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1,250 Follower Follow Forever!

—–[ This month marks the one-year anniversary of my Asriel blog! ]

     So! Dropping format to make this easier on myself, I’m tagging a shit ton of people that I want to promote and say that I appreciate them!

S Tier

These are the people that have been nothing but kind to me, and have even helped me get to where I am. Even if I don’t talk to some of them now, I feel like they deserve this spot.

@guardsruins | @determined-to-flirt | @forestarias | @fasioncnfire | @fxllenhope | @toriiel | @bergentruckuung | @lokilaevateinn

A Tier

These are people that I’d love to talk to more, but am either too nervous to do so or just forget to!

@smellslikejustice@radiantdescender | @please-be-good | @the-cruel-covetous-player | @reineilios | @skelehomie | @universimater | @lcstheir | @realknifc | @ask-doggo-things | @spesetsomnia

Shoutouts to the Discord server that I’m in, but don’t have the URLs of everyone in it to mention! You’ve all been very kind to me. <3

i recently hit 10k followers and to be honest i never expected to hit this number especially since all i ever do is cry over the boys. this warmed up the end of my 2016 and i definitely do not deserve this amount of love but i thank each and every one of you for always showing me so much love.  so i’m here with another follow forever because without these people my blog probably won’t even last for so long. 💕

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I was inactive on this blog for almost 3,5 years before 2016 and I really didn’t think to ever come back. But when I learned about Shadowhunters in the beginning of the year, it not only brought my interest for tv shows back, but also introduced me to a complete new, wonderful fandom. When I started this blog in 2010 I mainly posted about football and Harry Potter, followed by years of posting about everything I liked.

I’ve been part of quite a few fandoms, but the Shadowhunters fandom is just one of a kind and it’s an absolute pleasure to know all of you amazing people. I used to do “Follow Friday” Videos and I loved to make these, so I hope I can make some people happy by doing my 2016 follow forever. I love you all.

I follow a good amount of blogs about Shadowhunters, The Foxhole Court, The Raven Cycle, Six of Crows, Yuri on Ice, Photography and Makeup… so this is gonna be long.

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

First to mention @natalieportman- because we’ve known each other since the beginning of my blog and I still have your christmas card from years ago at home ♥

Same goes to @brightsidesp and @dondaario who were already featured in my Follow Friday videos back in 2010 :) ♥

A - E: @aaronminyardt @aaronmmyrd @abloodneed @ace-archer-alec @adamsrcnan @adamsronan @aelinqueen @alecblushed @alecgaywoods @alecismyfuture @alecsagitta @alecsangryface @alecslays @alectightwood @alectually @alexandargideonlightwood @amorverus @archerboy @archerwarlock @ashes-and-glitter @asteriea @auclizzy @baneme @banesarcher @baneslair @beanmoreau @bi-magnus @bisexualmbane @cabeswateronan @califleurnia @canislytherinthings @chrispenetrator @cityofheavenlyships @claryisgay @claryslays @daddariosmuffin @daggersaxes @damnmalec @deerestalec @dimshums @dinosaurintimessquare @distinctmemory @doddario @drakamena @exyfexyfoxes @exyspacegays

F - N: @f-ire-fly @f0x-meets-w0lf @faintlyglow @firewithinyou @fraywoodbane @glendower @glitterxbane @glyndwr @grumpycateyes @highwarlockkareena @highwarlok @hoteldumorts @ichiroumoriyama @izzylightwood @j0seph-kavinsky @jaceslewis @jeanmoreua @jearmoreau @jemsdrug @jeremoreau @jeremoreau @josephkavinsky @jostcnneil @kavinckys @ketterdamns @kevindayofficial @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter @lydia-st-james @lynchsronan @magnusbanewoods @magnusgoatee @magnusizzy @magsbanes @magswoods @malecsangel @malecsbiscuit @malected @malecwings @mattlightwood @mazikkeen @miny3rd @mtdaddario @nephilimdaily @nightfallgoddess @noorasatere

