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romantic girls, who fold anonymous love notes and slip it into the backpacks of girls on the sly, daydreaming of soft kisses, meadow picnics, and whispers.

gentle girls, who replay the one cherished interaction in their head like a vintage movie, burying their faces into soft sweaters in flushed excitement and disbelief.

secretive girls, who long for her and only her, fingers hesitating over the “follow” button that would change the course of their romance forever.

timid girls, who pace back and forth and back and forth in their mind’s eye, heart thudding with anticipation and courage to approach the beautiful girl from third period.

loving girls, who slowly keep watch over other girls, protecting them with the purity of their kindness and affection, the guardian angels in intention and purpose.

[ part 1 ]

NCT 127 reaction to their S/O hugging them from behind


Anon: nct reaction to s/o hugging them from behind

This isn’t as long as I wanted it to be but it’ll have to do…. enjoy! :-) Also I am literally like 20 followers away from 3k uhmmm ???? Wow hsjxhdjdhjdjd pls expect a follow forever when I get there (i should probably start writing it now) and possibly a message if ur my mutual❤️


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Would smile so shyly and sweetly, slightly embarrassed (you know what smile I’m talking about) He wasn’t used to this kind of skin ship from you; quick pecks and shy hand holding were your thing. He’d put his hands over yours, rocking from side to side, probably still trying to get over his embarrassment.


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This abnormally tall child (who am I kidding? I’m a tall ass child myself) would possibly be a little annoyed at you initiating skin ship. He’d like being the one initiating skin ship with you, the one kissing you first or hugging you first. Of course he’d love it, but at first he’d be a tiny bit annoyed. “Jagi! Y/N!” He’d cry. “Let me do that you; it’ll be better- wait!” He’d spin around, turning you round gently before wrapping his arms around your waist and leaning down to rest his head on your shoulder/head. “Hmm, doesn’t this feel better like this?“


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Taeyong wouldn’t say anything. His heart would stop momentarily; these little gestures of yours would mean a lot to him and he’d love it. Smiling, he’d turn round, pulling your forwards into his chest. One hand running through your hair, the other wrapped around your waist. You too weren’t always that into skin ship so this would be a very special moment for the pair of you.


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This undercover fuck boy would love this gesture and attention. He’d playfully push you off, dusting off his shoulders and sorting out his hair. “Ah, jagiya! Stop trying to ruin my vibe!” He’d tease you for a bit, but when he saw you pouting - his ultimate weakness - and beginning to turn and leave, he’d reach out and give you a back hug too, begging to you to stay and cuddle.


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This guy would react like WinWin. He’d blush and smile widely, possibly squeal a little bit too out of excitement. ”That was so cute! Do it again! Do it again!“ He’d push your arms away gently, asking you to do it again. Every time you did his heart would flutter slightly and he’d giggle like a school boy. You had never seen him in this state before, but you defiantly weren’t complaining.


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Jaehyun wouldn’t react one bit, but you wouldn’t be able to see his cheeks flush and feel his heart race faster. He’d let you cling on like a koala bear, smirking when you start to walk away upset he hadn’t hugged you back or acknowledged him. Following you behind, you oblivious of him doing this, he’d wrap his arms around your waist and pull up into a back hug: “hmm, don’t worry, Y/N. I love you a lot you know that?”, not wanting to actually upset you for real.


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Awe, this little ray of sunshine my little child lol He loved it when you wrapped your arms tightly from behind. He blushed furiously, giggling slightly at how cute and adorable you were. Turning around, he’d wrap his arms around your waist, picking you up and twirling you round, the pair of you laughing like idiots.


Originally posted by neotechs

This boy would be startled at first, possibly a little shy at your gesture. “Y/N!!” He’d whine quietly. “You love it really”, you’d tease him, still holding onto him. Of course he did, but he wouldn’t admit it. He’d let you carry on in silence, before giving into you by turning around and giving you a quick squeeze and peck.


Originally posted by haenyan

He’d literally squeal and laugh and absolutely love it. He’ll gush about how cute you are and how much he loves you, running up to the other members and showing you off for your skinship. For the rest of the day, he will literally do anything for you, offering you piggybacks and giving you lots of food. There was no real, legitimate reason for him to do this - but, he’d just use it as an excuse to spoil you.

 So. Like some of you might have kind of expected (mostly because I did a countdown through text posts) I’ve reached 2k followers! Yay.

