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I wasn’t feeling the best so I left my register to go on a break and apparently that was offensive to this gay couple that walked into my lane. They asked to speak to the owner. They told her that “that cashier is homophobic and refused to service us” the (female) owner starts laughing and waved (female) me over, which pissed the guys off even more. Nothing will beat their faces when she said “please direct all your complaints towards my WIFE. She’s the one who normally handles them”

The elevator scene is honestly the most pure representation of what it means to just be

Frank and Karen are at their most carnal selves in that moment. Frank can’t even stand up but he keeps his legs standing because he needs to finish what they started. And no one gets that. Not Madani, not Micro, not the justice system and not America. But Karen does. When she tells Frank to go, it’s like… it’s like she’s giving him permission to become the worst part of who he is, to unleash the anger inside of him. Her opinion of him matters to Frank, and he lingers there, making sure she’s fine, making sure they’re them, before running off.  

And just the way they breathe into each other… they came together in a moment of chaos, and in that chaos they’ve found peace. It’s truly the best scene we could’ve had for Kastle and I honestly feel so lucky. 

Lucky Bastard | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: Roy gets a new girlfriend, a beautiful girl with the strength of Superman and a heart as bright as the sun. Everyone seems to notice, including Jason Todd, and… you.

Request(s): [I combined two requests!]

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS MOMENT HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED. Can you pretty please do one with Jason where him and the s/o have a thing that goes on and off all the time (they used to date but you know… he died. So now it’s just easy that way). But when one of his friends start to date a girl who is pretty much mrs super good at everything she starts to get mad because she’s scared that jason may find a girl like that and forget about her? SORRY IT’S TOO LONG, I KNOW BUT THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING

And: Would you please write a fic when the reader is Diana Prince’s daughter? Just like super fluffy and cute

Words: 3414 (I have no idea how I wrote this so quickly??)

Notes: Yo I hope you guys both like this! I wanted there to be more fluff but I didn’t really know where to put it in lol. 

Masterlist | Inbox

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“I missed you,” Jason says. You can’t help but smile a little giddily to yourself when he drops his duffel bag, so you try and settle it into something more peaceful and inviting instead of the pure excitement brewing in your stomach when he approaches. Jason wraps his arms around you in a hug that was clearly meant to be friendly, but his nose goes too deep into your neck and your arms knot too tight around him. He slips far enough out of your embrace to view your face. Jason smiles when he does, and it seems that, for once, he isn’t as good as covering his excitement or mutual attraction as you are.”You’re just as beautiful as I remembered.”

You try and fix this into your mind as the party continues. When Koriand’r had mentioned a Titans party, inviting old and new members, you had been elated to go. You hadn’t talked to Starfire since you left the team to tend to Themyscira in one of its times of crisis, and when you returned you found yourself mourning your boyfriend, Jason Todd, and replaced by Cassie Sandsmark as Wondergirl. But you adored Cassie—she was technically your younger sister, even if you were given life by Aphrodite and not Zeus—and still do now, so you held no grudges. As a princess of Themyscira and an Amazon, you weren’t raised to hold grudges. That’s why when Dick pulls your best friend Kori onto the dance floor, you smile and tell him to treat her well.

Jason would have been your second choice (or third, but you were unsure if M’Gann M’orzz and Karen Beecher would be present). This was only because of your previous relationship, and the new one that had been going on and off for years ever since his return. You can see him and yourself, freshly Titans and freshly heroes, leaning against one each other and the rooftop and overlooking San-Francisco.

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Jealous Billy would include // Stranger Things Headcannon 🥀🖤

Requested — “Can I request a jealous billy Hargrove one loves?”

Send requests for imagines / headcannons/ preferences 🥀🖤

And send Christmas requests as I’ll start doing my Christmas stuff soon 🥀🖤

No billy hate or you’ll he blocked :) 🥀🖤

Jealous Billy would include:

- him watching you like a hawk

- He get jealous very easily because he doesn’t like boys around you

- The only males who were aloud around you are your dad (if you have one), brothers (if you have them) or any other family member that’s it.

- When he sees someone flirting with you

- He’d walk over, put his arm around you and stare at the guy trying it on

- He would always cut him off when the guy is speaking (even if it’s about homework)

- He’d either start giggling looking around or try and start a conversation with you

- Anything to try and freeze this guy out

- Billy would sometimes get physical

- Like he would push the person and grab him by the top of his shirt

- Shouting in his face to get away from you

- You were his and that’s how it’ll always be

- You’d get into arguments about it saying he’s overreacting

- He’d say he wasn’t

- He’d would get even more angry in the arguments with you

- But he’d never hurt you. Ever.

