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Hey so I'm kinda scared? Like bellamy left his heart behind and he's probably been all head for 6 years.. what if when he comes back he's not emotional anymore? He's shut off and maybe cold, having to survive up in space like that... man I'm nervous. One of the reasons I love bellamy so much is because he is the heart. But now... it seems that him and Clarke might've switched

Now need to be concerned, this actually seems to contradict what JRoth  has stated about his goal for Bellamy’s journey in Season 5, see below:

“As Clarke says to him in the finale, he has to start to use his brain as well as his heart. He’s always been an impulsive, emotional, reactive person. And that’s what we love about him. He cares so deeply about his people, and he charges in blindly sometimes, and sometimes that gets him in trouble as Clarke says in the episode. He needed to start finding a unity of both of those organs for lack of a better word. And that’s what he’ll do now. He’ll be forced to do that on some level without Clarke. And we’ll hopefully see him becoming a fully realized head and heart leader that I think he’s destined to become in Season 5.”

I also think that six years is more than enough time for Bellamy to heal, guys. He loves Clarke, absolutely and her death will always be a wound, but after a time, just as you heal in real life when someone you love dies, Bellamy would too. I don’t think we’re going to come into the Season to a broken Bellamy, just as we didn’t see a broken Clarke in the finale. 

Bellamy and Clarke’s journeys have always mirrored one another, they’re almost always in the same emotional place at the beginning and the end of a Season, even if it’s not expressed in the same way:

Season 1: Bellamy and Clarke are both struggling to gain leadership positions, they discover they can work together, and then they both wind up having to make sacrifices (Clarke closing the door on Bellamy and Finn and Bellamy making the sacrifice of his person). 

Season 2: Bellamy and Clarke separated, both held captive (Bellamy by Tristan, Clarke in the Mountain, both save someone on/near a cliff, Clarke with Anya, Bellamy with Mel, both save someone who they care about in the finale (Bellamy-Octavia, Clarke-Abby).

Season 3: Bellamy and Clarke are both emotionally devastated by their actions in Mt. Weather, they are both pulling away from their people (Bellamy-emotionally, Clarke physically), both have love interests who die (Bellamy-Gina, Clarke-L/xa), both begin healing in 3B. 

Season 4: Bellamy and Clarke are very much in sync this Season, but in the Season opener, they are both shown struggling with the loss of a love interest, they both deal with the weight of deciding who lives or dies, they both have moments of absolute desolation, and in the finale (before the time jump), both are saddened. 

Based on their journeys being consistently paralleled, I can only assume that Clarke’s mental state after 6 years will mirror Bellamy’s. I hope this helps!

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How do we know that it's a real smile from Kaneki?

well, let’s compare his fake smiles to the actual genuine ones and see if we can make out the differences, yes? 

first, let’s start off with the fake ones. in each of these moments, sensei would leave subtle hints that something was wrong or just wasn’t right. whether it was from other characters interacting with kaneki, or from kaneki himself. sensei also tends to use kaneki’s eyes as the biggest hint of them all. it leaves behind the look of someone shrouded in despair. 

now on to the cute genuine smiles, you can almost immediately catch the over all contrast in comparison his the fake ones. in these moments, smiled with reason instead of merely doing it to cover up his sadness. enlightened to teach hinami how to read literature (that happened to be by his favorite author, takatsuki) with extensive vocabulary, receiving a new name that would come along with a new life from arima, and most recently, being gifted with such an important item from such an important person - touka. 

these smiles have actual life to them as opposed to the dead ones. :’)

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Yuuri after the latest kid pops out: my body needs a break. If any of y'all's dick get within an inch of me imma start slicing. Every time one of his mates gets flirty he just starts muttering no more kids really loudly and then leaves the room.

LOOOOOOOL Yuuri does have his moments where he just death glares all his mates and they need to read the signs and back off, but they definitely have kids because he wanted them too and none of the pregnancies were unplanned ^ ^; Minami especially was very adamant at first about NOT having a kid (which is why I didn’t decide to put Yuuji in until very last minute) because he already loves the other kids like his own and he knows how hard pregnancy is on Yuuri. It’s certainly not that he didn’t want a kid with Yuuri but he didn’t see any need, and Yuuri’s the one who had to convince him that it’s really okay and he wants a fourth kid.