Now I know this sounds cliché as hell, but man when I created this shit ass trash blog I thought “okay I have a tumblr now. I’m just gonna stick around for a while, see some beatle butts and maybe 9 or 10 kind souls might follow me, someday.” And now there are like 2 thousand people and I’m just. Wow.


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New Girl - Seven

One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six // Eight | Nine | Ten

I crept out of my room at around six in the morning, a small travel bag in my hand filled with clothes, shower/bathroom necessities, and my phone and laptop chargers. “Where are you going?” I stopped with my hand on the front door’s doorknob at the sound of Harrison’s voice. I turned around and faced him, a guilty look on my face as he had caught me red-handed. His eyes shifted to the bag in my hand and his eyebrows pulled in, in confusion. “Are you okay?” I put a finger to his lips, trying to indicate I wanted him to speak in a lower voice.

“I don’t want to wake up Tom.” Harrison nodded, walking over to me and pulling me into his room, which was the farthest from all of ours, the room on the other side of the loft. He quietly shut the door and turned to me, signaling me to sit on his bed. Once we both got ourselves situated, the questions began.

“Why do you have a bag? Is it packed? I thought you weren’t moving in with Tony, didn’t you guys break-up? Jacob’s gonna kill you.”

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Best Mistake - Part I

Originally posted by stallingdemons

Story Description: Reader is a succubus and catches the eye of Peter Hale

Part Description: Reader has difficulty controlling her power at her first pack meeting

Warnings/Labels: Flirting? Reader goes all succubus on them? Something like that

Word Count: 1,667

A/N: still adapting, so don’t expect too much

At first, when Derek and Scott had come up to you, you were a bit scared and wary. You were at work, a coffee shop near the high school of Beacon Hills, and you certainly didn’t see those events coming.

You pulled your (y/h/c) hair into a high ponytail and flattened out the dark green apron you had to wear for work. With a swift motion you picked up the two cups of coffee and walked over to the elderly couple that ordered the espresso and the macchiato with extra sugar. With a smile and a „Call me if you need anything else.“, you went back as the bell rang, signaling that another customer has entered the shop. The small coffee shop was already packed and you sighed. Somehow you always got to work on the busiest days. You took a deep breath where you stopped and turned around, a tired smile on your face.
„What can I do for you?“, you smiled breathlessly and looked at the two young men in front of you. The smaller one had dark eyes and hair, a friendly expression on his face, that somehow reminded you of a lost puppy. You knew him from school, his name was Scott or something like that - you hadn’t had too much time learning all of the names since you only just moved here. The taller one watched you with narrowed green eyes as if very concentrated on something, his arms crossed in front of his chest. He wore a black leather jacket. At first both of them just looked at you and you grew uneasy - weren’t they here for coffee?
„(y/n), right?“, Scott finally saved yes from the embarrassing silence and it also seemed to pull the other guy back to reality.
„Yes?“, it was more of a question than an answer but they didn’t seem to mind too much.
„I’m Scott and this is Derek“, Scott introduced himself and his friend, who just curtly nodded when Scott said his name. He seemed kind of grumpy. You still didn’t really know what to make of this situation - usually the customers didn’t start a conversation like this. „May we speak in private?“, Scott finally asked, his voice low, as if he was afraid that others could hear him. You were taken by surprise at that request but quickly got your act together again.
„S-sure, just follow me“, you said as you lead them to the back of the coffee shop.

That day, about a week ago, Scott and Derek had confronted you with the truth, that changed your life forever. You found out about werewolves, banshees, alphas and all this fancy stuff. At first you didn’t really believe them but when Scott flashed his blood-red alpha eyes at you, you quickly changed your mind. Apparently Scott had a pack full of supernatural creatures that somehow also went to school with you - except for Stiles and Allison, the two humans in the pack and Scott’s best friend. At the question what they wanted with you, Derek finally took over and dropped the bomb: Succubus was the word he used to describe you and up to this day you hadn’t quite grasped all of the things you should know of this - of your - species. Since Derek didn’t know too much about it either, you only had limited information. Apparently all kinds of creatures felt kind of a strange attraction towards you, which could explain the many customers whenever you worked at the coffee shop. And as long as you couldn’t control your powers - whatever they were - you should be careful. More things were to be discussed in a pack meeting at Derek’s loft, which was where you were driving at the moment. Derek hadn’t told the rest of the pack about you yet but Scott had given you a quick run-down of the members: He was the alpha, although Derek was still kind of powerful or something like that. There was Lydia - the banshee, human Stiles, Allison Argent - Scott’s girlfriend and werewolf-hunter - Isaac Lahey and Liam, the young pup. Oh and Derek’s serial-killer uncle Peter Hale.

