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Imagine the Super Family is sitting around one day, just chilling and eating pizza. All of a sudden, kara goes ‘oHHH MY GOD’ and falls off her chair and everyone’s like ???????? what’s wrong with kara? and she’s just like, wheezing with laughter and eventually she goes


and everyone else starts laughing except j’onn who just eats his pizza, deadpanned and from then on the only place they go for pizza is papa j’onns

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How do you and your girlfriend meet, if you don't mind me asking....

ahaha WELL 

She was following me first and I guess was a slight fan (I assume?  you’ll have to ask her on those details)  I reblogged one of those ask memes where your followers copy and paste symbols into your ask box. Each symbol means something and she put the one in my inbox that meant “you’re my tumblr crush”  

I THINK she was on anon, so I responded and put in the tags “hey, maybe we could chat!”  because I was a single/desperate fuck at the time. She ended up messaging me back off anon and I went to her tumblr and I saw she was the same age as me (honestly I was afraid she was going to be like 15 or something) so I looked at her selfie tag and HOLY SHIT! because she’s so fucking pretty *:・゚✧.     and we just started chatting and I found she was really cool and we have similar hobbies and we got along easily. 

So we kept chatting through tumblr and eventually moved to snap chat and skyped a few times. We took a few months to actually start a relationship because of rocky situations with other things. But eventually she asked me out around I think February ??? and of course I agreed. She is like one of my best friends now and so easy to talk to and I swear I get emotional every time I think about how she’s coming here in just a few months!!! I’m so excited!! we’re going to Colossalcon together to klance it up (plus Jyushi and home-run chan) 

I also have to note: we totally flirted with the whole “red/blue” relationship aesthetic. I said I would be the blue one and she said she would be the red one. I’m even a ravenclaw and she’s a gryffindor.  Then voltron came out and we dived into klance together. 

Just AAAHHHHH!! I love you Red! 

Now Or Never (Part 2)

Pairing: Arthur (Mr.) Ketch x Reader
Word Count: 1,053
Warnings: Cussing. Angst.
Sequel: Part 2/? of Now Or Never

Special thanks to @lucis-unicorn because she’s the bestest and did the beta and idea-bouncer thing again for me !

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Portal Fanfic Testing Maintenance Contest!

When I started working on Testing Maintenance I thought I would make an art contest of some kind when it was all finished, and now that it’s done and I have an idea of what I want to do, here it is! Actually, I’ve been wanting to do a contest in general for a while and this is was a good excuse to get one off the ground, so it all works out. <3

Here are the rules!

1: It won’t just be an art contest. You can submit creative writing works or even music, just as long as it’s something you have made that’s inspired from the Testing Maintenance fanfic.

2: You do not have to be following me to enter the contest.

3: I will be shipping prizes so you will have to be comfortable with giving me an address to send them off. If you are uncomfortable with giving me your address and you win a prize we can arrange something else!


Anyone who enters will also get a surprise participation’s prize.

 If you want to win one of these you must use #TestingMaintenanceContest so that I can find your submission or directly message me your submission with the hashtag

1st Place Winner: Companion Cube Messenger Bag and a colored drawing request. (Portal Themed)

2nd Place Winner: Companion Cube Keychain and a colored drawing request. (Portal Themed)

3rd Place Winner: A fully colored drawing request. (Portal Themed)

CONTEST END DATE: APRIL 22nd at Midnight PST (California USA time)

“Okay so I’m a massage therapist, I work for myself and frequently go to clients homes at night. Whenever I used to have a new client, I would bring my boyfriend with me as kind of a backup.

Anyway, the clients condo was in a really nice area in Chandler, AZ. It was around 8:00 when I arrived. Got out of my truck, grabbed my bag and started looking for the apartment because this was one of those mega complexes and of course the numbers were barely visible. As I was walking around,I noticed that every light I walked by would start flickering really quickly… like the light would be fine one minute and as soon as I walked by it would start flashing. I felt like someone watching me but I shrugged it off and found the condo as quickly as possible.

My session lasted 90 minutes, packed up and headed back to my truck.. except it wasn’t in the spot my boyfriend had parked it in. So I call him,he says he’s coming, that something happened so he had to move. I get in the truck and he was super pale.. and his hands were shaking. I asked him what happened. He told me that as I was walking towards the apartments from the parking lot he saw a girl behind me walking in tandem with me almost like a shadow. He said he after he bent down and lit a cigarette, neither one of us were in his line of vision anymore.. not too creepy right? About halfway through his cigarette, he saw someone walk behind the truck really quickly through the rearview mirror. He said it was the same girl. He was starting to feel a little freaked out but nothing too bad. He said he turned on his headphones and leaned the chair back.. to take a nap I guess when he felt a thumping under his feet on the floorboard.

He said he looked out into the parking lot and saw the girl like crawl out from under the hood of the truck and stand up, she walked backwards and stared at him the whole time.. and kind of disappeared into the shadows of the opposite side of the parking lot awnings.

So he peeled out and sat at the nearest gas station which was right next door for the rest of my appointment. Normally, I would have called bullshit, but this guy didn’t believe in the paranormal AT ALL and he was clearly freaked out. Never went back to that particular clients home after that. 

