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Forbidden (harry styles au)

ahi hi hi, i know it’s been so long. sorry. i’m trying to enjoy my last few days of break before hell breaks loose. this is a smutty writing piece because it was that kind of mood and i haven’t posted any writing in a while so i apologize. hope you enjoy! xx M 

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warning: contains mature content (mostly smut) 

“Mother, I will not get married to a man I hardly know!” Princess Y/N shouts at her mother with an angry and frustrated tone. 

“Y/N! You do not have a choice. We need our allies and if that means giving you away to another kingdom, then we shall do it.” The Queen speaks in a firm, condescending tone as she glares at her daughter with cold eyes.

Y/N feels the tears well up in her eyes, “But I do not even know who this man is. I haven’t even seen him and you’re already discussing a wedding date when I haven’t even met the man!”

The Queen lets out an exasperated sigh, sitting down next her daughter on the cushioned bench in the palace library. It was a place Y/N came whenever she was upset because no one ever came in here except her. 

“Look sweetheart,” she puts a hand on her shoulder as if she’s trying to comfort her but it doesn’t help at all. “We need an alliance and the Kingdom of Saphina want an alliance too. This is why we need to have a political marriage otherwise if there is a rebellion, we won’t have anyone to fight with us. We will lose our men.”

Y/N closes her eyes, clenching her dress in her hand tightly because she knows it’s a lie or at least, there’s some things that her mother is leaving out. Like how her selfish Father wants more land and giving away his daughter to a large and powerful kingdom such as Saphina will cause him to gain more power. Is her mother even aware of that? Of how selfish that is?

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Cross My Heart

Title: Cross My Heart (Soldier!Dean AU)

Summary: Dean Winchester is a man who’s been to war and back, a man that’s lost loved ones and has seen too much to believe in love or fate or destiny. But when he meets a girl that radiates kindness and warmth, one that’s ready to love his shadowy corners and accept him for the man he really is, he begins to change his mind. And, when she shows him the darkness in her light, he promises himself that, no matter how hard things get, he’ll never let go of her. Because, he realizes, he loves her. And that is the beginning and end of everything

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader, Mary and John Winchester (both mentioned), Benny Laffite, Sam Winchester

Word count: 7026 (I know, I know it’s a monster fic, but I promise, it’s worth it)

Warnings: Fluff. Angst. Some language. Implied smut. Death of a parent. Loss. Mentions of blood and of the warzone (nothing too graphic). Bad marital relationship (not Dean associated). Domestic Dean Bean (yup, this should be a warning)  

Author’s Notes: This is my submission for @jpadjackles Double Birthday Challenge. My sweet B, thank you for letting me participate. I had the time of my life writing this and I can promise you, it ended up being a fic very close to my heart.

Special thank you to my twin @ravengirl94 for answering my stupid questions about the US Army, and being such an amazing best friend and beta. Without her, this story would have never been posted.

My prompt for this was Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg.(I am not American so every detail about the US Army in this fic is the result of research. If there’s a mistake in it, I apologize in advance.)

And, without further ado. Enjoy <3

The first time Dean sees her it’s on his mother’s birthday.

It’s a sunny day, sky a soft shade of blue, summer slowly creeping its way into his life and, even though he’s not sure of a lot of things, he somehow knows she would have loved this day.

He can almost see her, standing in the middle of their garden, sundress blowing with the wind, a smile gracing her lips while he’s whining because there’s no pie, and it’s all so tangible, so real, that he thinks he can reach out and touch her.

Her image disappears as soon as it’d appeared though, and he’s back in the middle of a crowded street, on his way home from training, all alone, with no plans for the day and no mum to celebrate with because his mother’s gone and nothing can bring her back.

The thought pulls at his heartstrings and he can feel it again, that sickening sensation of missing someone so much that all of his body cells are aching for her and he curses under his breath, already loathing the day.

And then she catches his eye.

She’s just sitting there, at the bay window of the old coffee shop that always seems to have some jazz melody pouring out of it, nose buried in a book.

She’s beautiful, he can tell that much, but what really stuns him is the way she’s holding the dog-eared book, fingers grazing the paper gently like it’s soft skin, eyes skimming the pages as she bits her bottom lip, a wrinkle in her brow. It’s been a while since Dean has seen someone so engrossed into something and he loses track of time, forgets that he’s burning holes on her until she looks up and her eyes meet his through the window.

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Road Trip


A/N: Ahhhhh, this is a marvellous idea and lmaoooo I’m actually writing this on the plane ride home. I was only delayed for two hours sitting on the tarmac and then a nine hour flight home!!! Let’s just say, it’s been a long day. And tbh I literally would never write this on a plane (usually) but I got lucky and there’s nobody sitting on either side of me or behind me WOW so here I am, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean (actually I’m probably over France rn) writing about you guys and fucking Peter Parker.

