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Caution: Reaper-fish are known to be territorial and aggressive. Lucio-fish is a compatible tank partner and will gain longer life expectancy when the two are together. Always make sure to distract Reaper-fish when needing to transfer Lucio-fish. X)

@purpledisneyluv93 Indeed! He is know to bite! <x’D

( I haven’t researched about Ghost fishies yet but yeah, let us make this Ghost fish Reaper extraordinary. xD )

The Bedroom Toys

(undertale spoilers)

Upon arriving at her home, Toriel quickly guides Frisk down the hallway and shows them their new bedroom. While Frisk ends up not making use of the bedroom for very long, it is furnished with pretty much everything a young child could need.

Of particular note are the toys to the right of the bed. Vaguely humanoid in shape, it is possible they served monsters the same purpose stuffed animals serve human children. For comfort, children are often given cutesy versions of animals (for example, a teddy bear). This takes something potentially scary and turns it into a source of strength.

This could also explain the appearance of the Reaper Bird’s attack, Everyman, in the true lab. When using this attack, a solid-white humanoid figure appears and attacks Frisk. 

Maybe it is a monster’s corrupted memory of their childhood toy, or even a hazy memory of an actual human. Whatever the case, it bears a striking resemblance to the toys found in Toriel’s house. Being secondhand like the clothes in the closet and shoes on the shelf, perhaps these toys helped young monsters sleep well despite the threat of humans above.