You parked your car not too far away and quickly got into the building. The elevator ride was nerve-wrecking, your heeled boots klicking impatiently on the floor of the elevator. You didn’t know what to expect and what they would think of you. Usually you didn’t care about other peoples opinions but in this case… you were lost. Suddenly led into the supernatural world, without any knowledge or experience on this terrain. The elevator door opened and as you walked through the apartment-doors and tried to at least look confident, you were greeted by the people in the room. Apparently Derek had called the others in earlier to tell them about you and when all of them turned to look at you, you smiled slightly. The uneasiness spread inside of you, like a cold claw gripping your heart and clenching - until, suddenly, the feeling was gone. Warmth spread inside of you and you finally met their glances while you went up to Derek’s side.
„Uhm… this is her“, he stuttered and you were confused when he avoided your eyes. Scott looked at you in wonder and the boy you recognized as Stiles, had his mouth hanging wide open. The others just stared at you, Liam with reddened cheeks, and didn’t say a word. In that moment you really had to keep yourself from fidgeting. Did you have something on your face? The silence was interrupted by a sharp whistle from the back of the room. The person had sat in the shadows and you hadn’t seen him until he stepped closer.
„That is one hell of a succubus, dear nephew“, the guy narrowed his eyes at you and his words seemed to get all of the pack members back to reality. You didn’t expect Peter Hale to be so good looking. His dark hair looked perfect, blue eyes watching your every move and giving you goosebumps while a small smirk played on his lips. He wore a grey V-neck shirt that stretched across his - you really hated yourself for thinking that word - chiseled chest and jeans that hung dangerously low on his hips. „What’s your name, little one?“, he asked you as he stepped even closer, now standing directly in front of you. You really didn’t want to look, you really wanted to hate him for who he was. But somehow, when your words stuck in your throat as he watched you with dark eyes, you failed.
„I-It’s (y/n)“, your voice sounded foreign in your ears when you spoke for the first time. It sounded smooth, almost husky and everyone around you tensed up when your voice clang through the room. If you hadn’t looked this close you would have almost believed that it hadn’t affected Peter. But you did see his smirk drop, clenching his teeth and his pupils widen so his eyes were almost black. If you weren’t so confused you would have probably noticed Derek trying to step away from you. Liam let out a low hiss and Peter froze for a second.
„Please… shut it off!“, Derek growled from next to you after a couple of seconds, gripping the rest of a chair in front of him with white knuckles and staring down onto the floor, trying really hard not to look at you. Peter took a deep breath and also seemed to restrain himself with all the strength he could muster.
„What?“, was your answer when you finally realized what he meant: the strange feeling before - it had to be some kind of succubus power you have used. „I don’t know how“, you murmured more to yourself than anybody else in the room when you met Peter’s gaze. He let out a low snarl and his eyes flickered in-between his human- and his bright blue werewolf eyes. His hands were balled up into fists and you took a small step back, unsure whether he was going to attack or not. You tried to stop the warmth in your body from spreading, concentrating on getting it all back to the core and locking it there. It took you a couple of tries to get it right but when the growling and snarling stopped you finally looked up and sighed relieved. Everyone wore a confused expression but the weird staring was over.
Goddamnit!“, Peter growled and took a couple of steps away from you when the spell broke. Derek next to you relaxed visibly and looked at his uncle, „Didn’t affect me at all“, he snarled when Derek’s lips pulled up into a tiny smirk. But his nephew just lifted his eyebrows as if saying I didn’t say anything.
„What did I just do?“, you were kind of confused about the whole situation and Peter and Derek bickering didn’t help you at all.
„You just went all succubus on us, sweetheart“, Peter replied with the typical amount of snark in his voice and you threw the man in front of you a rather halfhearted evil-eye.
„I’m not your sweetheart“, you protested. You couldn’t read Peter Hale at all - usually you would just hate him for what he has done to the pack and for what he was like. But you somehow couldn’t stop yourself from noticing his good looks. And up until now you had prided yourself with not being shallow…
„You will be“, Peter responded with a wink and an arrogant smirk that affected you more than you liked to admit. You wanted to have a sassy reply but somehow your words got stuck in your throat. Luckily for you, Derek came to your rescue.
„Stop flirting with the succubus“, he growled as he rolled his eyes at his uncles’ behavior.
„You do know that I have a name?“, it came out harsher than you meant to, but Derek just shrugged.
„Anything else?“

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Real Questions:

1: What does playing or creating for Sims do for you?