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It's the Avengers week off and you all decide to go to one of Tony's vacation home for a few days and it's about a 4 hour drive. So you decide to take a large van there but when it's your turn to get in you realize that there's no space left and so Bucky offers you to sit on his lap at the very back next to the luggage, at first your very hesitant but eventually accept. After 20 mins the roads start to become bumpy and you start to feel something hard poking your ass through your thin (part 1)

(Part 2) sundress then you turn to see Bucky’s eyes dilated and his face flushed. He smirks and pecks your cheek. Then you start to pull up your dress to reveal you not wearing any underwear which makes Bucky even more hard. So he takes his flesh hand and starts to lightly rub your clit thankful that no one can hear your moans through the loud music. You reach behind so you can unzip his shorts and free his hard dick. He raises you a little si he can enter your soaking pussy. He starts (part 2)

To bounce you and his cock, he holds your waist tightly with his flesh hand while he’s driving into you roughly. The roads start to become more bumpy which causes him to be able to hit you g-spot each time. Your the one who cums first and he has to bite you shoulder to keep him from moaning loudly at how much you’re squeezing him and he eventually cums deep inside of you. Then after a few minutes of trying to get your breathing back to normal one of the bags falls on top if your lap (part 3)

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Too stubborn [Sirius Black x Reader]

Request: Hii could i request an imagine where maybe sirius and the reader get into a huge fight cause he said some mean things to her and he just thinks shes the one thats wrong but after a week the boys just see he’s miserable & he apologizes later they catch them both sleeping and its just cute??

Warnings: angst ending with fluff

Originally posted by nellaey

The fights that Sirius Black had with his girlfriend (Y/N) (L/N) were explosive. It could start off with tiny things and grown into a full blown silent-treatment type of fight. Usually, the couple would ignore each other for a day or two before giving in and getting back together. So, when the three other Marauders found their best friend fighting with his girlfriend they just rolled their eyes and listened to what the argument was about. It would seem that two were arguing about whether (Y/N) should go to a party or not. Usually, Sirius would let you go to a party where he wasn’t invited but, this time, the party was hosted by his brother Regulus.

“You are not going to this party (Y/N)!” he yelled

“Yes, I am Sirius! Why shouldn’t I!?” you retorted

“Because my brother is going to be there!”

“What does that change?!”

“Everything! He hates me and he’s using you to get to me!”

“No, he isn’t, so stop thinking that everything is about you!”

“Ha! That quite hypocritical” he scoffed

“What the hell do you mean!?”

“You think that everyone is your friend!”

“Well sorry for being sociable!”

“I forbid you from going to this party.”

“You forbid me?! I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you were the boss of me!”

“I’m doing this to protect you (Y/N), it’s for your own good!”

“I think I know what’s good for me better than you do Black! I’m going to this party and I don’t care what you think because you’re not my boyfriend anymore!”

You stormed out of the Gryffindor common room, grabbing your jacket on your way out. Sirius groaned and stomped up the stairs to the boys’ dormitories.

When both of you had left the common room, James, Remus and Peter realized that this was not an ordinary fight and that Sirius had really messed up this time. They also understood that this might be the end of your relationship, both of you were too stubborn to apologize.

You hadn’t talked or even looked at Sirius for the rest of the day. That evening was the party, you were exhausted from the fight with Sirius and dejected about your breakup. You were lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling playing the fight in your head over and over again, wondering how you had let it go this far. He was not only your boyfriend but also your best friend, you had lost the person you trusted the most in the world. On the other hand, he had done nothing to stop you, it wasn’t completely your fault, it was his too.

Your thoughts were interrupted by a flash of flaming red hair. You looked at Lily Evans who was leaning over you.

“Come on (Y/N), we’re going to be late to the party if we don’t get ready now.” She urged.

“I’m sorry Lils, I don’t feel like it anymore.” You told her.

“I heard about what happened with Sirius, don’t worry (Y/N) he’ll come back to you.” she comforted, “Buuuut, in the meantime, going to a party will take your mind off your problems don’t you think?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” You said getting up from the bed, taking out a short black dress from your closet.