I also decided to try and do this a different way, its one of those Headcanon posts instead

Word Count: 2K

Warnings: nada


  • The lovely Peter Parker and yourself had been best friends for quite sometime and boy were you both pining over each other. Extremely pining.
  • It was a lot of almost but not completely’s. Which annoyed the hell out of you. But I mean, Peter also annoyed the hell out of you.
  • You loved the boy, but he was needy. (Lol you love it).
  • You had just finished your third year of high school when you and Peter decided that you needed to go on a road trip.
  • Meaning that Peter begged you to take a road trip with him. By then, he had passed his driver’s test and was ready to go on the road.
  • In the middle of July, you and Peter climbed into May’s car and began making your way to Niagara Falls.
  • It was seven in the morning and Peter had pulled up in front of your building in May’s car.
  • Peter jumped out and grabbed your bag and threw it into the trunk, rushing back around to open the car door for you. “Good morning, Y/N,” 
  • “Well it looks like someone is in a good mood,” 
  • “Of course I’m in a good mood, i’m excited! Aren’t you excited? We’re finally going on the road trip!” 
  • “Yes, Peter, I’m very excited,” you laughed. 
  • “Ive never been Niagara Falls, what do you think it’s like? And how long until we get there? You know I’m not good on long drives,” 
  • “Oh my god, Peter. Okay, Niagara Falls is very nice, you’ll love it. It’s about six and a half hours but because we’ll get caught in rush hour it’ll probably be closer to eight,” you answered.
  • “Then let’s go,” Peter smiled, putting the car into drive, heading towards the highway.
  • You were not at all surprised how simultaneously prepared and unprepared Peter was for this trip.
  • The boy had multiple road trip playlists and a few sugary treats but that was it. You of course were the one who thought to bring water, healthier snacks, tissues, etc.
  • Ten minutes into the trip he started diving into his snacks
  • “PeTeR ItS sEvEn In ThE mOrNiNg you don’t need a fruit roll up!” 
  • “But Y/N, Spiderman needs his nutrients,” 
  • “A fRuIt RoLl Up Is NoT nUtRiCiOuS,”
  • Peter just looked you right in the eye and took another bite of the fruit roll up causing you to lose your fucking marbles
  • THis boy was going to drive you insane for the next eight hours you just knew it
  • “Peter why don’t you just put on one of the CD’s you made instead of just singing?” 
  • “Are you trying to tell me you don’t like my singing?” 
  • “Peter Parker but put your CD on and sing along to that,”
  • “Will you sing with me?” 
  • “I don’t know? Is ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ on this playlist of yours?” 
  • “OH NO!”
  • “Peter did you actually forget the ultimate road trip song?” 
  • “Yes. But I can sing it for you,”
  • You acted annoyed with Peter but less than a minute later you were both singing at the top of your lungs
  • You pretended to be annoyed with Peter but you really loved him and you were actually having the time of your life
  • Eventually Peter turned on that playlist of his 
  • Turns out Don’t Stop Believing was on it
  • “Oh my god PEter you idiot,” 
  • “I FoRgOt,”
  • You and Peter were both idiots who were helplessly in love with each other but didn’t know
  • You would spend so much time just staring at the boy while he tried to focus on driving
  • Plot twist he knew you were looking at him
  • You thought it was the cutest  
  • You were still singing along loudly to the music.
  • You would record it and send snaps to Ned saying you missed him  
  • Ned would always respond with “Bullshit you two need this time to figure everything out,”  
  • You tried to ask PEter what Ned meant but before Peter could answer he got distracted by a sign that said ‘Niagara Falls 350 miles’
  • “Peter, that’s still like five hours” 
  • “Whatever you say, hon”
  • You wanting to pull over on the side of the highway to take pictures of all the scenery
  • “Y/N, we’re never going to make it in time if we don’t keep driving,” 
  • “In time for what?” 
  • “But Peter I want to take a picture of you next to that tree,” 
  • “Y/N,” 
  • “Peter Parker If you don’t go stand next to that tree so I can take your picture, no more fruit roll ups,” 
  • “But how will I survive and not starve?” 
  • “I have apples,” 
  • Peter still didn’t move
  • “Peter Benjamin Parker,” 
  • “Fine!” 
  • “Thank you! I love you!” 
  • “Yeah yeah, love you too,” he would mumble,
  • The picture of Peter turned out with him standing next to the tree with his arms crossed and huge pout on his face
  • “Peter can you please smile for me?” 
  • “Why would I smile after you threatened to take away my fruit roll ups?” 
