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Come Home (Newt Scamander x Reader)

The winner of the Newt Vs. Steve contest. Hope you enjoy!

He sat across from you at the kitchen table in your small London flat. You lazily stirred a spoon in your cold tea, watching as he eagerly read a letter from New York; more specifically, a girl from New York. Tina Goldstein to be exact.

You knew by the glimmer in his green eyes that he was going to leave, most likely due to her requesting his presence in America. You knew that she was beginning to take a spot in his heart that was supposed to be meant for only you, and you didn’t know how to accept that.

“You look happy,” you noted, setting your spoon on the table as Newt lowered the letter. A grin had formed on his face, his eyes crinkled at the corners as he sat back in his squeaky chair.

“I guess I am,” he beamed, his smile remained bright as his eyes found yours.

“Care to elaborate?” You questioned, leaning back in your own chair while crossing your arms over your chest.

“It looks like I’m returning to New York again!” He exclaimed gleefully. “Tina located a few Bowtruckles and wants me to take them in! I can’t put into words how excited I am to return; there was so much I wanted to do last time and-“

“Am I going with you?” You interrupted his wild speech after noticing that he was only mentioning things that he wanted to do. Newt’s grin faltered and he moved foward to grasp onto your hand; you allowed him to and watched him carefully.

“I don’t think it would be best,” he told you. He didn’t look the least bit bothered by the fact that you wouldn’t be joining him. “Tina is only expecting me, and I have to leave first thing in the morning, she even sent a ticket for the boat-”

“How considerate,” you snapped, pulling your hand out of his roughly. Newt looked shocked at your sudden action.

“This is a great opportunity, Y/N, don’t be mad at me,” he seethed, watching as you stood up to place your cup in the sink. You stood with your back to him when you began to speak again.

“I don’t understand how you can think I would be okay with you leaving me behind!” You said, voice shaking from anger. “I work with you and the creatures, Newt, this is my life! And suddenly you want to leave me behind?”

“You know that’s not true,” he protested, rising from his seat. “But I don’t always need you to be there; the creatures and I will be fine for a few weeks in New York without you!”

“I’m glad to hear that you don’t need me,” you stated, turning to face him with glassy eyes. He couldn’t feel any kind of remorse for bringing you to tears; there had once been a time where he would have been a mess at the sight of you crying.

“What do you want me to say? I’m perfectly capable of doing things without you! I’m getting the Bowtruckles and coming back here to you, Y/N.”

“Don’t you dare try to convince me that I’m not the one who has your heart anymore!” You yelled, voice cracking. Newt jumped, his jaw dropping slightly as his heart began to feel heavy. “You’re in love with someone else, Newt. She’s in New York, and I’m not her.”

“Y/N,” he sniffled, stepping towards you, his hand beginning to stretch out to you. You merely shook your head and stepped back.

“Go to New York, Newt,” you whispered, wiping at your eyes quickly before looking at him. He closed his eyes as he looked into your own, not able to handle the wall he could see being put up in you. The wall that would be used to keep him out, to push him away.

“I’m just confused, you know I love you-”

“If you really loved me, you wouldn’t have fallen for her,” you declared. “You are a pathetic excuse of a man, Newt Scamander.”

Newt sat across from Queenie in the kitchen of the apartment. Tina was at work, leaving the magizoologist alone with her sister.

“I don’t mean to pry,” Queenie began as she stirred her steaming coffee. “There are just some things that I can’t help but hear-”

“Please don’t read my mind,” he pleaded quietly in a hoarse voice.

Newt had returned to New York without you after making you promise to wait for him in London. He hadn’t realized how different life would be without you, though. There was more to do in the case. There was no one there to fix his hair after a night of falling asleep at his desk, but then again, there was no one there to make sure that he didn’t fall asleep at his desk.

“Your thoughts are kinda loud right now,” Queenie stated, looking down at her cup with a frown. “I just want to know what your intentions with my sister are.”

“I can assure you that my intentions are strictly platonic,” he rushed out nervously.

“Y/N didn’t seem to think so, did she?” Queenie inquired, her eyes flashing up to meet his with a hint of suspicion. She had always liked you and had admired your relationship with Newt; it hurt her to know that her sister was the reason you and Newt were fighting.

“You know what Y/N thought,” he snapped, beginning to feel upset. “She and I are going to work things out when I return to London, though. Everything will be okay for us.”

“Mr. Scamander, I know what happened between you and Tina,” Queenie sighed sadly. Newt’s leg hit the bottom of the table and he winced.

“It was a mistake,” he attempted to reassure her.

“Tina doesn’t think so. She doesn’t even know that you’re still with Y/N.”

“Well, I am still with Y/N,” he insisted, despite not knowing where your relationship stood.

It wouldn’t be until he returned to London that he found out.

“Let’s talk,” you stated as Newt entered the kitchen the morning after he returned from New York. You clutched a letter behind your back as you stood in front of the sink, watching as he stumbled wearily into a seat at the table.

“Would you like to start?” He questioned lowly, looking up at you as he played nervously with the sleeve of his shirt.

“Okay,” you breathed out, grasping tightly onto the letter. “How was New York?”

“It was fine,” he told you. “The new Bowtruckles are in the case and seem to like the others.”

“Did you see Jacob?”

“Yes, he and Queenie are getting very well acquainted again, I believe there will be a wedding soon,” he said with a small smile. “I always thought it would be us getting married first.”

“I… I don’t see a wedding in our future,” you whispered slowly, closing your eyes so you couldn’t watch the hurt fill his face.

“W-What?” He choked out, finding it hard to breathe as the weight of your words came crashing down over him. A tidal wave of what could have been. “Y/N, please don’t say that-”

“Tina sent me a letter,” you interrupted him, shakily holding the letter in front of your trembling body. You opened your eyes and found Newt shaking his head slightly, eyes filled with tears. “She wanted to make sure I was alright, you know, since we apparently we aren’t together anymore. She wanted to say sorry for her new relationship with you-”

“Give me that!” He exclaimed, jumping up from the table and bounding over to rip the letter from your hands.