2: Which do you prefer, a lot of attention, or a little appreciation?

3: Honestly, are you a giver or a taker?

4: If you had to listen to only one musical artist forever, who would you chose?

5: How important is age to you when it comes to the simblr community?

6: Do you have or do you want children?

7: This may not translate well, but what was your favorite male character on “That 70’s Show” and/or “Gilmore Girls”?

8: What is your favorite book?

9: What is your favorite book series?

10: What kind of movies do you like the best?

11: Do you follow the news or avoid it?

12: Are you close or distant with your family?

13: Are you an introvert or extrovert?

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Goodbye Forever

Request: Yes. An anon (*cough* Lauren *cough* @mc-universe *cough*) left the following in my inbox: “hi bbg could you maybe write me a fic about reader having a glass of peter’s neck water? that ability gives me the chills god i wish it was canon 😩😩😩👅👅👅💦💦💦”

Word Count: 666

Ships: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Kind of angsty, mentions of oral sex (jokingly, I DO NOT write smut)

A/N / Summary: I hope you like it Lauren. This is also kind of a Pt. 2 to @mc-universe ‘s “New Abilities” Fic 

“Please.. Please, love, give me one more chance.” You turned away, hurt and angry. How could he?

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New interview with BBC Newsnight where Robert Pattinson gets candid about how he deals with fame, finding roles that challenge him and how he knew the Twilight franchise would end because he couldn’t play 17 forever.

“Being followed is the only… I mean, you feel trapped. It just takes time to realize how to live when your life kind of systematically shifts like, it just takes a while to realize how to live it.

“Disguises in general don’t particularly work, it’s just where you choose to hang out. It’s also just an attitude. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky. Generally if you want to do a franchise, you’re locked into eight movies. Studios can choose to exercise their options whenever they want.”

You mean you could get a phone call, ‘we need you on set…’

“Yeah! That’s like, it could be 20 years of doing the same thing. With Twilight, I had to be 17 the whole time, that can’t go on for too long (laughs).”

He says he sits inside, leafing through Variety and emailing directors, like Josh and Benny Safdie, who created Good Time for him.

“The whole movie felt like you were having a panic attack. It was my first contact with the Safdies.”

The quid pro quo for the directors is that they get a bona fide A-list star who’s name helps sell the film.  

On being interested in politics: “I used to love the idea of being a writer for politicians (a political speechwriter). I find it fascinating, it’s performance. So much of it is performance now. Which is I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

dollsome-does-tumblr  asked:

Sherlock and Joan!

1. Who takes the trash out? Joan unless she suspects Sherlock has been Making Trouble in which case she makes him do it. Otherwise he’d leave it forever as some kind of fruit fly experiment.
2. Who reminds the other to take care of themselves? BOTH which is what is so great. I mean, Joan more often, but Sherlock definitely does it too.
3. Who is happier when they are out in nature? JOAN, to the chorus of “Watson, I have no cell phone reception here, what if there’s a murder?” in the background.
4. Do they like to go in the hot tub together? I really can’t imagine it.
5. Do either of them avidly follow a celebrity and/or fandom? Sherlock’s canonically a balletomane as I recall and Joan is a baseball fan, but I don’t think there’s anything currently airing or a current person they are Obsessed With.
6. Who builds a pillow fort? Sherlock, as an experiment to see if it helps him think better.
7. Who plans the romantic date? Sherlock, as an elaborate part of a cover when they’re trying to get a murderer to confess, but he gets really weirdly into it and is upset when Watson doesn’t like his choice of restaurant.
8. Who likes to play with the other’s hair? Sherlock with Joan’s, though he would NEVER ADMIT IT. “It is merely practical to braid your hair, Watson, and it gives me something to do with my hands while I think. It was this or the handcuffs.”
9. Who calms the other down when the other has a nightmare? Both again. Sherlock more often than Joan simply because she SLEEPS more often. His nightmares are worse and more frequent, but she’s a sound sleeper so she unfortunately misses them often.
10. Who wants their dog to sleep on the bed with them? Dog, Joan. Weird exotic pet that may be technically illegal but which comes with a sob story, Sherlock.
11. Who can’t sleep without the other? Sherlock finds Watson passing out in various places in the house to be soothing. She would sleep regardless, he likes knowing she’s around.
12. Who is too nice and will listen to a sales person pitch? It’s not that Sherlock is too nice, it’s that he’s honestly curious about how much of any given sales pitch is bullshit.
13. Who makes the first move to cuddle? Joan, after Sherlock stands pointedly over her for ten minutes because he is emotionally constipated and can’t do it himself.
14. What is their go to fast food place? So much Chinese takeout.
15. Who likes to wear the other’s sweaters? Sherlock steals Joan’s, she has some very good cozy ones.

