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👀 the drama with paul & his girlfriend 👀

okay, so i don’t ever watch paul on the feeds so i won’t really be able to provide timestamps but anyway. people are claiming that this is paul’s girlfriend (why? he’s mentioned that she lives in nyc and wants to go there to live with her. he’s mentioned her by name a few times, although he calls her his burrito as a nickname since she never signed a waiver (i think). he’s also commented flirty things and liked many of her photos on ig. also, he also mentioned islamaphobia and i’m not saying that’s related to the fact that his gf’s muslim, but that could contribute to why he brought it up).

now apparently paul said on the feeds that he told his girlfriend not to watch the show or the feeds, and for obvious reasons, since he’s been nothing but a huge asshole to put it lightly. going through maria’s twitter and instagram, she seems to be involved in a lot of activism and has even been on a few panels talking about social justice causes.

now on august 15th, production called paul to the diary room and people say they told him that he is absolutely not allowed to talk about his girlfriend anymore. from what he said afterward, people are suspecting that his girlfriend asked production to make that request. i don’t think he was talking about her at an excessive amount for production to interfere on their own? i don’t know. here are some august 15th updates:

on that day, he also talked about how much he loves her and how he doesn’t want to be seen as a bad guy on the feeds, etc. (but like i said, i don’t watch him lmao and you can probably find more examples but i’m lazy).

long story short, paul’s probably in deep trouble with his girlfriend because of his shitty behavior!

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I've never read the books so im learning everything through the show and I just think Magnus is such an interesting character. He puts on a front and tries so hard to make everyone believe he's okay, while we've seen him slightly fall apart recently. He started off the show sort more like an open book and got more and more closed off as the series progressed. Do you think Magnus is the type of character for loving declarations like Alec? Or do we see his love more though his actions?

he is very interesting, but i will say i don’t think magnus started off as an open book at all. i think it seems that way because he’s not immediately opposed to sharing, but he does so in a very careful way. it’s why simon and clary and alec all learned about his mother’s death. it’s funny because people commented about how odd it is that he shared it so easily – but if you actually think about it, it’s not that strange: his mother’s death was never the secret he was hiding in the first place. it was what happened afterwards with his father that he never wanted anyone to know. where alec hides everything by refusing to talk, magnus seems to have topics that are seemingly very personal but actually serve as deflection for something even deeper. the details are intimate enough no one’s going to pry further, so in a way he’s able to stop the conversation without anyone realizing what happened.

so i wouldn’t say magnus shut down as the series progressed; it was more that magnus had a much harder time hiding the cracks after 2x12 – but these cracks have always existed and he had always been trying to cover them up. this was probably made even harder by the fact that alec had gotten so much closer to him. alec knew how magnus behaved, how he dressed, his sleeping patterns. like, alec in s1 wouldn’t have noticed that magnus’ outfit in 2x13 was unusual. he would’ve just thought that was how the high warlock wanted to dress. but because he’d grown familiar to how magnus comfortably dressed, he could kind of sense immediately that something wasn’t quite right.

anyway, this was a bit of a detour haha sorry; to answer your question at the end, magnus just isn’t as blunt with his words. alec kind of spills his heart out, but magnus will say things like you unlocked something in me and trust makes you do strange things. i mean, we also see it through his actions, too, but yeah. magnus does say plenty of loving things to alec – he just uses different language.

“I had a huge crush on you in collège,” Adrien said, the admission rolling off of his tongue as casually as Ladybug’s comment on Paris’ purple afternoon sky.

“I had a huge crush on you in collège, too,” she answered with equal ease.

She smiled up at him, all beautiful and strong and willing to fight even in a time of weakness– and he was instantly reminded of how hard and fast he fell for her all those years ago.

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how do u feel about alec's comment 'i can't live without you' to magnus in the finale?? like do u think it was cute or kinda creepy or w/e cuz it hasn't been sitting well with me

dude when shadowhunters fall in love it’s for life. for alec there’s no one else that will ever compare to magnus, to him magnus is his one and only. he is the only person that has made him feel free and helped him be open about who he is, he is the only one that has made alec feel… happy. he is in love with him. “i can’t do anything without thinking of you” magnus feels the same way, he may not have said it, but alec is his heart

edit: i think i didn’t explain the point of my answer lmao what i mean is that alec meant it as in he loves magnus and if magnus ever leaves or anything happens to him he will not be able to forget about him or the pain, remember in 2x10 the things he said to him before the i love you, he wasn’t saying it in “don’t leave me or i’ll be forever sad and it will be your fault anything i do will be your responsability”


