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I started this blog in July of 2012, almost five years ago now. I was an aspiring med student who just liked the idea of scrubbing up and being able to change somebody’s life with a scalpel. I remember reading @md-admissions‘s blog posts with biblical reverence, thinking “this is it. this is what I want”. I got into med school a month later, and today, I found out that I just passed the last set of exams I’ll have to take in order to graduate as a doctor.

It was anything but easy, but ten thousand posts later, ten thousand followers later, I can’t help but think it was a pretty incredible journey. It isn’t over – I have a one year internship to finish before graduation – but for everyone who has stuck around from the start, put up with my often incoherent rants about med school and life and my regrettable romantic pursuits (not that there have been many), offered advice or just virtual hugs and good vibes when I’ve been on the brink of a major exam breakdown, and made the path I walked to reach the near end of this med school journey so much more fun and tolerable than I could have made for myself: thank you. I don’t know where half of you are from, your names, what’s going on in your lives, but if you’ve taken the time to share this journey with me and make it magical, which many of you have, I owe you much more than one silly poorly constructed text post saying thank you.

Thank you for letting me be Mistress of Surgery :)

170101 Rap Monster’s Blog Post

작년 초에 작업해놓고 간단한 녹음만 해두었던 곡입니다.
마음이 힘들 때, 그 감정을 그냥 흘려보내기 싫어 기록해두었는데
다행히 지금은 마음이 많이 좋아졌어요!
그래도 감정이 지나갔다고, 그냥 버리기엔 조금 아까운 곡이라 공개해보아요.
다시 수정하고 정리를 좀 하려고도 했는데
그냥 그때 그 느낌으로 남겨두려고 굳이 안 그랬습니다.
슬플 땐 슬픈 노래가 가장 큰 위로가 되기도 하니까요.

Happy 2017 ! !

I worked on this the beginning of last year and only did a simple recording.
When I was going through a tough time, I didn’t want to just let that feeling go so I recorded it. 
Thankfully, I’m feeling a lot better now! 
Even though the feeling has passed, I felt like it was a waste to throw away this song so I’m sharing it.
I wanted to edit it and clean it up a bit more but
I didn’t, so I could leave it as it was back then. 
Because when you’re sad, a sad song can make you feel a lot better.

Happy 2017 ! !

Trans cr; Jessie @ bts-trans

Do you ever get amazed by what’s actually canon? Because I sure do.

John has been told by his girlfriend that he was too obviously in love with Sherlock for them to keep dating.

John and Sherlock have danced alone in 221b.

When asked who he loved Sherlock immediately thought of John.

John and Sherlock have explicitly said they loved each other three times now.

After reading John’s blog post about meeting Sherlock, John’s friends automatically assumed he was gay and into him.

Sherlock overdosed knowing he would have to leave john forever and read John’s blog post of them meeting while flying to his death.

Sherlock brought himself to life after thinking about john being in danger.

Sherlock cured John’s limp.

John was incredibly jealous of Irene.

Sherlock wrote a letter confessing his love to read at John’s wedding.

Sherlock ignored a critical terrorist threat, electing to focus on john instead.

Sherlock ran into a bonfire to save John.

Johnlock is already pretty fucking canon.

161204 Seokjin’s  Blog Post

[This was the message below his link to the Christmas ver. of Awake.]


방탄소년단의 맏형 진이에요.

이번 생일에는 어떤 노래를 들려드리면 좋을까 고민을 하던 차에 크리스마스 분위기로 awake를 들려드리면 어떨까 하는 생각이 들었어요. 색다른 느낌에, 또 제 생일과도 어울릴거 같다는 생각이 들었거든요.

그래서 슬로우 래빗형의 도움을 받아 새로운 느낌의 Awake가 나오게 되었어요.

이렇게 여러분들께 들려드리게 되어 너무나 행복합니다.

완성된 음원 듣고 여러분께 메리크리스마스라는 말을 전하고 싶어 홍콩에서 따로 메세지를 녹음을 했고, 이렇게 음원이 완성되었습니다.  

다들 이 노래를 듣고 행복한 연말이 되었으면 좋겠습니다.

아미들 미리 메리크리스마스


This is BTS’ eldest hyung Jin.

After contemplating about which song I should give to you to listen to for this birthday, while in the car I thought how it would be if I do a Christmas version of ‘Awake.’ I thought that this different feeling (of a Christmas version of ‘Awake’) also matched with my birthday.

Therefore, with Slow Rabbit-hyung’s help, a new version of ‘Awake’ came out.

I am so happy that I am to give you (this song) to listen to in this way.

I listened to the completed song, and wanted to tell you guys ‘Merry Christmas.’ So separately, I recorded a message in Hong Kong, and in this way the song was completed.

