped me from across the table. “She would play it on repeat,” he licked his lips quickly and my cheeks tinted red.

“You should dance then!” Bitsy grinned at me. “Where’s Bjorn?”

“He’s,” I paused, “he’s busy, I don’t want to interrupt him for something silly.” I shrugged. “It’s fine, it’s just a song.” Bitsy frowned, but beside her Hvitserk smirked.

“Hey, just because Bjorn’s busy – ” Hvitserk’s voice trailed off and he nudged his head behind me. I turned and realized that Ivar had crossed the table and was holding his hand out to me – looking like something out of a romance novel.

“C’mon, dove, you can’t miss your favorite song.”

Out on the dance floor, Ivar spun me out and then back into his chest, making me momentarily breathless. Everything felt so right and familiar that it was overpowering. Here I was, wearing the most beautiful thing I owned, dancing with this gorgeous man who I loved. I felt completely at home in his arms and a little heartbroken that after years of searching, what I needed was right where I had left it.

Ivar leaned in as we danced, our bodies pressed together, and his hot breath tickled the hair on the back of my neck.

“I want to kiss you again,” he spoke into my ear and my breath caught.

“Ivar,” my voice was needy, “we can’t.” I looked up at him and shook my head. “It’s not fair to the people we –” Ivar shook his head.

“That’s bullshit and you know it,” his voice wasn’t angry, but still soft and kind. This was the Ivar that I had come to rely on so much when we were together – one who cared about how he treated me, but who wouldn’t let things slide.

The song faded into another and I dropped my hands from their place around his neck.

“We should go back,” I turned to head back to the table but he grabbed my hand.

“I think we need to talk.” His tone was firm and the way he was looking at me suggested that even if I said no now, we were going to have a conversation at some point tonight. I scanned the room and caught site of our empty table, suggesting everyone was still enjoying themselves, and turned back to him to nod.

I pulled him by the hand out of the benefit, and my eyes scanned for somewhere we could have a private conversation. I wanted to avoid throwing us together in any space that could potentially become romantic, because with all the elements in place tonight – it’d be a recipe for disaster. After a moment, I caught site of an opened janitor’s closet and yanked him inside. I flipped on the light switch and locked the door, ignoring the angry huff that left Ivar’s mouth.

“Couldn’t we have had this conversation somewhere a little less claustrophobic,” Ivar crossed his arms and leaned against the wall, rolling his eyes. “There was a balcony right off the dance floor that looked pretty private.” I shook my head and pointed a finger at him.

“No! Of course not! Balconies are romantic as shit! You can see all the stars and the moon and after all the dancing and the champagne and no, just no.” I looked around me, taking in the janitor’s closet. “This is perfect.” I turned back to him and narrowed my eyes.

“Where’s Faith, Ivar?”

He shrugged. “I dunno.”

“What do you mean you don’t know?” I pestered. “You don’t know the location of your girlfriend?”

“I don’t know her exact location, no,” he pursed his lips and I growled.

“You sound like a serial killer being interviewed by the police.” He snorted back a laugh. “Why couldn’t she come tonight?” There was a beat of silence before he responded.

“I didn’t invite her.”

“You didn’t – what? Why would you not invite your girlfriend to something so important?” I lost balance momentarily and stumbled against a mop and bucket, the clattering noise breaking the tense silence of the closet.

“Because she’s not my fucking girlfriend,” Ivar gritted. “I broke up with her.”

“What! When?” I groaned. “Oh, fuck, was it after we got Chinese? Fuck, shit. I’m a homewrecker. God damnit!” I flailed around the closet, understanding what he had meant when he said it was claustrophobic. I felt trapped. Trapped under the weight of the realization that I had ruined Ivar’s relationship because I couldn’t accept that he didn’t want me.

“Before that,” I almost didn’t catch it. I turned around so fast that I became light headed.

“Before that? But,” my breath caught. “Before that, Sigurd said you two were –”

“We didn’t,”

“But,” my heart was pounding in my ears, “why not?”

“Because,” his blue eyes were dark and I couldn’t look away from him as he stood, clenching and releasing his fists, “I’m in love with someone else.”

“You are?”

“Yeah, dove, I am,” his lips were on mine instantly and he kissed me like he might never get to again – parting my lips with his tongue, pushing us closer together as he pulled me into his arms. A whine pooled up through my throat and into his mouth and he growled lowly, biting my lip. His mouth traveled down my jawline, paying close attention to the center of my neck where I was always so sensitive, and my own mouth fell open.

“Ivar,” the way his name fell from my lips made me blush – my voice was full of overwhelming want. I whimpered when I felt his rough fingers brush up my thigh and I bucked against him involuntarily. “Shit,” I panted.