TL;DR: Boyfriend harassed by some creepy girl or possibly spirit that climbed under our truck.”

By: NurseNikky (Creepypasta are great, but does anyone have any good true creepy stories?)

Rain Drops

Draco Malfoy x Reader

a/n; I really like this one, so i hope you guys like it too! I enjoyed writing it, despite the fact that a bit of writer’s block made it difficult. 

Warnings: trigger warning! just a small mention of self harm! (Nothing actually happens tho) Bullying! 

         Pitter patter echoes throughout the halls of the old castle. Little droplets running down the glass panes, and along the walls. Rain drops make the funniest of noises, don’t they? Like someone tapping at the window, curious, inquisitive. What’s wrong? Are you ok?

         Fine, perfectly fine.

         Like any old storm, start off slow. Pitter patter droplets, then comes the thunder. It’s a beautiful art.

         Thunder rolling like a heartbeat, bouncing off the walls and ringing through the air. Feet meet the ground hard, rhythmic, at such speeds it’s difficult to see why she’s running. But thunder seldom comes without rain.

         A streak of flying hair vanishes out of the corner of his eye. The flash of lightning that you never quite catch no matter how long you try not to blink. Just to see for a split second, the complex detail of the light in the sky.

         (Y/n) stands in front of the Mirror of Erised, the door only slightly ajar behind her. The air is a tense melancholy, ready to snap at any given moment. She looks up into the mirror, expecting to see her tear-stained face and wild hair, and the irritated red of a hand across her face. But the image of what she desires most stares back. A version of herself who can fight back, and stand up.

She doesn’t even hear the door creak open. Back to the pitter patter, like clockwork.

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hey! i was wondering if you had any tips on how to draw hands? i'm about to give up and start including pockets/convenient obstacles concealing their hands on all my drawings why are they so hard to draw??

Well for one thing, hands are so friggin hard to draw because 1) they actually have a complex structure that can look drastically different depending on the angle you view them from, and 2) we see them ALL THE TIME so we have a real good idea of what they look like and if they look off.

There’s not one magic bullet for drawing hands, although I’ve found that it helps to divide the hand into three parts: the palm, the top four fingers, and the thumb. The best thing to do is use a bunch of reference, practice from many different angles, and study the structure so you can picture in your head how hands are put together. Muscle memory will eventually kick in for you the more you practice hands. Avoiding drawing them altogether definitely won’t help you get better with them! It just takes time is all. 

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Hey question I know Kai's tag on here has 🕷 webs on it but last year during exoluxion in Newark I had a lot of moments with him and sehun that I have on video, I was the one that submitted the picture of kai staring and sehun looking at me video I wonder if I should upload it because .....we'll you know But I thought to myself my moments happened in February when they had supposedly started dating in January, which I found funny because kai was constantly staring at me throughout the concert

Yes! Help Kai’s tag out and dust off those spider webs and dust

Waiting- Sherlock x reader

Originally posted by silent-micka

This is one of the longest one shots ever. i hope you enjoy!


Five Hours

It’s been five hours, and Sherlock Holmes couldn’t keep still. He couldn’t quite fathom how men can just sit around and pray for the best while their significant other is giving birth. Anything could happen in there, she could–
Sherlock closes his eyes, trying not to think of anything that could potentially set him off. He takes a breath and starts pacing again. The only thing that calmed him slightly is the fact that a doctor came out with a few broken fingers, apparently she held onto his hand a little too tightly.
“Maybe it would be better if you sit down Sherlock.” John says, trying to get his best friend to calm down. He knows what it’s like to feel this way, he was in his place not too long ago with Mary. “I’m Fine.” Sherlock quips, not bothering to even glance John’s way, in his nervous state the man would snap at air if it passed by too harshly.
“She’s going to be fine Dear.” Mrs. Hudson says, smiling kindly at him. “I’m afraid it’ll be no use trying to reassure him Mrs. Hudson, he wouldn’t  sit until it’s over.” Mycroft comments, looking up from his cell phone to stare at his brother, who so far hadn’t even acknowledge them being there.
Everyone had come by when they got the news, Molly was here a moment ago, but she had to get back to work. Mary’s busy with Rosie and couldn’t come, but she’s been phoning every hour to keep posted. Lestrade stood, leaning against the wall, nervously biting his fingernails. Sherlock could imagine how wrecked the man must be feeling, that is his niece, who’s giving birth to his child, things can go both ways.
Sherlock sits down, tapping his foot against the floor, and decides to block out his nerves and reminiscence.

Nine months ago.