anonymous asked:

Would you be able to explain the lightening rod and how it relates to Barry and Iris?

Sure!  It’s kind of tricky, but a lightning rod is kind of like a North Star.  Your lightning rod is your way home.  If you don’t have one, then it’s easy to get lost at sea (i.e. in the Speed Force), potentially “forever.”  For speedsters, lightning rods help ground them in their correct time and place. 

So, if Barry goes into the Speed Force, Iris’ presence helps him find his way home.  It doesn’t actually matter which Iris he finds/follows; which creates the interesting possibility that he could potentially appear at any one of a hundred thousand alternative universes (or more; there’s no upper limit on how many universes there can be). 

If he goes “too far” into the Speed Force, then he can lose sight of his North Star.  (To continue the real world analogy, you can’t see the North Star from the southern hemisphere; it disappears at the equator.)  A tether – created by an anchor like Cisco – can be a valuable complement to a lightning rod.  

A lightning rod means you’re in the right place; an anchor helps keep you in the neighborhood of the right lightning rod.  Eventually, just by accident, Barry could find any Iris, but he wants his Iris, and that’s where Cisco or Cindy or any other Viber-like meta could come in handy.


It feels like such a short time since I last had a milestone like this, but it’s always nice to celebrate! Short time or not though, I’ve been able to meet some great new people I’ve met so many kind people that inspire me and are all great!

It makes me happy to hear as well whenever people tell me they’ve been having fun here with me, and that they like the portrayal and that they can have a nostalgic feeling seeing the little guy here. Thank you for all the support, I do really enjoy rping as Spyro. I hope there will be even more in the future! Remember even if you aren’t tagged, or if we haven’t yet talked or interacted then don’t worry, I love all of you guys!

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who are the five kindest people you know on here/in the sh fandom?

i don’t like the limit on this bc that makes it sound like this is some kind of competition when it’s not. but here are some of the people, some of which i’ve talked to regularly, who have been nothing but kind to me:

@kingmaric@alecs ; @lesbianmaiia ; @maiabaneway ; @hufflebee ; @moonylady ; @sunsonder ; @blushyalec ; @radiantmalec ; @belovedbane ; @mel-iorn ; @willjtudor

The Wandering Whumper’s Season of Kindness, Day #2

May we take a moment to talk about @egg-with-a-butt aka @like-me-a-little-whump aka @whumpire aka Emrys? Because I think she is probably the best damn person I know. She’s an amazing friend, a budding fan fic writer, and the unofficial Whump Community welcoming committee. Seriously, the first thing you see when diving in here is her beautiful face. Emrys is supportive, kind, selfless, endlessly creative and forever in my heart. She will be my friend forever. If you aren’t following her, I suggest you remedy that situation immediately.

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Idk how to phrase this so I hope u follow! I just saw stiles-lydia()com/post/156339779477 and I never saw the connection bw "you held your breath" and the saying "don't hold your breath"? Like how long have ppl been saying "dont hold your breath, dont wait forever" about L to S and her saying that was kind of symbolic to me in that way of: look what happened for sticking w me and helping me become this person! Ik its not what the writers meant but I still like it. Hope this makes sense haha

Wow….. that’s beautiful. That’s really, really, really beautiful, anon. Like, I just got tears in my eyes. 


Thank you for choosing to send this to me. It’s one of the best asks I’ve ever gotten. 


  So this is legit the most followers I’ve ever had on an OC blog and I really appreciate all the love that Cecil is getting.  Especially considering how new I am to the fandom, he’s been so well received and it warms my heart.  I don’t like calling this a follow forever, but that’s kind of what it is so HERE get ready for all the name drops lmao. 

