it’s time to give the guardians (plus pitch black) some love! i’ve decided to do a week of appreciation for them after some consideration. while the movie didn’t get the love it deserved, we can sure show it some love now. (: join me in rotg week! i’ve decided to do it october 11th through the 17th so you all can have plenty of time to work on the week without having to worry about any others weeks.

day one (11th); favorite guardian
day two (12th); pitch black (anything about him!)
day three (13th); favorite sidekicks
day four (14th); favorite scene
day five (15th); favorite kid
day six (16th); favorite place
day seven (17th); free day

#rotgweek is the tag and you can do gifs, graphics, art, edits, fanfics, music and more! if you have any questions, please contact me!

This is a little present for you, ksclaw . A way to thank you for everything you do here on tumblr and for all the times you helped me. I’ve been dreaming to draw your muse Ebony for a while, and I finally found the courage to. I’m sorry she doesn’t really look like your Ebony, but I’m not particularly skilled with human faces. I tried my best, I hope you’ll appreciate it

The Child of Guardians

((Not in chronological order))

“I like helping mommy cook… I like drawing…. I like reading bedtime stories with daddy… I like… meeting new people…”

“If I’m making daddy sad about me being in my world… I don’t wanna go and hurt daddy.”

Topaz woke up in the morning , padding through the halls. She was still a bit drowsy and lightheaded but she was able to walk. She peeked through her parents door before walking in and climbing onto the bed. A few times she fell but she made it and slept in between them on top of the blankets. Peter felt the shuffling slightly and woke up, smiling tiredly down at Topaz. He tucked her gently and kissed her forehead, an arm wrapped around her protectively as he drifted back to sleep, feeling so blessed to have a family.


This is just a demo I’ve been working on. I was really trying to find the adorableness that we’ve described in our rp thread. Hopefully I caught that in the picture. And this is what I would think Topaz would look like. I mean… I made her a little tall to be a toddler but… eh, nobody’s perfect… OH. This is dedicated to teen-peter! For the 2 years of roleplaying with me. I wish I could draw and write more things with this beautiful human being but I’m a shy gay alien baby who doesn’t know how to make noises out of my mouth. X.X Any ways! FRENCHFRY, I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS!! ^^ ((yes, the yellow scribble is Topaz’s signature… cause she doesn’t know how to fully write yet xD))

thinkin abt rise of the guardians for some reason and so: jack like, becAME a gaurdian and he was an actual person before he was like a mythical figure so, that said im rly curious about the pasts of the other gaurdians n i really wish there were some hints in there about their lives as humans and what made them into gaurdians idk…..maybe some kinda montage or something BUT i get time constraints n shit and they did so much good w what they had……rotg is such a fantastic film i love it tbh