Meanwhile, Sirius Black was having an intense session of repeatedly yelling into his pillow. And, soon enough, he was told to stop by his very annoyed friends. It was obvious that Sirius regretted that fight greatly, he loved you but your stubbornness frustrated like nothing else. He already was missing you but his pride stopped him from excusing himself.

The next day, you entered the Great Hall with Lily for lunch and saw your ex-boyfriend sitting at the Gryffindor table. When you saw him, you guessed that the news of your breakup had reached the rest of the school due to the number of girls basically throwing themselves and he wasn’t pushing them away. Your heart broke at that sight. He got over your breakup way too fast, did he even really care about you? Lily, following your gaze, led you away from where the Marauders sat and towards Alice and Frank.

What you hadn’t seen was the expression on Sirius’s face, he wasn’t grinning or laughing like he was usually around his friends, he was staring at his plate, moving a chunk of food around not noticing the hoard of girls around him. His friends looked at him sadly, afraid for their pal. Sirius had been in very few long-lasting relationships but, when they broke up, he was always out seducing women within a day. Seeing him broken like this brought them a lot of pain, his love for you was unmistakable.

A week had passed and both halves of the couple were still not over the other. Lily and the three other Marauders grew tired of your and Sirius’s moping around and decided to make Sirius apologize, knowing that you were a lost cause and that Sirius was wrong.

“Padfoot, mate, you’ve got to go see (Y/N) and say sorry.” James told Sirius, who was lying on his bed.

“You’ve never been this hung up on a girl. You love her, go tell her that and apologize. We asked Lily and she misses you.” Remus added.

“Why shouldn’t she excuse herself?” he replied.

“Because you were in wrong dude, not here. She doesn’t belong to you, you acted like she did.” Remus said.

“You guys are right.” He admitted, getting up beaming, “I’m going to get her back!” he punched the air.

The other boys followed suit, “Go get her!” Peter quipped as Sirius exited the Sixth-Year dorm room.

You were lying in your bed, listening to the Weird Sisters Vinyl that Sirius gave you on your 1-year anniversary when the door to the dorm was banged open and Sirius Black entered.

“Listen (Y/N), you are the only person that I have ever truly loved. I am so sorry for acting as if you belonged to me because, the truth is, you’re one of the most independent people I know and I love you for that. I’m sorry for overreacting but I really do not trust my brother with you and losing you would be the end of me. I have missed you for the past week and I just can’t survive it anymore. You are the most amazing person I know so I hope that you can forgive me and take me back.” He declared, hope and desperation clear in his dark eyes.

“I love you too, Sirius and I’m sorry for overreacting too.” You told him, launching yourself towards him and hugging him tightly, “I missed you so much.”

“How about we go cuddle in my bed love?” he offered, a glint in his eye and a smirk on his face. You nodded and both of you headed to his empty dorm room.

The both of you had been in bed for an hour and had dozed off not long after your make up. Now, you were both sleeping peacefully, Sirius spooning you. The three Marauders and Lily entered the room and found the couple sleeping soundly. For once in his life, James Potter did not yell at them, proud of his friend. This time, his face lit up at the sight of seeing his ship sail once again.

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Do you think that when anti is annoyed, he is like that one cat that is just a Little Shit? Like he would just randomly look at Jack, and jacks all "don't do it!" And then anti knock the glass off the table

absolutely. without a doubt in my mind. jack’s starting to get sick of vacuuming up glass shards

PART 2 OF THE XMEN AU SQUIP PLOT (part 1), previous warnings probably apply too !! / long post / squad healing post coming soon !!!

  • few weeks after the incident, the squip calls jeremy into his office and lies to him saying his attacker was a human. however, this still doesn’t convince jeremy to start violent protests and his doubt finally sets the squip off to start using his telepathy to mess with jeremy’s thoughts.
  • the squip is powerful and is able to manipulate jeremy to no longer be able to distinguish his thoughts from his own and the ones invading him. for added measure, the squip continues to emotionally manipulate him by making the shooting more vivid in jeremy’s head.
  • eventually, jeremy is almost a semi-zombie and the next step was getting the rest of the kids into the group. with jeremy’s current improved reputation, the squip knew it’d be easy to rally up countless of powerful kids into the brotherhood

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5 headcanons AU Book 1. There is no Zhao. Instead, Yon Rha fills his role by hounding Zuko and Iroh, then later Aang, all the way to the Northern Water Tribe. (Or would he even make it that far?)