O - Z: @ohmoreau @ohparrish @otppurefuckingmagic @patlochilles @patrochilles @pctrohclus @pr0ko @prrokopenko @pumpkinspicekevinday @raphaelsantiagosavedhimself @raphaelsdumort @ravencourtmemories @ravenvsfox @renee-walker9 @rikomoriyamaofficial @sassyarcherboy @savemoreau @shadowhunterspocdaily @shirmir @softbanes @softmagnusbane @strikingneil @su-pectrum @sweetcherry-2 @thaidoodles @thedangerboys @themagnusbaneffect @timelessmalec @vintersins @virginalec @vlctoraldertree @vvhymack @warlocksarcher @warlocksass @wesawbears @wesnenski @wesninski @witchlights @woodsbane @youstupiidnephilim

I’m sorry if I missed someone :/

[this beautiful pic cr. goes fully to bonnie aka @cafewoozi thank yoU SO MUCH HONEsLTY GUYS I ONLY LIVE FOR BONNIE ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;]

hello everybody~ it’s aqsa back again with another follow forever!! since ive finally reached my goal of 1.7k (th ank you so much special s/o to vivi (@vitaminniedk like you are too kind for promoting me you didn’t have to ;A; ily! also to the last five followers that got me to this point: @simplewoozis @pur-est @munchiesthaoo @monsterkactus @cafedino !! tysm !!! u made my night!! ;u;)

so, in all, i wanted to make a ff to commemorate this wonderful moment!! this was meant to be done ages ago, but seeing as i had no time (or skill hah rip me) to actually create a decent ff i’ll just be sticking to the good old original style!! so, without further ado, let us begin~

also!! i cannot thank you enough! you don’t know how much your support means to me, honestly ;;; why are you even following my blog tbh im such a messy poster it’s ridiculous especially after i had the humongous hiatus over the summer ;A; ahh that’s what i really wanted to thank you for; you all have stayed with me even after almost 2 months of inactivity and i don’t know how to thank you for that ;__; you guys are so so sweet to me all the time and i never ever feel uncomfortable or stressed out on this site thanks to all of the lovely friends and followers i have gained throughout this year old blog :> you all make my life so much brighter with your stories and tidbits of excitement and its really invigorating to be a part of such a gracious community ;u; so once again, thank you so so so much; i have so much to say but if i do this will get way too long and that’s why i’ll do you all a favor and keep this short. i love you so so so so so so much and i sincerely hope that you all know how much appreciation i hold for you guys; let’s keep going on for a long time while we cheer our 20 boys on with everything they do!! :>

⇀ legend/key ↼


✧  -we seem to have a lot in common + i’d love to get to know you better but im too shy ;; 

♡ -something special for you at the bottom~ 


@17dad @17vernsol @1jh @a6 @bangtan @blondjihoon @brbjungkook @bts-trans @bts0726 @buingtans  @bwibelle @bwikooks @bwiyomi @cafewoozi @candycoups @cchims @channosaurus-rex@chokemejimin @cinnamingyu ♡ @cottontae @dailyseungkwan @daily-ten @diamondandl @dino-sir @dokyeomdoki@doyoungsforehead @eggki ♡  @fighthoshi @ftwonwoo @fy-ten @fyeahbangtaned @fyeah-leechan     


@gyuhan-17 @hansolence @hanwooz @hobuing @hoon-seok @hoshl @howellsmovingcastl-e ♡ @httpxseventeen @igot17 @imperialidiot @int-carats @jejuboos @jellybeanminghao @jengkook @jihanlife@jihooon@jiminify @jimins-arms @jinssmolgf @jjeonreo @jjks @johshuas @joshua-hq @jungcookie @jungkie @junsblackhair ♡ @jxmin  ♡ 


@kim-mingyew @kiminguy @kimseoksjin @kimtqtae @kinghoshi @kittykatkwon @kkimgyu @kookhao@kths @kueonhoshi ✧ @leecnah @leejihoonz @lilchubchim@lonexsamurai @lovehoshi @manner-makes-a-man @mc-gyu @milkgyus @minghaou @mingyumilk @minhoetastic @minitae @minpuffs @minqyew @monoka @mountean 