“Step away from me right now,” you growled out, putting the letter behind your back. He began to speak before you cut him off. “I don’t want to hear what you have to say, this letter made it very clear that our relationship is done. I have my things packed, I should go.”

“No, Y/N, please,” he begged, falling to his knees and grabbing ahold of your legs as he cried. His head rested on your stomach, your shirt began to dampen from his tears as you attempted to pull away.

“Let go of me, Newt,” you demanded, pushing at his shoulders. He shook his head, looking up at you as he continued to cry.

“Stay, Y/N, please-”

“Let me go-”

“No, not until you-”

There was a loud slap, his head reeling to the side from the force of your hand against his cheek. His crying went silent as your hand stung, and finally, his arms dropped from your legs. You could tell that you had shook him down to his core, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to care as you left the kitchen to gather your bags.

“Goodbye, Newt.”

A/N: Definitely thinking about a part two for a reunion at a little wedding in New York. Let me know what you guys think.

She’s not you

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Prompt: A lot of people wanted insecure reader so here we are! 

    This is for all the insecure girls whether it’d be physically or emotionally.

         Their laughter filled the air creating a stone in (Y/n)’s chest. She sat at the table her sketches strewn across the table, yet she was unable to concentrate. Her thoughts kept returning to the two sitting in the living room. The jokes and small talk were stones set to weigh her heart down. Every moment it got harder and harder to listen. 

          (Y/n) couldn’t understand why this was affecting her so much. Newt was hers, not Tina’s. Yet as the two continued to joke around, something stirred inside (Y/n) that made her sick. It felt like the old butterflies had turned into wasps that seemed to tear at her stomach.

           She felt her eyes starting to burn the sign that tears were on their way. So she gathered her things and quietly exited to her temporary room. She set her belongings on the desk before plopping down on the bed. Something wet trailed down her cheeks as her chest seemed to tighten.

            Why was Tina so great? Why couldn’t (Y/n) be just as good as her? Well to (Y/n) it was obvious…. She was beautiful and (Y/n) felt that she wasn’t. She only had dull (E/C) eyes and greasy (H/C) hair. She had a lot more scars than Tina. She was socially awkward and could never word anything right it seemed. (Y/n) couldn’t blame Newt if he did fall in love with Tina.Tina seemed to have everything.

              “Oh, Sweetie…. None of that is true….”  (Y/n) jumped slightly at Queenie’s voice and quickly wiped her tears away. She looked away trying to ignore how her body shook from trying to contain her sobs. “Stop reading my thoughts Queenie,” She whimpered.

                Queenie’s eyes softened and she sat in front of (Y/n) giving the girl a sad smile. “Sorry, Sweetie…. It’s hard to ignore you when you’re hurting,” She stated. (Y/n) felt the tears rising again and struggled against the urge to gasp for air. “Queenie, please… Just leave it alone.” Queenie wrapped her arms around (Y/n) sighing slightly. ‘(Y/n) there is nothing wrong with you…. Newt’s not going to leave you…”

                  (Y/n) felt something warm slipping down her cheeks and a small whimper came from her. “How do you know Queenie…” She snapped slightly, fear rising through her at the thought. Queenie pulled away a knowing look on her face. “(Y/n) I may not know…. but I know someone who does.”

                    Queenie stood up and went to the door and for a moment (Y/n) was confused. That’s when she realized who she was talking about. “Queenie don’t you-”

                    “Newt sweetie will you come in here?” (Y/n) felt her heart stop as she heard Newt excuse himself from Tina’s presence. Her heart hammered in her chest as if it was trying to break free from her ribcage. 

                      Newt walked in with his signature smile across his face. “Hey, Queenie what’s-” Newt stopped the moment he saw (Y/n)’s face. Her eyes were filled with tears and were already puffy and red. Concern filled his eyes and he was instantly sitting in front of her. His eyes scanning her face and his hands holding her cheeks. “(Y/n) what’s wrong?”

                       Seeing him seemed to break (Y/n). She started sobbing as she hugged him tightly. Her heart aching with every sob that wracked her body. Newt was taken back having never seen her like this before, but soon he was mumbling soothing words in her ear. “Shhh it’s alright I got you…”

                        After what seemed like hours it seemed (Y/n) had finally calmed down. She pulled away taking a deep breath before looking away from him. Newt’s eyes softened and he tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear. “(Y/n) what’s wrong?” (Y/n) seemed hesitant before she mumbled, “I understand if you like Tina Newt….. She’s a lot better than me…”

                         Newt frowned. “(Y/n)…” She wouldn’t look at him tears once again pricking her eyes. “(Y/n) look at me…” He mumbled eyes softening as she finally gazed up at him. “(Y/n)… Don’t ever feel that way…. I love you and you alone.” Newt took her arms and let out a sad laugh as he slowly traced her scars. “I love every scar that you have… Cause I remember how much I worried over everyone.” Tears were visible in his eyes as he gave (Y/n) a small smile. “I love how awkward you are cause it’s the most adorable thing I’ve seen… Especially when you say things wrong.” He met your eyes and a small grin formed on his face.  “And don’t even get me started on your beautiful (E/C) eyes or your hair.” He pressed a kiss on her nose sending tears trailing down her cheek. “I love every part of you (Y/n). Tina has none of the things I’ve listed and if she does it’s not even close to you….”

                        (Y/n) smiled and for the first time in a long time, she actually felt calm. “Newt… I love you… You know that?” He let out a chuckle and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “Yes, I know…. Just remember that I love you too.”

It's in his eyes

Chapter 4

Grindelwald is a very good dancer. That’s the first thought that comes to Newt’s head after the few first minutes on the dance floor with him. The problem is that Grindelwald seems to like be pressed against Newt constantly and his grip on his waist tightens every time the younger man wants to put some distance between them.