1. Episodes one and two go exactly the same way, but after Zuko’s ship is trashed, he is forced to the nearest military outpost, which is headed by Yon Rha instead of Zhao.  The recently promoted former head of the Southern Raiders takes one look at Zuko’s ship and thinks “Waterbender?  Waterbender!  That woman must have lied to me!”  Zuko refuses to tell him anything, afraid Yon Rha will start hunting the Avatar and beat him to his quarry, so Yon Rha unceremoniously has him thrown into the local jail to cool his heels while he leaves to hunt the waterbender.  Iroh and Zuko pull off a daring nighttime escape, round up his crew, and steal a similarly sized, but much newer, faster, and all around nicer ship, and leave to hunt the Avatar.

2. At first, Yon Rha isn’t after the Avatar.  He’s after Katara.  It’s only after he tracks the waterbender to Roku’s island and he confronts Aang channeling Roku that his mission changes.

3. Yon Rha is a lot lazier than Zhao, a lot.  He does not want to go chasing the Avatar across the world.  He would like to hang out in the southern seas where he is the biggest fish in his small pond, and he is perfectly happy to let Zuko do all the heavy work.  All told, Book One should be a lot easier for everybody, right?

4. Except Katara recognizes Yon Rha and wants him dead.  Aang is disturbed.  Sokka is actually kind of disturbed too.  When Katara does manage to drown him, it results in her just about suffering a nervous breakdown.  She’s a fourteen year old kid, and she just killed a man.  She feels sick and dirty all the time, and she keeps telling herself that this was the man who killed her mother, but it only does so much.

5. It’s a very different Katara who lands in the North with Aang and Sokka, who faces Pakku and learns from Yugoda, a frightened Katara who isn’t sure she ever wants to fight again.  It isn’t until Zuko kidnaps Aang and she has to fight to get him back, and fails due to her lack of skill, that she decides to train as a waterbender, and to fight Pakku for the privilege.  For the rest of the series, self doubt and fears as to her own ability to hurt and kill plague her.

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talk to me about dean teaching sammy about sex and things that feel really goood but maybe should be kept secret

it started off as innocent little things, ya know. or at least seemingly innocent things.

sam walked up to dean one day and tucked his head underneath dean’s arm and stayed there because dean felt like safety. he felt like home. and whenever sam would come home with homework, dean would always be the one to help him, to teach him. it’s how it’s always been.

so it only seemed natural for sam to come to dean one day, crawl up next to dean while he was lounging out on the bed watching some rerun of “the twilight zone” and sam asked him, in that sugar sweet voice of his, if dean would teach him how to kiss. of course, that first time dean said no because what else was he supposed to say? it wasn’t like he was going to agree to kiss his little brother, no matter how much he wanted to.

sam didn’t really understand why it was wrong or if he did, he didn’t show it. instead he just shrugged his shoulders and nestled into dean’s side and was content on watching whatever black and white film was currently playing. he said “it’s okay dean, we don’t have to do it now if you don’t want to. you can show me later.”

and dean knew, that no matter how wrong it was and that if he were to do this then he would be burning in hell, that one day he was going to show his brother.

it happened much sooner than he thought, actually. they had to go to the library because dean had to pick up this book for this research paper that he had to write that was worth 20% of his english grade (not like he cared but dad at least pretended to so he had to turn something in) and he dragged sam along with him (not that sam minded. the kid loved libraries). so dean let sam wander off to the kid book section while dean went to go look for some book that was remotely close to the topic that he was writing about.

when he found sam some thirty minutes later, he was chatting away with the very nice, very elderly librarian and before they left, she handed sam this cherry red lollipop that sam immediately started licking on.

dean watched, the entire walk back to the motel, the way that sam’s pick little tongue would snake out past those perfect, pink lips and lick at the sugary treat and the way that every now and then sam would moan around it like it was the best thing that he had ever tasted and all at once dean wanted to taste the lollipop on sam’s tongue.

they get back to the motel and sam is still sucking on the lollipop, making all these little happy sounds because they don’t normally get candy and dean is trying his best to ignore his little brother but he can’t.

suddenly he’s in front of sam and sam is staring at him with these wide, hazel doe eyes, still planting little kitten licks to the red candy.

you still wanna learn how to kiss, sammy?” dean asked, all breathy because quite frankly he was out of breath. he was propositioning his baby brother who was too young, too innocent, too naive for something like this, using his childhood nickname.

sam’s eyes only seemed to get wider when he processed what dean said, head bobbing up and down, mouth still wrapped around the lollipop and the first time that dean tasted his brother was with that sickly sweet taste of that cherry lollipop.

after that, sam came to dean to learn more stuff. and dean, having already seen the hellfire and walked past those gates with his head held high, taught sam everything he knew.

