'queenie eye

It's in his eyes

Chapter 5
Blood mark

Queenie's​ fighting the tears coming from her eyes. She knows she needs to focus if she wants to help Tina and Newt.

She looks at the screen in front of her; she has been watching the security cameras of the hotel, but so far there’s nothing that indicates if they’re still in the room or not.

She looks at the earpiece on the desk and then at the phone she’s holding now. The call is still in her head. R, the girl who works for MI6 alongside Newt has called to inform her about the situation.

“He knows,” she says and Queenie doesn’t need to ask her who’s she talking about because she knows very well it’s about Theseus Scamander. “I told him everything I know. And now he’s coming to you. He’s worried.”

Actually she doesn’t mind to deal with a very pissed double-oh at least she knows he’s definitely gonna help them find Newt.

Queenie knows very well she should’ve told another agent about the situation, one that's​not in the middle of a mission, but she is aware that none of them would’ve put the same effort in rescuing Newt and helping Tina.

So she called Graves of course. And she doesn’t regret it, she doesn’t even when he sees him storming in with dust and blood in his hands. Queenie hasn’t seen him so furious and dangerous like in that precise moment.

But she’s not afraid, even though she’s aware part​of that anger is directed towards her because she was the one who put Newt in that mission on the first place.

“Where’s he?” Graves demands once he’s in front of her desk.

“They,” she corrects him. “Don’t forget about Teenie.”

“I won’t. Now, please tell me where they are,” Graves insists and she can see in the way his eyes darken that he’s anxious and desperate.

Yes, time’s precious, Queenie concedes in her head and quickly proceeds to explain the agent how to arrive to the hotel.

“Do we really need Grindelwald alive?”

“I’m afraid so,” Queenie tells him.

“Shame. Well… But we don’t need him in one piece, do we?” There’s a dangerous smirk on his face when he says that and Queenie feels suddenly grateful that man is on their side.

“Wait, what happened with your mission?” She asks, ignoring his last question.

“I decided to make it quick and shot my target between his eyes,” he informs her like he’s talking about the whether.

Queenie decides not to comment on that and gives him an earpiece instead.

“Here, take this. Turn it on if you need me.” She says. “Do you need more equipment?”

Graves shakes his head.

“I’ll get my own, don’t worry.”

She stares at him with an alarmed expression because she knows perfectly where he’s going.

“You cannot go there!” She protests. “You know what kind of people are there. What if they remember you? What if P finds out?”

“I don’t care. I need to go there to save him,” Graves tells her as that’s information enough to convince her.

Well… It actually is enough, but that doesn’t mean she’s less worried.

“006 is coming,” she says then.

“I don’t have the time to wait for him. But when he arrives tell him to me there, you know the place.”

Of course she knows it. The X Club, a place for criminals and assassins.


Newt’s is accompanied by Grindelwald himself all the way down to the principal entrance of the hotel. The man’s hand is firmly grabbing his waist.

There’s a black car waiting for them outside. Newt looks around and wonders if he can make it to the restaurant in front of them or the bank, the later would be a better option because they usually have more security in there.

Grindelwald stares at him and seems like he knows what the younger man is thinking because suddenly Newt feels something cold pressed against his back.

A gun.

“Don’t make this more difficult than it already is, darling. I don’t want to hurt you, but if you keep being a bad boy well…”

Newt shakes his head and gets in the car immediately. Grindelwald follows him and sits next to him, closer than necessary.

“Don’t be sad, my darling. You’ll like the house, you’ll see. Besides, you can have anything you want.”

“How about my freedom?” He asks and knows he made a mistake by saying it.

For a moment he thinks Grindelwald is going to yell at him, but then he laughs and leans closer to Newt.

“Well, no, my sweet. Anything but that,” the man whispers over his lips. “You’re mine now.”

Newt keeps his mouth closed, but tries to move out of the man’s reach. Grindelwald chuckles at his poor attempt to put some distance between them and pulls close, he basically lifts the younger man and puts him over his lap.

“Much better,” he purrs and starts kissing his neck. “You taste so good.”

Newt shivers under his touch, but doesn’t try to detach himself. He does his best to focus on something that can get him out of the situation, sadly there’s no much he can do when everything he had has been taken away from him.

But Grindelwald wants him to work for, so sooner or later he’s going to hand him a laptop or a phone; that’d be the perfect moment.