“This dress,” he groaned, “has been driving me fucking insane all night,” his free hand reached up to push a strap down my shoulder as his lips traveled down my chest. I watched as he bit his lip, skin turning pink, as he rubbed my exposed nipple before taking it in his mouth.

“Fuck,” the word shot out of my mouth and I threw my head back and heard something, somewhere in the closet, clatter to the ground. A hiss came from his lips as the hand on my thigh moved further up my dress, and I shivered when I felt his fingers brush against the lace of my panties.

“Oh,” a gasp fell from his open mouth and he placed another kiss on my neck before pulling away, “dove you’re so wet,” his fingers pushed the fabric of my panties to the side and his fingers swiped against my skin, eliciting another needy “Ivar!” to fall from my swollen lips.

“Fuck, Hope, do –” he moved his fingers around my clit and the stimulation made me pant, “do you want me, dove?” I bucked against him again and the pressure of his fingers so close to my sex shot a pulse through my body. I tilted my head back to him and raised a trembling hand up to stroke his face.

“Please, baby,” I let out another sigh and with my consent he plunged two fingers inside of me. My body seared with pleasure and an urgent moan left my lips. “Ivar,” I gasped as he continued to curl his fingers inside me, “I need more,” he looked up at me, his breath coming out in pants, and his brows furrowed.

“I don’t have a condom,” I shook my head at his confession and pushed myself down on his still fingers, grinding into his hand.

“Don’t care, I’ll handle it later,” my cheeks were hot and my hair was sticking to the back of my neck. If I looked half as hot and bothered as Ivar, I knew there was no way he’d refuse me. “Please, Ivar,” I tensed around his fingers and another “fuck” fell from his lips.

I grinned, my hands reaching for his belt and unbuckling it as quickly as I could. Together we pushed his pants and underwear down and I let out a sigh when I saw his cock spring up, already slick with precum. I took it in my hand, stroking softly but quickly, before guiding him to my entrance.

With one thrust he was inside me and I closed my eyes, spots appearing behind my eyelids. He didn’t move, letting me adjust to the familiar stretch that I hadn’t felt from him in years. My eyes shot open when I realized I didn’t want to miss a single second of him and I pressed myself onto him. His eyes met mine and my hear fluttered at the look on his face – his blue eyes were burning with lust as he started thrusting in and out of me.

He pulled my leg up, wrapping my leg around his waist to reach a deeper angle and the moan that left my lips caused him to grin.

“Fuck, faster, baby,” I bit his ear as I urged him on. “Harder,” I begged and his thrusts picked up pace. I was overwhelmed by the sound of our skin slapping against each other, our breathy pants, the salty smell of sweat in the closet. I pressed wet kisses against his jawline before I needed more, the curling feeling in the pit of my stomach growing.

Our lips clashed together again, and we fought for dominance – both taking turns biting and sucking on the other’s lips until I broke apart to gasp.

“Close,” managed to fall from my lips and Ivar’s rough voice made me tighten around him,

“Wait,” he begged, thrusting hard into me, “wait for me, dove.” I cried out as he continued his pace, and as his thrusts turned shaky I let go, pulsing around him as he came.

We stood, foreheads together, panting to catch our breath – the weight of what we had just done not yet falling on us.

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What do you think the Catlyn Stark's reaction would be if she finds out Jon Snow's parents were Rhagar Targaryen and Lyanna stark?

Probably something close to abject horror. A child of Rhaegar Targaryen is a powerful potential political threat to Robert, and as we see in the novel, Robert sees red when it comes to House Targaryen. Catelyn would be furious with Ned for endangering her family, as well as for lying to her, for the standard reason that people don’t like being lied to, especially when the lie is, as Papa Bluth would say: “light treason.”

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Where is Webby’s Parents?

 Even though I am really intrigued to learn about Huey, Dewey, Louie’s mother Della Duck and her disappearance I had recently thought, what happen to Webby’s parents. Why is they out of picture? why is she living with her grandma?

And while I was writing this, a theory came in mind with this question in my mind; Why is Mrs Beakley training her?

Mrs Beakley said to Donald in the episode ‘’Day Trip of Doom”  that she is a spy.

Was it a Joke or was it True. I think she might be telling the truth, after all she is in peak physique and agile, strong, tough, and intelligent.


I’m think what if Webby’s parents could also be spies, and maybe after a horrible mission they had to go into witness protection (or whatever its called). And Mrs Beakley suggest watching over Webby and teach her about defense, and as well as keeping her safe and secure.

This might be a over the top for a theory but it may just be possible.

I gotta say I am loving this reboot! Every character seem way more interesting than the original, everyone is far more eccentric and has a lot more depth in character its exciting and intriguing. I can’t wait to see what happens.