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hey look its me and Dan!!!!! I had such a fucking blast at Game Grumps Live in Vancouver last night, holy shit

I got to tell Dan in person the thing about me working with Eric Chahi. He was tired as all fuck but still managed to seem super excited for me, lol.. and he also asked me to try and ask Eric to be on guest grumps. lmao. (ngl, its something I’ve thought about asking him…)

 Dan is simply the purest human on the planet. No joke.

sadly Arin was not available because apparently Suzy was not feeling very well by the end of the show. I hope she’s doing well now. qq But I did get a chance to tell Arin at the special pre-show Q&A how much he means to me as an artist and role model. I don’t remember ANYTHING i said because I was so fucking nervous speaking in front of the crowd, lol. Oh well. Vernon was also really fucking nice to me too, he loved my cosplay and actually asked me if it was okay to point me out to them and put me on the spot, lol. It was really sweet of him. 

Right before the show started, I had people taking photos with me for a solid 20 minutes. lmao. I was one of only three cosplayers at the whole show. (at least i wasnt alone.. lol)

(yes, that’s me. and yes, i fully realize my egosonic cosplay may create a certain level of cringe in some people. lmao. do i care? not really. the grumps loved it and arin seemed pretty impressed by it LOL and i had fun so that’s all that matters to me)

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i love you writing, but i hate that you seem to promote promiscuity and drug use. people look up to you and they might get the idea that what you do is okay.

one. slut shaming is not cute. i like sex. i like orgasms. the people i have sex with like sex and like orgasms. everything is safe, sane, and most importantly, consensual. no one is getting hurt, unless the hurting was agreed upon by all parties before hand. gtfo outta here with your sexual negativity and (internalized) misogyny.

two. i like weed. i live in washington, where weed is legal. i do not consume any intoxicants and drive. i do not consume any intoxicants and operate heavy machinery. gtfo outta here with your puritanical prohibitionist attitudes.

three. i’m not a fucking role model, its not my goal to be a role model. though i’m probably a damn good goal to be: i have a career, i have/own a house. i have a car. all my bills are paid on time. my brows are fleek the fuck out. i get dicked down on a semi-regular basis. 

four. my blog. my fucking rules. don’t like it? the unfollow button is in the goddamn corner. 


[17/100] 100 days of productivity. 

Say hello to my treadmill!! Managed to walk 8 km today while reading the Bescherelle Vocabulaire, working on posts for Tumblr and also reviewing and reading some grammar from my DELF B2 book. Then I had a lesson with my tutor. Well and I spent some time on YouTube too, not gonna lie!


get to know me: [1/20] favorite artists → halsey

I’m open about having bipolar disorder, I’m open about being of mixed-race, I’m open about being bisexual, and I have this wantingness to talk about it, and for me, it’s about more than being a role model for any specific community. I think it’s about wanting to be a role model that’s comfortable with myself. That’s unafraid of being myself.

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What if Arobynn "killed" Ben because he was jealous?Celaena and Ben were good friends and I think that Celaena mentioned that she kinda liked him?And then BAM.He died.

I can’t remember exactly, because it’s been a while. But I think I remember thinking that Aroass maybe killed Ben because he was kind of a father figure/positive male role model to Celaena, and he didn’t want the competition. I remember thinking Celaena liked him in a platonic, familial way. Cuz I want to say Ben was the oldest of the assassins at that time…?? Man. I could be way off/getting my characters confused.


FMA Villains Week ‘17 - Fundamentally Loathsome

Third image for this week, of one of the more underappreciated characters - Frank Archer. But one of my absolute favs. 

Admittedly, he is quite immoral, loves war and guns a bit too much, is power hungry, selfish, ruthless…but also very determined, hardworking, strives for greatness and never gives up. So Archer’s quite a good role model. Right? Right.

And thus I realize that the Philosopher’s Stone is the reason for all of my favorite characters’ demises.

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The thing I love about Poppy is that even though she's pink, happy "all" the time, and loves singing and dancing and hugging, she's not the stereotypical princess that doesn't do anything. We all know that, and we know that she deserves to be queen, she's not just getting the job for a little bit then letting Branch do all the work as King.

*she’s not a one-dimensional character who doesn’t take her role seriously. 

Not to say there haven’t been one-dimensional princesses, oh boy are they out there, but I don’t feel like it’s so much a princess stereotype as it is writers just not knowing how to write interesting and responsible female characters. And even then, of the princess stereotypes there are (Which I’ve already touched on in a previous post), Poppy breaks a lot of them. She is honestly what I would consider a good animated role model for young girls.

But yeah, no, she cares a lot about her people, and she really is a lot smarter and more analytical than a lot of people (including fans, I feel) give her credit for. The big strive she made in uniting the trolls and bergens came from her open mindedness and ability to empathize when Bridget indirectly taught her that bergens are not everything that trolls believed them to be  (that they have feelings, that they can sing and dance, and that they can be happy without eating the trolls, which was something even she thought before Bridget and Branch made her think otherwise (”Yep! But only because it’s the only way they’ll be happy”)) and, while she could have made excuse after excuse in her mind that Bridget was some kind of exception and the only solution to keeping the trolls safe would be to run away again, she was smarter than that, and felt the responsibility to make a change.