Andre Burakovsky- About time

Request:  I was thinking about an imagine where me, Andre and like 3 more people are best friends, and they have breakfast together like twice aweek, and then me and Andre start dating and the others find out one morning at breakfast and they tease us about it?? Sorry if it is a bit confusing :/

Author’s note: I just love this boy so much.


Up next: Alec Martinez or Hampus Lindholm

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For the ship thing: McGenji?

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter
It’s 1855, and Japan has only recently opened its borders to western trade again. Off one of the American merchant ships that arrive in Kyoto stumbles a rugged man, chewing on a cigar. He trades with the locals, selling them pelts, weaved fabrics, and beautiful pottery in exchange for spices and tea, but one day he disappears. Soon after whispers about a monster running rampage in the bamboo forests of  Arashiyama start to emerge, and the local population is scared to death. When several locals have gone missing, a young man, Genji Shimada of a powerful samurai clan, decides to hunt the monster down and kill it to bring peace to the region. But Genji finds a lot more than just a monster in the bamboo forest.

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman
It’s 1942. Jesse McCree is perfectly happy living his life as a fisherman in the remote and miniscule town of King Cove, Alaska, but it gets a bit lonely sometimes. Most of the other men in the town are away in war, but thanks to Jesse’s old war wound that he got in the Great War, Jesse wasn’t drafted. 
One day, Jesse catches more than he bargained for; a beautiful merman that has swum all the way from Japan. Considering what Japan did to at Pearl Harbor less than a year prior, Jesse is tempted to kill the merman. But the merman is defenseless, exhausted and wounded after the long swim, and Jesse takes pity on him, thinking that maybe the merman has information that would be useful to the US military. So he smuggles the merman back to his isolated house by the coast and nurses him back to health. Jesse eventually learns that the merman has fled Japan, because he didn’t want to fight in the war, and the two of them develop a friendship and something deeper, too.

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar
When Jesse McCree one day finds a small, wounded dragon, he doesn’t think much of it. He takes the dragon back with him to his ranch and nurses it back to health. And that should be it. But it’s not. The dragon refuses to leave him alone, claiming that they now have an unbreakable bond, but Jesse isn’t interested in any unbreakable bonds with anyone. It’s not until the dragon transforms into a young man who promises to teach Jesse all kinds of spells and incantations that Jesse decides that maybe he should keep the dragon around.

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict
Jesse has been frequenting the same bathhouse for years, and he always plays the same game. Every Thursday, he goes into his usual room, gets naked and lies down on the bed, closing his eyes and waiting for someone to come by and show him a good time. It’s usually different men, but for the last couple of months it has been the same guy coming by. Jesse has never seen his face, but he knows that the guy is not very tall, very slender, and has a soft, smooth voice. One night, after they’re done and the guy is climbing off Jesse to wrap the towel around himself, Jesse cracks an eye open and spots a gorgeous, green dragon tattoo snaking its way down the guy’s back. 
A few days later, Jesse comes into his favorite coffee shop only to discover that they’ve hired a new barista. His name is Genji, and he’s just about the cutest thing Jesse has ever laid eyes on. Jesse almost chokes on his coffee, however, when Genji bends over to pick something off the floor and his shirt rides up enough to show off the edge of a gorgeous, green dragon tattoo on his back.

who’s the writer and who’s the editor
Being a popular mangaka comes with its benefits. Genji has worked hard to get where he is, and one of the luxuries he has now is the freedom to only work on what he wants and set his own deadlines. But when his publisher hires a new editor in chief from America to help the bad sales, Genji’s life changes radically. Jesse McCree won’t tolerate tardiness or laziness, and Genji finds himself working harder than he has in years. He doesn’t like Jesse, and Jesse doesn’t like him, and it naturally comes to some pretty rough verbal blows between them, but when Genji suddenly falls ill before a very important deadline, Jesse is the one who shows up at his apartment with hot soup, painkillers, ready to sit up with him all night to help him get done.

