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On a night we won’t remember - Montgomery de la Cruz ( part 7 )

A/N: my heart exploded through my chest while writing this lord i’m an emotional wreck. also a big big big thank you for @personljournal for helping me with continuing this story! go check out her writing at @hapinessandlove123 it’s amazing!

word count: 1081


You thought you wouldn’t tell anyone ever what happened to you but when Monty asked you, with those tears on his face, you couldn’t help but break down and tell him everything. When he had asked, you just sort of collapsed on the ground and you started to cry again. After a solid 20 minutes you started to talk to him. In that time Monty already rushed to his room and got you one of his oversized shirts, he sat down next to you and held you in his arms. He also didn’t talk. Other times when something was wrong with you he kept pushing until you told him what was up but this time was different. Monty was scared of what was coming, did he really want to hear something that might had changed his y/n forever? When you started to talk tears slowly started to escape Monty’s eyes again. He listened and listened, you felt his grip getting tighter on you like he would never let you out of his arms again so he knew  you were safe. You felt like Monty sincerely cared about you and in some kind of way it made you a little bit happy inside. The two of you had been sitting on the bathroom floor for a very long time now. You with your head on his shoulder and your legs over his in his arms, his head leaning on yours caressing  the back of your head to calm you down since you were still crying. Monty heard you slowly calm down and drift to sleep. He picked you up bridal style and laid you in his bed covering you carefully with the blanket. He laid himself next to his bed on the ground so when you woke up you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable  but you also weren’t alone.

You started to slowly wake up but weren’t in the mood to open your eyes yet. You were feeling like a complete train wreck. You clearly had a serious hangover and your eyes felt like bricks on your face feeling all red and puffy.  The realisation of why your eyes are like that hit you pretty quick making you feel even worse then you already were. You roll over and open your eyes to see Montgomery laying on the ground with a blanket that’s obviously way too small for him. You couldn’t help but wonder how could someone care so much about you and still hurt you so deeply.  You were watching him closely when you saw his eyelids move a little before he opened his eyes.  

“Hey y/n, you’re awake? How are you feeling?” He said while sitting up and stretching his back obviously being in pain from the hard ground.

“Not that great.” You say shortly not feeling like talking about it all over and over again.

“Mont how did you know where I was?” you asked confused getting flashbacks from the night before.

“Justin texted me.” he said while unlocking his phone and showing it to you.

Y/N is at Bryce’s and she’s drunk. I left her there because Jess is sick but I have a really bad feeling about this all. I wanted to ask Zach cause well you’re a dick but he’s sleeping. So please do me one favour and go pick her up but don’t even think about kissing or even touching her. – Foley.”

Oh how you loved your best friend you thought by yourself.

“Y/N do you still want to talk about it or?”

“No please no, it happened and I hate it but I think I’ll go crazy if the subject keeps coming up.”  You say while sitting up, Montgomery pushed himself up from the ground and sat next to you laying his hand on your naked leg that showed from under the blanket.

“That’s fine but just know that if you need someone I’m here for you.” he said with a reassuring smile. As heroic as his actions were last night you couldn’t forget about all that had happened between the two of you and how he broke your trust and maybe also broke a little bit of you.

“Mont don’t do this to me, thank you for yesterday really but everything is already difficult enough. This heartbreak is already killing me don’t make it worse.” You said while picking up his hand from your leg and moving it away. But you felt something had changed that night. Monty and you never had been so honest against each other. He cried for the first time in front of you, he listened instead of pushing and trying to change your thoughts. You just told him everything without he needed to ask. Every single feeling he knew right now.

“But I don’t want to make it worse, I swear. I screwed up big time and I know but I have never in my life felt so committed to something or someone like I feel with you. I truly understand you don’t want to be with me anymore but can we just try to be civil again, maybe become friends? I understand you don’t trust me anymore but you can’t disappear out of my life you just can’t.”

“Mont what’s happening with you, you’ve never been like this when we were together?”

“Because back than I didn’t realise what a great person you are who deserves nothing less than the world. This all has changed me for the better and I want to prove to you that maybe if you gave me a second chance you can let me try to give you that world.”

“Monty I’m not going to lie. I don’t want nothing else than you in my life. I miss you and even tho I got drunk and tried to forget all that was on my mind was you.” while you were saying this you saw a small smile appear on his face.

“But you hurted me so bad and I didn’t deserve that.” And with that it all changed back to disappointment and regret. You didn’t want to hurt him but being honest was the best you could do.