@namdoom @namjoon @namseokie @pledis17 @prince-kook @princesschimchim @princeuji @qthansol @rapsae @scoupsanti @seoksjn @seungchul @seungheol @shantell @shitty17imagines @shuasoo@simplewooji @smenterslavement @smolgyu @soonhosh @spoilerhoshi  @suega @sugarjisoo @sugutie @sunqkwan @sugutie @svt-jiswoon  ♡  @syua @syubz @syubzi 


@taecheol @taeyongfireeyes @thoteen @tutti-frutti-nct @twinkgyu @tyotyo @vernonlaugh @vitaminniedk@what17says @wonftwoo @wonnhao @wonswooning  @wydkook  @yoonmin @yutagf  @zabibo

[if we are mutuals and i forgot to bold please do let me know!]

also big s/o to these followers who have been with me since the beginning or always show my blog lots of love; i see and appreciate you all so much :> and i may be forgetting some as well but just know that i know you’re there supporting me and i really feel your love so thank you! ily all forever and ever!!

@producerwooji @bee-nzino @scoups4lyfe @sugaaka @huangzi-taozi @eatboo @boo-dynasty @rosaliewatson @telekinesoo @notquitegorgeous @alexislexlexi @sweaterpxw @tookorean (jackIE AGH TY FOR YOUR SUPPORT ;;;) @cannotchoose @tallyiaboo @acetrainerattorney @usrnpt @callmeexodus and many many more!! sorry i can’t fit you all ;A;

 ⇁ special messages ↽

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Hello everyone! I got to 1,5k+ and would like to thank all of you. Thank you so much for everything! Thank you all so much for following me, sending kind messages, and reblogging/liking my edits. I’d never thought that my blog would reach this goal, but it’s all because of you. Thank you all for filling my dash with your beautiful edits, thank you for inspiring me, I can’t fully express how grateful I am for all of those things, but hopefully this conveys that to some extent. Thank you again, for all your support. Love you! ♥

Bold: lovely mutuals
Italics: people who inspire me


@akashizay@akutagawa-r @akutagawaas @akutagawah 
@alice-chan-chan  @atsushisnakajima @babymaxou @bokouto @celeinia 
@cheonda @chihori @confused-eevee @d-a-z-a-i @dazaiosamu 
@dazaiosamu-s @dazushi @dazushix @dazzai @emmikin @errorline 
@gamon-yuuta​  @glitterberry  


@have-a-heart-kaneki @hoshinoemiko @jiggyypepper 
@justarandomstrayaruji @kadrena @kamuisyato @katsukiisu @katsukiyuuri-s @kazune @keijirey @kirschtein @kojiiro @lalesath @lametooru
@mikotoray​  @miss-intention @nagittos @nagihtos @nicosrobins @nikiforv 


@odasakou @plisetski @plisetsukih @ranppo @ri-cha1 @sawtsuki
@shiawaseneiro2 @shiori-reiko @stop-calling-me-tsundere  
@tachibana–chan @tealilie @tsukih @ucitavanje @ukiinas 
@umbrella-kun @urushenna @wraith1585 @xaomine @yumiie  
@yuuyaas  @zakuras

Please let me know if I forgot anyone! 

NYE Follow Forever!

It’s finally here! This dumpster fire of a year is finally coming to an end!

But before it ends. I wanted to make my first annual follow forever!

If you’re in italics like this, we’re mutuals. And I love you.

If you’re in bold, like this. I genuinely love seeing your name on my dash and in my notifications. And we’re kind of family at this point.