“Relax, sweetheart,” Grindelwald whispers in his ear and his lips brush against Newt’s red cheeks in the process. “Why don’t you tell me something about you while we’re here. What’s your name?”

Newt bites his lip, nervous. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea to give his real name and yet it’s very difficult for him to lie.

“Artemis,” he breathes, finally. Grindelwald smirks and repeats his name like he’s trying to taste it. “And yours?”

He expects a lie, in fact he’s sure Grindelwald is going to say just a random name, because even if not all people knows about him, it’s too risky for him to reveal something like that.

“Gellert,” he tells him and caresses Newt’s curls, the ones that have fallen over his forehead. “Now… What are you doing here?”

Newt tenses and hopes Grindelwald thinks is just because he’s very shy.

“It’s okay, sweetie,” he hears Queenie muttering in his earpiece. “You can do it. Remember, you just have to say something that’s partially true. You won’t be lying.”

“A friend told me to come,” he starts. “She managed to get me an invitation. She knows how much I love and care about animals and she told me I could meet people and convince them to donate money to build an animal shelter.”

Grindelwald arches his eyebrows, he seems interested.

“Animal shelter?”

Newt nods. The other man smirks and pulls him close.

“You’re really unique, aren’t you?” Grindelwald leans in and kisses Newt’s cheekbone, making the younger man gasp in shock. “Why don’t you explain your lovely idea to me over dinner? This hotel has a very good restaurant.”

Newt hesitates and it’s in those seconds that Queenie decides to speak again.

“Tina hasn’t found anything of use yet,” she informs. “The information is in the room, hidden somewhere or in his phone. Either way you have to keep what you’re doing, honey.”

“Yes,” Newt responds, smiling. “Actually I’m getting hungry.”

“And I’m starving, my lovely Artemis,” Grindelwald says, but there’s something in the way he does it (his eyes roaming over his body) that makes Newt shiver.


Newt forgets about his previous nervousness when he starts to talk about the different species of animals that need protection. Grindelwald looks interested and hasn’t asked him to shut up, like most people do at that point, so Newt keeps talking.

Grindelwald has placed his phone on the table and Newt knows it wouldn’t be so difficult to configure his to hack and steal all the information. Sadly, for that to happen there must be another distraction.

“That could be arranged,” the man says, catching Newt’s attention again.


Grindelwald laughs, amused and caresses Newt’s knuckles with his fingers.

“I’m talking about your animal shelter,” he clarifies. “I can give you all the money you need to build it.”

“Really?” Newt practically beams at him, forgetting for a tiny moment that he’s on a mission and he cannot accept money from a man like that.

“Yes, my Artemis. You can have that and anything your innocent heart wants,” Grindelwald whispers and places a hand on his knee and squeezes it hard. “But, my darling, you must know that nothing in this life is for free, right?”

Suddenly the hand’s pressure feels heavier on his leg. Newt blushes, he knows Grindelwald is waiting for him to ask.

So he does.

“What do you want?” He lets out and it’s a little bit proud that his voice doesn’t tremble.

“You know… When I first saw you all I wanted to do is take you to my room and fuck you till you become a beautiful mess, begging me for more,” Grindelwald whispers on the curve of his neck. Newt is petrified, his face burning and his heart beating uncontrollably. “But then I talked to you and I knew one time wouldn’t be enough, so I decided you’ll be my permanent thing.”

“I-I… I don’t… I mean,” Newt’s so flustered he can even talk.

“Sir, I need to speak to you,” a man in a black suit approaches them and Newt mentally thanks the gods for the distraction.

Grindelwald looks at him like he wants to kill him and the man must think so as well because he steps back.

“I hope this is important, because you can see I’m busy right now,” he growls, but oddly enough when he turns back to Newt he offers a kind smile.

“It is,” the man shivers. “Important, I mean.”

Grindelwald reluctantly rises from his seat, but places a kiss on the corner of Newt’s mouth before turning back at the man.

“I’ll be back in a minute, my darling,” he says and follows the man out of the restaurant.

When they’re out of sight, Newt takes out his phone and starts looking for signals.

“Who would’ve thought you were Grindelwald’s type,” Queenie chuckles and Newt rolls his eyes.

“How’s Tina?” He asks.

“She got out there without problem,” she informs. “She couldn’t find anything though.”

“On his phone then,” Newt mutters.

“Yeah, it seems it’s our only hope. What you’re planning to do?”

“I’m gonna transfer the information, but to do that I need him close. He keeps his phone in his suit I think.”

“Right, I’ll keep an eye on you,” she promises.

He wants to say ‘thanks’ but that’s the moment Grindelwald decides to return.

“So… Where were we?” He sits next to Newt and starts to caress his thighs. “Oh, yeah, you were about to accept my proposal.”

“Actually, I just… Can I think about it?” Newt asks, licking his lips nervously.

“Of course, my darling,” Grindelwald smiling, but there’s an edge in his voice that alarms Newt. “You have tonight to think. Tomorrow I’ll have my answer.”

“Yes, I-” he can’t finish, because Grindelwald’s lips are on his, demanding and possessive. “Wait,” he tries to breathe, but the moment he opens his mouth to say it, the man’s tongue slides inside. Newt wants to move, but a hand grabs his curls in a painful grip that’s keeping him in place.

“I won’t take a ‘No’ for an answer,” he warns. “You’re too precious for me to let you go.”

Newt looks at him, but he doesn’t try to argue.

“I’ll see you soon, my darling.”


It doesn’t take too long for him to reach Tina’s room. He knocks the exact amount of times Queenie has told him and the agent opens the door and shoves him into the room before hugging him.

“Are you okay?” Tina asks, worried.

“Yes, don’t worry. C'mon, we have to hurry,” he says and takes the computer on the table and connects it to his phone.

“Did you get something?”

“All of it. At least what was in the phone. But we just need the numbers of the banks and the accounts.” He says. “I’m gonna shut them down so he can’t use them.”

Tina waits for him standing close to the door, she’s tense, like she’s ready to jump on the first soul that dares to walk in.