It was early, really early. The sun was coming over the skyline, and Sherlock was stepping back into 221B. He had just finished a tough case, he left Y/n asleep and hoped that his coming back didn’t wake her. He walks into his flat, the only light coming from the rising sun, he walks quietly to his room only to find the bed empty and the sheets askew. “Y/n?” he calls, slightly panicked at the thought that something may have happened while he was out.
“Yeah?” her muffled reply comes from the closed bathroom door,
she sounded odd, her voice was quieter than normal, and Sherlock could hear the tremble behind it. “Are you alright?” he knocks lightly on the door, moving back when the toilet flushes and the door opens, “Yeah, yeah I’m fine.” she mutters, waving him off. She had just woken up Sherlock notices, her hair was a matted mess and she was still pretty much asleep. So Sherlock guides her back into the bedroom, chuckling when she plants face first into the mattress.
Hours later, Sherlock woke up to yet again an empty bed and Y/n’s hushed voice coming from the living room. He slowly tumbles out of bed, following the sound of her voice, she stood by the window, her back to him and her phone pressed to her ear.
“No. I’m freaking out here. Mary, what am I supposed to do about this now?” The h/c girl questions, she goes silent as Mary replies and groans, running a hand through her hair, “Mary. I need help with this.”
“Need help with what?”
Y/n jumps, spinning around to face her boyfriend who was standing at the door, eyeing her curiously looking half asleep. “Oh. We need milk.” she lies, hoping that in his sleepy state he wouldn’t see through it. She turns again, speaking into her phone, “Mary, I’ll call you back.” before tossing the thing carelessly to the chair. Sherlock shrugs, the lie not registering in his mind, his brain still foggy with sleep. “I’ll go get some.” She says quickly, grabbing her phone from the chair, and her coat. Kissing Sherlock’s cheek, “Back in a bit.” Sherlock pouts at the girl’s retreating form before walking to the kitchen and opening the refrigerator. A full carton of milk was staring back at him, they have milk, why lie to get out?
What is she hiding?

The girl sat in Sherlock’s arm chair, her back against the left arm and her legs over the right. A plate of Ginger nut cookies balanced on her stomach and a glass of milk on the ground. What puzzled the detective, is the fact that she doesn’t eat Ginger nut cookies, she doesn’t like them. “You’re eating Ginger nut,” he states, turning to face her from where he stood by the window. She looks at the half eaten cookie in her hand and then to him, “Yeah.. And?”
Sherlock raises his eyebrow, “You don’t.” Y/n smiles lightly, shrugging her shoulders, “I don’t know, I just felt like eating them, they’re not quite bad actually.” She says. Sherlock looks at her for a moment, brushing it off as one of her cravings, she usually has them when she’s on her monthlies. But, even then. It’s never Ginger nut.

Y/n sits in the bathroom, clutching the pregnancy test in her hand. She had taken it again, just to be sure, even though all the signs are there, she wanted to be absolutely positive before she blurts it out to Sherlock. “I’m going to tell him tonight, But I want to ease it in first. Don’t wanna startle him.” she says into the phone, hearing Mary’s laugh she smiles, “He’d be startled either way. I’m surprised he hasn’t figured it out yet.” Honestly, Mary is the best person to talk to about this, she is a mother and she had been through this before, so no better person to tell. She told John as well, and he informed her on what to eat and what not to eat, and all other important stuff she should take note of.
“You know he can’t read me that well, it’s a blessing really.” She chuckles, placing the test on the edge of the sink. Leaving the bathroom and into the quiet flat, Sherlock went to the Yard to talk to Greg about something or another. And Y/n took that as a great opportunity to get things done, and one of those things: Home cooked meal.
Something she’s sure Sherlock hasn’t had in a good while. Because one, the little shit says that digestion slows him down and refuses to eat days at a time. Sometimes I could just strangle that man. Y/n thinks, setting up the dining table, nothing like home cooked pasta right?
Sherlock steps through the door, sighing heavily, and Y/n smiles at him, “Was it that bad?”
“Yes. Mr. Summers died of a poison that his wife administrated by putting it in his tea….” Sherlock trails of, watching the girl walk back and forth between the kitchen and the living room. “You cooked.” he states, So that’s what I smelled.
Y/n smiles at him, standing by the table, “Yup,”
After eating, Sherlock and Y/n were sitting on the couch, watching the telly, everything was fine, until Sherlock decided he wanted to use the bathroom.
Oh Gosh! I left the test there!
Before Y/n could begin to panic Sherlock was already up and closing the bathroom door. Well there goes easing it in.
Sherlock comes back out almost immediately, staring at her wide-eyed, not only looking at her confused but he also looks scared.
“I didn’t notice….” he mumbles while Y/n chuckles nervously, wringing the end of her jumper in her hand, “That you’re..” Sherlock trails off, going through all the things he noticed but refused to acknowledge. “Oh.”
“I was going to tell you… eventually.” Y/n says as Sherlock slowly walk to her, sitting down slowly as of he was in a daze. He blinks rapidly before turning to face her, “I am… going to be a father?”
Sherlock was scared, okay, that was an understatement. The man was down right terrified, What is he supposed to do? What do they do? Because this is his responsibility as much as hers. One, Sherlock doesn’t think he could do this. Two, Lestrade is going to kill him, and he’d have his spirit solving his murder.
But on top of all of that, he is happy, actually, really excited. He’s going to be a father.
Y/n looks at Sherlock as he just stares blankly at the floor, “Sherlock.”
I knew he’d be shocked, I didn’t think his brain would shut down on him.
“Hey. You in there?” Y/n calls, Sherlock blinks again before looking at her, his eyes calm now. “I’m alright….” he pulls her into a hug without another word, and Y/n breathes in his familiar scent of mint and nicotine. “Are you sure you want this? It’s fine if you don’t.” She mumbles against his neck, and he pulls away, looking at her, his dark eyebrows furrowed.
“Why wouldn’t I?”
“Because you’re Sherlock Holmes and you don’t know how to deal with this.” She whispers and Sherlock smiles slightly, “I’m willing to try.”