  • “Because I want to remember this trip! Please, can you just smile for me?”
  • You know how Peter’s puppy dog eyes are irresistible? Anything you do is irresistible to him.
  • And boy you knew it too
  • So you frown and Peter loosens his shoulders and lets his arms fall
  • You got another picture of Peter with a big smile on his face, pointing at the tree.
  • “Can we get going now WE HAVE A SCHEDULE” 
  • “Why is this the first I’m hearing about this schedule?” 
  • “BEcuase it’s a surprise now get in the car,”
  • You both climb back In the car and set off again
  • “Peter that still three and a half hours,” 
  • At one point you pull off the highway into a small town to get gas
  • The windows were rolled down and you began sneezing like crazy
  • “Thank you,” 
  • “What?” You asked Peter in between sneezes 
  • You were hunched over in the passenger seat, laughing your ass off in between your wild sneezes
  • “Can you please roll up the window Peter clearly I’m allergic to something” 
  • When you stopped for gas you wanted to get out and take pictures but you knew you would just sneeze and not get any good pictures so you stayed in the car and took pictures of Peter pumping the gas without him noticing
  • This boy is so fucking gorgeous and the pictures turned out rather amazing despite how dirty the windows were
  • When Peter got back in the car you were just staring at him
  • “What?” Peter eventually asked, confused by your staring
  • “Nothing. You’re just pretty is all,”
  • But of course this loser gained some confidence after he received your compliment
  • “Well if we’re talking about who’s pretty, then there’s no contest, hands down you’re the most beautiful,” 
  • “Peterr!” 
  • “I only speak the truth,” 
  • “Well you’re sweet spider-boy but it could just be from all the fruit roll up’s you’ve been eating,”
  • “Also,”
  • “Also?” 
  • “You should pump gas more often,” 
  • “Why….” 
  • “Cause you kinda looked really hot,” 
  • “I mean it is July the temperature are rather warm,” 
  • “Peter Parker you know that’s not what I meant,” 
  • “I know, I just like teasing you,” 
  • Not nice,” 
  • “I mean, I guess my so called hotness while pumping gas would explain why that hot blond was staring at me the entire time,” 
  • “wHOOO?”
  • Peter just laughed and didn’t answer you
  • This fuking boy
  • When you finally made it to Niagara Falls Peter was flipping excited.
  • You checked into your motel and then decided to go exploring
  • “So when do I get to find out what this surprise is?” 
  • “SOON” 
  • “Should I be worried?” 
  • “Shhhh Y/N, it’s a surprise I’m not going to throw you over the falls or anything,”
  • YOU were extremely suspicious as to what the surprise was
  • YOu and Peter went to the falls and you spent so long just taking pictures of Peter’s face when he first saw them
  • He was in absolute awe
  • You were so fucking in love with this boy
  • You kindly asked another Person to take a few pictures of you and Peter in front of the falls
  • They smiled and said you two made a cute couple and they snapped a few photos and gave you back your camera
  • “About that…” 
  • “About what?” 
  • “I also think we make a cute couple,” 
  • You were so confused
  • Did Peter just tell you to stop revealing your feeling cause IT WOUDL ‘RUIN HIS SURPRISE’
  • What was this boy up to  
  • After you spent some more time at the falls Peter dragged you down to the bottom of the falls 
  • “Peter what are we doing here?” 
  • “You did not,” 
  • “I did,” you smiled and gave Peter a hug.
  • You had been to Niagara Falls before but you had never gotten the chance to do a boat tour and Peter knew it was always something you wanted to do since you saw the episode of The Office where Jim and Pam got married on one of the boats
  • You were both given ponchos and you climbed on to the boat
  • You were kinda sad you couldn’t take your camera out cause you didn’t want to get it wet.
  • “So this was only half of the surprise,” Peter said 
  • “What? There’s more?”
  • Peter turned to you and just
  • “I’m in love with you,”
  • “Are you serious Peter cause If you’re just fucking with me thats not very nice and you know I love you so I really hope you’re not messing with me cau-
  • Peter cut you off with a kiss
  • Usually you’d be mad if someone did that but Peter Parker was kissing you on fucking Maid of the Mist of all places and it didn’t seem to matter in that moment
  • “I love you too, you nerd,”
  • Peter had this big goofy grin on his face and you just smiled and went to kiss him again.
  • It was a long ass eight hour drive to Niagara Falls but it was totally worth it.
I hate that I love you - Jack Wilder Imagine