The process is not as fast as he wishes, but at least they’re making progress.

Finally, he shuts down all the accounts.

And that’s when Theseus calls him.

“What do you need?” He asks, pretending he’s not scared or nervous.

“Some guidance, please,” Theseus says and it’s just because he asks nicely that Newt knows he’s in trouble.

He tells him where he is and Newt hacks the system to have access to the security cameras.

“Listen, you have an exit in the next hallway,” Newt instructs. “There are two guards close, but please don’t try to take them down, just get outta there!”

“You’re no fun sometimes, little brother.”

Someone knocks at the door, gently. Tina aims her gun at it, but gets distracted when the door is pushed towards her.

Newt sends quickly everything to Queenie and destroys the rest.

Grindelwald is there with three of his followers.

Newt rises and takes his own gun, but it’s too late, Tina couldn’t stop them and ended up on the floor, with her head pressed on the ground.

“Newt? What is it?” Theseus asks while Queenie sobs a “Is Tina okay?”

But he can’t answer, not at that moment.

Grindelwald smirks at him and takes him by the hair.

“Who are you?” He demands, but he doesn’t seem angry. “You are clearly a genius and seeing agent Goldstein with you makes me think you work for the CIA, but you’re English…”

“Please, Newt, tell me where are you,” Theseus begs.

“And if you work for the MI6… Oh, lord I’m lucky… You must be N.”

Newt keeps his mouth shut. Grindelwald laughs and forces him to look up. He kisses him on the lips and licks them afterwards.

“I’m keeping you,” he announces. “However you were a bad boy tonight, my darling. Trying to ruin my business and using the information on my phone… You need to be punished.”

At that, one of the men hit Tina with the back of his gun. Tina falls to the ground and Newt gasps, scared.

“Please, please, little brother I need to hear your voice,” Theseus is almost sobbing in his ear.

“Ah, also, give me the earpieces,” Grindelwald instructs and opens his hand in front of him. “Both of them.”

Newt does as he’s told, because the same man that punched Tina is aiming at her. He’s not going to risk her life.

Grindelwald steps on them.

“Come, my darling, we have to get out of here.” He reaches out his hand for Newt to take it, but the younger man rejects him.

“What’s gonna happen to her?” Newt asks.

“We’re going to leave her here,” Grindelwald smiles. “See? I’m being generous, my Artemis. Now, you have to be a good boy and do as I say.”

No, there’s something wrong with all of it, Newt can feel it. Still, he has no choice.

“That’s it, darling. Let’s go and see your new home, shall we?” Grindelwald grabs him by the waist and nuzzles the back of his head.

He has to think of something before is too late.

concept: Newt singing

-we all know he must sing lullabies to his creatures ok

-but what if… he sings to Credence

Move On

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes

@arianaelffairy: could you do an imagine where reader is newts wife and they come back to new york and tina gets jelly legs (jealous). Maybe a bit of smut or full out smut.

A/N: I’m sorry to say that I do not write smut, however, I still wrote the story with a little (or quite large) twist! I didn’t mean for things to get so sad and emotional but I guess it just happened? Arg, I’m sorry for changing it so much and I’m sorry if it’s bad. Oh well, thanks for reading anyways!


“She’ll be thrilled! Queenie too, I’m sure. It has been a while since we’ve seen them last but they’ll definitely be happy for us?”

You raise an eyebrow at your husband skeptically, and he sighs. You nervously fidget your wedding ring, a habit you had obtained after your marriage to Newt. It felt comforting and was definitely better than biting your fingernails.

“That last part sounded like a question. Are you sure Tina won’t freak out? We both know how much she likes you…”

He shrugs, “It’s not my fault I fell in love with you. She’ll understand, you know how much she cares about you, about all of us.”

You smile, still feeling nervous about seeing your friends again. It has been over three months since you’ve last seen the Goldstein sisters and you were excited, though nervous to see how they’d react. You loved them and you knew they loved you too, but you didn’t want to create any unnecessary conflict or drama…

“Should be quite alright.” he continues, grabbing your hand. “Besides, she’s a strong one. A little surprise won’t kill her.”


“WHAT? YOU MARRIED HIM? HOW COULD YOU?” Tina screams, smacking you across the face, leaving a scorching red mark.

Okay, so that isn’t exactly what happened but you wished that Tina had slapped you instead of doing what she actually did. It would have broken your heart less.

Instead, her eyes widened, shining sadly as she stood beside you, silently taking everything in. She was definitely the opposite of thrilled. Queenie noticed this, and took her hand gently, giving it a reassuring squeeze.
You could’ve sworn your heart had just shattered into pieces.

“Dinner will be ready shortly!” Queenie says brightly, attempting to light up the mood.
Tina nods and walks out of the kitchen and to her room. You could see her shaking slightly, her eyes glazed. You flinch when you hear the door slam quickly. You look over at Newt to see whether he felt as uncomfortable as you did. Looking concerned, he starts to follow Tina to her room but you quickly extend your arm, stopping him in his tracks.

“I’ve got this,” you whisper into his ear and he sighs. “We don’t want to make this worse.”

Taking a deep breath, you walk to her room and knock gently on her door. She creaks it open and you see only her eyes, red and puffy. You would have taken the slap across the face instead of this without hesitation, it would be better than seeing your best friend so…unhappy. She opens the door wide enough for you to slip in.

You gently take her hand and sit her down on her bed. She slumps, looking down at the decorative bed spread and you sigh, plopping down next to her.
You can tell that she’s holding it in for your sake but she shivers, and you lean closer to her for support.

“(Y/N), I’m s-sorry,” she murmurs, tears streaking across her pale face. “I’m overreacting, I should be celebrating with you! But here I am, crying over a guy who I never had a chance with…”

She trails off, and your heart breaks again, if even possible.

“Shhh, Tina. I’m so sorry! I wouldn’t have married him if I knew what it’d do to you! I’m such a bad friend I’m so-”

She cuts you off, the smallest traces of a smile lingering on her face. She shakes her head.

