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i’m already so in love with these puppies, so i decided to make a fic rec! 

  • we…a. are something. b. will be something. c. won’t get the chance to find out. by allisonmccalling - the plan was supposed to be full-proof. or at least, that’s what everyone had reassured liam after last night’s pack meeting. 
  • five times kissed by vengefulpoise - the first time is sixth grade, before the fights and misunderstandings and lest of all, the broken noses. 
  • been holding on too tight by haydenrdunbar - part of her is still stuck on the fact that werewolves even exist. 
  • hayden and liam prompt #2 by gabyintheskywithdiamondss - liam introducing hayden to the pack. 
  • howl when we’re apart by haydenrdunbar - oh, god, liam! she lets out a breath and feels a tear roll down her cheek. she doesn’t think she’s ever been so relieved to see him. 
  • death of me by maliasliams - liam realizes he likes hayden. 
  • hayden/liam prompt 1 by gabyintheskywithdiamondss - at sinema, liam and hayden end up locked in one of the stock rooms. 
  • oh, i should have by haydenrdunbar - “my sister got shot,” she says, and then meets his eyes again, eyebrows narrowing as if daring him to say something, or warning him not to. he honestly can’t tell. 
  • pack text by infinitestories98 - a collection of stories in text message form. 
  • breathtaking by avarosier - she’s come over readily enough, but the way she glares at him tells him she will gladly hex him just to feel joy. 
  • back at it by infinitestories98 - he didn’t understand when he started looking at her a different way, when he started to watch her as she moved. How her face gets into this serious mode when she is focus on a task or how when she smiled. all he know is that when he thinks of hayden romero he should not feel warm and happy. 
  • basement by bestiarystheory - hayden had heard a lot of gnarly stuff about this damn town, and the fact that she has bared witness these things was kind of surreal. 
  • long live this wild, wild love of ours by haydenrdunbar - "sometimes i can’t tell if she still hates me.“ "that’s all part of being in a relationship, kid.”