He just has to wait.


As he's​ guided by a tiny woman to the basement of the Club, Percival's​ mind is just thinking about Newt. Precious Newt who's​ probably with that fucking bastard heading who knows where.

He knows he has no time. But chasing Grindelwald in a crowded street would probably end up when more than one people injured (and he doesn’t want to risk Newt’s life) and would get him nothing.

Of course he’s going to follow them, but he has his own methods. He also needs all the information possible if he wants to rescue Newt.

But first he needs equipment.

“Graves! It’s been years,” the man in the purple suit greets. He’s a big one; tall and strong although he’s not very smart and his fighting technique is poor. “I thought you were one of the good ones now. Thought you were on the side of the law.”

Graves presses his lips together into a fine line. He really doesn’t want to talk about his past.

“I’m not working,” he says. “This is personal.”

“Fine,” the man breathes after a couple of seconds, knowing Graves is not in the mood for a chat. “What do you need?”

“Weapons. Show me what you got.”

“Long or short range?”


The man opens a large cabinet and quickly he starts to pull out all types of pistols, riffles and shotguns.

“You said it was personal,” the man tries again. “Did someone take something from you?”

“In a way,” Percival tenses, he thinks about Newt and his beautiful smile and how much he wants to see it again.

“Oh I see… They took your sweetheart.”

Percival frowns, but doesn’t deny it.

“What else do you need?”

“Information,” the agent tells him and curses because he knows he has to talk about Newt. “I need to find a person… a man. Someone kidnapped him.”

He makes a description of Newt, but stops cold when sees the man licking his own lips.

“Your boy sounds pretty sweet,” the man comments and it takes all his strength not to kill him right then and there. “How much are you willing to pay for the information?”

“A blood mark,” he says without hesitation.

The man’s blond eyebrows arch, he’s shocked.

“A blood mark from you? Well boss is gonna be pleased.” He smirks. “Fine, tell me exactly what you want to know and I see if I can get you the information in a couple of hours. I’ll give you a phone so I can tell you when I have it.”

“I want to know where Grindelwald is hiding, I want to know about his clients and the places he uses to meet his followers.”

“Grindelwald?” The man shivers. “I’m sorry but that information is very difficult to get. My boss won’t risk his life like that. Not even a blood mark would convince him otherwise.”

“I have money,” Percival offers, trying his best not to sound as desperate as he feels.

The man shakes his head.

“I’m afraid that’s not enough.”

“And what about two blood marks?”

Percival turns around, surprised by the voice, and watches as Theseus Scamander walks in the room.

“006, I’ve heard about you,” the man tries to look as clam as possible, but neither of the agents miss the way he shivers under Theseus intense gaze. “So… Is really a double-oh offering a blood mark?”

Graves can’t help but look at Theseus too, he knows he loves his brother, but a blood mark is something else entirely.

“I wouldn’t joke about something like that.”

“Wow. That boy’s ass must be quite something for you to risk your jobs like that.”

Graves holds back a growl, reminding himself not to lose control. Next to him, Theseus is trying to do the same, although it looks like he’s about to explode.

“I wonder if you're​ willing to share some?”

He sees red in that moment, he knows he's​ about to snap and do something extremely violent, but Theseus is faster, he takes the man by the back of his neck and shoves him against the desk. Graves hears a crack and he’s sure the man’s nose is broken. His face is still glued to the desk and still he can hear his groans.

“If you say something like that again, I’m gonna break every single one of your fucking bones, understood?” Theseus snarls in the man’s ear.

“And I’ll be more than happy to help,” Graves adds.

The man nods and Theseus finally releases him.

“Do we have a deal then?” Graves asks once the man rises. He looks at them, petrified. There’s so much blood coming from his nostrils, but he doesn’t bother to wipe it off.

“Yes,” it’s everything he can manage, but it seems enough for the two men.

“Listen, Graves, I know your main goal is to capture Grindelwald and under other circumstances I’d help you, but right now my priority is to save Newt.” Theseus tells him once they leave the man behind.

“Newt’s my priority too.”

Theseus stop abruptly and turns around, he stares at him.

“Is he?”


“Once Newt is safe again, you and I are gonna have a talk.” He says.

“Can’t wait,” Graves replies, while he’s loading a pistol.

Theseus frowns, but doesn’t say anything else.