“No, he makes you happy and that’s all that matters to me.”


“(Y/N), I will be able to move on. I love you and I am truly content that you and Newt have found each other. Don’t worry about me. My heart will mend, eventually…”
She becomes silent once more and you hug her, pulling her close and the two of you stay like that, not daring to move a muscle.


“Do you love her?” Tina barely whispers to Newt, as both of them watched you and Queenie play with the Mooncalves.

Newt blinks, more worried than surprised. But he answers without hesitation.

“Yes. More than anything. She completes me and I hope that I mean as much to her as she does to me.”

Tina nods, “She does.”

She walks silently away on the balls of her toes but Newt reaches out to stop her.

“Listen, Tina. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused you, but please don’t blame (Y/N). Blame me. I’m terribly sorry and if there’s anything I can do…”

She blinks back tears again, however this time she didn’t think they were tears of sadness. Just tears of understanding and something else…an unidentifiable emotion. Perhaps happiness or relief.

“I don’t blame either of you.” she murmurs, a small, but very real smile spreading across her face.

“I promise that there is someone out there for you, and I vow that I will help you find that someone.”

She nods appreciatively and heads towards the exit of his case.

“I’ll move on,” she calls, not turning back to face him. “I always do.”

Queenie smiles, closing her eyes in bliss. A strong and powerful girl, she was. And she was proud to be able to call Tina her sister.

I’ll Find You

Request: Hello! I can say without a doubt that I love your writings!❤ I also was wondering if you could do a newt x reader where she goes missing and when it gets too long everybody loses their hope except for Newt. Later on he finds her being tortured, saves her and it’s a grand and really fluffy reunion?:) Sorry, I just crave for angst and fluff😂 

Warning: Allusion to torture

Word Count: 3,095

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Pickett crawls from the pocket of Newt’s discarded vest, top leaves drooping from exhaustion. Stumbling forward, the tiny creature pulls itself up by the bed’s legs and hops onto the mattress. Gripping the headboard’s bars, Pickett inches past the pillows and avoids Newt’s hand when it jerks forward.

Once he’s in range, the bowtruckle reaches forward and tickles Newt’s nose. He jumps back, slipping off the mattress and swinging wildly when Newt smacks at his face.

Pickett’s still swaying off the bed when Newt jolts up, rubbing his forehead with one hand and reaching for you with the other. “I had the worst nightmare, love. Love?”

His terror peaks for the third night in a row this month when his hand only hits empty sheets and a cold half of the bed. He opens his mouth to shout for you before he remembers: you’re gone.

He takes in two shaky breaths before he hears Pickett’s squeals. “Pickett, what are you doing up here? You should be asleep.” He lifts the bowtruckle from the front of the mattress and slips out of bed, carrying him to a tree. “Yes, I know you don’t want to be here, but this is where you’re staying. Do you want to stay in that tree? I didn’t think so.”

He peels Pickett from his hand and places him on the tree before turning back into the bedroom and closing the door.

Careful to step over the clothes, crumpled up pages, and overturned pots of feed, Newt crosses the room and slides out the desk’s chair.

The two of you had decided to place a small bedroom in the case for any situations where you needed to be ready to respond to a creature at any moment. For the most part, it had been used when one was about to give birth, but more and more often, you and Newt had been spending nights down there after long hours of work studying a new creature.

Newt drops his head in his hands as he stares at the pages scattered in front of him. Notes that mean nothing at 3 in the morning fill the papers, but Newt still rifles through them, furious with the tears dripping down his cheeks. He has no time to cry. He has to find you.

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What More Can I Do? (Newt Imagine)

Hey guys! So just an F.Y.I. this is a totally random rambling of an imagine. I just needed to get some shtuff out while writing it loll. But I thought I would post it for fun :) Hopefully I can offer it as some enjoyment to you guys!

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong? Is everything okay?” Queenie called as she excused herself from Jacob’s side and followed you out the door of the small speakeasy. You tried to walk as quickly as you could, but the crowds of people were drowning. You could hardly find an empty opening to walk through as you pushed through women in beaded dresses and drunken men who yelled and hollered, whistling at you as you pushed past them towards the exit.

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A Broken Man with No Home

Request: Newt x Reader with a storyline where everything is going Extremely Bad. Desperate situations calls for desperate measures so Reader “takes the chance to sacrifice her own life to save everyone because she can only do it” cliche. Angst like a punch in the gut.

Word Count: 3,025

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @duquesarosa but also tagging @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @whatinbenaddiction @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2

“Dada, where are we going?”

Newt looks down at the little girl squirming in the train seat next to him. Her thumb’s lingering near her mouth, ready to pop back in the second she gets her answer, and a part of her hair’s sticking up.

Newt smiles halfheartedly and reaches over to tuck the errant hair into a butterfly clip. “We’re going to Bulgaria, honey.”

She frowns, the thin wrinkles hiding some of the freckles that dot her face. “Where’s that?”

“Far away.”

“Where?” She persists. Newt almost laughs at the stubborn set of her small features. She’s a near copy in that aspect, an exact match.

“Do you remember when we went to see uncle Theseus? How far we traveled then?”

She nods, thumb now in her mouth as she watches Newt with patient eyes.

“It’s right next to there. Do you think you’ll make it?”

“Yes. Teddy and I are gonna be just fine.” She pauses, as though she’s thinking something over, then continues. “Thank you very much.”

“Someone’s been spending too much time with aunt Tina.”

“Auntie Tina likes me. She said she’d have a whole bunch of chocolate for me when she gets to see me again.”

“Yes, well, Aunt Tina spoils you too much.” Newt busies himself with the bag at his feet, digging through it for the box of crackers.

She kicks her feet. “She says she wouldn’t if you listened. She says you’re a bad listener, dada.”

He slows his search, the familiar anger he’s felt over the past few months stirring in his chest. “Does she, now?”

“Mmmhmmm.” She hums. Her summer green eyes are focused on the box Newt pulls out, and she completely misses the flash of annoyance her news earns.