It’s been Nine months, and Y/n is expecting her baby soon, and she was spending the night with Mary. John and Sherlock were out on a case, and it left the girls time to catch up.
Mary had just left to see about Rosie and Y/n was in the kitchen, making tea when it happened. A clench in her stomach and liquid running down her legs.
“Oh God. Mary!”

“Don’t worry, they’ll both be fine.” John reassures, putting a hand on Sherlock’s shoulder. As he continues to tap his foot, Mycroft purses his lips at his brother, about to say something when a nurse walks over to them. “Um, Sherlock Holmes?” she calls and Sherlock stands, the nurse smiles at him, “Congratulations, Mr. Holmes, it’s a boy.”
He follows the nurse down the hall, Mycroft a few steps behind. “She’ll be resting now,” the nurse says, stopping in front of a door, opening it. Sherlock walks in, Y/n was in fact sleeping, The nurse leaves them to it. Mycroft stands by the door and quietly clears his throat, handing Sherlock a medium sized box he didn’t even notice he had. Chocolates, he presumes, since Y/n likes them so much.
“Congratulations little brother, I’ll be in touch.” Mycroft says, smiling at Sherlock, “As always brother dear.” Sherlock replies, Mycroft smiles again, turning on his heel to leave, “Do give my love to Y/n when she wakes.” he says over his shoulder.
Greg comes up the hall, telling Sherlock that he has an emergency at the Yard that he needs to attend to immediately, and to call him when Y/n wakes up. Sherlock closes the door behind him, walking to the visitor chair, sitting down. After placing the box of chocolates down, he takes her hand in his. Looking at her sleeping face, ever so peaceful, despite the pain she went through. Curiously, Sherlock picks up the box of chocolates again, opting to take a peak, just to see if Mycroft brought her favorite.
“Don’t you dare eat that. I’ll castrate you.” A quiet voice warns, Ashe was looking at him through one eye, and Sherlock smiles. “Always a threat love.” he chuckles. She smiles tiredly, her thumb running over his knuckles. “Only because I want to kill you. I am never doing that again.” she laughs, a small knock on the door and the nurse that lead Sherlock to the room comes in with a small bundle in her arms. She smiles, carefully handing the baby to his mother, “I feel like I have to say congratulations every time, he’s adorable.” the nurse gushes, smiling again.
Ashe chuckles, looking down at her son wrapped up in soft blue blankets. The nurse quietly leaves, and Sherlock smiles, “He’s perfect.” he says tearfully, “I’m going to name him William, after his father.” Ashe says, smiling at Sherlock and he smiles back, gently squeezing her hand in his.
By the door, John smiles, there’s only a few times he’s gotten to see Sherlock genuinely happy. But, this is way pass the word.

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Emma and Regina are neighbors and Regina keeps getting Emma's mail and can't figure out why the post office keeps making this mistake. Then one day she happens to take a day off work and catches Emma sneaking some of her mail into the box (because she's way too shy to approach Regina so she gives her a reason to come over)

Thanks for the prompt :) 

Regina knows she’s being ridiculous. She’s the Mayor of this town, respected and loved (mostly) by the people. She commands meetings and makes rulings. She’s feared by several local businessmen and admired for her integrity. 

And today she’s crouched down behind a bush waiting to spy on a mailman. 

It all started a few months ago when she first got a letter addressed to Emma. She’d popped it over to her neighbour without hesitation and since then every day she’s had to go around to drop off mail. It would annoy her if  she didn’t enjoy the way Emma smiles softly each day when she arrives or the way she tucks her hair behind her ear as they talk on the porch. 

She could understand a few odd bits of mail every now and then…but this is everyday and she can’t see how the mailman can keep making this mistake. A niggling feeling in her gut tells her that something is going on…and so now here she is hiding in a rose bush and trying not to wince as a thorn slices her palm. 

Regina brings her hand up to her mouth to ease the pain as she watches the mailman drop the mail off. She’s about to go check it when she sees Emma hurry out to the mailbox. Emma looks around furtively as she goes through her mail before grabbing a couple of envelopes and placing them into her box. 

Regina gasps as she watches the swift manoeuvre before smiling as she puts the pieces together. She waits until she’s sure Emma’s gone before hurriedly moving to her mailbox, grabbing the letters including Emma’s and heading indoors. 

She deliberately doesn’t return the letters even though every part of her aches to just go next door and see Emma. Instead she waits until the next morning, placing a note in Emma’s mailbox as she heads off to work. 

I have your mail and a grilled cheese sandwich - if you want either I’m free at 12 for lunch x.