So, here’s my 2016 follow forevers;

@anotherwinchesterfangirl, @aprofoundbondwithdean

@beakaleak32, @bringmesomepie56,

@chaos-and-the-calm67, @chelsea-winchester, @climbthatmooselikeatree, @coltsandquills, @crowleyshellkitten, @crzcorgi,

@dean-in-the-devils-trap, @deandoesthingstome, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog, @deanssweatheart

@ellen-reincarnated1967, @eyes-of-a-disney-princess,

@femmedplume, @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash, @frenchybell, @friendlyneighbourhoodpizzaman, @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff, @fuckme-deanwinchester,


@heartfulloffandoms, @hidingfrommychildren, @home-on-the-highway,

@icecream-and-gadreel, @ilostmyshoe-79, @itsahollyjollyspideybean, @iwantthedean,

@jessica-bones-winchester, @jodyri,

@katnharper, @kayteonline, @kijilinn, @kittenofdoomage

@ladylorelitany, @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid, @lipstickandwhiskey, @littlegreenplasticsoldier, @loveitsallineed

@mamapeterson, @manawhaat, @misswhizzy, @mrswhozeewhatsis, @myfand0msandm0re, @mypapawinchester,

@negans-dirty-girl, @nichelle-my-belle,


@rizlow1, @ruby-loves-supernatural,

@salvachester, @sammit-janet, @sis-tafics, @skidaddle-o3o@snarky-fangirl, @spnashley, @spnjensenlove02,

@the-mrs-deanwinchester, @the-real-tony-stank, @thing-you-do-with-that-thing, @torn-and-frayed,


@wehunt-monsters-whatthehell, @wickednerdery, @winchesterenthusiast, @winchestersinthedrift, @winchestersnco, @withoutaplease.

I hope you all have an incredible 2017! Thanks for existing. 

Originally posted by giftranscription

Hey everyone! So it’s been a year since I started this blog, and I have to say, out of the almost 6 years I’ve spent on tumblr by now and the many, many blogs I’ve run so far, this blog is the one that means the most to me! 

At first, I want to thank all my followers for making my tumblr experience this amazing! I’m going to close my birthday gifts “project” now, but within the next days/weeks, I will post something about a new thank you “project” for you because of hitting 2k+ followers, so keep your eyes open ~

And besides that, I’m not a big fan of real “follow forever”s, but I also really want to thank my awesome mutuals and all the amazing friends I’ve made over the course of the past year! So yeah, if you’re tagged in the following, we’re mutuals, I consider us friends (I still do, even though I might have not replied to you in forever because I suck at being social T_T), or I’ve made a mistake^^ 

♡ ♡ ♡


@a-conspiracy-of-ravens | @absolutekenmatrash | @accidentalyandere | @addictedtohaikyuu | @akaashi-tooru | @akutagawa-r | @backpacksnacks | @baozi90jjong | @bishounen-bishoujo-fever | @chrmnxz | @cmonmakemefeelalive | @dapper-parsnips | @dark-cruelworld | @haikyuuliberos | @hairuko | @holesaresentient | @iwaizumi-hajimie | @jeffthekillerforever | @kagesaurus | @kageyamatoibo | @kakitsubataaoi | @katsvkiis | @kidakunx2 | @kit-kat57 | @kourai | @kuro-kos | @l-o-lchan | @lesmis13 | @magical-lauren | @minty-chocolate-chips | @miyukousawa | @nelfyn | @oikawathoru | @oikisu | @optimistic-rainy-day | @pervkawa | @pinkawaa | @plisetskis | @quenma | @rpmon | @savyjayjane | @seamarmot | @seven–zero–seven | @silvercistern | @sirwallahoo | @slothesaurus | @stargazing–tooru | @tendouaf | @tobieaux | @toorusmilkbread | @toorusnekocchi | @ukimya | @we-crows-can-fly | @xhaikyuu 

I’m sorry if I forgot anyone! And since I haven’t talked to some of you in a while, it might be that you only know me from my previous account, so if you don’t know who the hell I am, feel free to message me :D


hey guys!!! i can’t believe it’s winter and the holidays are here, idek where the year went but i hope the rest of this year is great and 2017 is kind to you!!! thank you to everyone i follow you all are amazinggg and make my dash such a cool place!!! sorry if i missed anyone, let’s go!! (mutuals in italics, my closest friends have a little ♡ )

sorry if i missed you, everyone i follow is in my blogroll here!!!