“I- I understand I’ll get your stuff so you don’t have to stay here any longer.”  He said while getting up and walking towards his bedroom door.

“But I don’t want to be out of your life either so trying to be friends does sounds like a plan.” Monty turned around quickly smiling again.



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Okay. Since everyone keeps asking me, here’s a simple guide to being a better ally.

1. Stop
2. Read
3. Learn
4. Think

First, you need to stop expecting easy answers and free lessons. Stop going into strangers inboxes asking incredibly basic and reductive questions. And stop expecting people who don’t run resource/education blogs to take time out of their day to teach you. No margianalized person is obligated to spend their time and energy to make you a better person.

Then you gotta read. If you ask me a question that’s already been answered on my blog or in the notes of the post you’re commenting on, that tells me you aren’t really interested. Y'all will research 17th century french painters to make a meme but can’t spend ten minutes on my blog? And beyond that, there are hundreds of books and essays and articles by margianalized people telling you how to ally better. How many have you read?

Next, actually learn the shit. I get family and coworkers asking me questions about trans stuff all the time, and because I want them to understand me, I answer the best that I can. But sometimes they ask me the same questions again. And again. They’re “just curious.” And honestly, a lot of questions I get aren’t coming from someone who sincerely wants to learn. They’re coming from a just curious. If you were serious about learning, you wouldn’t stop after asking one person on tumblr, whether they give you the answer you want or not.

And then the part that a lot of y'all skip - using your critical thinking skills. Like I said, there aren’t a lot of simple answers. Sometimes you dig deeper to find a good solution. And expecting margianalized people to do all of the thinking for you is not the way to do it. I’ll b honest, I know that this one usually doesn’t stem from laziness - it usually comes from the fear of getting it wrong. But if I see you genuinely trying and getting some stuff wrong, I’m a lot more lilely to offer advice. You wouldn’t ask someone how to improve your art or writing and then just show them a blank page, right? If you at least come to me with a first draft, I’ll know you tried.

Now, I’ll be completely honest. These are tips on how to be a Smart Ally. And I think that’s what most of you want to be. But personally, I only have one criteria for bing a Good Ally and I haven’t mentioned it yet, because 99% of you wouldn’t do it.

My only criteria for being a good ally is that you have to be ready to take a bullet for me. Literally. If someone wants to hurt or kill me, you need to be ready to physically protect me with your body.

But I really don’t expect y'all to do that. So at least be smart.

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top five songs

Ooh, that’s hard.

1. Screen by Twenty One Pilots
2. Mars by Sleeping At Last
3. Your Type by Carly Rae Jepsen
4. Your Graduation by Modern Baseball
5. Blue by Marina and the Diamonds

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I'm stuck on the implication that there's some hierarchy in which reading the story is a prerequisite for the next step up of shipping the characters. I don't read the story, I only ship the characters. You got it twisted, anon.

if we’re being honest my vorthos backstory went like

1. i liked chandra she’s cute

2. read the purifying fire

3. aggressively shipping julaar

4. reading the rest of the story for more blatant julaar fodder

and now here we are

The Princess and the Pirate--Chapter 8

Rating: T

Pairing: Captain Duckling

Summary:  When the Black Fairy finds a way back from the Dark Realm where she’s been banished, Snow and Charming fear for their daughter, Emma’s life.  They turn to the infamous Captain Hook to take their daughter to safety before the Black Fairy is able to start the “final battle” she’d threatened just after Emma’s birth.

Missed the beginning: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

Tagging a few people who may be interested: @sailormew4@annaamell@flslp87@emmateo26@fleurreads@doracianstormrose@mermaidswans@bethacaciakay@ultraluckycatnd@allfangirlallthetime@effulgentcolors, @ilovemesomekillianjones@kat2609@brooke-to-broch@missgymgirl@hellomommanerd@galadriel26@the-lady-of-misthaven@charmingturkeysandwich@jennjenn615@laschatzi@kimmy46@snowbellewells@iamanneenigma@daxx04 @lapi-lazuli@nickillian@a-rose-for-a-savior@in-spirational@gillie@manic-pixiefangirl@britishguyslover@ginnyjinxedandhanshotritafirst@nofeels@holmes-a-holic@kmomof4 @linda8084@spartanguard


Killian sat in his chair in the crew’s quarters turning Emma’s letter over and over in his hand as the first rays of the sun filtered into the small window along the wall.

What was he to do with the missive?  He knew full well what the straight-laced naval lieutenant he used to be would have done. He would have delivered the bloody letter the moment he received it—whole and unread.