- The only thing that would be hurt if your feelings

- And his car because he would kick it

- Or punch some other object

- But once you calmed down and he took you home and he then drove back to his place

- You wouldn’t speak to each other for a couple of hours

- Even if it was tempting to pick up the phone

- It was sorta like a routine

- Everything would be fine in the morning when he came to pick you up

- Not matter what was said in the argument he’d always pick you up for school

- You get the the car and share a cigarette and everything was fine

Have a nice day! And don’t forget to send requests for CHRISTMAS 🥀🖤


Merch Concept: Three Empty Words Crop Top

I had this little idea this morning, while listening to the MTV Unplugged version. Shawn’s speech really gets me for some reason. ❤

Ps. The little tag on the side has Shawn’s logo.

This concept isn’t part of any series, but I can start one based off Shawn’s lyrics. Maybe like a little collection of hoodies, long-sleeves shirts, tee shirts and crop tops? What do you guys think?

If you’d like, please send me your favorite lyrics; it can be from Handwritten or Illuminate. I’ll try to design some concepts.

Much love! 

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okay but dave absolutely insists he was right because "see rose im not gay im bi you were completely off track" and she's just "Sure, Dave. You got me there."

she just Looks at him until he starts sweating and meekly shuffles out

she makes him a sweater for christmas with “actually I’m bisexual” emblazoned on it. dave laughs nervously, but roxy laughs genuinely so hard she cries. she demands one of her own. they will match, by god


reallgenre: smut

member: daniel

Originally posted by peachyniel

  • you had dinner with friends with your boyfriend daniel 
  • of course the whole night he was teasing you under the table
  • running his hand up your thigh but never reaching where you wanted him to
  • he knows how starved you are for him since it’s been three weeks since seeing each other because of your respected work schedules
  • when you got home he finally had you all to himself meaning no more teasing
  • you love when he teases you but
  • you felt like you were about to burst during dinner
  • so you were happy he wouldn’t be holding back anymore
  • he pushes you up against the nearest wall and starts attacking your mouth then your neck
  • you’re sure he’s leaving way too noticeable hickeys but right now you don’t care
  • you’ll just yell at him in the morning
  • he takes off your skirt first, swearing at how crazy it drives him when you wear it
  • fast forward a little
  • one of your legs is over his shoulder
  • the new angle is allowing him to thrust deeper
  • the only sounds that fill the room are yours and his moans and the bed creaking 
  • you can feel yourself getting closer 
  • and cue the marimba tone
  • he groans and to your disappointment, he moves away and finds his phone to answer it
  • “seongwu?”
  • you groan and mouth to him “really? we just had dinner with him”
  • he mouths back “I know, right? what the hell?”
  • seongwu starts talking and daniel rolls his eyes causing you to laugh
  • “oh, is y/n there?”
  • “Yeah, she is…”
  • and you can tell he gets some idea in his head cause he starts smirking at you
  • “but she’s about to go to sleep so you can keep talking.”
  • and you’re like “what the-”
  • daniel unexpectedly thrust into you 
  • but you cover your mouth before any noise comes out
  • he slowly starts teasing you while carrying on a perfectly normal conversation with seongwu
  • and you’re thinking ‘two can play at this game’
  • “no that blue shirt is-ohh”
  • you clench around him, cutting off his sentence
  • “are you okay, daniel? seongwu asks
  • “yeah, I’m fine”
  • he gives you a warning look
  • but you can’t help it, it’s too fun to mess with him
  • he keeps talking to seongwu while slowly thrusting into you
  • so you stop holding back your moans 
  • “daniel, what’s that noise? is everything okay?”
  • daniel looks at you with so much shock and he tries to cover your mouth with his hand but fails
  • “I’m gonna have to call you back.”
  • before seongwu could say bye daniel tosses his phone to the side of the bed
  • “you shouldn’t have done that kitten”


  • seongwu was worried about daniel but was about to hang up when he said he would call him back
  • but when he went to press the ‘end call’ button he kept hearing noise on the other line
  • so he held the phone to his hear
  • “ah, fuck, baby, you’re so-”
  • seongwu has never thrown his phone so fast before
  • “I’m scarred for life”

a/n: i don’t even know why i wrote this but i like????? did. also this is my first for wanna one and for bullet points 