It seems his future brother-in-law hates him now.

*Washed Away* Newt x reader

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You watched as Newt apparated from the top of the building you stood on to the next. Tina, holding his case of creatures, yelled out his name but with no luck he continued to apparate further trying to keep up with the obscurus.

“Queenie, take Y/N and Jacob somewhere safe” Tina ordered before whipping out her wand and disappearing. In shock, you turned to face Jacob and Queenie, fear in your eyes.

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I can get jealous

So um I was listening to Lana Del Rey and there was a lyric that said “Oh that face, oh that body, makes me wanna party”

So here is another Queenie x fem!reader fic where Queenie gets a little jealous on the dance floor

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You, Tina, Queenie, and some other aurors decided to head to a party being held by some people at The blind pig. It was where wizards and witches go get a drink in peace. 

It was your first time too, you just met the wonderful sisters a month ago and you’ve been friends with them ever since. Though Queenie has caught your eye a couple of times. 

You would have to admit, you would’ve never thought in a million years you would like a woman, but there was no reason to deny, she was gorgeous. She made you feel happy in every way. It was like sitting next to a fire crackling, she made you feel warm and safe. 

Queenie was something else to you. So when you three got on your dresses and walked to the dance floor, you noticed her tone changed. Her face saddened. 

“You alright Queenie?” You ask, walking up to her and putting a gentle shoulder on her hand. 

She looked like she barely noticed you but her face softened almost instantly. You saw her take a deep breath and smile.

“Yeah, I’m okay Y/N, just a lot of thinking goin’ around…” she trailed her sentence. 

You knew she was a legilimen, and you knew at least a third of these people were evil criminals, so you couldn’t blame her for feeling down. 

You got a thought in mind and turned to look at one of the house elves bar tending. 

“6 shots of giggle water please,” you tell him and with a snap of his fingers, 6 shots of giggle water were put onto a silver platter to serve. 

You both take a shot and of course bursting out in a fit of giggles. Then you both started giggling at each other. It was like being drunk but on happiness. 

After taking half of those shots, you did feel a lot lighter. You felt someone grab your hand immediately, yanking you onto the dance floor. It was one of the aurors, Rosemary Delchegate. Everyone called her Rose for short, or spice. 

Rose was always really nice to you. She would always walk with you to the trials and laugh at all your jokes. I think she really did like you. Her dress was very fitting and gorgeous on her, very nice on her curves, you noted.

You’d rather not think about it but your mind was kind of in its own litte world, and you kind of liked it. 

Usually you were appalled by such acts, but you couldn’t care less right now, and Rose looked hot. 

You smirked and started to dance with her and she laughed a bunch. You did stupid dances with her and tried to tap to the beat, almost falling. It was a lot of fits and giggles. You were having the time of your life! No worries just Rose in your sight but you turned your head.

You didn’t see a very happy Queenie, she wasn’t sad either. She looked more…angry. You frowned and excused yourself from Rose for a moment. A second later you saw her dancing with another guy. Guess she didn’t really like you, just looking for a dance partner.

You now noticed just how pretty Queenie was. When she sat she crossed her legs and her legs were so smooth and creamy white. She always strained her neck and bit her lip, especially when she was mad. It made you blush hard and have thoughts flood into your mind. 

You swallowed down all your pride (and your horny thoughts) to talk to her.

“Are you okay?” Your voice was shaky. Why were you scared? I mean you’ve never seen Queenie this frustrated before. 

“So…you think Rose is pretty?” You did not like that tone. She grumbled with her words and her voice was deeper than usual. 

She crossed her arms. “I saw the way you looked at her on the dance floor.” As she said that you realized something, she was jealous.

You grinned and she looked even more mad. 

“I’m not jealous,” she huffed. You chuckled at her and she got up, standing about eye level to you. 

“Well she is, but…” you grabbed her hand, intertwining your fingers together. She blushed a little, and looked down at your hands together in harmony. 

“I actually like you,” you continued. She laughed herself. 

“I know darling, your thoughts are pretty loud.” She suddenly was happy again. Which made you happier. 

“How about we dance then, jealous girl.” She frowns at you, but smiles all the same and nods. 

And for the rest of the night all you wanted to do was hold her close.

I apologize for any grammar/spelling mistakes.