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Does the fandom have a general thesis on what type of underwear Gold wears under those expensive suits? I'm wanting to write some fanfiction, and Gold has his pants off, but....what should he be wearing?

The inside joke is that he wears gold speedos (I think Bobby was the one to start that joke?) but, obviously, that’s not the actual in-character answer. I think he uses boxers or, at times, nothing. I can’t see him with briefs or speedos.

Queenie’s Little Plan

You sit in your bedroom crying. You have just broken up with your boyfriend, because you refused to sleep with them. When they couldn’t take a no, you decided it would be better to just break it off. So you did.

There is a knock on your door. You wipe you eyes and say “come in.”

Newt steps into your room. “Dinner is re- are you alright?” he asks and sit down next to you on the bed. “Yeah, I’m fine” you say and start to get up from the bed to go to dinner. He pulls you down again though. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “Oh, I don’t want to trouble you with that” you try to laugh it off, but he won’t have it. “You aren’t troubling me Y/N, I’m the one asking after all” he says. You sigh and give it. “Well, I just broke up with my boyfriend because they tried to force me to have sex with them and well…"you hesitate a little "I am asexual so I don’t have any sexual desires, but they wouldn’t accept that” you decide to tell Newt, now crying again. Newt brings you in for an awkward sideways hug. He kisses the top of your head. “I’m sorry darling. You deserve better” he says.

After you sat there for a while rocking gently back and forth trying to calm you down, Queenie enters the room. “Your dinner is getting cold” she says, then hears your thoughts. “Oh honey” she says and hugs you. You stand up, finally ready for that dinner.

*A week later*

You were so heartbroken and you contemplating contacting your ex and getting back together several times, but Queenie always talked you out of doing it. “You deserve someone who respects you honey” she says. “Like who?” you say. “Like Newt” she beamed. You snorted. “Yeah right, he’d never like me back” you say. “So you do like him?” she asks. “Yeah, I do” you say. “Great! Time to get you two together then! I will help you with that” she says and exits your room.

Later that evening you are going out to the Blind Pig with Tina, Queenie, Jacob and Newt. Queenie is helping you picking out an outfit for the evening. You eventually find the perfect one and join the others. “Don’t Y/N look beautiful Newt?” Queenie asks, wearing her usual cute grin and blinking at you. “Uhmm - yes” Newt asks, avoiding eye contact. Then you disapparate.

You apparate in front of the entrance to the blind pig. The poster on the wall starts moving and and two pairs of eyes look out from the eyes of the poster at you, eventually opening the door. You step inside. Queenie and Jacob immediately go to the bar. You sit at a table with Tina and Newt, though Tina quickly notices someone she knows and goes over to talk with them. You are alone with Newt now. “Have I told you about the time where I ran into an acromantula?” he asks. You shake your head and he starts telling the story. Eventually Queenie and Jacob comes back with drinks. “Where did Tina go?” Queenie asks. “To talk with some friends I think” you say. “Newt go get her” Queenie says. “Why? she seems to be having a good time” Newt says, looking over at Tina who is laughing about something her friend said. “Yes, but just go get her” Queenie says. Newt stands up and goes to her. Queenie turns to you. “Okay time to make Newt jealous” she says. “See that man over there?” she asked, pointing at the man. You nodded. “That’s Abernathy, and he’s coming over here soon. Flirt with him” she says.

You make Jacob drink a shot of giggle water, wanting to hear his hilarious laugh again. He drinks it and laughs as soon as it glides down his throat. You can’t help but burst out laughing too.

Indeed Abernathy came over, and Newt came back with Tina. Throughout the night you had flirted with Abernathy to make Newt jealous. Which, according to Queenie, apparently worked. Everytime you would pretend to laugh at something he said, Newt would look away from you. He tried to make conversation with Tina, to distract himself. Eventually he had enough. “Okay, I think I should head back” he says. “Oh, Y/N will join you” Queenie says. “Will I?” you ask. “Yes you will” she says. “Okay” you say, as it was probably part of her plan to get you and Newt together. You stand up from the table and walk up beside him, you disapparate.

You apparate to an alley behind the apartment and walk up to it, trying to be quiet as to not wake the landlady. It works fine. She doesn’t hear you and you are safely inside the apartment.

You flop down on their couch as soon as you enter. Newt sits down beside you. “Did you know that Queenie had some evil plan to get us together?” you say, from you half lying position. You don’t know what made you say that. Probably the alcohol. You weren’t completely drunk, just tipsy, but enough to make you say stuff like this. “No?” Newt asks, grinning a little. “Is that why you were flirting with Abernathy all evening?” he asks. “Did it make you jealous?” you ask. “Yes, just a smidge” Newt says. “Then yes, that’s why” you says and grin at him. “So did Qeenies evil plan work then?” he asks. “I don’t know, did it?” you ask. “We could try to find out” he says leaning in slightly. “We could” you nod and close the gap between you, pressing your lips to his.

Little did you know that the others were back and and stood in the doorway, not making a sound, but Queenie is grinning from ear to ear.