Just Give It Time

Fandom: IT (2017)

Pairing(s): Stenbrough (Stan Uris x Bill Denbrough)

Characters: Stan Uris, Bill Denbrough, Stanley’s Parentals

Rating: T

Description: When the topic of dating comes up at dinner one night in the Uris household, Stan has a hard time trying to figure out how to break it to his parents that he’s already unavailable. (Aged-Up to High School)

Author’s Note: Because Stenbrough deserves more love and it was requested ; )

It started like any other family dinner in the Uris Household. Stan was at his usual place, between his parents with his mother at one end of the table and his father at the other. He had resorted to carefully sectioning off the food on his plate out of boredom as he barely listened to the same conversations his parents seemed to have every night.

His mother was saying something about an upcoming event at their synagogue, her status as the Rabbi’s wife making such things a priority.

“—And of course Stan can sit with the Cohen’s because of Eliana—“

“Eliana?” Stan broke in, confused. Ellie Cohen had known him since they were children. They’d seen each other almost every week since they were born at the synagogue and had attended each other’s bar mitzvah and bat mitzvahs. She was okay, Stan guessed. “Why because of Eliana?”

A light chuckle slipped from his mother’s lips as she glanced across the table to her husband and Stan felt his ears burn. He felt like the butt of some joke that he didn’t understand and he didn’t like it. “Well, we know how you feel about her, Stanley.”

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Your relationship with Jared is still a secret to the public, and only close family and friends know about it. So, when you accompany Jared along with Shannon and Tomo to a photo-shoot as their official assistant, Jared can’t do anything when the photographer starts flirting with you. It’s clear he’s annoyed and pissed off, his bad mood clearly visible in the photographs. Back home, you tease him for being jealous but when he starts pouting, you can’t help but kiss him lovingly and remind him that he has nothing worry about, that he’s the only one you want. 

wade wakes up loosely tied to a chair in another bad guy lair and it’s pretty standard, he was about to free himself and figure out where his katana went when he caught sight of the villain, doc oc, he was one of spidey’s big baddies, so wade slobbers all over the tape on his mouth until it peels off and starts asking what’s in store for him

when doc oc says he’s bait for spiderman, well that just changes everything, wade stays tied up and only slips free of his restraints to stretch his arms occasionally when doc oc is busy, he practices his best damsel in distress impression and shoots off a text to his favorite web slinger to track his phone because he’s been captured by doc oc and also it’s totally a trap

so octavius is totally unprepared when peter busts in early and ruins everything, all things considered, it’s a pretty easy win

“my hero” wade says in the same stupid tone he’d been tormenting doc oc with for the last half hour, spidey is totally unprofessional and doesn’t help wade out of his restraints because he shouldn’t have to, like you can just slip out of them, were these even tied?? why did you call me???

he does manage to get spidey to carry him out of the lair when they accidentally activated the self destruct sequence, he has to feign a broken ankle, but it looked really fucking cool when they swung away from the exploding building tarzan and jane style

Sad to see😭

I’m sad to see that there is starting to be less and less teen wolf imagines, one shots, etc. It has started to be replaced by shows like shadowhunters, stranger things, CSI, Vikings, and just other shows. It seems teen wolf is really starting to fade and it makes me really upset. It’s sad to think i have to go without teen wolf until the 50/50 chance of a spin-off.

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Prinxiety your the one I want from grease

*screams YAAAASSSSSS* (lmao re-watching this forgetting how beautiful Oliva NewtonJohn is, my pOOR GAY HEART)

You’re The One That I Want- Grease

  • They’re having another night where they just watch movies. Sometimes both of them will be half-working on assignments, then turn back to the film.
  • (Roman realises it’s somehow become a ‘just the two of them’ thing? Not that he’s complaining but…how…?)
  • This time, their work has been long forgotten, and they’re happy to just make up stupid commentary while Grease plays. 
  • Roman would never usually, but Virgil’s got him into the habit of actually criticising some parts of musicals and it’s surprisingly… fun.
  • “Wait, though,” Roman says, as You’re The One That I Want starts. “So, Danny takes off his cardigan-thing? I thought the whole point was they swapped styles? So she’s got to be left with his style and he’s back to his usual? That doesn’t make sense.”
  • Virgil snorts. “Tell me about it, stud.”
  • Roman suddenly thinks it’s very warm in here. 
  • But then, he’s left laughing at the thought of something else. “Oh, come on, that’s not what an electric shock would look like.”
  • Virgil pauses the film just to smirk. “Are you saying you’re better than John Travolta?”
  • (Somehow, it’s not condescending, Roman thinks. In fact, it sounds like a challenge).
  • “I got chills they’re multiplying–”
  • Virgil scrabbles up from the bed. “Oh, no you don’t-”
  • But he’s giggling already and Roman knows he’s won.
  • “And I’m looosing control. ‘Cause the power you’re supplying-” He points over-dramatically at Virgil. “It’s ELECTRIFYING.”
  • He falls over with so much force that Virgil trips over himself, and then they both fall of the bed, laughing.
  • “You’re unreal,” Virgil says once he’s got his breath back, pressing play again.
  • (Still, they both hum along to the rest of the song and try not to think about why they find it relatable).