I had to remove a couple of these, because I couldn’t think of anything good for them, but yay! Here’s a handful of McGenji AU ideas!

They’re free to use for fic or art by anyone who wants them, but I’d appreciate a credit if you do use them :)

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What would happen if 2D accidentally made his S/O cry??

- It takes a lot to make 2D angry, he’s one of the most chilled out people in the world. When he does get mad it probably starts with something small that snowballs. He’s an arsehole when he’s in a fight and tends to go for really low blows. When he made a comment that dug really deep you could feel tears in your eyes. 

- You look at him teary eyed and he realises what he just said. He starts apologising rapidly. You walk out of the room, telling him to piss off. As you slammed your shared bedroom door upstairs his anxiety began to mess with his head. He began pacing franticly in the living room as his mind started looping the worst case scenarios in his head. He didn’t want to lose you

- In his anxiety filled flurry he called Noodle and asked for her advice, she always knew what to do. She told him to give you space and to apologise, it was a fight these things happen.

- After leaving you to yourself for a couple of hours he entered the bedroom in a state of surrender. He cautiously sat down next to you and started bumbling an apology. You looked up at him, your eyes still a little red and told him that whilst he was being a dick you forgave him. You rested your head on his shoulder as though it was a peace treaty and rubbed your thumb over his hands. 2D almost instantly calmed down promising he’s never get that angry at you again

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Lil tomco fic idea: Tom likes the smell of Marco's hair, and will randomly start sniffing his hair sometimes.(Another idea I had is something you mentioned in a previous fic, Tom holding on to Marco like a koala.

Awwwww! This was so so so sweet! I had to write a little drabble for it! Sorry it’s kind of short, it was just a cute little scene! But I hope you enjoy it! I really had a fun time with this one!

It’s been a while since I did feral Tom, so I played off of that idea! How animals use smell to identify people. I hope you like it!

Everything was blurry, how it normally was when Tom was half asleep. Something warm had wrapped around him and caused him to wake a tiny bit. It wasn’t a bad thing. It was warm and holding him and it was nice. Tom rolled around and saw a little bit of a figure holding him. Before reacting he nuzzled closer and sniffed the soft puff soon to be identified as hair. As soon as the scent clicked Tom grinned and buried himself in the hug. It was Marco! Marco was there for him, and Tom could recognize him.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” Marco giggled. Tom yawned and shook his head.

“To be honest, I’m still sort of asleep.” He mumbled. Marco giggled and held Tom closer. Tom sniffed Marco’s hoodie and felt safe. It was so familiar, it put him at ease. No matter where he was, that smell would always mean he was home.

Tom wrapped his arms and legs around the human so he was latched onto him. Marco laughed lightly and Tom purred. “What are you, a koala?” Marco teased. Tom just yawned and nodded, gripping onto Marco more securely.


“Do you have to go?” Tom asked, biting his lip. Marco nodded and gave the demon another hug. “Why can’t you stay?” Tom mumbled, but he already knew the answer. Marco pulled back and smiled a little.

“I’ll only be away two weeks.” He promised. “My abuela is old and doesn’t have any company.” Marco explained. Tom nodded. “You gonna watch the house while we’re gone? Feed the pups and water the plants?” Marco asked. Tom nodded and his ears perked up. “Good demon.” He teased.

“Marco, come on.” Tom blushed at the joke and Marco giggled. Tom’s face then fell a little bit. “I’m really gonna miss you.” He told the human. Marco frowned and gave Tom a kiss on the head. When he was close, Tom buried his face in Marco’s hoodie and took in his scent. He felt like his home was leaving. Marco pulled away and took his hoodie off, handing it to Tom.

“Watch this while I’m gone.” Marco winked. Tom took the piece of clothing in his hands and hugged it close.


Two weeks later Marco opened the door and his whole family piled in with luggage, their flight was delayed so they made it home late at night. “Tom! We’re home! Did you take care of the house?” Marco called. When there was no response Marco went upstairs. He opened the door to his room and smiled.

