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From The Books - #1

From The Books

(A/N) : Just a random series that I’m starting to write whenever I’m bored. It’s basically me taking one of the books I have on my shelves, flip to a random page and pick out a quote. With the quote I picked out, I’ll write a story revolving around it and a BTS member!



The Lover’s Dictionary – Quintessence, (n)

“Half of the members to Hair. The other to Make-up!” One of the coordinators shouted, clapping his hands in hopes that it’ll make everyone quicken their pace. I watched the younger half of the group tackling each other to the hair stylists while the older half walked towards my direction.

This scene happened so often, it almost felt Déjà vu. It happened 2 years ago after graduating my dream Make-Up Academy and moving to Seoul that I joined Bighit’s styling team. It was chaotic and hectic at first, filled with so many unexpected challenges that can happen out of the blue but I slowly grew use to it – and also welcomed it because it made life less mundane.

“Hello.” He towered over me and as I looked up, I could see the picture perfect smile.

Kim Seokjin or also know as Jin was no doubt the visual of the group. It was well-known throughout the fanbase, the company and it’s staff. It was something I could never deny as well.

“Sit,sit.” I ushered him, gently pushing towards the seat. There wasn’t much time and I had to be quick as possible. “Let’s make you ready for the cameras.” I smiled at his reflection to receive a larger smile shot back at me.

“Aren’t I always am?” He did not forget to place a hearty laugh after his comment

Jin wasn’t really fussy with his make up unlike Jimin (Jin’s hairstylist tend to suffer a little more than I do) but it was still slightly nerve-wrecking. Why? How can one not be close to such a handsome face and not feel anything? I vividly remember the first few months where it was almost painful for me to be that close to him. He would often laugh at me small reactions whenever he moved in his sit during his sessions.

“It’s okay, you know. I’ll still look good regardless.” He confidently gave me a toothy smile. “Unlike Yoongi over there!” He thumbed towards the younger one who was only less than half a meter from us.

“I totally heard that.” Yoongi grumbled from his seat, glaring at Jin.

“It was totally meant to be heard.” Jin retorted, looking at the younger before putting his attention on me again. “Calm down. You’ve been doing my make up well. I like it.”

With the light touches of my fingers and swipes belonging to the brushes, Jin’s make up was finished. His blemishes and whatsoever that needed to be concealed (which I found not necessary) was hidden perfectly – perfect for the camera.

Jin took a look at his reflection, turning to the left then to the right and nodded at his reflection. He stood up, easily towering over me again. With his twinkling eyes, he said the words he always did, thank you.

He rushed over to the other side of the room while a playful member, also known as V plopped into the seat in front of me.  “Noona, time to make me all handsome.”

Despite having another handsome being on the chair in front of me, it was not enough to make the butterflies made by the previous to drop dead in my stomach.

I watched Seokjin from the side, going over to him or Taehyung to do touch-ups whenever it was needed. Everything I was done with Jin, he would nod curtly as a gesture of thanks. I would be lying to you if I said my cheeks weren’t slightly tinted red.

“Thank you for your hard work!” The BTS members all shouted together, not forgetting to bow at every Producer, Stylist and whoever was on set. The members went to their separate ways, laughing as they fooled around with each other. Then there was this one man that walked towards me after looking at the monitor one last time.

“Hey!” He side stepped me when I was about to walk back to my station so that I could pack up everything.

“Hey!” I replied awkwardly, my feet anxiously tapping the concrete floor. “Um..Is there anything you might need,Jin? I need to get some things done before leaving.” I gestured towards the messy area at the right. God, that needs a lot of cleaning up. I can already hear my team leader nagging me at the back of my head.

“Ah…” He looked at the area I pointed. “I just wanted to say…Thank you!” My eyes made contact with his and there was that thing again, that look. That sincerity that some idols tend to lose after they reached a certain level of fame – it caught me off guard.

“For today…” He mumbled, looking down nervously. “I mean, the photos turned out amazing. The highlight or contour or whatever you do…” He chuckled himself, realizing how unfamiliar he was with such terms despite having it done on him everyday ever since he threw himself into his lifestyle.

The shyness from the man infront of you made you laugh. It was cute. “Wow.” I said.

“Just wow?” He looked at you. He thought he would get a longer reply because he basically just spilled his thoughts without organizing them. How unlike you, Seokjin – he though to himself. He thought the years of showbiz would help him be less…like this.

“Yeah, wow.” You shrugged with a hand placed on your hip. “You amaze me, Seokjin. I hope you do know that.”

You definitely caught his attention. The confusion on his face made you smile even wider before you spoke the words that made him blush as well. 

‘It’s the way you say thank you like you’re genuinely thankful. I have never met anyone else who does that on a regular basis’