Tobias only snorted in response, looking away from the younger man & towards the only things that seemed to be bringing him comfort in this trying moment. He frowned, his mind feelings heavy. No matter how much he drank, nothing could drown the thoughts. Nothing could change the words the man in that damn white jacket had said to him earlier that day.

Noticing the shift, Archer’s whole stance softened as he pulled out a chair beside his husband & sat down. In all the time that he’d know Tobias Presley, he’d never been one to skip out on work or to set aside his responsibilities in place of a little fun. 

Baby… Archer started, concern now evident in his tone.

Ha! the other man exclaimed loudly, cutting him off. Baby. Baby, baby, baby. Wrong choice of pet name today, sweetheart.

Tobias, what in the hell is wrong with you? the blond scoffed, his brows drawing together tensely. 

Never had he been one to give up or back down. Never had the Tobias Presley had to walk away from something he wanted unsuccessful in his chase. But the one thing that he wanted most, would continue to elude him & there was little he could do about that. Sitting back heavily in the chair, he finally looked into Archer’s ocean blue eyes & shook his head. I can’t give you everything that you want as your spouse, he intoned flatly. So you shall have everything else. You can have the house, the cars, my share of ownership in Mercury, custody of Ell, those stupid fucking dogs & the whole white-picket ideal to share with Levi or whomever else you please.

Archer was visibly taken aback by this statement. His eyes narrowed as he watched the seemingly serious man stare back at him blankly. How drunk are you? Levi? The label? What the fuck are you even talking about?

A divorce. You can call the lawyer; I will sign the papers without argument. I only ask that you find not only someone who will be able to give you everything that you deserve, but someone that will accept & love our child. And I ask that you don’t try to keep her from me. She will be all that I have left after all. He looked down as his voice broke, his eyes welling up with the tears of debilitating defeat. For a time, he thought that all of his dreams had come true. It really seemed like he had it all. Never could he have guessed it could so easily come crashing to the floor as it was now.

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I lost this fic which I like to read again since I only skimmed it, but... I think the story first started with Phil who went to a playground/park and met Dan repeatedly punching a wall. Then, they have sex, and Phil notices that Dan's knuckles are starting to heal, until one of them breaks it off because Dan's getting married. In the final chapter, I think, Phil saw Dan and his son, and notices that Dan has bandages wrapped around his knuckles. Also, it's Top!Dan and Bottom!Phil. Thanks! :D

Do You Sleep Anymore - Phil has insomnia and Dan has bruises on his knuckles

Its not top dan, but this is definitely what youre looking for

Oh god I just realized why 21O started treating 9S like her baby brother after Ending B. 

Because the final assault was beginning.  Because she assumed they’d either die, and it wouldn’t matter, or they’d live, and she’d never have to watch a kill order again.   21O could try for relationship with 9S that she actually wanted (even if it herded him out a little). 

I wonder if that’s part of why she felt secure in abandoning her O-designation?  

I wonder if as an Operator she sent him off on bullshit”data analysis” fetch quests in part to try and distract him from digging for knowledge that would get him murdered?  If she was trying to encourage him to pick up safer hobbies? 

I WONDER IF YOKO TARO ENJOYS OUR SUFFERING oh wait I already know the answer to that one

Shit like this is why all of my Nier posts end up starting with “oh god”


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Hc where luke is like one of those people who loves to chat when they drive and he almost gets banned from red squadrons comms bc anytime they aren't abt to die he just starts spitting out whatever he's thinking and the other pilots either think it's sweet or they hate it w a passion (that week they actually follow through and cut him off he has to chat w r2 but he considers it valuable bonding time for them)

Luke is definitely the type of guy with zero filter who just stream-of-consciousness narrates whatever thing comes into his mind from “i was reading about the clone wars the other day, isn’t it kinda fucked up that they created an army of people built specifically to die in war?” to “how do you guys think Hutts reproduce?” He also gets annoying/adorable with comparing EVERYTHING to something he experienced back on tatooine. His Tatooine Stories become somewhat of a meme within the squadron. 

Also it’s not just him. There’s no way that Wedginald “cut the chatter red two” Antilles isn’t just as big a part of the problem. He and Luke banter back and forth to the frustration of all the other members of the squadron and sure it’s sort of cute but after awhile it becomes insufferable.

The biggest problem is when Luke becomes the squadron leader of the rogues and the rest of the squadron is like ??? what do we do?? we can’t ban him from comms anymore because he’s the kriffing leader, but he just WON’T SHUT UP. 

and Luke is like

John comes downstairs only minutes later. He must have heard Sherlock leave, because he doesn’t search for him, already sure he is alone in the flat. He shuffles into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee, in desperate need of a pick-me-up, judging by the amount of yawning going on right now.

He looks wrecked. The circles under his eyes have grown bolder, almost as dark as the coffee trickling into the pot behind him. It’s a good thing it’s Sunday.

While he waits, he spots the note from Sherlock on the kitchen table. He gives it a quick once over, nods his head and stares off into space. Biting his lip in contemplation, his fingers start to absentmindedly fiddle around with the small piece of paper.

