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HC for barba making love, HC for angry fuck, and desperate fuck.

When he’s feeling sentimental, it’s slow and sweet, always in a position where he can look into your eyes. He whispers his words of adoration the whole time and when he comes, it’s always with your name on his lips. 

When he’s angry, it’s never at you, instead from a bad result in court and he prefaces his arrival home with a text commanding you to be waiting and naked already. The wait is half the fun and by the time he walks through the door, he’s half hard and there’s a predatory glimmer in his eyes. He takes you draped over the couch, and you both come incredibly fast, and afterwards he always thanks you. 

When he’s desperate, he starts to twitch, his hands unable to remain to themselves. You can spot the warning signs as they grow; his eyes never leaving your face and his knees bouncing in his seat. As soon as he can, he pulls you off to the side, fucking you hard and fast against a wall with a hand over your mouth to keep you quiet and his face full of hurried affection and need. 

janellemcdrmth: "Oh word? Is the turn up about to be on this train?!“ Always a dope time with the #BARS family, and last night was no exception. Super excited to share what I’ve been working on in collaboration with all these dope folks. It’s bout to be LIT. The Littest. The LITerature. 🔥 #nyc #daveeddiggs #rafaelcasal #BARS #lit  #theater #theatre #verse #rapper #actor #hamilton #singer #create #collab #collaboration #build #daveed #dope #POC #newnew #fans #monday #LevelUp #melanin #actress #selfie #blackish #defjam #broadway #broadwayblack

Let Me In

As much as he tried, Barba could never hide anything from you. The second he picked up the phone, voice traveling through your cell’s speaker, you could tell something was off. 

“You okay, babe? You sound stuffy.”

“I’m fine, cariño. Just some allergies, no big deal.”

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A Hard Lesson in Life: Chapter 21

Authors’ Note: And so Rafael and Natalia’s “Hard Lesson in Life” comes to an end! @vintagemichelle91 and I are beyond grateful for the excited response, and we thank you so much for your amazing comments! Enjoy and stay tuned!!!

            “I still think we should have gone with Natty’s gown.”

           “Please don’t try to argue with perfection, Alessia.” Lucia fluffed the hem of the ivory dress that threatened to swallow Violetta whole. Her tiny head poked through the collar, and Lucia tickled her chin.

           “Rafael’s christening gown is lovely,” Natalia said. “See how happy she looks.” Violetta’s tiny hands slipped into clumsy fists, and Natalia brought her close to her shoulder and kissed her soft cheek. “I’m just glad that…”

           Her mind flashed back to the farmers’ market and the moment when she saw her future and feared that Rafael would not be a part of it. The idea still caused her to shudder, and Alessia touched her arm as the door opened.

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Part 9 - Midnight Masquerade

Another part of the Cinderella/Barba fic is up! How’s everyone enjoying things thus far? As always, your comments are welcome!

They’ll be another update before the night is through (MAYBE even two…)

(last chapter)

“I’ll try to keep it brief,” Barba said as they exited the elevator.

“It’s fine. Do what you need to do.”

Ella watched as Barba walked off, meeting someone and disappearing into a room, then made her way to the soda machine. She pressed the button for a root beer and waited as the machine groaned and knocked, her soda nowhere to be found.

“Let me help you with that. It’s tricky sometimes.” She looked up to see an unexpected face from years ago. He gave the machine a kick, the soda can dropping to the slot below, then looked her in the eye. “Ella?”

“You actually remember? That was forever ago, Detective Tutuola.”

“Had to be at least fifteen years.” Fin grabbed the root beer and handed it to Ella, nodding for her to follow him into the squad room. “How’s life treatin’ ya?”

“Can’t complain. I can’t believe you remember me after all these years.” 

“Well, I spent a good bit of time convincing you to let us handle things. You were about to go all vigilante from what I remember. Not that I blamed you.”

Ella chuckled, even though the memory pained her. “You seemed to be just as upset about what happened as I was, so that helped.”

“What brings you in here today?”

Before Ella could answer, another detective approached.

“Hey, your Barba’s friend, right?”

Ella recognized the man as the one who had been with Ronnie at the party. 

Barba’s wingman was a detective?

“Gabrielle. But most everyone calls me Ella.”

“Dominick Carisi, but everyone calls me Sonny.”

“Well, then, nice to meet you Sonny.”

“And you, Ella.”

He smiled, a boyish grin that lit up his whole face. Ella was surprised Ronnie hadn’t said more about him. Of course, maybe she would have if Nat had let her.