Prompt: Reader is an FBI Special Agent who arrests the four Horsemen along with Agent Fuller after they robbed the bank. Unfortunately Reader has met Jack before and they develop a love-hate-relationship.

Authors note: So this is the first imagine I´m putting up on this blog. I had this idea in my head for quite a long time now and I finally wrote it. It got pretty long tho so I forced myself to stop at one point. Since I´m having a lot more ideas for this story there´s probably gonna be a Part 2. I´m sorry for any typos but its currently 4am and I just spent about 3 hours on this so I don’t really feel like editing it right now. I hope whoever reads this likes it tho.

Fandom: Now you see me

Pairing: Jack Wilder x Reader

Warning: There´s like one cuss word 

Word Count:  1.622

„Alright, let´s get those magicians”, I said to Agent Fuller and the rest of our team. We were at the Aria Hotel ready to arrest the so called Horsemen for robbing a bank at their show last night. I had to admit that I thought Fuller was just messing with me when he told me about them. I mean magicians? C´mon these guys are entertainers. However it didn´t matter what they are. What matters is that they somehow managed to rob a bank in Paris from a Las Vegas stage in less than 10 minutes.  We were standing in front of their door silently nodding at each other and then I kicked the door open.

 “FBI! Hands where I can see them!” Fuller and I screamed at the same time. I don’t know what I was expecting but definitely not this. The Horsemen didn’t even flinch. It was as if they were already expecting us. Merritt McKinney was lying on a couch reading and not even bothering to put his book down. It took Agent Fuller to scream at him again so that he let the book rest on his chest and held his hands up. Daniel Atlas was standing at the window with a deck of cards in his hands. At least he put his hands up even though I did not like that smug look on his face. Jack Wilder was what it looked like sleeping on a chair with his feet on a table. I walked over to him with my gun pointed at his chest as he put his hands in the air. He looked rather bored but as soon as he saw me a grin spread on his face.

 “(Y/N), good to see you again. Look, about that last-“ “It´s Agent (Y/L/N) to you”, I cut him off. “C´mon are we really going to the last name calling? It´s not like I don´t know you.” The other Agents gave me questioning looks I simply decided to ignore. I hadn’t told them that I knew Jack Wilder. After all it was none of their business.

 I met him on my way home a few weeks ago when he `accidentally` bumped into me and wanted to apologize by showing me a little card trick. I like magicians and on top of that he was very handsome so I let him. He told me to pick a card, put it back into the deck and then he started to shuffle it.

 “I´m Jack by the way.” His smile was contagious. “(Y/N)” I replied while he cut the deck with one hand and one card shot out of the middle right into his hand. “Is this your card?” I couldn’t help but grin at him. “This is a phone number.” “Yeah it is and you´re free to keep it” His smile was actually the cutest one I had seen in a very long time.  “You know, you said you were going to show me a card trick to make up for bumping into me. You still don´t know what my card was though so I guess I can´t call you because you didn´t keep your promise which doesn´t change anything about you being that asshole who almost made me fall onto the ground and I´m afraid you being so utterly handsome still doesn´t make up for it.” I crossed my arms smiling at him and waiting for his next move.

 He did look surprised for a split second but his grin didn’t vanish. “Well, if you insist.” With a swift movement of his hand the phone number turned into my card - the ace of hearts – with the slight difference of a number being written across the middle of it. “Now, was this your card?” A laugh escaped my lips and I grabbed the card saying: “I guess it was even though I like this version much better.” He wasn´t that much taller than me but that didn’t change the fact that he was looking down at me with a huge smile across his lips. He was just about to say something opening his mouth but I grabbed his wrist and put it quite high on his back. My smile had faded and so had his. Instead he looked pretty shocked. 

“Woah, hey, hold on, hold on.” I kept quiet for a little longer wanting to hear his excuse. “Were you just trying to steal my wallet?” I asked him not very friendly. Yes, he was handsome and yes, I did enjoy that little flirt but I would not let him steal from me. “What? Why would you think that? I-“ I cut him off getting tired of this. “I´m going to stop you right there. I am an FBI Special Agent and I don’t like it when the bad guys are lying to me. Are you doing this to all the girls? Now listen to me very closely. I will let go of you and you won´t run away, do you understand?” He made a huffed noise which I took as a yes. I let go of his arms and he turned around to face me. 

“What? No apology?” I asked arms crossed once again. “You´re from the FBI?” He asked in awe and I had to keep myself of smiling at him because he just looked too cute with disbelief plastered all over his face. “Does that sound like an apology to you?” I must have looked intimidating because after a few seconds of staring at him he sighed and opened his mouth for what I was expecting an apology. “I´m sorry, (Y/N), but I didn’t try to steal anything from you.” That made me raise up my eyebrows. He was actually going to stick to that story. I knew exactly that he wanted to steal my wallet and yet here he stood telling me he didn’t. Pathetic. 

 “Don´t lie to me, Jack. I know what you were about to do but I´m FBI. I don’t deal with pick-pocketers and it´s been a long day so I really wish this wouldn´t have happened. I like you, Jack, and trust me I would´ve called but whatever. Just go now.” His eyebrows went up in surprise. “Are you serious?” “I am but if I ever see you again I promise you I will put you in handcuffs.” A smile started to form on his face and I couldn´t help but smile back. Even if it was just a small smile. “Either way it was still a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).” “Wish I could say the same thing about you, Jack.” With a last smile and a wink he turned around and walked away.