I bet he is going over their little moment in the kitchen. He doesn’t seem upset, though. Just…thoughtful.

A few weeks back, when John tried to push for more between them, Sherlock was the one who ran off like the daft git he tends to be when it comes to emotions. So John relented. He pulled the breaks, hard stop, and has been trying his best to maintain a safe distance between them. Close, but not too close. Comfortable, but not intimate.

I’d say he succeeded only in parts, because even though there have been less touches and long looks from his side, there is simply no going back once you open yourself up to someone. Especially when that someone has somehow managed to wriggle his way into every aspect of your life. Living together, working together, spending most of their free time with each other. If it wasn’t for John’s job at the surgery, they’d barely be apart at all.

I don’t think Sherlock did it by design, though. It’s more like it happened despite his best efforts. It took him by surprise and when he noticed, it was already too late. He tried to back paddle, of course. But when John actually listened and took a step back, Sherlock started to gravitate closer. Now he is the one who lingers, the one who keeps looking a beat too long or standing a step too close.

What was that famous quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald?

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”

Except, John doesn’t know that. By forcing himself to not look, to not touch, he has completely missed Sherlock doing the exact opposite. Probably thinks he is just projecting. Daft gits, the both of them. They really do deserve each other.

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are we just suppose to believe that in elena and damon's 'happy life' in MYSTIC BLOODY FALLS no one remembered damon's compulsion or no supernaturals tried to steal the cure from him? he never lost or had to give blood?

Well exactly. So there was all this mess surrounding Stefan becoming human because people are being uncompelled but Damon who starts off the show by murdering how many people and who consistently terrorized MF doesn’t face this problem? It’s specific to only Stefan?

Stricklake Puffcakes

Part 2/?

In hindsight, Barbara understood why Jim had made such a fuss over her sitting in on training sessions. In the granite-red glow of the Forge, flashing green and blue, quick as a whip from one hair-raising platform to the other, Walter fights like a hero raised from vase to flesh.

A dash against the spinning (spinning!? why is the spinning necessary!?) side of one platform. Barbara’s chest flips. He makes the leap, pushes off and catches the ladder-like notches of the tower’s supports. 

She takes a deep breath, out-and-in, pulling her nails from between her teeth and groaning at their ragged edges.

“Impressive, isn’t he?”

Barbara starts and spins round to the interior of the observation box. Nomura appears to have been with her for longer than she’d noticed. The pink, porcelain changeling lounges in a high-backed seat, spindly elbows hung over the sides, doe legs crossed as she twirls a cloven hoof and grins toothily at her.

Another deep breath, in-and-out; with each collected inhale, she might eventually develop an immunity to shock here.

“Walter? Oh, yes! He’s very…very impressive… How-how long have you been sitting there?”

Her chuckle reminds her of a rattlesnake, throaty with the sneak of a hiss underneath. 

“Long enough,” she says, rising (she is so very tall) to join her at the balcony. Nomura crosses her arms and leans over the edge, peering down and down to the floor of the Forge where Walter runs, a speeding glint, under and twixt the blades at the bottom of the obstacle course. 

“You know I’ve known Walter most of my life?”

Barbara, hands pressed flat to the wide ledge, struggles against the dizziness that threatens when she tries to lean out. She settles for the side of Nomura’s face, slitted eyes glowing intently (like a cat, but…more human).

“Really? How long?”

“Centuries. I was very young when I first met the new Trollhunter. A changeling. Just like me. The scandal rocked Trollmarket, you can imagine.”

Nomura turns to her with another grin, green eyes twinkling, and it takes Barbara a second to catch the pun.

“Ahah. Because you’re…stone… Right.” She turns back to the Forge just as Walter is once again rising up the tower, this time swinging and flipping from every vertical edge he can find. He lands frog-like on the upturned platform closest to her balcony and waves.

Barbara smiles, imagining under his helmet’s visor that he is smiling back. She lifts her hand–

–just as a swinging blade collides, smooth as a golf club, and sends Walter sailing to the far wall of the Forge. 

“Walter!” Barbara screams, reaching out and clapping a hand over her mouth.

Nomura tenses, arms bent on the ledge, legs taut and ready to leap. They watch him slide a few meters before his sword materializes in his hand and he lodges it deep in the red stone. 

Barbara breathes again, out-and-in. 

“Is he alright!?”

As they watch, Walter scrabbles with his feet for purchase against the wall. Finally getting himself horizontal, he hangs one knee over Daylight’s hilt, twists around and finds her balcony.

He waves, seemingly unbothered.

Nomura throws her head back and laughs. “Don’t worry. That’s not the first, or the hardest hit he’s ever taken.”

Barbara clutches her hands to her chest. “That…doesn’t make it seem any better.”

The changeling relaxes again, shaking her head and smiling.

“In all the years I’ve known him, I’ve never seen something quite like this.”

Barbara raises a brow. Doctor that she is, she squints and follows Walter as he jumps back onto the course, searching for a delay, a limp, any sign of injury.

“Should we stop him?” she asks.

Nomura replies, level and low, and so close, suddenly, to her ear that Barbara yelps and hops away.