So a lot of you are asking for proof of Andrew’s ED….
* this could be triggering and heart breaking and yeah*

●Go over some of Neil’s offhand comments and what he points out..
•One time in the canteen, Andrew sits down opposite him and proceeds to tear his food up, then when questioned about it he flips his tray over and walks away..
•When they’re at Wymack’s, Andrew piles food on his plate only to rip it up, and when Neil pointedly asks him how it is, he only eats one bite and says it’s pointless - then Abby gives him ice cream and he barely wants it at first but then scoffs it only to be sick in the sink not 10 minutes later…
•The amount of times neil looks at him and he’s just pushing food around on his plate…
•Plus the amount of times neil comments on him being sick/throwing up, on his cheekbones which seem to slowly get more vivid as the trilogy goes on…
•And how often he comes out the bathroom wiping his mouth
•And how weary he seems of Allison (since she was hospitalised for bulimia in the past so he could be worried she’ll notice the signs…)
●When he comes out of the hospital, this happens-
•Neil: “take care of that problem in there too?” *gestures to the fullness in Andrew’s cheeks*
•Andrew: “6 weeks without me and that’s all you can say?”
●Also.. it makes so much sense I mean he loves control and with everything (cough *drake* cough) that’s happened, it would be natural for him to have an unhealthy relationship with food..
•Then add in how little control he feels with Neil and his feelings for him….

●It wasn’t until the 3rd time rereading that I actually noticed all the times neil comments on Andrew’s cheekbones and how it seems to get more often as more stressful shit happens…
•near the start, there’s a point where Andrew’s in goal and ignoring balls as usual but then he walks off court and Neil watches Wymack try to stop him then Andrew pukes water on the man’s shoes… which means he hadn’t eaten at all that day…

●And even at Nicky’s parents house, he doesn’t eat.
•Neil watches him push food around and cut it up into pieces and wonders why - and then he isn’t surprised by the alcohol bribe….
•and then uhm after Drake is dead, Andrew’s really dizzy (duh he’s got a massive head wound and Drake happened) and Neil has this one sentence where he implies it’s not the first time Andrew’s been dizzy…. or maybe Andrew says something which implies it???
•I’m not totally sure
•then after Christmas break, he can’t stop obsessing over how full Andrew’s cheeks look and how healthy he looks…
● But then when stressful shit keeps happening he’s back to commenting on how sharp Andrew’s bone structure is..
● also Neil notices Allison giving Andrew a few scrutinising looks and the blonde either ignores her or snaps at her for it…

Make of this what you will but I stand by my baby evil chihuahua having a combo of Anorexia and Bulimia

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This chapter has made me more suspicious than ever. Why is it that our!Ciel's big long happy memory is of when they're 8, and then it skips straight to the cult? There are 1-2 years between those time periods. Surely there shouldn't be such a big gap. Add Kelvin's evil flower comment and the darker 10 year old Real!Ciel in the the GW dreamscape and it's extremely fishy.

Same here, anon! Maybe because Our!Ciel has no other outstanding memories of Real!Ciel. And his waxing poetic about his brother is just really annoying/suspicious overall- I’m not believing a word of this until we get Real!Ciel’s pov. RC’s POV or nothing!

And like you said, RC had a dark streak that didn’t show up in 131. Real!Ciel may have 80% of this fandom fooled into being his shameless side bitches, but we’re not about to be played by his fake ass because we’re not fucking WEAK. Also, look at this panel, anon:

context (I can read Chinese): Rachel thinks they should all stay home because Our!Ciel’s fever is bad. Look at the bottom right. The hair parts to the left (Real!Ciel), while the boy on the left panel has his hair parting to the right (Our!Ciel). 

So to me, it looks like Real!Ciel immediately stiffened and got super upset when Rachel suggested they cancel the outing. Of course, Our!Ciel was too busy coughing to see this. Then he selflessly tells the family to go out without him. RC then acts like the “perfect brother” when he says he’ll bring gifts and shit back for OC. Notice how he doesn’t even offer to stay home with Our!Ciel lmao. Like, I know RC has his own life and all, but his parents were totally down to stay home with OC okay, RC’s a fakeass.

We’re probably in the minority here, anon, but this just reminds me of how Soma’s mind glorified Meena until we actually got her thoughts on their memories and she revealed how annoyed she was with him. 

Anyway, this was a very good ask to receive! Thank you anon!