He takes a deep breath as he shakes the crackers into his hand. It’d be best to ignore the comment. “Here, love, eat up. We’ll be on the train for a long time before we can leave.”

She grabs the crackers, her grubby fingers leaving streaks of saliva on Newt’s hand.

Newt wipes his hand on his blue jacket as more commuters lumber onto the train and shuffle past him. The train hisses, a bit of steam making its way in the door a few rows away. Newt’s surprised he can even hear it over the dull drone of the others, those who take the route daily speaking about politics and the recent construction started in London. Others, those who are new to the train like him, sit quietly, hands folded in their laps as they watch the crowds move past the window. Some squint at crossword puzzles, doing their best to make out the tiny clues in the dim light of the sunrise.

Newt’s nose wrinkles as a particularly strong cologne passes by. He quickly covers his daughter’s mouth when her nose wrinkles too and her mouth opens.

“Hush,” he murmurs. “We should be nice.”

He can hardly bring himself to say the words. Not after what he’s done the past few months, the things he’s said to Tina, the way he’s treated his brother. Hypocrite. Newt never expected such a description to fit him, but when Theseus shouted it in the middle of the family’s Christmas gathering, earning the attention of every aunt, uncle, and cousin he’s ever met, he’d been unable to argue the point.

“Dada,” she whispers against his palm, “why can’t we go home?”

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anonymous asked:

Sooo could you possibly do a HC where Newt discovers you have a tattoo, pretty high up on your thigh and he finds it extremely attractive, maybe a smidge of a flustered yet turned on Newt?

Yes! ❤️

Master list

-“You look lovely, Y/N…” Newt eyed your new dress, admiring the way it hugged your sides and showed off your curves.
-You couldn’t help but blush a bit, looking away from the wizard as you took his arm he offered.
-It was a free night for you, and Queenie and Jacob had wanted a double date, so here you were…finally getting that first night out with Newt.
-Newt led you both into the restaurant, looking at you through his peripheral.
-You all sat down at the booth, waiting for the waitress to take your orders.
-Newt was too busy watching you to pay attention to his friends though, and he couldn’t keep his eyes from trailing over your body. You were stunning.
-He watched your hands that clutched the hem of your dress, nervously twirling the material between your fingers.
-He gulped when he saw the edge of your dress lift up, exposing more of your thigh than should’ve been necessary right now. Not that he was complaining.
-While his eyes were fixated on your hands, he noticed something dark on the edge of your thigh. He squinted his eyes, trying to make out what it was.
-The hufflepuff looked up, meeting your eyes and then the others. “Yes…?”
-“Your order?”
-Newt shook his head and looked over at the waitress, giving her his order before having a brief conversation with you. But, his mind was already focused on what he saw.
-He took his chance while you were talking to Queenie, and his green eyes once more fell upon your legs.
-Newt could still see that dark smudge, and if he could just lift the flap of your dress just a bit he’d see what it was, but that was hardly proper.
-Luckily for him you shifted in your seat, just enough for the material to rise, and fold between your inner thigh.
-And there it was, plain as day, a tattoo rested on your inner thigh. Not just some cliche one either, it was a symbol of a thunderbird, more than likely for your wizarding house.
-Newt’s breath hitched in his throat, and he made an odd sound that caused all of you to look at him.
-“Excuse me…” he cleared his throat, hand covering his mouth as he watched you.
-His face began to heat up, and there was something rather alluring about the location of your tattoo.
-Like it was a hidden little treasure only few would ever see…and now he was one of those few.
-He wanted desperately to touch it, to run his finger across the ink and admire it up close.
-You looked over to see Newt staring down, his face a light shade of pink. You glanced down where his eyes were and saw your tattoo on display, and you immediately covered it.
-You didn’t realize how high up your dress had gone.
-“I-….um, it was a stupid dare, Queenie said I wouldn’t be able to do it and well…you know how stubborn I can be…”
-Newt only shook his head, And he brought his hand down over your thigh, not even thinking twice about his movements in his aroused state.
-“You don’t have to cover it!” He brushed his thumb over your dress, right where the tattoo was, yelling out a little too loud in his flustered state.

Hope that was ok lol I could of totally kept going but it was getting far too long 😂Damn deconstructed fanfics

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True Colors (Part 2)

Originally posted by blueskyandpudding

(A/N: After a long and difficult few weeks, i’m FINALLY posting again.- thank you so much for all the reblogs and likes and lovely messages y’all send me- really it makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, thank you so much! xx) 

Although you and Tina had grown fairly close, you were still sometimes doubtful about letting her go off on her own.

Not to say that Tina wasn’t capable of handling herself, because she certainly was, but it was her big heart that gotten her in trouble in the first place- and you didn’t want to give MACUSA any motive to get Tina in trouble whatsoever.

“I won’t go near the Second Salemers,” Tina sighed as you and her walked along Central Park on a Tuesday morning. “(y/n) I promise I won’t go.”

“Tina,” you sighed, “what if something bad happens?” you asked, eyebrows raised, “I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

“Kind of hard to get in trouble if I’m not doing anything, I’ll just- I don’t know, I’ll just walk around and get some fresh air.”

Moments passed before either of you said anything. You could feel Tina’s hopeful eyes peering at you within every step you took. “Fine!” you finally cried, “go! But Tina, please, please, don’t give MACUSA any reason to get you in trouble.”

Tina jumped slightly in joy and hugged you tightly, “I’ll see you at home, yeah?” she said, “Queenie’s making dinner, and you know she’d hate it if you left without eating!”

“I’ll be there!” you called back as Tina skipped away from you in a hurry. ‘Knowing Tina,’ you thought, ‘she’s going to do the exact opposite of what I asked her to not do.’

As you walked around Central Park slowly, your mind slowly began to wander off as you stared at the nature that pooled in front of your eyes. If there was one thing you loved about New York, it was this beautiful park.