“Wait,” Fin interjected, “you’re here with Barba?”

“Uh, yeah, we were about to grab dinner when Benson called. Seemed urgent.”

A phone rang and Fin excused himself. “I have to take this. It’s good seein’ you, girl. You let me know if Barba gives you any trouble.”

Ella laughed as Fin gave her a final wink before walking away, then turned back to Sonny.

“So, you have a suspect in custody?”

“Yeah, we got a guy who made a whole hypothetical scenario but wouldn’t give an actual confession until we got the ADA here.”

“Was he already a suspect?”

“Nah. Walked in off the street.”

“Isn’t that odd?”

“It doesn’t happen often, but this guy claims it didn’t go down the way she says. Probably thought he could get ahead of it this way.”

Ella took a sip from her root beer, missing her mouth and spilling it down her chin. She set down the can and wiped her face with the back of her hand.

“Can’t take me anywhere.”

“Let me grab you something.”

Once Sonny took off in search of something for Ella to clean up with, she crept past the desks, over to where she remembered seeing Barba disappear. As she got closer, she could see him and a female detective, Benson she guessed,sitting across from a sloppily dressed man in an interrogation room.

She spotted the switch for the speaker and considered flipping it on, but the movement in her periphery gave her pause.

“Here.” Sonny was by her side then, handing her a damp paper towel. “Wanted to watch your boyfriend at work?”

Ella looked up to see Sonny giving her a crooked grin.

“He’s not my boyfriend. But yeah, I was curious. What’s this guy’s story?”

“Uber driver. Said he picked up the girl and she got flirty and one thing led to another. He didn’t realize she was on something, just thought she was a little wild, and realizes now he might be in hot water.”

“And you guys are buying that?”

“He knows details of the assault that he wouldn’t know otherwise.”

Ella stared through the glass, shifting her gaze from her head to his feet.

“What’s this guy’s day job?”

“I told you, he’s an Uber driver.”

“That’s all?”

Sonny’s smile faded and his forehead wrinkled as he pursed his lips together.

“What are you getting at?”

“Check out his shoes.”

“His shoes?”

“Those are Berluti, polished leather. Fifteen hundred bucks at least. Have you checked his financials?”

“You think someone paid him to confess?”

“Maybe. I think it’s something best ruled out now, then found out later.”

The door to the interrogation room opened, Benson and Barba walking out. Barba looked at Ella, a confused look on his face, as Barba spoke to Sonny.

“Carisi, let’s get the suspect booked–.”

“Lieutenant, I think we might be moving too fast on this. I’d like to look into a few things before we move forward.”

“We have his confession.”

“I think it’s possible that he’s covering for someone.” Sonny glanced over at Ella and continued. “He’s wearing designer shoes he shouldn’t be able to afford with what he’d be makin’ as a driver. I just want to check his financials at least. Dig around and make sure the real perp didn’t put him up to this.”

Benson glanced over at Ella. “Designer shoes, Carisi? Really?”

“Berluti.” His eyes shifted to Ella, then back to Benson. “Polished leather.”

“I’m sorry, but who is this?”

Barba spoke up.

“Sorry, Liv, this is Ella. She was with me when you called and was supposed to be waiting in the squad room.”

Benson’s eyes narrowed in Ella’s direction.

“So, Ella. Something tells me Sonny didn’t come up with this theory on his own.”

“I’m sorry, I know it’s not my business, but I also know that if you move forward with a false confession and the case falls apart, it will make it that much harder to try the real perp.”

“Well, Barba, looks like she’s been paying attention to your work.”

“She comes by it on her own.” There was an edge to his voice as he continued. “If anyone knows how to poke a hole in the prosecution’s case, it’s a defense attorney.”

Benson’s eyes widened and she shook her head.

“Lieutenant, I have no horse in this race. I was honestly just trying to help.”

Benson sighed. “Well, he thinks we’ve accepted the confession. Carisi, start researching. Call Rollins in if you need to. Barba, can I have a minute before you go?”

Barba followed Benson to her office, closing the door behind him, the blinds in the office slapping shut.

“I really was just trying to help.”

Sonny shoved his hands in his pockets.

“You probably should have mentioned you were a defense attorney.”

I might have if I actually was, Ella thought. 


“Come on. Like you said, you were trying to help. Plus, I know I don’t always make the best decisions when I’ve been workin’ late nights.”


“Catering is tough work and late hours.”

Ella’s stomach dropped as she looked up at Sonny’s face. His eyebrows were raised, as he waited for her reply.

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