 And that´s the story of how I met Jack Wilder. I didn´t know he was one of the Four Horsemen but when Fuller showed me their faces I thought one of them looked oddly familiar and when he told me his name was Jack Wilder I immediately recognized him as the guy who had tried to steal my wallet weeks ago. I had to admit that it was nice seeing his face again. The circumstances weren´t so nice though. 

“Like I said, it´s Agent (Y/L/N).” Just in that moment Henley Reeves appeared at the stairs putting on her jacket causing almost all Agents to point their weapons at her. “Do one of you guys mind giving as a hand with our bags?” She asked while she put her hands up. I didn´t like the tone of her voice but it wouldn´t be of any use to call her out on it so I just focused my attention back to Jack. “Let`s go”, Fuller said and I grabbed Jacks arms making him stand up so I could put him into handcuffs. 

“Last time we saw each other you did promise me you would put me into handcuffs, I just thought my charm would prevent you from doing so and instead you´d go on an actual date with me”, he said while I walked him out of the hotel room and led him downstairs. “Shut up, Wilder.” I couldn´t have him talk to me like that in front of my fellow agents or they would start questioning my authority. “No, I´m serious. I really wanted to ask you out but then that happened. I guess some would say it was the universe that brought us here together once again, don´t you think so?” He was messing with me just like McKinney was messing with Fuller but somehow he managed to get the idea of going on a date with him into my head and I couldn´t stop thinking about it. “I said shut the fuck up!” “Hey, no need to scream. I was just stating the fact that I find you very attractive, alright. However I already made myself clear about that last time, didn´t I?”

 These Horsemen had all of this planned, I could feel it. None of them were surprised or showed even the slightest change of emotion when we entered their room and now they were all talking to us as if we were not arresting them. Something was going on and I did not like it. When I sat back in the car next to Fuller he was giving me a questioning look. “Drive.” I didn´t feel like talking right now especially because I knew that he wanted to talk about Jack Wilder and if I did I might accidentally tell him something I didn´t want to speak out loud. Jack Wilder had been spinning around my head since the day I first met him and seeing him again like this didn´t make things any easier for me. God forbid when I need to interrogate him.

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Delirious:</b> [mumbling to himself]<p/><b>Nogla:</b> Dude, is he OK?<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> He-<p/><b>Delirious:</b> Vanoss! I need you to tell me I can leave the call if I want!<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> Delirious, you can leave the call if you-<p/><b>Delirious:</b> BITCH DONT TELL ME WHAT TO DO! [goes back to mumbling to himself.]<p/><b>Vanoss:</b> [Sighs and faces Nogla] It's been a long day...<p/></p><p/></p>
🔫Sooner or Later🌹 heads up!

So many of y’all have been so excited to see the first pages of Staringback’s story being adapted to comic form and dropping comments regarding wait-times for updates, so I thought I’d give you my general thoughts on that!💭

Ideally I want to upload five page chunks of it every Friday

I’ve been getting into a good groove of finishing a page a day, and it’s been a long time goal of mine to do daily pages with ease- I’ll be streaming every weekday where I’ll finish a page from start to end, and upload the collection at the end of the work week!
I hope y’all consider dropping by my stream📺 when I do and giving me an extra push of encouragement as I’m prepared to try my beST to get this system into a regular habit!

On a personal note, I’d like to add that I’m not taking on this system for anybody but myself. I’ve always wanted to be a fast, efficient artist with quality work to show- but I know every day is different and I’ll have my ups and downs in productivity!
I want you all to trust that I can upload consistently, but if it’s only one page or ten, don’t expect it to be the norm! I’m still an amateur comicbook artist, and I’m learning everyday!

anonymous asked:

Hi Jess. This is my first time messaging you. Not sure how this thing works. I was at the Highlanders Convention in Blackpool last weekend. I want to back up what your follower pepimint said about Cait. The Cait/Lotte panel was on Sunday. People lined up to ask questions. About half way through, an older blonde lady asked Cait about saying Sam's name in Episode 9. Lotte look suprised and asked Cait if it was true. Cait confirmed she had indeed said Sam's name by mistake. It had been a long day.

Thanks anon!! I’d love for more people to come forward and confirm this because I think it’s unfortunate that @pepimint is being called a liar. I believe you guys!