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You honestly have such a pure blog. You have a large following I'm sure, and yet you make the time to respond to everyone's tags, reblogs and comments, and you also make the time to praise and reblog the works of beginner, lesser known CC artists too that's literally so pure! I know my praise probs sounds stalker-ish, but you always pop up on my feed with the cutest comments and all this hype and it's so great lol

aaaa..AAAAA OH MY GOSH THANK YOU SO MUCH…??!!!! this ask made me so happy <33 

i can’t wait to LIVE in crutchmas, rav*n, pa*l and ESPECIALLY al*x’s mentions/comments when they leave the house….. im tryna catch a swift block from all of em kdfjfdkgdfj


간만에 발견한 연습생시절영상 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #초심을잃지마라

After a long time, a video of our trainee days is discovered 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 #let’s not lose our original intention

[Himchan’s comment:]

정대현 최준홍 나 방용국 유영재 문종업 이 순서인가 

The order is Jung Daehyun, Choi Junhong, me, Bang Yongguk, Yoo Youngjae, Moon Jongup

[Junhong’s comment:]

자기 끝이라구 🤧 3

it’s your ending point 🤧 3

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C'est laquelle ton étoile préférée ? Et pourquoi d'ailleurs ?


Avec son éclat rouge sang on dirait un rubis suspendu dans le ciel.

Elle est mourante. Monumentale.

C'était déjà ma préférée avant que je sache comment elle s'appelle.

to all the anons doubtlessly watching my blog for a reply to your asks: toby fox has literally refused to comment when asked about chara’s gender being ambiguous, while when something is meant to be ambiguous he has unhesitatingly said so.

toby’s only comment on anyone’s pronouns in undertale was the time when people pointed out that napstablook (they/them in the game) was referred to as ‘he’ in the artbook—an error that he promptly corrected.

to the anon who told me they’re nb: you don’t have to put up with this ambiguity nonsense! our genders are not vague and they are not blank slates. when a character is called ‘he’ his pronouns are he pronouns, when a character is called 'she’ her pronouns are she pronouns, and when a character is called 'they’ their pronouns are they pronouns. it’s just as factual, every time.

all genders should be respected alike by anyone who claims to accept trans people

Where most Refuse would rather hunt or release their pent up emotions they were born with, Menos would much rather eat berries and watch butterflies pass by. Benevolent, docile and sometimes air-headed, Menos is not really one for words, and he normally communicates with expressions, sighs, and the occasional one word or phrase. Nothing more than that. He also enjoys company more than anything…unless you try to attack him, that is.

Currently, he resides in a set of ruins along with other small Refuse, only going outside to hunt for food. The ruins are nice and secure and all, but…this life is starting to get kind of monotonous…

(Creator’s comments/history lesson down below)

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Spoke to Grandma finally, after several days of phone tag. Both of us shaking our heads over the weekend’s events.

I commented that it must have been difficult to see those things from her childhood being repeated in an American city. 

She responded with a lengthy string of Angry German. From the tone, I assume that she was cursing up a streak. I couldn’t understand a word of what she was saying, but it SOUNDED angry and nasty as hell.

She concluded it by calling the marchers a bunch of morons, ignorant of history and clueless about what they were emulating. That they couldn’t comprehend anything, and needed a good beating or five to repent for their pathetic behavior.

Honestly, as much as she worried about us because we live where it happened……I worried more about her, and how traumatic it must have been for her to see those symbols and hear those chants again. I can’t imagine the memories it brings back, as she’s always been hesitant to speak about that time in her life. 

I know that she carries so many emotional scars from that time. And I know that she must be hurting so much now, seeing history being repeated. 

Ranking Member Cohen to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against President Donald Trump After Comments on Charlottesville
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Michael Eisenstatt 202.225.3265 August 17, 2017

“I have expressed great concerns about President Trump’s ability to lead our country in the Resolution of No Confidence (H.Res. 456) that I introduced in July with 29 of my colleagues; however, after the President’s comments on Saturday, August 12 and again on Tuesday, August 15 in response to the horrific events in Charlottesville, I believe the President should be impeached and removed from office. Instead of unequivocally condemning hateful actions by neo-Nazis, white nationalists and Klansmen following a national tragedy, the President said ‘there were very fine people on both sides.’ There are no good Nazis. There are no good Klansmen.”

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comment if u want pls: 머리 제발좀….. 문제가 될 수있어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

trans: “Your hair please… it can become a big problem”

This hairstyle can be a problem for him like Henry made the same thing before and we don’t need to experience it again. So please let’s comment under his last IG post. Maybe he can see comments and realize this can became a problem..