If It’s Meant To Be (Newt x Reader)

A/N: Why do I make myself cry like this lol Summary: You’re a No-Maj and just like Jacob, you must be obliviated. You say your goodbye to Newt, someone you’ve fallen in love with.

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Queenie came back, eyes red and puffy. Jacob, opened his eyes and a blank expression came over his face as he rushed off to a different direction.

Now it was your turn.

Rain splattered onto the ground just like your tears did. The past week has been the most amazing, weird, whimsical, bizarre, happy week of your life. You got a break from your dull office job life and found passion and friends for life. And love. But now, in a second, it will all be taken away from you. You won’t have any memory of any of this. But that’s the thing, you had to remember. You couldn’t just forget, just ignore the whole entire world that has been introduced to you. And the people that have been introduced to you.

“I don’t want to forget.” You choked, looking through tear-filled eyes at Newt.

Newt Scamander. A shy, passionate, awkward, loving, caring man. A man with whom you’ve fallen in love with. A true love.

“I know.” Was all Newt was able to say. He took you in his arms, savouring the feeling. The feeling of you, Y/N. The feeling of the woman of his dreams. Because, in an instant, the only person he ever loved and cared for so deeply, was going to be taken away from him.

You sobbed into his teal blue jacket.

“I can’t just go back.” You cried. “I belong with you.”

You couldn’t just part. How can you leave this new world behind? How can you leave Newt behind?

“Before you go, Y/N I need to tell you something.” Newt said, pulling you off of him so he can look at you. So he can look straight into your eyes.

“Before you leave me, I need to tell you. And I know, you won’t remember any of this, but I just need to let it out. Y/N. Throughout all my life, I never had someone, another human to love. I lived a very lonely life before I met you. My parents, my family, they never quite understood me. My brother got all their attention anyway. Then at school, I quickly got isolated because of my so-called weirdness, and I spent my days of education alone. Everywhere I went, my thoughts stayed within me, and the only conversations I was able to have were with my creatures. Of course my creatures are other beings, but well, I never had anyone to answer me. I never had anyone to laugh with, to cry with and to discuss with. I had almost lost hope in friendship, and even more in love. I had seen it before, couples hanging out in malls and everything. But I never knew that I, me, Newt, was going to find love. Then I met you.”

The tears were pouring hotter and faster out of your eyes.

“Then you came along, Y/N. And I got this feeling I never felt before. I was so confused in the beginning, but one day I realized. That day, when I found you alone in my case, just sitting there with Frank the Thunderbird. I knew. I had found love. Because the only thing I’ve loved before were my creatures. And when I realized I felt even more for you, I knew that I loved you.”

He closed his eyes and looked back at you. “And I thought the greatest day of my life was when I met you. But it wasn’t. It was the day you told me you loved me back. That night when I told you my feelings and you said you returned them. That immense joy I felt, so happy that I finally had someone, someone to talk to, someone to care for, someone to love, someone to laugh with, someone to call mine. That night, when I held you and kissed you, made me forget about all my pain in the past. It was like all the loneliness I have suffered through was going to be compensated by me meeting you. I-I love you Y/N. And I won’t ever stop.” His voice cracked at that last part and he lowered his eyes from yours.

You took a step towards him and lifted his chin with your hand, making him look at you again.

“I love you Newt. I don’t have any words to describe it. I wish I had, I wish I had these beautiful big words to tell you what I feel for you, but I can’t. Because what we have, it’s indescribable. I love you.” You told him.

You wished you had words for him. Words to comfort his breaking heart, words that he could remember you by.

“Those three last words are all I need.” He whispered to you.

You looked up and got lost in his eyes. Those starry blue green eyes. You got mesmerised by them, for the last time. His eyes were like home, and you were moving out. Unwillingly. His eyes filled with tears.

You started crying even harder as Newt squeezed you closer to him. He closed his eyes and listened to his heartbeat on yours, wondering if you two would ever reconnect again.

“Hey. Hey it’ll be okay Y/N. It it’s meant to be, we’ll find each other again. I promise. I’ll find you.”

“Time’s running out.” Croaked Tina.

You took a deep breath, getting ready to leave the best thing that has happened to you.

“Y/N. I will never forget you.”

“Goodbye Newt. I love you. So much.”

And on those final words, you closed your eyes. You had always heard that it hurt to look back, so you stepped out into the rain.

Newt watched Y/N slip away. How she gracefully let go of his fingers and left. Tears poured hotter and faster than they have ever done before out of his eyes.