Tom was curled up on the bed, wrapped in a big blanket, and snuggling Marco’s hoodie. He had it held tight and secure in his arms as he slept soundly. Marco smiled warmly and went over to sit down next to the sleeping demon. “Hey, Tommy?” Marco whispered gently. Tom’s eyes fluttered open and he looked at Marco confused. He sat up and sniffed him, as soon as the scent clicked his face lit up.

“Marco!” Tom exclaimed, and tackled him in a hug. “I missed you!” He giggled. Marco nodded and gave the demon a kiss.

“I missed you too. Sorry for waking you up, but I had to see you.” Marco smiled and covered Tom’s face with kisses. “Thanks for watching the house for us.” He bopped Tom’s nose. “My brave little soldier.” He sighed. Tom blushed and held onto the hoodie. As soon as he realized that it was still in his arms, he held it out.

“Oh, you can have this back… I made sure to take good care of it for you.” Tom beamed. Marco smiled and took the hoodie. He held it for a moment before handing it back.

“You can keep this one if you want. I have like… five.” Marco assured. Tom shook his head and stole a kiss from the human.

“Save it for next time you go away… but I don’t need it anymore… for now at least.” Tom assured. He then pulled Marco close and nuzzled his face. “I have the whole you!”

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Is it to late for klance "will you marry me?"

fuck no bruh let’s do it

(it got a little long so i put a read more lmao)


Okay, so Lance is minding his own business before Keith blows his fucking mind with those four fucking words. 

It started out as a very normal day. Lance woke up sprawled across Keith’s chest very early in the morning. He drifted back off to sleep, and when he woke up for good, Keith was already gone. Which, exactly normal. It happens most mornings. Keith doesn’t sleep that much. 

So, Lance rolled out of their bed and shuffled through the castle halls until he got to the dining room. Hunk and Pidge were walking in at the same time as him, talking about one of the new cloaking systems they were planning on installing for the lions. Lance followed them inside to see Shiro, Allura, and Coran already sitting at the table, looking a little tired but smiling all the same. 

Lance fell down into his seat and just as he grabbed a plate, Keith walked in. He squeezed Lance’s shoulder gently and sat down in his seat next to him. He was sweaty and gross in a sexy way, which only meant that he had spent the morning training. Which again, it happened every morning. 

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Don’t complain about mass shootings or serial killers when they signs were there from the beginning and you did nothing about it. No help. Not an ear to listen to their issues. Not a soul taking them seriously. So many calls for help ignored, even brushed off as “playing the victim”’ Then shit happens and we all cry and wonder if we could do something to prevent it, if we are guilty too.
When someone goes nuts and shoots up a place or starts killing in other ways, they’re not the only one guilty. Society is guilty too. The people around the killer who didn’t help or didn’t help enough or even ignored the person’s calls for help are guilty as well.

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Betty and Jughead will break up for ONE DAY everyone. Then, here's what's going to happen. Betty will be in her room on her bed thinking about how the serpent thing is no big deal. She will go back to the trailer, where Jughead is in his pajama bottoms, and answers the door shirtless. She's jump on him and they'll start undressing, picking up where they left off the night before. He'll just carry her right back to the kitchen, no words need be exchanged!!!! There ya go!!!!!

Bughead’s break up cont: And then Juggie will make love to Betty so well that she’ll 1) forget her name while she’s screaming his and 2) wonder what she was even upset over in the first place…             


TalesFromYourServer: The time my own manager stiffed me.

It was a Saturday. I was pulling a double. Initially was supposed to be there at 11:30 am, but got called in at 10, as the opener called off.

Second shift started at 5, and the nice, lovely manager who opened was now going home. Enter evil manager who has her favorites, of which I am not one.

Let’s call her Boss Lady. Boss Lady has several servers that she will let break the rules constantly, while her not so favorites get severely punished for breaking them. For example, if a customer needs an extra side of dressing, we must carry that dressing out to the dining room using a tray. If one of her favorites does not use a tray, she doesn’t bat an eye. If I or her other non-favorites don’t use a tray, we are made to stay later, roll more silverware, and do random outs that aren’t on our lists.

I don’t mind that I am not in her gang of besties, but I do get annoyed when I am reprimanded for minor things, while others are not. Boss Lady will let her favorites eat free, while the rest of us have to pay. Boss Lady also likes to disappear.