But he was no longer that naval lieutenant, and the situation was far, far too complicated for a straightforward answer.

“If you give her the letter, cap’n,” Smee offered, “she’ll want to go back.”

Killian glared at his first mate.  “I’m well aware.”

“And if she goes back, you’ll forfeit the prize the king and queen promised you in return for her safe passage.”

Killian’s glare intensified.

“But if you don’t give her the letter, she’ll be mad when she finds out.”

“Mr. Smee, if I’d wanted a companion who merely restates the obvious, I’d have purchased a parrot,” Killian growled.  “If you don’t have anything more useful to contribute to the conversation I’d appreciate it if you would shut the bloody hell up and allow me to think in peace.”

Smee shrugged and headed for the door.  “Just trying to help.”

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So my friends are paranoid
  • Me: So out of the group here, who's the most terrifying?
  • Friend 1 : Friend 2
  • Friend 3: Yep Friend 2, you do taikwando
  • Friend 2: What? It obviously you!
  • Me: Me?
  • Friend 1 and Friend 2: Her?
  • Friend 2: Yes, her. She too nice. And it's terrifying, I don't know if she's genuine or acting.
  • Friend 1: she's genuine... I think.
  • Friend: Actually I agree she has a dark side, you should see her in history class
  • Me: Wait what I'm nice?
  • Friend 3: Hun, you are too cinnamon roll to be a real cinnamon roll
I was tagged to post the last 10 songs I listened to

Thanks to @gracebabcockwrites! Let’s go :)

1) Purity by Slipknot
2) The Blister Exists by Slipknot
3) Falling Ashes by Slowdive
4) Don’t Know Why by Slowdive
5) Star Roving by Slowdive
6) Go Get It by Slowdive
7)All Of Us by Slowdive
8) Danger, Keep Away by Slipknot
9) The Virus Of Life by Slipknot
10) Circle by Slipknot

Anyone who sees this is tagged!

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bro.... answer all those numbers for the s/o ask thing you big het

BRO STOP WHAT IF I GUY SEES SDFGDSF This is going to be sooo long because I can talk about her for actual hours on hours….

1) Describe them in 3 words
She’s absolutely perfect

2) Their favourite style of clothing
Comfortable, I guess. She just kinda wears the same big and baggy jacket, some horror movie or bike shop t-shirt and colored jeans (usually blue or red). When she really wants to dress up she has a bunch of really cute dresses (she has a Wednesday Addams one and a cute Alice and Wonderland one) and she has this one white flannel that she let me wear once that was really soft and it’s probably my favorite thing on her beside the Wednesday dress.
She always tends to make the basic comfortable clothes look good with her make up!! She’s so passionate about it and I love hearing her talk about the stuff for hours even if I don’t know what any of it means. It always goes with her outfit and she’s a real master at it! She usually does brown tones so I think those are her favorites to do. She likes purple lip tones too and once did dark purple and it was really really pretty!! Under her right eye she has either a small heart, star or half moon in black eyeliner and it’s sooo cute. I always wanna kiss attack there, but I know I’ll mess it up…

3) What mannerisms do they have?
She’ll pick up on things I say and repeat them back. She also picks up on my own stuff and will do them too. She brought my weird words like “okie,” “friendo,” and “alrighty” into her vocabulary and she says them in the cutiest and sweetest voice. When she speaks to me her voice is like soft (??), but when she speaks to anyone else is loud, rash, and fast. She slouches a bit and usually rests on a wall with her hands in her pockets. She reads everything she can get her hands on too…

4) Do they play an instrument?
She used to play piano and I thought she was really good at it!! She doesn’t play anymore, but I wonder if she remembers any. I actually wanted her to teach me, but oh well! 

5) How did you meet/become introduced to them?
I don’t remember much of my childhood to be honest. She said she didn’t remember much of it other than the fact I ran up to her (or was it that I ran straight into her?) and said something like, “I’m lonely, you’re new, we’re friends now!” I don’t remember it at all, and she only remembers some, but we were only six years old…

6) Favourite thing they’ve ever said/texted/messaged?



I can’t pick help 

and those are the only ones that I have saved

7) What do you like doing with them?

My favorite thing is holding hands!!! I also love watching movies with her because I love her reactions!! She gets so excited sometimes and hearing her laugh is the best fucking thing ever. If we’re sitting together at lunch at school then we’d watch youtube or listen to music together, and we share the ear buds, with her putting her head on my shoulder and sometimes holding my hand… Thinking about this makes me feel so warm h e L P

8) Their favourite colour
It’s orange!