(s) =smut  (f)=fluff  (a)= angst  (k)= kinky (y)= yaoi 

Monsta X


Jagiya, wake up~

Wonho the savior

Truth or Dare (Wonho X Reader X I.M) (s)

Playing with fire (I.M) (s)

Im trying to protect you (I.M) (s)

I own you (Shownu) (s)

Teasing Minhyuk (s)

Focus on meee (Jooheon) (s)

Work hard, play hard (Shownu) (s)

Its been a rough day (Jooheon) (s)

Long time no see (I.M) (f) (s)

No more nice guy (Minhyuk) (s)

Jealous I.M (f) 

Dominant Shownu after you put on make-up on him as a joke (s) (f)

Wonho’s shy and innocent gf that accidentally turns him on and he snaps (s)

Minhyuk and his gf arguing but she wont look at his eyes (f)

Play fighting with I.M (s)

Jooheon trying to make you feel better when you are sad (f)

Hyungwon faking his feelings? (f)

Kihyun and you as enemies but he likes you (s)

Shownu cuts your hair (f)

Minhyuk doesnt love you anymore? (f)

Minhyuk sits you on his lap and things get heated (s)

Dont play with me (Shownu) (s)

Call me oppa (I.M) (s)

Skip class for Jooheon (f)

Candles (Shownu) (s) (k)

First time with Jooheon (s)

Ramen Criminal (Wonho) (f)

You got it twisted (Hyungwon) (s)

Fooling around (Wonho X Reader X Shownu) (s)

Little push (Shownu) (f)

Chocolate covered strawberries (Wonho) (s)

Damn Right (Minhyuk) (s)

Take it (Shownu) (s)

Anything for Daddy (Jooheon) (s)(k)

Better (Jooheon) (s)

I promise (Shownu) (a)

Dont lie (I.M) (s)

Do you think this is funny? (Jooheon) (s)

Gone (Wonho) (a) (f)

You drive me crazy (Kihyun) (s)

Movie night (I.M X Reader X Minhyuk) (s)

Fake Feelings (Shownu) (a) (s) 

Perceptions (Minhyuk) (s)

Show me how much you want me (Jooheon X I.M) (s) (y)

Fake Feelings Pt.2 (a)

I cant have it both ways (Jooheon X Minhyuk X I.M) 

Make it feel better (Jooheon) (s)

We got married (Jooheon) (f)

Im okay going to hell, as long as im with you (Shownu) (s)

Fruit bowl (Minhyuk) (s)

Treat (Wonho) (s)

Flirting (I.M) (f)

Defy me and see (Jooheon) (s)

Are you mad bro? (Jooheon X Minhyuk)

Call me daddy (Minhyuk) (s)

Dinner? (Wonho) (s)

Baby Boy (Wonho) (f)

We dont have much time (I.M) (s)

Not the time nor place (Jooheon) (s)

Lost control (Jooheon) (s)

Lies (Hyungwon) (s)

Impatient (Jooheon) (s)

Lesson learned (Shownu) (s)

Let me make love to you (Shownu) (s)

Enough (Wonho) (s)

Mommy (Wonho) (s) (k)

Shower Sex (Minhyuk) (s)

Take your punishment (s) (k)


Jooheon when he wants to have sex with you for the first time in your relationship (s)

When you saw Wonho with another girl on his lap (f)

Jooheon is having a bad day at practice and you try to cheer him up (s)

I.M when hes “excited” to see you (s)

Jooheon is having a rough day and you want to cheer him up by showing his a cute lingerie (s)

I.M is “excited” to see you later on (s)

MX send a dirty word on accident because of auto correct (s) 

Kihyuk naughty texts (s)

Shownu naughty texts (s)

Jooheon meets you at MAMA’s and would like to get to know you

MX teases you when they heard you having hardcore sex with Changkyun (s)


MX reaction to you turning them on and trying to leave afterwards (s)

Reacting to where you joined their group as a male member but they later find out you are a girl 

You leaning in to kiss them but you get shy and pull away (f)

MX reaction to you trying to carry something heavy 

MX reacting to you getting mad at a game you lost and throw the controller at their crotch on accident slight (s)

You tuck them in but they fake it and have their laptops beside them

MX reacts to you jumping on them when you feel frisky

Most to Least (MtL):

MtL to dating an Asian girl that doesnt fit the k-beauty standards

MtL to mind their s/o smoking 

MtL to date a girl who is shy at first but gets more outgoing later on



Spicy Chicken (Mingyu) (f)


Reacting to where you joined their group as a male member but they later find out you are a girl (half of seventeen members) 



First times with Yugyeom (f)

Promise (Yugyeom) (f)

Am I a joke to you? (JB) (s)

Teen Top


Keep your eyes on me (CAP) (s)

  • Guanlin: well it's been a long day so I'm going to bed
  • Jihoon: it's noon??
  • Guanlin: time is an illusion
finding home

Ch. 1 of 7 | 2 3 4 5 6 7 | Read on AO3 | a collab with @superiortechnology

Tooru’s first day at Hogwarts was supposed to be the best day of his life.

He’s been dreaming of this day for as long as he can remember…

Yet here he is, crying his eyes out.

