For you gear nerds, here’s the latest run down that @davidwhitworth sent us! This was the set-up for last night with Bethel Music @ the Paramount downtown Denver:


Snare Sure 545 top and bottom SD
AKG 414s
Audix D4 toms
Audix D6
Audix I-5 (compliments the snare compared to a nicer condenser mic)
Tom heads - Remo Vintage Emperor
Snare - Remo Powerstroke 4 coated
15" Anniversary Hi-Hats
22" Istanbul Agop Traditional dark crash
24" Istanbul Agop Traditional dark crash
24" Joey Waronker Istanbul ride


Thoughts go out to Team Giant-Alpecin riders John Degenkolb, Warren Barguil, Chad Haga, Max Walscheid, Frederk Ludvigsson and Ramon Sinkeldam who were caught in a head on accident at their training camp in Southern Spain. Photo is of Degenkolb on the winner’s podium at last year’s Milan-San Remo from VeloNews’ gallery of photos from BrakeThrough Media

Great overhead shot from @bramey48. Go big or go home! 😜 #worshipdrummer
Back in the creative chair, making music with my awesome friends!! Going all big cymbals this time. 18" traditional dark on top of a 18" xist for hats, 21" vezir Jazz, 21" xist, 20" om. 😁😁. ___________________________

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