Anyways, on this specific Saturday night, it’s around 11:00 PM, and I am due to be cut any time. We get a mild rush, people coming in every few minutes, so I figured it would be a while before I was cut. No big deal. I’m tired, have been here for over 12 hours, but wanted some more cash.

Around 11:15, a couple in their 40s arrive with their adult son. Dad orders tea, mom orders soda, son orders beer. The share two appetizers, and each order their entrees.

As I’m bringing the entrees out, I notice Boss Lady hovering over their table, being chatty. She introduces the table to me – it’s her sister, brother in law, and nephew.

Server smile! So nice to meet you! Can I get you anything else? Son asks for a soda. Boss Lady says “don’t ring it in, they’re not paying for any of this anyway, except for the beer.”

I thought it was kind of screwed up for the manager to comp their entire meal, just because they were her family, but whatever, do as the manager says.

Boss Lady spends the next hour sitting at their table with them, eating the food and chatting. It’s now well after midnight, my ankles are swollen, and I’m about to completely shut down.

Boss Lady asks me to bring her the bill, which she then takes into the office and comps. I assumed that I would still receive a tip.

Times where I have been eating out and a manager comps my meal for whatever reason (overcooked steak, long delay, cold entrees, etc.), and I always, always, ALWAYS tip as if I paid for my meal.

Well, her family leaves, she disappears again, and I walk over to the table to start bussing and collect my tip.

$3. Three lousy dollars on a $60 tab.

I felt very annoyed that the manager would allow that, as most of us tend to educate our families on proper tipping etiquette. But no, Boss Lady didn’t interfere with this minuscule tip.

She finally let me leave at 1:30 in the morning, and I was so exhausted I didn’t let it bother me. But when I woke up the next morning, I remembered how my own manager stiffed me, gave out all kinds of free product, and then kept me well past my cut time.

End rant.

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do you think phil actually votes conservatives/right wing ? id honestly be so disappointed and put off if it was the case :(

Not at all. Are people seriously thinking he does? Because of one video he made with one person? If you think Phil is that easily influenced, why wouldn’t the assumption be that Phil must think everything Dan thinks? 

I believe if Phil did ever vote conservative it was likely when he was young enough to be heavily influenced by his family and not yet thinking independently. It’s pretty common for people to start to realize their own political opinions based on their own life and priorities and values into their twenties. 

Monsta X: how they'd impress their idol crush

Shownu:  he’d probably talk about you lots during interviews bc he has no shame, and also bc he’s sure that you wouldn’t even pay attention to him. He’d start off with complimenting your music and your group, but always mentions that you’re the one who stands out the most.

Wonho:  straight to the point, he’ll name you as his ULTIMATE ideal type, as in he thought you were perfect in his eyes. Definitely will blush every time his members mention you, but he’s ready the next time they do a v live, with his shirt off and everything, blasting your songs on his phone as they do a q&a.

Minhyuk:  goes out of his way to mention you after every single question he’s asked, making sure to add a wicked smile as he looks into the camera. It’s impossible for you to not notice him at this point, but it’s so hard to resist his charm and charisma and he’d end up befriending you in no time.

Kihyun:  nothing special, esp bc he’s got that image to maintain of being a “single ladies man”. That all goes down the drain when all he’s asked are questions about you, and he’ll go absolutely nuts when you somehow get in contact with him.

Hyungwon:  shuts down any sort of embarrassing behavior from his bandmates, and will not make a fool of himself on camera, esp when he knows you’re probably watching. Despite this, he’ll shyly mention you a couple times during interviews and says that if he really REALLY had to choose an ideal type, it’d be you. *cue awkward giggling*

Jooheon:  "ay, what’s good, y/n. I think me and you would get along hella nice, hmu" makes all sorts of hints that you guys are friends, even when you’ve just met him a couple times. Ofc he doesn’t mean this and he’s just trying to be funny, not once thinking you’d fall for him too, since he was only out to get your attention.

I.M:  ofc he’s gonna deal with endless teasing, despite him being the mature maknae. The whole world knows that you’ve been his crush for such a long time, but he still won’t do anything silly to get your attention until you’re introduced to him properly. Even then he’s hella embarrassed, but he’s on could nine ever since meeting you.

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