Taking singing uni!au prompts

My Fair Lady; Hamilton; Legally Blonde; Cinderella; Heathers; Wicked; Dear Evan Hansen; Wicked x2; Les Misérables; Monty Python; Can’t Help Falling In Love; Mary Poppins; Heathers x2; Into The Woods; Dear Evan Hansen x2

I have been playing the HECKNESS out of Star Wars Battlefront 2, yo!!

Here are some of my experiences so far;

  • The story with Iden and Del! OH MY HEART! SO GOOD!! I LOVE THEM!!I am in the middle of reading the book so I have been doing A LOT of crying!! 
  • IT was REALLY easy for me to get enough credits to start unlocking characters, including Luke [and I am definitely not great at the game! lol]
  • When Kylo and Rey are facing off against each other, THEY HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY TO ONE ANOTHER AND REY IS SNARKY AS HECK TO HIM!! LOL!! Kylo: *going on about the ‘grace of Snoke’, Rey; “Too bad he’s not here” [YOU CAN HEAR HER SMIRKING!! LIKE GUUURRRRLLLLL!!! LOL]
  • One of the many rounds that I played ‘Heroes vs. Villains, I was playing as Kylo along side Darth Vader, Darth Maul and Boba Fett and we were losing something fierce! LOL! [I was still having fun though] Anyways, I suddenly realized that I was ALWAYS the target and I, for the life of me, couldn’t find my teammates! THEY FLIPPIN DITCHED MEEEEEEEEE!!!! IT WAS KYLO VS REY, LUKE, YODA, AND HAN SOLO!!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO DISSAPPOINTED IN DARTH VADER IN MY LIIIFFEEE!!! THEY LEFT ME TO DIE ALONE!!! I STAYED ALIVE FOR AS LONG AS I COULD! IT WAS A LOT OF HIT AND RRUUUUNNNNN FOOL RUUUNNNN!!!! 
  • and lastly [for now] MY PILOTING SKILLS ARE A TRAGEDY!! But whatever I am doing it is working! MY SUCCESSFUL CHAOS!! But it was making me MOTION SICK!! I was doing



[Honestly Get Smart is literally how I play this game] 

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Do Lolbit exist in your AU and if so, what role do they play there?

Yup, Lolbit does exist in my AU!
Lolbit appears usually on some kind of monitor because a funtime version of Lolbit  doesn’t physically exist.
David actually started to build the body, but he abandoned the project after what happened to his daughter, and it resulted in only Lolbit’s head being done. 

But Lolbit does appear as a complete character, on one of the arcades.
Why? Because Lolbit wasn’t David’s idea.
Lolbit was orginally a character made for a game by Violet Williams, and David made a project of Funtime Lolbit basing on Violet’s design.

The game was a great attraction, even though it was glitching pretty often. Actually the game never worked peoperly, but that wasn’t a problem until one day… Oh such a tragic day. The game started to turn itself off and on whenever IT wanted and was glitching more than ever, there was no person who could repair it.

How about Lolbit’s role in the AU?
Well, in “real world” Lolbit is known for weirding out and annoying technicians.

Except for Benjamin, they are friends.

Lolbit is also good friends with Handy and Glitchtrap (Shadow Bonnie).

In the arcade game though, Lolbit is selling stuff to the player.
Does it sound familiar? :D

Also, here’s a human version! C:

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I've always had anxiety and I've always bitten my nails super short because of it. I've been growing my nails out for nearly a month now with no biting and I was super proud! But then my abusive dad came back from a work trip and the anxiety got worse of course and I bit the nails of one of my hands almost back to where I started. I was going to get pretty acrylics after Thanksgiving to celebrate my self control and help me continue not biting but now I feel disgusting and don't know what to do.