Spring could easily be considered your favorite season- the sight of the flowers awakening from their frosty sleep was definitely a sight worth seeing. As memories of Spring flooded your mind, you felt your hair slowly change, sending shivers down your spine.

Although you were completely accepted by Queenie and Tina for who you were, the fact that you had to stop yourself for MACUSA’s sake really did affect your ability to change.

While before, changing felt like second nature to you, at times, it now felt foreign, almost awkward whenever you would change. ‘I really shouldn’t be feeling this way,’ you thought to yourself as you stuffed your hands in your pockets, eyes glued to the ground.

‘Changing should feel like second nature-’ you continued, but your thoughts were quickly broken by a chirping sound. You popped your head up and quickly scanned the area, but came up with nothing.

Before you could take another step though, you heard the noise again, except this time you furrowed your eyebrows curiously as you walked closer to the broken chirping noise, your hand on your wand, just in case. “Hello?” you called out curiously, crouching down.

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flying through the streets

When he gets to practice before the show he expects the man to show up at, his cousins come find him while he’s mid-stretch, bent over almost double.

“Did you need some advice, honey?”

Credence frowns, and glances up to see Queenie eyeing him with mild concern, her pretty purple lipstick worried between her teeth. “What for?”

“Didn’t you say he’s coming tonight?”

Credence shrugs and straightens back up, dragging his hands up one leg, massaging gently the entire way. “I can only hope.”

She doesn’t believe his shy smile, he knows. He sits down into the lotus position and extends his other leg, slowly working his hands down his thigh and to his ankle, rolling it gently.

“You know, if he gives you any trouble, Newt’s brother is pretty good with his hands.”

Somehow, Credence suspects she doesn’t mean the way he immediately thinks of.

“Thanks Q, I appreciate it.” Tina echoes the sentiment right before they go onstage, and Credence’s incredibly grateful to them, both, truly. He couldn’t ask for a better family, and indeed, castmates in his company.

But when the lights go up and he spots a familiar face, all his worries fall away to replace butterflies with lightning bolts.

excerpt from a birthday present 

for the effervescent @braganzas

ballerina!credence x single dad!graves

graphic by @percysweetheart

Dating Queenie Goldstein (female x female)

Originally posted by bartholinemoans

A/N: By popular request here are some Queenie Goldstein dating headcannons, I’m so sorry I haven’t updated for a couple of days but I’ve been up to my neck in essays! Also I’ve been considering some NSFW headcannons for a couple of the characters so let me know if that’s something you want!

Warnings: None

Words: 359

·         Her knowing how much you like her but not saying anything because she knows you’re not ready to tell her

·         That doesn’t stop her from flirting with you though

·         When you do tell her she tells you she’s known all along

·         This adding to your love for her as you know she’d never pressure you to do anything you didn’t want to

·         Her cooking for you all the time

·         You ask her to teach you how to do it too

·         Not a very good ending resulting you not being allowed near the cooker until, well, ever

·         So much clothes sharing

·         Doing each other’s makeup

·         Being so close to the other it usually results in making out

·         This results in lipstick stains everywhere

·         Not being able to show PDA outside

·         Because of this Queenie would have to get her fill while you’re both inside the apartment

·         Queenie telling the land lady that she’s in a relationship

·         Her being told not to bring him up into the apartment

·         Queenie having to hold her laughter in until she’s through the door

·         Telling you what happened

·         Both of you laughing for a solid 5 minutes and never being able to look the landlady in the eye again

·         Queenie tries very hard not to read your thoughts that often as she respects your want for privacy

·         So many picnic dates

·         Finding many ways you can secretly hold each others hand

·         Whispering compliments in Queenie’s ear while you’re out together

·         She’d be undeniably sexual back

·         So much cuddling

·         You’d both want as much physical contact as you could get while together

·         All the butt touching

·         So much that Tina often has to remind you both that she is in the room and can see what you two are doing

·         Queenie would flirt with you all the time

·         You reminding her that you’re together now and she doesn’t have to flirt anymore

·         She tells you it’s ‘more fun this way’

·         Constantly declaring your love for the other

·         Just in case they forget

·         That is very unlikely but hey, it’s an excuse

·         Having the most fun and flirty relationship that is supported by everyone close to you

thegaypumpingthroughyourveins  asked:





You know what I really don’t want?

I don’t want Graves to hold out. I don’t want his shields to be stronger than Grindelwald was anticipating, stronger than they had any right to be - stronger than any learned legilimens could pierce. I don’t want to think of a younger Graves flicking his eyes up to a younger Queenie when he meets her for the first time, or the slight furrowing of Queenie’s brow when she realises that he’s not running his gaze down her chest and his thoughts aren’t quickened by that hint of what if that every man has when she walks past.

The way his breath catches when his neighbour leans across him to shake Queenie’s hand, the way Graves’ eyes linger for a fraction of a second on the undone top buttons of the man’s shirt. The way Queenie’s face clears with understanding, the confused frown and sudden wide eyed panic as Graves figures out that she knows. The way they drift together after that, loitering around the edges of various social functions. Graves’ scowls drive off the more persistent of Queenie’s admirers and Queenie’s gentle smiles halt the rumours that had begun to circle about Graves.

It takes a while for Graves to twig about the legilimency, and he doesn’t need to be a mind reader to see the faint hint of apprehension on Queenie’s face when she notices. “Biscuit?” he asks innocently, passing her the plate - and is struck by the sudden memory of the way Nadir had looked, shirt thrown to floor and fingers fumbling with the buttons of his trousers. So strange how these things happen, how memories can leap out of the blue like that. So strange.

Queenie pauses, one hand hovering over the biscuit, but only for a second. She takes it in and brushes past him in a smooth movement, murmuring just low enough for him to hear: “Daley from records wants to bend you over his desk and make you scream.”

Graves chokes on his coffee and stares after her, wide eyed and shocked. She adds a jaunty swing to her hips and waves her biscuit at him in thanks, and that’s round one to Queenie.