Today has been the worst day of his life.

It starts with the jerk on the boat making fun of him for his hair. It’s too pristine, the boy says. But this is the first day of his new life? Of course he wants to look his best! Then the jerk starts rocking the boat so of course he screams… which only leads to more jeers and laughter from the other boys on the boat.

That itself is bad enough, but then comes the worst part - he’s put in Slytherin.

The dark house.

The evil house.

The house that you-know-who came from.

His parents, his sister, his cousin, they’re all in Gryffindor. So why not him?

This is just his luck, really. He should have seen it coming, - would have seen it coming - had he been smart enough to really think about it. Nothing ever seems to work out as planned for him. It was the same back on his eleventh birthday, when his letter to Hogwarts was late and he was so sure that it wasn’t coming-

But no, he’s here. Just not… quite where he’d pictured himself being.

Families usually get sorted into the same house! is what she told him… And it’s her face his eyes land on as the hat’s decision tears itself from its brim. The look on her face isn’t half as pained as the feeling in his heart.

He moves to sit at the Slytherin table, seriously contemplating getting back on the train and going home the very next morning. There are four other first year boys at his table, though they were all been sorted there before him, so he hadn’t caught any names. Three of them appear to know each other already and the fourth is scraggly and shaggy looking, wearing robes that look too messy to be brand new… Probably second hand. To make things worse, the kid keeps staring around the room as if he’s never seen anything magical in his entire life, asking stupid questions to the prefect sitting next to him.

He already wants nothing to do with his dorm mates and he still hasn’t decided if he’s going to stay. Tooru sinks himself down into his seat, trying to drown out the talking and laughter around him, letting the rest of the ceremony pass by in a blur.

He’s been dreaming of the Gryffindor common room all his life. His older sister had drawn him a map and told him all about it, as though there hadn’t been a doubt in her mind that he’d be placed there.

Now here he is instead, sitting in the far corner of the Slytherin common room, keeping his distance from the other students.

Another tear leaks from his eye.

This sucks!

He leans heavily on the arm of the oversized chair he’s sitting in. The room is full of life, and no one around has even noticed him. From behind he probably looks like he’s just sleeping or staring out the window. He sighs to himself, sniffling as a shadow obstructs the light shining on the wall from behind him.

“Whatchya doin’?” A voice comes from behind him.

He nearly jumps, but manages to maintain his composure. It might just be the fact that he feels so exhausted. Can you scare the crap out of a sad person? If he were going to make an assumption based on this test, he’d have to say no.

He turns in the direction of the voice and finds the scrubby-looking first year from the table in the great hall. His face remains as awestruck as it was when they were eating, and he still has a stupid smudge of dirt on his cheek.

“Are you crying?” The toothy grin falls from his face as he realizes what he’s interrupted.

Tooru sniffles, wiping his nose on the long sleeve of his robe and mutters an unconvincing “no.”

“What’s wrong?” The boy frowns. “Do you miss your mom?”

“What? Of course I don’t miss my mom!” The absurdity of the statement is enough to distract him momentarily, and his tears start to dry up.

“Oh, well why are you crying?” He asks, attempting to perch himself casually on the arm of the chair, though he’s hardly tall enough to reach it and he just looks awkward.

“I’m - I was - it’s none of your goddamn business!” Tooru wails.

“Oh, well, okay. I’m Iwaizumi,” he says, offering his hand, “Iwaizumi Hajime.” He stares impatiently at him, clearly not caring that Tooru was just wiping his nose on that very hand. He’s grinning again as though Tooru’s world isn’t falling apart in front of him.

A part of him wants to slap that tanned brown hand away, and yet something stops him.

“Oikawa… Tooru,” he says, slowly sliding his hand into Hajime’s.

“Tooru! It’s nice to meet you! You’re my first friend, you know that?” Hajime beams, shaking Tooru’s hand roughly, clasped between both of his.

“Shhh,” Tooru hushes him. Do you want the whole common room to hear you? He almost phrases it differently, but manages to catch himself before he comes across as any more of a jerk. He had initially judged the kid so hard, but now that he’s talking to him, there’s something positive and upbeat about him and Tooru finds that it puts him at ease.

“Can I ask you something, Hajime?” The name falls off his tongue a little awkwardly, but he wonders if maybe he’s the only one who notices because the other seems to light up upon hearing his name spoken.

“Of course!”

“Are your parents… muggles?” He asks, as though afraid of offending Hajime.

“Yup!” He gives him a thumbs up, his fist appearing much too large for his body, almost like a puppy with large paws. Cute. “I’m the first wizard in my family! Isn’t that cool?”

Tooru finds himself glancing around the room self-consciously. He doubts many others in this common room would find this ‘cool.’

“What about your parents?” Hajime asks, leaning forward in curiosity.

