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has anyone ever considered that mitch marner is always energetic and happy bc he’s playing for the fucking Toronto Maple Leafs? like it’s literally his childhood dream come true like he grew up watching and idolizing these guys and now he gets to skate around and make faces with Bozak and hug JVR and stuff like do you understand how happy that must make him he literally gets to play great hockey with these guys he’s always supported like wow

It’s a dream come true

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s audience spotlight moment at the 2017 Oscars with mother Luz Towns-Miranda. And. I NEVER talk about him like this, okay, but my god. This PRECIOUS CHILD. Okay?
Are any of us okay???
Yes. Because Luz.


Throughout November and December of 2016, Johnny and other actors, directors, and industry professionals volunteered their time to help make a teenage boy’s dream of filming a horror movie he wrote come true. The boy’s name is Anthony Conti(pictured in the top and bottom photos to the left of Johnny), a 16 year old aspiring film maker from Boston battling Stage 4 kidney cancer. He wrote a script for a short film about a young man who risks his life to save the girl he loves from zombies after his family is killed in a zombie apocalypse. The film is called The Black Ghiandola . Johnny plays a Nuclear Medical Technician working in a hospital. A non-profit organization called the Make a Film Foundation was instrumental in getting this project going and completed with financial support from AMC(the television station that brings us The Walking Dead ,Anthony’s favorite show), Hollywood businesses, Conti’s family, and the general public who donated on gofundme. Among those who contributed to the film were three well known directors; Catherine Hardwicke, Sam Raimi and Ted Melfi.

Little Devil’s

Summary: Ok, so, could you maybe do something (bcuz i wanna be a baker when i’m older and be able to have coffees and desserts) where you’re a baker and thorin, kili, or beorn (cuz theyre my favs from hobbit) and they were in a town and they came in your lil shop and they enjoyed it and just something cute? :-) thx!!

Characters: Reader, Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield, Kili, Beorn

Fandom: The Hobbit

Word Count: 941

Requested: Anon

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Why do you hate Lala Land so much? It was a pretty good movie. I understand it was not the most diverse cast which was pretty shitty, but the story line was good. It was about making your dreams come true. And to me that's pretty inspiring.

i dont hate la la land. i personally think its extremely overrated, but thats just my opinion. the thing I’m upset about is that it won way more awards than it should have, and that it beat out so many films that were far more deserving of it. as a huge fan of lin, I’m especially upset that it beat how far i’ll go, which is about hope and ambition, and it has so much more vocal talent than la la land could possible dream of, and it deserved to win best original song.

but thats just me being an angry lin fan



i was in need of a lock screen so i just,, whoops

i really like how this came out holy shit

also if for some reason you feel like using this, please do!! :’) just send me screenshots of it set as your lockscreen/wallpaper id love to see it!! :’)

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omg i had the same reaction to reading the stuff about violent child hux akeja;lfjdklsa

it’s a dream come true, man……

i was worried that he would be turned into some boohoo woobie that we’re supposed to feel sorry for. like i don’t wanna feel sorry for him. he’s terrible!! i want to revel in how evil and bad he is!!! AND NOW I CAN

also i hope 2 god that this means there’ll be more fic about hux being sadistic and gross……..pls…….there’s still not enough…..i will never b sated…..


Marley Dias, the 12-year-old behind #1000BlackGirlBooks, is writing her own book!

  • In February 2016, Marley Dias, who was 11 at the time, launched the #1000BlackGirlBooks project, collecting books featuring black girls as the main character. 
  • Now, after collecting over 8,000 such books, Dias has decided to author a #BlackGirlBook of her own.
  • On Thursday, Scholastic announced that 12-year-old Dias had signed a deal with the publisher for a book due in Spring 2018. 
  • According to a press release, the book is a “keep-it-real guide” to helping kids and preteens make their dreams come true.
  • “Through her smarts and ingenuity, she’s delivered a jolt of inspiration that’s sent an unstoppable shock-wave to kids everywhere who’ve stood up with Marley to shout ‘Yes!’ to the power of positive action,” Scholastic’s vice president and executive editor Andrea Pinkney said.
  • “In this book, Marley will share her dynamic wisdom with readers everywhere.” Read more

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Okay guys so hear me out
Here they didn’t announce that Victor will be skating with him

What if people didn’t know about it at all?

Imagine people’s reaction to this.

-The commentators will be exclaiming and oohing all over the place

-Yurio would be fucking horrified, thinking about how it this EVEN FUCKING POSSIBLE

-Otabek doesn’t care about a thing except Yurio, so he’s probably enjoying the performance in peace

-Chris is slowly clapping and congratulating Victor on seeing him achieve such happiness and comfort with Yuuri

-Yuko has fainted with all the moe and Axel, Lutz and Loop have a lot of stuff to discuss on their skater otaku blogs now

-Phichit is tearing up because he can’t believe his best friend’s dream of being on the same ice as Victor is finally coming true

-Mickey can’t believe how much these two are making him cry today

-Lila and Sala are just busy cheering

-JJ is hoping that he could do something like this with his fiancée in the next season’s gala, even though she doesn’t know shit about ice skating

The New York Public Library just uploaded nearly 200,000 images you can use for free
The New York Public Library just released a treasure trove of digitized public domain images, everything from epic poetry from the 11th century to photographs of used car lots in Columbus, Ohio from the 1930s.
By Andrew J . Hawkins

Over 180,000 manuscripts, maps, photographs, sheet music, lithographs, postcards, and other images were released online Wednesday in incredibly high resolution, and are available to download using the library’s user-friendly visualization tool. It’s a nostalgist’s dream come true.

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are you guys having a happy holiday?

Nowadays, I’ve been thinking to what extent can thoughts run away. although it’s together with me the whole time, though my dreams are coming true, it brings me down too. I thought growing older was a process where you know more of when to let go of this friend but it’s still hard to control my mind and thoughts

I heard someone say that. To say “oo hurt me” is matter of fact an illusion. Whatever happens to me, I’ll decide whether how much damage is inflicted by it, whether I acknowledge the pain or not, whether or not I’m going to fall apart. I really think I know but I still don’t get it. Not everyone can know my heart. What about you guys, how does it touch you?

worrying about how to live. I believed that if you what you love, and accomplish things, you could see what’s next but I still don’t have an answer. maybe forever. each person would write their own book of their own ways right? how to live? how to be happy? If you read the books, very good people have firmly put down their own definition. It’s not just me with an idle repulsion. right? maybe because it’s their own books.

I didn’t want to be a twisted person but.
A few days ago, a taxi driver with a cool voice recommended me a book, he said “if you read this book you will know the reason as to why we read classic books of geniuses such as Edison, Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci. People like me or young men like you are not geniuses. But if you read those books and feel a little, the wisdom of those geniuses will fall and settle into our minds like dew drops. Then it could become a big help in your life..” I nodded my head without realizing. That was a kind of rebellion. But because many phrases from books have come to my salvation, I had no choice but to agree.

Anyway…I think this has become to long. I couldn’t go to the studio over the past few weeks. we all need our own hiding place. I hope you guys too can get rid of your thoughts with no such answers, whether by replying to this post, through music like me, or by making your own posts, doing whatever work you do, or resting on your holiday break. I hope to spend this year a litter nicer. nevertheless. let’s smile more. your own burdens are the heaviest but lets share them with each other sometimes. Please have a happy new year.

heart’s new year bow

- RM

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