@aahrtemis @aarya @aeryastark @allyouhadtodowastay ♡ @alycidebnamcarey @amidcla @artieross @audreyhornre @barryallhan @bensolcs @captaine-duckling @carmillakarmstein @cassiesulliven @cletchs @collinslily @colorsinautumn @credencebareebone @crowlleye @daenerysn @dklaa ♡ @dreamofspring @elizabthturner


@fjrebolt @forgetyouaslongasilive @frcdos @fredweaselys @greyjoyvs @gwendoline @harlayquinn @harley-quinn @harrystyler @ikeepcruising @ilvermornys @jackdowson 


@katewisnlet @katnisservdeen @kaylezfordaziez@killbilled @kingrobb @kneazles @ladystarks @lennister @lordjon @lyannaes @maesterlemoncake @maisiewilliaims @marteemcfly @marykorns @nightlock @perksofbeingafanboy @petuniaevans @phoebetonkins @psychopierce @raepunzels @ravnclaws @rhaellas @ricchardmadden @robbstvrk @rockalbum6 @ronesweasley @rubyredwisp @sansa-stark-snow @sebastivns @slyherin @snowfllakes @starkjon @starksren @stevanyeun @stormborn@stormborn-blood @sunsetbabe


@theblameisonme @thehound ♡  @theongreyijoy @thrandiul @tomolland @troysivan @trssagray @vanessaivess @wespers @westerror 

                            WELL HOT DANG FOLKS. HE DID IT.

Gaston actually has 1000+ folks following his trashy blog. I didn’t think he’d get to this milestone ever – so I figured I would draw something incredible to show that I love you and and that this is it. Rather than a follow forever ( because let’s face it – if I follow you then you’re stuck with me ) – have Gaston being Belle instead. Because no one wears a dress better than Gaston

Thank you everyone for being so kind and fun. Supporting trashy headcanons, mun’s personal work/hiatus, and just being really swell to talk to. 

But there is one blog I need to give a shout out to. The one blog that I think we all know that Gaston couldn’t live without. The blog that keeps my son strong and the mun healthy. That blog is: 


A beautiful ot4 edit you know pls don’t judge me bc of this poorly made edit that was done in like 5 minutes

Anyway..it’s my birthday and this is already my third follow forever (I love doing them for some reason) and I’ve also almost reached 2k followers on this blog which is crazy and I wanted to put these things together to make an appreciation post and give some love to my favourite blogs.

It’s been kind of rocky the past few months for me and mental illness has been kicking my ass but I wanted to make a list of people I love seeing on my dash and who I’m grateful for making my tumblr experience enjoyable, I appreciate you all so much!

And thank you to my followers who made this happen in the first place and the few that do talk to me sometimes and bless me with cute asks and other stuff, it actually means a lot to me.

@wrap-your-wings-around-me: Do I even need to say anything? You became a part of my life and it’s weird to imagine how it was without you. You’re always there for me and I know I can talk to you about everything and I’m just glad you exist well now I got sappy sue me

@lukeestnitescent: You are one of the sweetest people I have come across on this website and I’m so happy we started talking and we actually got to see each other shortly, that was great and who knows, maybe we’ll be able to meet again in the future

@babygirloffcial: Thank you for always being the one to send me new Luke pictures and blurbs that I get to see in the morning and freak out about, you’re so good to me. I love our conversations, you’re so peaceful and calm (at least that’s what it seems like to me) and I just love talking to you

Bold are literally the cutest, mutuals or not, who brighten up my dash and they have such golden hearts and their blogs are 10/10 (this is me declaring my love to you guys)

Mutuals are italic (I love you all dearly)

But seriously, if you’re on this list you all deserve the world, okay I stop talking now let’s go