“My parents and my sister are all magical. My father is muggle born though.” He finds himself sitting up a little straighter, listening just a little bit more intently. He still has to hold himself back, though, wanting to wipe that dirt off of Hajime’s cheek.

He wonders if he knows it’s there. He wonders what he’d do if Tooru were to reach across and brush it away…

“That’s so cool! So you’ve known about this place your whole life!”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Tooru replies, feeling a hint of pride, yet oddly enough he doesn’t feel the need the display it. That itself is strange for him.

“So have you been doing magic for years too?” Hajime asks excitedly. There’s no jealousy in his words, which Tooru finds odd, but pleasant.

“No, not intentionally anyway. We’re not allowed to do magic outside of Hogwarts until we’re of age,” Tooru explains. “Though once I accidently set this hideous pair of orange pants that my mother was trying to dress me in on fire. I guess that’s what she gets for trying to ruin my sense of fashion at such a young age.”

Hajime bursts out laughing, clearly finding it much funnier than Tooru intended it to be. But even so, Tooru can’t help but smile. There’s something so genuine and… kind, about this boy. His happiness and excitement are infectious, and Tooru finds he wants to hear him talk more.

“So Iwa-chan,” he says, the name coming across all too naturally despite Hajime’s frown, “what exactly were you doing in the…” he almost says muggle world, but feels it may be offensive, “real world before you got your letter?”

“Oh.” Hajime appears a bit caught off guard. “Just, you know… going to school. And playing volleyball! I was going to be a professional volleyball player!”

“Volleyball?” Tooru asks. He can’t recall which of the muggle sports Hajime is talking about.

“Yeah, you know, like six players on each side of the net, and you pass the ball around and try to slam it into the ground on the other team’s side until they can’t lift it up. Whoever let’s the ball hit the ground first loses the rally. There’s a setter and a spiker and defensive positions… I’m a spiker.”

Tooru watches him smile, rambling excitedly, and finally reaches across to bridge the gap between them. “You’ve got dirt on your cheek,” he says kindly. Hajime glances down, as though he can see the spot, then back up at Tooru, continuing on about volleyball. His skin feels warm, and soft as Tooru brushes his thumb across his cheek, smiling now that the spot’s all clean.

“Have you heard of quidditch?” Tooru asks.

“Quid- what?”

“Quidditch,” Tooru repeats. “It’s the wizard sport… played on broomsticks.”

Hajime’s jaw drops to the ground. “No way!”

“I’m going to try out for the team this year. First years never make the house teams, but I’ve practiced a lot and I think I have a good chance,” he says, trying to hide a bit of embarrassment.

The pair continues to talk late into the night, only to realize that the common room is nearly empty by the time the finally looked up from each other.

Tooru laughs a little, sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. “We should probably head to bed,” he says, moving to sit up.

“Oh. Yeah, right,” Hajime responds, nodding. “You wanna go to breakfast with me tomorrow?”


He’s about to answer, yes, sure, before he remembers that he wasn’t even sure if he’d be staying until tomorrow. Now, though, with Hajime?

It seems… a little more bearable.

“Yeah,” he says, flashing Hajime a big smile. “I do.”

That Dork

Word Count: 2,898

Type: Angst with Fluff, Fluff, Angst With Happy Ending, Arguments, Making Up, Hurt!Dan, Hurt!Phil, Established Relationship

Summary: Dan and Phil are stressed, whether they show it or not. After a Youtube meeting tempers fly and the pair need to cool down before they can get back to being them.

Or the one where Dan and Phil can’t send a night apart, no matter if they just had a fight.

(Read On AO3)


“Look Phil it’s not that I’m upset, it’s just-“ Dan starts in an exasperated tone. It had been a long day, hell a long week, for the pair. Both of their fuses are at wit’s end, only a small spark had set them off. Dan, in all honesty, is just tired and not thinking well enough to know that now is definitely not the time for this conversation. On top of that, there is no need for this conversation in the first place in all actuality. He knows Phil didn’t mean anything by it, but it still stung and he was still upset over it, regardless of the rational thoughts swirling through his brain.

“No, don’t ‘it’s just’ me, Dan.” Phil cuts Dan off, snapping after hearing Dan about to accuse him of something. He gives Dan a harsh glare from across the kitchen, leaning against to the counter after they came in from their meeting at YouTube to have something for dinner. Phil’s arms are flying around, a sure sign he’s angry as Dan stands in the door way with a surprised, yet furious, look painted across his face. “You do this every god damn time you get upset! You always go and blame me!” He exclaims. “It’s never your fault, it’s always mine and I’m sick of it!” Phil’s glowering at Dan. Though Dan is hurt at Phil yelling at him, he’s not going to drop this. After all, Dan really isn’t angry over it, well, he wasn’t.

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