I hope that you all listen to this song and it becomes a happy end of this year (for you).

ARMYs, happy early Merry Christmas.

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
© Please credit when taking out

“drarry is cano—”

“harry and ginny should get a div—”

“i hate ginny we—”

“snape was just misunderst—”

“snape loved lily so mu—”

“au where snape adopts h—”

“i love gay ships im so sinf—”

170101 Namjoon’s Blog Post

작년 초에 작업해놓고 간단한 녹음만 해두었던 곡입니다.
마음이 힘들 때, 그 감정을 그냥 흘려보내기 싫어 기록해두었는데
다행히 지금은 마음이 많이 좋아졌어요!
그래도 감정이 지나갔다고, 그냥 버리기엔 조금 아까운 곡이라 공개해보아요.
다시 수정하고 정리를 좀 하려고도 했는데
그냥 그때 그 느낌으로 남겨두려고 굳이 안 그랬습니다.
슬플 땐 슬픈 노래가 가장 큰 위로가 되기도 하니까요.
Happy 2017 ! !

This was a song that I composed and just simply recorded in the beginning of last year.
When I was having a hard time, I didn’t want to just send those emotions away, so I recorded it.
Thankfully, I feel much better now!
But, even though (that) feeling has passed, it would be a bit of a waste to just throw it away, so I’m releasing it.
I was going to revise and fix it up a bit, but
in order to leave the feeling from that time (in the song), I didn’t do it.
Because when you are sad, they say sad songs are the most comforting.
Happy 2017 ! !

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
© Please credit when taking out

To anyone curious about the source of the screenshots from “Zuke”’s non-official blog:

For anyone confused, it very much looks like the deleted blog from which screenshots are being posted was indeed Zuke’s and the current confession that has been posted on the blog was posted by someone else (not Zuke) who took the url after the original blog was deleted.


screenshots were posted individually on 4chan by several different anons on the 25th and 26th, they were taken from a blog that was up and open to the public from October of 2015 to November 27 of this year. The blog’s url was ‘Poopingpenis’ but was changed to ‘Cornbucket’ a few hours before it was deleted entirely.

The ‘Poopingpenis’ url was taken by someone after the original blog was deleted and then this

was posted on it yesterday. The post is still there, but it’s probably not from Zuke/whoever owned the blog originally, seeing that the original blog had a handful of other blogs (probably irl friends) that consistently left likes and occasionally comments on the original blog’s posts, and Zuke/whoever owned the original blog blocked all new followers, likely because they didn’t want the blog to get attention.


was the blog’s original header.

Reminder that when the blog was still up and was ran by the original owner (the person who may or may not be Zuke but probably is), many people were able to scroll through it themselves (including me) and the screenshots are from multiple people, not just one “leaker”.


Introducing the one-in-a-million duo, Basil and Rosemary! …Of course they couldn’t be particularly energetic for this blog’s first official post; you see, they’re busy with very important business. Namely, napping.

But hey! This is our new catblr! I, their personal muppet servant, will be taking photos and videos of them for everyone to admire them by. We’ll also sometimes be joined by our cat roommate Mucka, as well as any other kittyfriends we happen to meet. These kids are a lot of fun, so I hope you love them as much as I do :,,)

@dappledawgs @pangur-and-grim

I’m honestly so sick of people stealing my gifs. I spend hours making sets and it took me forever to learn how to actually make good gifs and when people steal them, it completely disregards all my hard work. Anyone who makes gifs understands this. If you didn’t make it, don’t post it. If you don’t know how to make gifs and you want to post one, use the tumblr gif search tool so that way it links back to the original blog’s post (the one who made the gif). 


Okay so I’ve done some careful Research to figure out if Dex’s shirt in the blog post really is a Nursey shirt and my findings are… inconclusive?? The closest we see is this Nursey shirt from this extra in the right picture, which looks similar but might be a v-neck, hard to tell. The mystery continues

I was just talking to my sister about My Little Pony and I meant to say “Diamond Tiara” but I accidentally said “Yellow Diamond” instead, and… That would be a very different situation for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, wouldn’t it

Looking for animators for a transgender cartoon!!

Bad news, we’ve had yet another head animator quit. So, we’re looking for animators again.

Here’s a summary of the show: Sam, a trans boy, and his nonbinary brother, Ethan, switch places in public to feel more comfortable. (There will also be a trans girl introduced a bit later.)

We were planning at least three seasons, but we’ll likely be shortening the series to just one season, to make the job easier on animators.

So, if you’re an animator or know one, please message us! Feel free to look at this blog’s posts to see the general art style of the show.

Thank you!!