“Not on your life.”

Now there is something really feline–mischievous, in the way of someone who has known you too long and can get away with anything–in Nomura’s face. She sniffs and grins with all her (very sharp, very close) teeth. 

“That’s the last thing you want. I can smell it. He’s been living in a cloud of it since he first met you, too.”

Barbara blinks. “I–w-what do you mean?”

When she properly met Nomura, the glossy, pink changeling didn’t appear very strong. Yet a slender hand now covers her shoulder and holds her firmly against the balcony. 

There is the throaty, half-hiss next to her ear.

“It means Walt’s a true-bred Brit, and if you want him,” they look up, and out, and suddenly Barbara wriggles in a porcelain vice over the great hole of the Forge, that under her shrinks and expands when she makes the mistake to turn and look. 

“You have to go get him.” 

A speeding, shrieking blur becomes her world as she drops, reaches for red stone, and drops, misses it all, and–


It hurts to fall suddenly into somebody’s arms.

Walter’s breastplate digs into her ribs and she wraps her arms around his neck so tight it makes her shoulders sting. She is very likely choking him, but he’s crying her name, and asking her questions she doesn’t presently know the answer to. The skin of his neck smells like salt and rain-misted moss, somewhere stony, dark and old. It’s much more pleasant than having to watch the world spin. 

But then he shudders, and Barbara panics once again at the sickening feeling of freefall.

That stops–

–and starts–

–and stops–

She pries open her eyelids and lifts her head. Wind blows her hair from–

“Walt! You have wings!?”

The which he seems to be struggling with, as his voice inside the helmet is tinny and gruffer than normal. (Did it always have horns, too?)

“I–yes. But not all the time. They appear when I’m very– Barbara, are you alright!?”

He’s lowering them, little by little, to the bottom of the Forge, but the stopping and starting makes her stomach roll. Barbara buries her face against his neck (which seems to make him struggle harder).

He touches down with a grunt, kneels and sits with her in his lap.

“We’re on the ground now,” he says.

Barbara does not let go.

Walter does not let go.

His wings have disappeared, and gone is the scent of mist and stone. Barbara raises her head. His helmet has a slit for a visor that glows a palish green.

Not dark enough.

She hooks her thumb under the lip and slides it up and off his face.

“Your hair is a mess,” she observes, softly stroking the disheveled remains of his poof. His cheeks are turning a very interesting shade of red, and she smiles, declaring “I like it.”

Walter starts.

“Blinkous! Come quick! She’s in shock–mmph!”

Blinky and Aaarrrgh stroll calmly by, and away to the portcullis.

“Rather, my dear Walter, I would make that assessment most aptly of you!” Blinky remarks with a grin and a wave.

Were either of them available to reply, he and Barbara might have noticed the fist raised triumphantly to the box above their heads, seen Aaarrrgh chuckle and toss two bug-eyed boys over his shoulder as they passed.

In hindsight, Barbara understood why Jim had made such a fuss over her sitting in on training sessions, but, for the life of her, she would never again be able to recall why it mattered.

Don't piss me off

“Tyler stop. I don’t want to fight right now. Just leave me alone, I’m going to bed.” you said standing from the couch where Tyler sat.
“Y/N I don’t want to fight either. Wait don’t go yet. Let’s talk.”
“No. Goodnight, and don’t bother sleeping in our bed tonight. The couch is yours.” you shut the bedroom door with a slam. You don’t even remember what started this fight, all you know is Tyler said one thing that pissed you off and you snapped.
You got into bed and fell asleep fast but you woke back up around 12:30 in the morning missing the feeling of Tyler’s warm body in bed. You weren’t mad at him now and you really weren’t in the first place either. He knew that but was still respectful of your request of him sleeping in the living room. After a year of marriage he knew what set you off more and knew when to not push your buttons.
You walked out of the bedroom to see your home dark. You made your way to the living room where you found Tyler scrunched up in a ball sleeping. You admired him for a minute at how peaceful he looked. Then you walked over and placed a kiss to his head before laying down next to him. He moved over to let you cuddle into him.
“Hey baby. Are you still mad?” he asked with his eyes still closed.
“No I was never really mad at you. I love you too much. I missed you in bed and wanted to see if you wanted to come back to bed with me.” you said with your head on his chest listening to him breathe.
After a few moments of enjoying eachothers company Tyler had you in his arms carrying you to the bedroom. Placing you down on the bed gently.
He scooted in next to you. Even though you had a king size bed you slept like it was a twin. In his arms that gave you so much happiness.
“Y/N?” Tyler whispered unsure if you fell asleep yet.
“I love you. I’m sorry I pissed you off earlier.”
“Don’t be sorry I was just being over sensitive. You know how I get sometimes. I love you Ty.”
“I have a question?”
“Can we go looking for a new couch. That one isn’t comfortable, and I have a feeling that I’ll be put on the couch again.” Tyler said.
You chuckled and kissed him. “Sure or you can just not piss me off and you can be in this big bed with me every night.”
“Deal.” he smiled as you two kissed and you fell asleep in his arms.