It’s interesting that she comes across as so childish and irresponsible, but that’s really her way of trying to keep/make everyone around her happy. She’s a party animal, trolls are party animals, and while Branch is right, that she’s no survivalist, he’s completely wrong in implying she never takes reponsibility. The moment she messes up, she tries to make it right, again, and doesn’t stop trying until things are as absolutely perfect as they can be. She cares so fuckin much, it wouldn’t be completely out of character to act as if she wouldn’t take responsibility as queen, just because she likes partying (which, again, is completely natural for trolls???? So she’s not an outlier in that regard).

I just think Poppy is really well written and it really shows that DreamWorks spent six years on this movie. :)

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Okay cute headcanon incoming! So Jesse was a Blackwatch agent before but he doesn't really think of himself in that way. Until all the youngins start to come to him with questions and for advice and he finds himself just casually imparting knowledge on them, stuff that just comes from being out there for a long time. Hanzo tells him he is a good role model for the younger agents and Jesse just goes a little starry eyed like me? A role model?

oh my god this is the one i thought tumblr ate and then i open up the pc and here it is?? ANYWAY. posting my answer (and both our follow-up answers) for all to see.

sherri: Oh god he probably ends up with a group of young fresh faced overwatch recruits following him around and he’s like wtf do i do? Why are they following me? D: And when Hanzo explains he’s just completely gobsmacked because why would they look up to him? It takes him a long time to really come to terms with it but eventually he embraces his unofficial new role. 

jas: I bet Jesse would low key love little Overwatch agents to teach. Helping them on the firing ranges and showing them how to maintain gear on the road when you’ve got no parts spare. Hanzo just watches from the doorway and feels proud of his goober Jesse.

sherri: I bet they’re all scared of Hanzo cos he’s always scowling but Jesse just laughs and tells them how much of a softie he is. Hanzo can’t believe Jesse would betray him like this. Then one day he finds them all playing with HIS dragons and he’s torn between ‘oh shit that’s adorable’ and 'wtf are you doing??’

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Probably the reason a lot of kids butt heads w/ their parents is b/c even when they have good parents, they're trying to change and grow and discover themselves away from their parents (and a lot of parents, no matter how good can be a little smothering),, it might be a bit more of regional thing too? I live in TN and there's generally more of a stress on "respect your elders / it's biblically right to listen to your parents" y'know?

That makes total sense! Where I grew up and where I live now as a teen it’s sorta more of a push (within my groups of friends) to dislike your parents just because they’re an “authority figure”. And I understand that us teens are gonna need to change and grow, and my thinking was sort of like your relationship changing from the person who takes care of you to a role model and friend

Does anyone else have that problem when you’re talking to your parents or another adult about something that upset you, and they ask you for an example but you can only give one, whether it’s because you can only think of one, or there is only one, and it suddenly becomes invalid to them? Like, “yeah I called u a bitch but that was only one time so it doesn’t matter.” Yes it matters. Your parents are supposed to be your role models and biggest cheerleaders, so if they start doing wrong to you, you start to feel worthless, even if it’s only one thing.

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Relationship status: Married to the best husband on earth (no, literally, I can not love him enough) 

Favorite color: Periwinkle!! 

Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick, I don’t wear any kind of cosmetic

Last song listened to: Ignorance by Paramore

Last movie watched: Star Wars The Force Awakens (no, literally, I had it on today!) 

Top three TV shows: Aside from the obvious favs like Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc. I’m going to pick The Leftovers, The Man in the High Castle, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Top three characters: Anakin Skywalker (lol just had another conversation just last night about how I’m literally Anakin reincarnated), Elliot Reid (Scrubs), and Buffy Summers (my role model)

Top three five ships: Destiel (Cas and Dean), Spuffy (Buffy and Spike), Rebelcaptain (Jyn and Cassian), Spiritassassin (Chirrut x Baze), and Skysolo

Books currently reading:  William Shakespeare’s The Phantom of Menace: Star Wars Part the First by Ian Doescher (Basically the Phantom Menace rewritten in prose because I love Shakespeare, although I did just finish reading The Stand by Stephen King, again, because I am a huge Stephen King junkie) 

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Well. It started out bc I was underage at the time and struggling with being ok with my little self simply bc 1) it's taboo to a lot of people and 2) I was (as said) underage at the time. Those still are reasons despite me being "old enough" Now. Yet. I still follow your page super closely bc of how good your advice is an stuff. In honestly, I think myself (both little and big) look up to you and your daddy (even tho I don't know him) kind of as role models. Anyways. That's my reason ☺🎀🍭🌸🍼🌈

OH MY GOODNESS that is so sweet. I really do put alot of thought into all the advice I give. It means so much to me that I give you all the best advice I can, because being little is SO SO important to me, and so are all of you. And I take the fact that anyone looks up to me with such a sense of pride and humility at the same time. It really is an honor to help you guys. I really mean it when I say I love you.

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