He learns to stop counting the rounds. Even when he’s managed to get his occlumency to a stage that it takes her a while to get around it, she somehow manages to beat him. It’s easier on his pride not to keep a running tally of exactly how much she outclasses him. But still, it’s good practice and Queenie is not only a natural legilimens she’s a damn sneaky one, and Grindelwald just can’t compare.

The dark lord’s attacks slide off his shields like shadows from a candle flame and Graves bares his teeth in a grin. Round one to Graves.

But Graves… Graves. Queenie never meant to hurt you, Graves. She tested your shields in every way she had, beaming with pride when you strengthened them and smoothed over the weaknesses, but she never meant to hurt you. Grindelwald… does.

Round two digs rotting tendrils into the base of Graves’ shields and detonates them. Round two flings memories like hailstones on a howling wind and Grindelwald laughs as he picks through the broken pieces for the knowledge he needs.

Round two leaves Graves to slump glassy-eyed and pained against the wall as jagged snatches of thought scream into the void of his empty skull.

“How very obliging of you, director,” Grindelwald purrs as he leaves the room. “I’ll be sure to give Miss Goldstein your regards.”

Graves doesn’t hear him. His life hovers around him in fragmented shards; he’s six years old, thirty four, nineteen. His mother is scolding him - praising him - holding him close as he cries - he parries a curse - Queenie laughs - the sun is shining on a moonlit room at he runs on his father’s shoulders while his aurors scream his name.

He slots them together as well as he can, but… it isn’t well. He knows this. He’s running blind, trying to group them by people’s ages or guessing which groups of memories go where. He discards a lot of it. Hours spent training, the feel of dredging the last scraps of power from his overtaxed reserves, the ache and burn in his muscles - how can he tell which training session goes where? He presses them into one and pushes them aside, and they melt and fade. He forgets how to recognise when he’s nearing his limit and one day that could cause trouble, but there are more important things to detangle.

He runs gentle fingers over the cracks in his mind and asks himself if he is a man called Graves who goes by Percival or a man called Percival who goes by Graves. He can’t tell. A lady with curly hair smiles at him and he draws the word sister? in the air over her head, but there’s nothing of her as a child so he scrubs it out. He tries lover and that sits ill, so he waves the words away and turns to something else.

There is a memory where he runs away, and he cradles it in his hands for a long time before closing them and snuffing it out. He does not want to be a man who runs away.

It’s only when he looks up that he sees the chain of other memories falling after it, but the moment is gone - when he find the scene where he drags himself back, it means nothing to him.

He reaches next for a man, one with red-gold hair and freckles, one that frowns at him in concern and confusion.

“Mr Graves?” the memory asks. Graves scrawls work contact? in the air above it and pushes it to one side until he has more evidence for where the man fits.

“Mr Graves, can you hear me?” the same memory asks, and Graves adds a note - was there when I was injured; auror maybe? - and picks up a picture of the man he thinks might be his grandfather.

But the man with freckles, the man Graves has started calling English in his mind, he doesn’t go away. It’s as though once Graves has found the first memory of him he’s opened a dam; they’re everywhere. English drinks tea. English leans over him to check his temperature. English turns to someone else and says I can try something else - I think the first potion helped, but Swooping Evil venom is more meant to remove bad memories than fix broken ones. English scribbles notes and chews his lip in concentration. English naps with his head pillowed on his arms. English snuffles in his sleep.

Work contact? gets scrubbed out replaced with friend replaced with family? replaced with partner replaced with husband? because Graves can’t work out how English fits in the timeline. The memories are too similar, and English seems to be the same age, Graves can’t have known him long - but why would Graves have so many memories coming so thick and so fast unless he was important? It doesn’t make sense.

The curly-haired girl - Queenie, Graves found her name and she’s called Queenie and she’s his friend - appears in one of English’s memories. She hands him a steaming mug and a paper bag from some local bakery, and when she leans over she rests her hand on his shoulder and smiles at him. Graves leaps forwards, scribbling notes because Queenie is friend best friend and if Queenie knows English maybe some of her memories will tell him the truth. He flicks through them, searching for any glimpse of English because come on Queenie, give him this, tell him who English is, is he partner doctor love of his life –

Queenie looks up, surprised, her hands flying to her mouth. “Graves?” she asks in a quavering voice, and Graves flings the memory center stage with an expansive gesture. English looks up, dreamy eyes intent (and Graves has spent so long studying those dreamy eyes and trying to find an answer but he’s never seen them sharpen like this.)

“He’s asking who you are,” Queenie says, answering English’ unasked question, and Graves tags this memory with first meeting? in shaky, excited script.

“Oh,” English says. He hesitates, then smiles, and Graves’ breath catches because it’s like the sun. Boyfriend, he labels English hopefully, because if this was the first time he met him then he can see so easily how he’d fallen in love. Queenie hiccoughs a laugh, eyes wide and stunned, and Graves wonders what he’d said in the memory. He can never hear his own voice.

“My name is Newt,” English says. “Nice to meet you, Mr Graves.”

He ducks his head and averts his gaze, and Graves can’t see himself in the memory and he doesn’t fully know who he is, but he thinks he’s the sort of man that would have stepped forward and dropped a kiss to English’s - to Newt’s - knuckles.

In the memory, Newt blushes scarlet, and Graves slots him into his mind with a satisfied smugness. Boyfriend, he captions the bundle of memories, and starts trawling through the remaining fragments to see if he can find any of them dating.

“Mr Graves?” one of the memories says behind him, but Graves pushes it aside.

“He’s gone, honey,” memory-Queenie answers, and Graves flaps an annoyed hand until the memory fades out entirely. He needs to find the memories of Newt. Needs to know what their first date was, what Newt likes, what Newt looks like when Graves takes him home and lays him back on a bed, what sounds Newt makes when Graves undoes him -

The fragments he needs elude him, but he keeps searching. He has a boyfriend, and a best friend, and a family, and he’ll build himself back into a person piece by piece until he’s ready to see them again.