# - c

@16lukes, @2k15luke, @5soslgbt, @angeluke, @ashtonfightme, @babygirloffcial, @bassistmp3, @beardyluke, , @blesshemmings, @calumofcolor, @calumsgood, @calumsunrise, @caulmhood, @cliffyluke, @complicashton, @crybaby-hoe

d - h

@dammitbands, @dankbands, @deadassluke, @diddlydarnitcalum, @domlucas, @dontstop168times, @dujourvevo, @fucklukes, @fvesos, @goldenlvke, @grunge-lucass, @hemmingd, @hemmingsdork, @hemmingz, @hemmoful, @hoodzer, @hotdamn5sos

i - l

@ijustreallylikelukeokay, @kinkhemmings, @kittenboymichael, @lashtonairplanes, @liprlng, @lovinghemmings, @lovingluke, @lueks​, @lukeestnitescent, @lukefightme, @lukeinism, @lukenut, @lukerawme, @lukesredflannelx, @lukeswhitetee, @lukeybee

m - s

@michaelcliflord, @micool5sos, @mukehug, @muketrash, @newreject, @paper-storm, @pastelhalsey, @poppunkblogger​, @scoobydoobyluke, @shoulderkisses, @spacegaskarth, @sparklesluke, @stopitluke

t - z

@thebvbmaid​, @thedreamvevo, @thiccassluke, @vivalasleep, @whatsupluke, @wrap-your-wings-around-me, @youngodluke

And no, these are not all blogs I follow, just the 5sos themed ones (more or less) and I try to not list ones that aren’t active much anymore even when they used to be my favourite. Also, to make sure you all know, my follow and likes and any other activities come from my main blog @evrythngsblue.

🌙❤ Looking For New Blogs to Follow ❤🌙

I made this blog awhile back but only added old mutuals so I’m finally getting one of these done! If you post any of the following like/reblog and I’ll check out your blog!

- Rick and Morty
- Izetta: The Last Witch
- Indie Horror Games
(Yume Nikki, OFF, Witch’s House, etc.)
- Pokemon
- Guro/IRL Blood
- Achievement Hunter
- Original Art/Writing
- Creepy/Dark Aesthetics
- Cute/Pink/Kawaii Aesthetics
- Yuri Anime/Manga of Any Kind
- Rick and Morty, Forever and Ever A Hundred Years .com

(I have a RnM and OC roleplaying blog too so if you rp hmu and I’ll give you the url!)

Thanks! ❤

I feel like [Daryl] is such a loyal animal, so when he does that, he is gonna be with that person forever. I don’t think he was set up or raised in a way that he’s a show off in any way. I feel like once he gets over this wall, which he is getting over this wall, he’s gonna be very honest in everything he does. I think he is super loyal. I always describe him as, kind of like if you saw a coyote in an alley and it was raining, and if you fed him, he would just follow you… forever. And I think he is kind of like that with matters of the heart. When it happens, it’s gonna happen.
—  Norman Reedus on a possible Daryl romance (PopcornABC, Oct 13, 2016)

ahhh it’s nothing special since my skills are kinda limited, but i wanted to at least do something! i am so overjoyed that so many of you decided to follow me and my tidal wave queen. i first picked mera up when new 52 was fairly still new and no one was rping her – it fell off pretty quickly because it was like no one even knew who she was, but i gave it another go and look where it’s landed me! i have so many great writing partners here and this community has always been so kind to me. always so uplifting and always a place that i can go to when other blogs are really just bringing me down. so thank you, to all of you who follow me and who interact with me regularly because you’ve made me the happiest i’ve been in a while. i am so extremely grateful!

                                                                   – ♥ nicki.

mini follow forever – some mainstays bc there’s too many of you that i love too much!

@depthdweller , @deathrisen , @lovedfalling , @warwrovght , @lanternslight , @thelittleqveen , @cyberyond , @peacemaiden , @peaceific , @crimespoiler , @strikethunder , @vitiicsus , @legaciez , @xmarksthescott , @chaordiic , @eyesofwater , @avengingson , @notcaptainbritain , @crimefright & so many more of you who i really want to tag but it would take five years to do it so hugs & kisses, everyone!!!