I know what it’s like to feel disgusting like that but one slip up does not undo all of your progress! Don’t be so hard on yourself because you’re doing such a good job so the best thing you can do is just pick up where you left off and keep going

1222 Nails

for @like-a-wild-potato

CW: infidelity, injury, blood, sex

When Rhett and Link and started sleeping together it wasn’t hard to hide their infidelity. They spent practically every minute together anyway, late nights at the office were not abnormal. They felt guilty, sure, but there was no way around it. They weren’t going to stop. When they started getting into rougher sex things got more difficult. They would have to devise more and more elaborate lies to explain the bruises and welts. Luckily their on camera shenanigans were almost as rough as their off camera ones so they were able to take explain most things away. When Link pitched the bed of nails idea in the writers room Rhett’s eyebrow arched. He knew it would make a great segment, he also knew he was going to come home to his wife with a back full of scratch marks. He knew Link would be headed home with similar scars.

They chose to film in the evening, when most of the staff had gone home. The segment was good, they knew it was hilarious. After filming they sent Chase and the rest of the crew home. Rhett pushed all the nail clippings and cheese off the massage bed and raised the back to a forty-five degree angle. He sat on the bench, beckoning Link to join him.

Link straddled Rhett, his erection already growing in his grey shorts. Rhett pulled him in for a deep kiss, his nails already trailing down Link’s back, sending shivers up his spine. Link returned, wrapping his arms around Rhett’s waist, clawing at his back.

Rhett moaned and pulled down Link’s shorts, working his cock with his giant hand, Link did the same to Rhett. The pair were jerking each other off, their moans echoing in the open atrium of the office. It was thrilling to fuck out in the open. Beside the kitchen where their employees ate lunch and the desks where they worked. Sure, they were alone, but it was still exciting. Link pulled a bottle of lube out of his shorts before tossing them aside, and handed it to Rhett. Link was still sitting in is lap, kissing him hard and clawing at his chest. Rhett lubed and began working Link open. One finger, then two. Link clawed at Rhett’s arms and shoulders. 

Rhett slicked up his cock with lube and pulled Link onto him. Link rode Rhett. Slow at first but then fast. Rhett’s hands dragged long red welts on Link’s already raw back. Link dug his nails into Rhett’s shoulders as he grasped for leverage. Rhett’s hands wrapped around Rhett’s ass, his nails digging in, leaving half moon shapes all over his supple flesh. 

They were hot and sweaty, Link bouncing on Rhett and a furious pace, Rhett barely able to hold it together. They clawed at each other, desperate for contact. Both of their backs were red and swollen, criss crossed with scratches and welts, both bleeding slightly in a few places. Rhett was close and he wanted Link to come with him so he grabbed his cock and jerked him off in time with Link’s pace. Rhett bucked into him hard. Link bit Rhett’s shoulder as he came all over both of their bellies, Rhett following shortly after. 

The two men lay breathless on the massage table. Eventually Link got up and turned around. “Oh gosh,” Rhett said, surveying the damage he’d done to Link’s back. “pass the polysporen, brother.” He tossed Rhett the green and white box and Rhett gently applied it to the wounds on Link’s back. Link did the same to Rhett. They were both in pretty rough shape. Hopefully it wouldn’t result in too many questions when they got home to their wives.


Okay, so me and my friend went into the local candy store and they were selling these for £1.50 (fucking expensive). It was rather chocolate chip or smores and my friend wanted the smores one since we don’t eat smores here and both of us never have tried smores (pop tarts aren’t a good place to start off).

We had them cold and Jesus fuck, they are so dense. Like the pastry was getting stuck in the back of our throats and it was weird cause we don’t have food like that. It was so dense she had to whip out a bottle of water in the middle of McDonald’s. The ‘chocolate’ shit on top was fake as shit and so was the filling. The marshmallow part of it was too chewy and the chocolate part tasted like that nasty ass chocolate you use for icing a cake.

Truly disgusting would give it a 3/10

so before I pass out on my desk

here is the rough sketch of the next piece of the horsemen!au! It’s all based off of @martinplier ‘s horsemen series, the story this one is from can be found here. If you haven’t seen the first piece, here’s how this all started

I’ll continue on this tomorrow, in hopes that I’ll finish by tomorrow night. 

from now on, all of my art related to this will be tagged horsemen!au. Also, if you would like to be tagged in posts relating to this work only or for all horsemen works, just reply or reblog and say so (do specify if you want one or the other, otherwise I’ll just tag for this work only!)