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5 months on hrt. Finally about to start laser hair removal. Sorry about the whole 5 o'clock shadow thing. Part of being a trans woman. I finally did it. I’m finally out completely in real life. It’s a huge achievement. Once things are settled at work, I get to begin living my life full time as a woman. It’s so exciting! Like a dream come true. I have also lost 58lbs. Met a group of like minded amazing people as well who have helped me get to where i am at. Well till next time.

Flirting with Disaster by Powerfulweak

Summary: Everyone knows that meeting the love of your life means disaster. Major injury, destruction of property, mental trauma… some sort of incident is expected when you first meet your soulmate.

Dean wants none of it. He likes his job, his car and his life exactly as it is. He doesn’t want his so-called soulmate screwing that up. Until one day he stumbles upon a man stuck in a sewer hole and things go from bad to weird.

Castiel Novak’s life is a disaster, literally (just don’t say the “C”-word). When he meets walking good-luck charm Dean Winchester, he sees an opportunity to turn his luck around and make his dream come true.

Comments: 8/10. It’s cute and fluffy. Castiel actually hires Dean to be his personal good luck charm, and Dean follows him around at work where he works at a museum where his clumsiness is fatal. They start falling in love though, but the good luck charm may be wearing off… DUN DUN DUN. The pairings in the tags change quite significantly, except for the Destiel tag. The story ends with Sabriel and Balthazar/Meg. It’s a cute story and pretty well written. Short enough for it to be a relaxing read, long enough for it to have a significant plot and not end too soon.

It all makes sense now

We predicted that drinking each different colored soda would send the person that drank it into a dream of a certain member… Well…

These aren’t just random numbers.  There are the years for every single one of the members’ birthdays, and then there are 2 that say 2016 (the birth of ASTRO as a group, and the birth of AROHA as a fan base).


Since this is the title song, it is probably the explanation of how the dream sodas work.  This is when ASTRO (and the AROHA that the MV is seen through the eyes of) are actually in the Dream Store.


Eunwoo’s birthday is March 30, 1997, so this is his song.  It’s the first song on the album.  Eunwoo is the visual center of ASTRO, meaning that (most of the time) he is the first pick of fans.  To reach his dream, drink the blue soda with a car logo on it.


The 3rd track of the album is Sanha’s, since his birthday is March 21, 2000.  I don’t have any ideas for what the dream may be, except maybe at the beach?  (Thanks @moon-hyuks​ for this post)


The 4th song on the album belongs to MJ, because he was born in 1994.  Again, I don’t have any theories on what the dream could be.


Dream Night is Rocky’s song.  If the MV teaser is any kind of hint at what kind of dream Rocky’s would be, then perhaps it’ll be outdoorsy.


The 6th track belongs to Jinjin.  This might be a sort of support song?  “I’ll be there” sounds like something you would say to a person that’s having some troubles and needs support.


Bin’s song is called Lie.  That leaves a lot of questions.  Is he lying about something?  Did someone lie to AROHA and now Bin needs to fix it?


The last song on the album is, I think, ASTRO dreaming about AROHA.  They drank the purple drinks, and now they’re in a dream, and every minute counts because they love us.  They’re always talking about how they’re afraid to lose us and how much they care about us.  Now, excuse me while I go melt into a pile of tears.

so Richard Epcar is seriously throwing my emotions for a loop right now. this tweet of his last week got some attention

particularly when someone responded to it with “TERRA” and a gif of Terranort, which Richard retweeted with no other response. a lot of people on reddit assumed he was working on an upcoming KH3 trailer or even KH3 itself, but being the biased rebel and hopeless dreamer that I am, I tweeted at him with

just for the heck of it, not really expecting anything to come of it but because I WILL KEEP MY DREAM ALIVE.

I check twitter this morning and find that Richard just favorited my freakin tweet.

before thinking too much of it, I scanned the rest of the comments to see if maybe he’s just a nice guy who favorites EVERY reply he gets just to say he’s listening to his fans – but the only other tweets he favorited were those suggesting Ansem and Terranort. Not the ones suggesting KH3. Or Streetfighter. Or Injustice. Or any other role. Just Ansem, Terranort, and my own suggesting Terra DLC.


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I Have Questions

OMG…..Now I have a thousand of questions too. I think that so painful but at the same time so beautiful. I love art because art can heal the artist who made and the others around him/her. I think that’s beautiful when someone turns the pain in art. I can imagine how much Camila felt hurt cuz she’s such a young and mature girl…and so emotional and deep. I felt her pain in the video, with her tears… but every time she’s smiling now my heart feel warm cuz I know she’s healed and happy doing her dream come true. I’m not so young anymore and I don’t consider myself like Camilizer, I just admire her artistic soul. What I think the funniest thing is that souls are invisible, but I can clearly see her’s. I see all these feelings and I see art. I love when I see art in people.

I love art. I love the fact that art can express things that sometimes we can’t speak… but we can sing, paint, dance, draw…

I’m a singer/songwriter and I’m so emotional right now.

Art makes me free.

Art makes me happy but at the same time, she allows me to be sad and express myself if I want it.

Thanks, art.

Thanks, Camila! @waakeme-up

BTS Reaction: You Feeding Them

Anonymous said: Bts reaction request to you feeding them, please!!!💕💕💕

Warnings: None

A/N: none


Rap Monster: SHY but lowkey about it. Doesn’t want you to know he’s shy about it. Smirks at you and thinks it’s cute. Tells you that you should sit in his lap to feed him. 

Jin: LOVES IT. Insists on feeding you too. Is so squishy and gross about it. Thinks it’s so cute. Makes his mushy, sweet, relationship dreams come true. Wants you to do it more often. 

Suga: Rolls his eyes and laughs at you but plays along. Doesn’t hate it, but doesn’t love it. He’ll let you do it because it’s what you want to do. Will pull you into his lap though. If he’s going to let you feed him, he wants it done his way. 

J-Hope: Loves it more than Jin. Will do aegyo to get you to do it all the time. Wants to feed you. Will call you his baby. Tells you you’re too sweet to him and that he doesn’t deserve it. 

Jimin: Thinks it’s very cute but is shy about it at first. He’ll let you do it but he’ll blush. He’s all cocky about it afterwards, like he wasn’t as red as a tomato the entire time. 

Taehyung: Really likes it. Tells you you’re really cute. Lives for it whenever you eat together, will ask you to do it in public restaurants or in the park with ice cream. Will giggle and make you sit in his lap. 

Jungkook: Will act cocky but is embarrassed internally. Not really the soft, mushy, type, but if you insist he will let you. Likes how happy it makes you. Makes it difficult and teases you by moving around so that you can’t reach his mouth.