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“I think you’ve had enough drinks for the night, friend.” He tried taking away the near empty shot glass that was in front of the stranger, “Maybe it’s time you started making your way back home.” He half hoped they were able to walk still, or else he’d have to call them a cab. After all his bar was known for having quite the excentric rule of not serving to customers who were going to drink and drive.


I did a little redraw of my old Reaper High draws which is the one on the top. It was mad in January 1st 2013 (wow) and the bottom pic is the recent one,today.

I am very impressed on how much i improved over the years!! this makes m hapyy! SOOOOOO have a redraw of the day this ship was born haha

The group for rh ocs on DA is reaperhigh-fc go check it out!

The joker idea is an Episode plot idea thought up by cah-art He actually has the plot planned out and I’m just working on designs and scenes

So, anon. (I know who you are btw you make it really obvious by always tossing your characters name into your messages) I’m sorry, but we’re not changing the plot or the side plot of the story. We already have plans for all the canons you mentioned


“Fight with me!”

Grell from Chapter 107.5, as requested by Po. There was another part to this request, but that’s getting its own post.

I really liked this chapter. It was completely absurd and it was wonderful. <3 My only issue is that fourth-place ribbons are usually yellow or white. I didn’t like either, but yellow looked better than not coloring it in. *shrug*

If you want to use these icons for anything, just ask first please!