Tag Lists

(taken this idea from @thing-you-do-with-that-thing shoutout to her) 

So new year, I consider making a few changes considering my Tag List. (Again yeah I know)

So as of now I have a tag list for my Forever Tags, Dean fics, Sam fics and Cas fics, though recently I started writing for more than just that so I kind of need to filter out people’s interest again.

That’s why I want you to fill out every “category” you want to be tagged in. 

There is NO Forever Tag list, so you have to write your url down in everything you want to be tagged in. I will most likely still tag my forever tag list, but I just want some more clarity of who wants to be tagged in what.

NOTE: Series Taglists will stay the same, don’t worry about that.

Rules are listed in the doc, so please follow them.


Tagging everyone on my current tag lists, but anyone else feel free to also write yourself down.

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anonymous asked:

I bought my first bowtie last week and when I put it on and looked in the mirror, my heart soared. It felt like I was looking at myself for the first time :')

that’s fantastic!!!! I’m so so glad. 

oh my gosh, brief anecdote I want to share with you– 

the year I Officially Came Out™ I was in a really bad place psychologically because it was also the year immediately following me getting away from my abuser and it was before I started therapy, and my depression was completely unmedicated so I was a certified Mess. 

Anyway, I started this new year’s resolution that any time something good happened, I’d write it down, so that way when I started to feel like everything was hopeless and misery forever, I could look over the list and remind myself that good things, occasionally, happened. 

So I had all kinds of things on the list– coming out to people who accepted me, getting an award for my poetry, finding friends who supported my recovery, getting a very touching email from my mentor, all kinds of beautiful memories. 

But the only thing on the whole list for the year that was written in full caps was:

anonymous asked:

There's something so purely breathtaking about your writing. I find myself struck by it a lot, but it really hit me with the little uliro thing you wrote last night. Everything about it was so poignant and well placed and it just bowled me over. There was tenderness that Ulaz didn't understand but didn't want to question, because how could he when Shiro looked like that? when he was so willing to turn his warmth and attention to him? Simply breathtaking. You are breathtaking!

I literally stared at this ask for the entire morning because I had no idea how to answer it. Just. Thank you??? That means so much, oh my goodness. I’m just kind of quietly freaking out because this is so nice. All I can say is thank you so much and I hope you continue to enjoy the other ficlets I produce just as much!!

“I’m single, I don’t have children, and I’ve never been married except for three months a long time ago. And that doesn’t matter; It wasn’t a marriage of reality. I live a single woman’s life and yes, I spend a lot of time by myself. I have a few very close friends, most of them I’ve known forever, and I kind of like it. Would I be willing to have a boyfriend? It would be fun if I could find a boyfriend who understood my life and didn’t get his feelings hurt because I’m always a phone call away from having to leave in two hours for New York or a phone call away from having to do interviews all day long. It’s not very much fun to be Mr. Stevie Nicks. In the last 10 years I’ve just said I’m going to follow my muse. If I want to go somewhere I don’t have to worry about anyone being mad at me. I don’t have to make up excuses on the phone about why I’m not coming home. If it were to happen to me I’d be thrilled. But when I’m 90 years old and sitting in a gloriously beautiful beach house somewhere on this planet with five or six Chinese Crested Yorkies, surrounded by all my goddaughters who will at that point be middle-aged, I’ll be just as happy." 

Stevie Nicks, 2014

So, the little part of me that will forever be Garashir trash has raised it’s head again, but it’s been a while since I was really in that fandom–like, I don’t think I was even tumblr the last time, so…

I’m kind of looking for fellow fans to chat and blog with.  If Garak, Julian Bashir, Garashir, and/or DS9 is something that interests you, please reblog or like or message me or whatever (or follow me if you want, tho I post a lot of random shit, so I won’t be offended if you don’t). 

Anyway, thanks, and thank for your understanding as this beanpole British nerd and disaster space lizard devour my life again.