9) Do they keep up to date on pop culture?
Sort of, but she likes to do her own oldish things at the same time. It depends, but she really likes to keep up on the new makeup pop culture-ish stuff.

10) Sweetest thing they’ve done for you?
So…uh, I used to really fucking hate hate taking showers and baths due to some certain events and I could only take them as soon as I wake up so I don’t think about because I’m mentally dead/unaware of anything. She’s known this for a long time too. When my birthday this year rolled around she got me a fuck ton of bathbombs so I could feel comfortable and not have a breakdown while being in water. She didn’t get any of the smells that give me headaches or make me feel sick, she tried to get all my favorite colors, but I know her favorite was the one with rose petals because she got me more than one of them. She’s a freaking sap and I love her so much. After that I actually became okay with taking baths and being in the bathroom without feeling that much anxiety. It’s the sweetest thing that’s ever happened to me~

11) Have you dreamed about them?
I’ve known her since I was six so I most definitely had at some point on my life, but just not recently or anything I can remember sadly. I hope to have a memorable one one day!

12) Have they dreamed about you? (if you know)
Sfdfbgtd god yeah, but I don’t wanna,, expand those are personal….

13) Can they dance?
In a funny way yeah, but I’ve never really seen her try to dance.

14) What does hugging them feel like?
Not to get all hetero, but honest to any kinda god, it’s the best feeling in the world… It’s the most calming experience in my life. I’m like, always stressed the fuck out like c r a z y, and her hugs instantly make me able to continue on with the day and, for a while, continue on with this shitty school program I’m in. 

15) Your favourite thing about them?
How strong she is!! She doesn’t take any abuse and will call out anyone when they’re being a peice of shit! She so though outwardly but so soft and caring to me. Just being anywhere near her calms me down!! She’s incredibly funny too and makes me giggle all the time!! Her eyes are so pretty too and her skin is so soft and her cheeks are so cute and FUCK THIS IS SINGULAR QUESTION RIGHT??? UHHHHH…UHH…E V E R Y T H I N G. I CAN’T PICK FOR SHIT

16) Their favourite thing about you?
She’s mentioned how much I care before…and how I’ve always been there when she needed it. I’m not really sure, but I’m happy if that’s it!

17) Best memory of you together?
There was one time when I was over at her house I started having a nonverbal anxiety attack. She, after my head nodding yes, led me over to this closed off room that’s dark due to metal hurricane shutters that her dad never took off the windows and got me to sit down on the couch with an ottoman. We just sat there in silence for a while with her hugging me, holding my hand and having the other on my back. Eventually I just broke down and started crying, but she didn’t even care and held me tighter. When I was coming out of it, but still shaky, she put my hands together and kissed them. She then asked if she could “mark” me, which I didn’t get, but I trust her and she knows my boundaries, so I knew it wouldn’t be anything bad. She grabbed her lipstick that she had in her pocket and then put on a bunch of it. After that she kissed all over my cheeks, nose and forehead and you could tell because of her lipstick. It was sooooo embarrassing, but so so so sweet of her. Each “mark” was like a personal reminder that she loved me and every time I remember it I get so happy!!

18) What are they like when they’re tired?

SO CUTE!! She gets over affectionate and talkative and sweet….Last time that happened she went on a rant about how the movie of one book ruined it, but I could hardly read what she was texting me because I’m pretty sure she was crying and super fucking tired while typing it too. She’s really passionate about her books, man.

19) Could you imagine growing old together with them?
Since we were eight we’ve wanted to live together!!!! We’ve wanted that for forever and now it’s only deepened!!

20) Could they imagine growing old together with you?
Yep yep!!!!!!!

21) What would an ideal date with them be?
I think I’ve already done it…. It was our first date!! We went to an old theater with long couches instead of chairs for a super old school zombie movie marathon!! We were the only people there and we cuddled the entire time and made fun of the movies until she fell asleep in my arms after it hit around 1 am… It was so good!! …but she mentioned one time going to a butterfly garden and I know how important butterflies are to her, so seeing her so happy and calm there while entranced looking at all the flowers and butterflies would make me the happiest boyfriend in the world!!!

22) Are they competitive?
Yeah!!! But not much with me… She kinda lets me win most of the time when we’ll play games and stuff, but I encourage her to play with all she’ got!

