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People get so caught up arguing about whether Jack is really the bad guy or Gabe is really the bad guy or who really has the power in the relationship, it seems very novel to submit the idea that maybe they could just be brought together by their mutual respect and friendship that pushes them both to be better versions of themselves.

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Bobby’s Angel Part 9

A/n - this is an intense chapter. There is death of a character mentioned here. We all know that the life of SAMCRO is full of pain and angst, this is no difference. Bambi is a character that belongs to @mrstellerwinston, who has agreed to let me use her in this series.

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there was a color palette meme going around a while ago and i saved the palettes but never did anything with them? and then yesterday i rly wanted to work with pink and purple and, well. here we go 

so, here’s bernadette! if u dont know her she’s my grim reaper oc whom i love and cherish and absolutely love to draw so i rly dont know why i dont more often? also i remember how much i love working with limited palettes 

sayalee46  asked:

Sfw and NSFW headcannons for a Sombra x Female reader who is learning to hack please(Not sure if this has been asked yet)? 💜 ^^ Sombra takes reader under her wing so they spend a lot of time together. They sort of just click?

  • It wasn’t often that someone tried to hack Sombra but you were curious and an amateur and you had made it past two of her firewalls. You were sloppy but you had obvious talent so she had to see you
  • She just appears in your place, gun drawn and is expecting you to beg for your life but instead you’re like ‘Well that was cool…you gonna shoot me now or can I ask you some questions about that gun?’
  • She is INSTANTLY intrigued by you because there is no begging or manipulation in your words, just a casual sarcasm/quickness that she just adores. The both of you go back and forth a lot especially when she is teaching you
  • The two of you end up creating a shorthand kind of language between the both of you, you shorten a word and then she responds and she adores you because ‘holy shit this girl speaks my language’
  • You make the first move and it surprises the hell out of her, she’s over your shoulder, pointing out a mistake in your coding and you just kiss her on the cheek. ‘Hope that was okay, been wanting to do that for a while’. She stares before she is wrapping her arms around you and kissing you back 
  • From then on you two are obnoxiously affectionate, she’ll hide little messages in the code. ‘For you to catch’. The messages range from te amo, boop to turn around and besame. When she can’t be there, they’re especially nice to find and she gets a notification. You’ll send her something back over your private texting app


  • You both are perverts but Sombra as your ‘teacher’ loves to give you little incentives to break her test codes
  • She will strap vibrators to your clit and nips and then give you a code to begin to work on. The vibrations slowly grow  in intensity, matching the difficulty of the hacks and all she says is ‘You gotta learn to work under pressure, dulzura~’
  • If she isn’t using toys, she absolutely adores sneaking up on you and slowly pushing her hands underneath your shirt, nibbling on your neck and watching you code. When you moan and slip up she is still nibbling on your skin but will pull back a little and say you made a mistake. Depending on the day you both don’t care and things turn steamy from there