BOX 1 || my mains

My dailies.  I love you guys. 

 @dilseacht​ || you’re literally the best.  See this person?  They are the best.  Thank you for helping me flesh out Cecil’s character so much and for letting me use Láeg for my Main Verse Servant.  I think you were seriously the first thread I even had for Cecil.  It’s been amazing getting to know you OOC as well, you’re an amazing person!  :D 

  @fortesinfide​ || I know I literally haven’t even gotten around to interacting with you IC much but I love that we’re in all the same fandoms.  I love your characters a lot, especially Tessa.  She could step on me and I would say thank you.  But I’ve loved talking to you OOC, I appreciate all the support you’ve offered me, and vice versa.  <3

  @blondtroublemaker​ || I don’t even know what to say, Mary is probably as far away from someone I could imagine Cecil getting on with but here we are their relationship is the best thing I’ve ever seen ever. 

  @peerless-might​ || I literally don’t know anything about your character canonically but Ozen has made me incredibly curious about the source material but also I really just love her and the depth that you portray her in.  I look forward to each and every reply even if we haven’t interacted much. 

  @saberxfblue​ || I can’t not include you on here because I wouldn’t even be in this fandom if you hadn’t shoved it down my damn throat.  Sorry I’m so slow with replies I’m just lazy.  :’)

BOX 2 || my smol babs

I haven’t gotten the chance to interact much with you guys, but what I have I’ve loved.

 @boltsandbarrels​ || I haven’t gotten to interact with you much, but you’re hilarious OOC && I can’t believe Abraham Van Helsing knocked down Cecil’s goddamn wall in the first five minutes.  He’s a keeper.  This fox triumvate loves you.

  @comtevengeur || I just really love your characterization a lot.  I love everything about the way you play Edmond.  He’s been one of my favorite figures in fiction since high school and you really do this version of him justice.  I can’t wait to interact with you more.  

BOX  3 || my senpais

the people I just really covet and love to see on my dash but have either been to shy to approach either much or at all or just can’t think of anything creative for us to do. 

  @atharrais || yes hi your characterization is beautiful and I want to know everything about your portrayal because WOW && I have a lot of feelings about Archer in general but everything about the way you play him makes me happy. And sad, all at once but that’s normal.

  @ridireacht || DIAR IS THE MOST PRECIOUS CHILD UNDER THE GOOD SUN AND I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO SAYS OTHERWISE but especially yours.  He’s very nice and your blog is very aesthetic and pleasing.  I love seeing you on my dash and I wish I could come up with more creative things for us to do but I’m pretty content just getting to read your stuff. 

  @liagaa || I always get a good laugh out of pretty much everything you post but your presence on my dash always makes me smile.  I love your characterization and interactions a lot but can’t think of anything creative so I’m just gonna sit over here and observe happily.

  @ulsterswardog || I have a lot of feelings about Cu, and I really love your portrayal.  You’re a joy to see on my dash and it just makes me really happy is all.  Keep up the amazing work I love you! 

  @ulmash || UM YES HI QUALITY GIL RIGHT HERE I love your portrayal but I just don’t have anything unique in mind yet for them but I’d love to interact with you one day! :D  pleasedontkillcecilokayheiskindofsquishyandsoft. 

I’ve probably forgot some people I wanted to include, but there you go.  Thank you all so much for sticking around and loving my child and I look forward to future threads with everyone!  I’d like to close out by saying please don’t be afraid to approach me for threads and things if you’re interested!  :D 

Firstly i want to thank everybody for putting up with me in this year. I haven’t reached any kind of milestone but recently it’s been about 2 years since i started this blog so making a follow forever seemed like a good idea. So many good and bad things happened this year  and i will try to cherish them all. Once again thank you, both to my followers and the people i follow ;

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“voreyeurism replied to your post “@voreyeurism ok so elysian is very…”

yoo i see! >:O when they’re in spirit form can normal people like see them?

so maybe the person that sets Elysian free (aka seth) can only see them in spirit form? so they’d just like follow seth bc there’s nothing else they can do at that point until their incantation was read out loud. and once they were finally freed from the spirit realm they’d be like “you set me free after 4000 years of being trapped in that godforsaken jar. i’m never leaving your side.” and seth is kinda frightened at first bc this demigod is going to be attached to him forever but then he realizes that elysian is actually really kind and beautiful and genuine (unless you piss them off) then natural chemistry=eventual relationship