23) What do you do together?
Because of some recent events we can’t see each other physically outside of school, so we text a bunch, call a bunch and try to watch movies and anime together on rabb.it whenever we can. 

24) Which smells remind you of them?
Gardenias and roses!! Gardenias are her mom’s favorite flower, and when she got sick, we’d both go out to pick some fresh ones for her. Roses because she’s a big romantic sap and she has a tattoo of a white rose on her leg.

25) Do they remind you of any music?
Fleetwood Mac because she talked about them a lot and asked me to go to a cover artist’s concert with her. Also You Are Loved by Set It Off… and if you wanna make a vore joke outta this theres The Zombie Song by Stephanie Mabey that she sent me one time…

26) Could you tell them your biggest secret?
Already have

27) Could they tell you their biggest secret?

She already did =^]

28) How do you greet each other?
Either a simple hello or I tackle her into a hug…there is no inbetween…

29) What makes you blush that they do?
Everything,,, I’m so easy to blush, man. Says hello? I say hello to a red face sdfgdfszdffgd Someone once said “men don’t blush” and she said back “give me three seconds”

30) What makes them blush that you do?
I DON’T KNOW MAN!!!! She’s made of steel??? No shame…. No embarrassment… I only saw her blush, out of knowing her for almost 11 years, was when she kissed me….. The second time she didn’t!!! Only once!!!! What kinda supernatural godess?!?!

31) Would you say you love them?

32) Would they say they love you?



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All my stuff are trash. I don’t know how yáll can do such an amazing and beautiful work!

1. Jon’s prophecy = Azor Ahai

2. Miss Fire & Blood

3. This Jon x Sansa (YASS)

4. Starks + Parallel

5. Sansa and the men of the Night’s Watch


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Music Vibes

Instructions: List ten songs you’re currently vibing on, then tag people!

Tagged by @xxfrenchpineapplesxx sorry these take me for hecking ever 

1. Bruises - Chairlift

2. Moon Child - The F-16′s

3. Weak - AJR

4. RUDE - Eternal Youth 

5. I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys 

6. The Wolf - Siames 

7. Best Friend - Foster the People

8. Where We Belong - Passion Pit

9. Bad Habits - The Federal Empire 

10. S a d d :^) - Ramune

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Kissy Kiss Meme!

RULES: List 10 fictional characters you’d like to kiss, then tag people. 
Thanks @scottharper :) let’s start 

1. Adam Jensen
2. Geralt of Rivia
3. Nathan Drake
4. Nyx Ulric
5. Leon Kennedy
6. Morgan Yu
7. Jacob Frye
8. Default Scott Ryder
9. Corvo Attano
10. Sebastian Castellanos

Sorry im lazy for pictures :D im sure that everyone knows them :DD
im tag @cirilafiona @mactirian ха-ха классик. 

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Evan Hansen for the character ask thing?

Things I have in common:
1: Social Anxiety lmao
2. Bisexual af
3. Accidentally selfish

Things I don’t have in common:
1. He’s a dude, I guess
2. ???
3. We’re basically the same person??

(Thank you so much for sending an ask!!)

Baby too Soon │Part 5

Okay, so this is the final part for Baby too Soon. I really hope you all enjoyed this short multi-chapter fic. Thank you to everyone who read and the feedback. :) <3

Word Count: 4,181

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  Part 4

It’s been days since I left. Lucas has called every day, and I send pictures of Thomas to him. Our calls last no more than ten minutes and consist of mostly silence between us. The silence between Lucas and I never bothered me before. It was something that I always found comfort in, but now it’s different.

The silence that lingers between him and I now have been scary. It’s almost like the ability to talk to one another disappeared, and neither one of us knows what to say. Actually, it’s almost like we aren’t comfortable speaking to each other, and it hurts because speaking to Lucas is one of my favorite things in the world and I just want to get back to where we were. But, I’m worried that maybe we can’t.

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i was tagged by @sizzyrcket to share ten songs i’ve been listening to lately. thanks :) - here’s mine:

1. fetish - selena gomez

2. writer in the dark - lorde

3. IDGAF - dua lipa

4. supercut - lorde

5. what you do - james gillespie

6. 100 letters - halsey

7. strong - london grammar

8. angel - the weeknd

9. lust for life - lana del rey 

10. daddy issues - the neighbourhood

for this challenge i tag:  @suckmypokeballs @duaclipa @aarianas @faunafaerie @hollyrc @allybrook @obsessive-warrior-hedgehog @blueeyedsapphic @dream-in-hearts