“She’s gone.” He cried out. He collapsed onto his knees.

“Oh come here dear.” Queenie said, sitting down beside him and putting her arms around him. Tina sat down on his other side and patted Newt on the back softly.

“She’ll come back.” Queenie reassured, reading his mind. “Oh I know, there really is no one like her. But seriously, you will find each other again. What if she doesn’t remember you? I have a feeling she will at least a bit.” A smile tugged on Queenie’s lips slightly.

“We’ll find both of them again.” Queenie continued, thinking about her Jacob.


It had been half a year since Newt’s little trip at New York. Ever since he went back to England, he had worked his ass off trying to complete his book. Finally, he did.

Now he was on a ferry, heading out to the American city again. With one person on his mind. That person was always on his mind. Every minute of the day back home, he’d think of her. Y/N.


“Newt! Oh wow you haven’t changed!” Tina exclaimed, surprised at who arrived on her doorstep.

“Where are all the sudden thoughts about Y/N coming from? Ah Newt!” Queenie reacted similarly, seeing the freckled wizard at her door.


Y/N headed to her local bakery, Kowalski Quality Baked Goods. It had been 6 months since that horrible rain storm had happened. And weirdly Y/N had no recollection of what happened before that whatsoever! She resumed going to her job, stopping by the bakery every morning and evening before and after work and befriending the owner, Jacob.

“Hey Y/N!” Jacob waved cheerily at her when she walked through the doorstep.

“Hey Jacob. Ugh I had the most exhausting day at work ever.” Y/N sighed, collapsing in the chair right in front of the cashier counter, her usual spot to have conversations with Jacob. She took off her teal blue jacket and yellow scarf and happily took the pastry Jacob put in front of her.

“Tell me about it.”


“C’mon, Jacob’s bakery closes in two hours!” Queenie called after Newt.

“Okay okay, I’m coming! Where’s Tina?”

“Work, for a change. Ever since she’s been back in the Auror position, she’s been so busy!”

Seeing the British all ready, Queenie grabbed his arm and they Disapparated with a crack.


“Hey Jacob, business is really going well eh?” Y/N continued.

“Booming! People love my treats!”

“Of course, you’re the only bakery in town that makes these weird animal things.” Y/N chuckled.


“There it is. I come see him every day at this hour.” Queenie smiled, staring at the bakery across the street.

The pair started walking towards it.


“Ooh 5:29. That lady is gonna come!”

“Oh my god Jacob seriously, you think that lady in pink comes in here every day to see YOU?” Y/N laughed.


As they approached the open-windowed bakery, Newt caught glimpse of a (Your hair colored) figure with a yellow scarf and a blue coat beside her. Could it be Y/N?


“Okay it’s 5:30, she ain’t here Jacob. You’re so dumb sometimes.”

Jacob ignored Y/N’s comment.

“Who’s that with her?” He asked, looking at the pair outside.

“Hmm?” Y/N asked absent-mindedly and turned around in her chair.


Y/N turned around in her chair. Newt’s jaw dropped and his eyes filled with tears. It was her. Her. Y/N. She hadn’t changed, she even looked more beautiful than what Newt could remember.

“Let’s go inside.” Queenie whispered to him.


Who is that? Y/N thought. His name was right on the back of her tongue but she couldn’t quite get a grasp on it.


Queenie approached the counter.

“Hiya. Can I get two coffees for here please?” She said to Jacob.

He smiled furiously as he nodded.

Queenie took a seat a small table with Newt. He couldn’t get his eyes off her. It was like the first time he saw her, unable to stop looking at her, wanting to drink in every aspect of her.

Y/N smiled at him and turned back around to face her book.

“Hey Y/N, do you mind bringing them their drinks? I still got a couple of order forms to fill in.”


Y/N took the two mugs and walked carefully to them.

“Here’s your coffees.” She said, putting them down. By accident, her hand grazed Newt’s, and triggered something in the back of her memory. “I’m sorry, um do I know you?”

“I-I don’t- maybe. I’m-“

His name started with a N, Y/N thought.

“Newt. Newt Scamander. And you?” He questioned, feeling so foolish asking Y/N what her name was.

“Newt, I think I heard that name before… I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. “

Newt smiled, remembering the way Y/N would say her own name.

“Well, I’ll see you around. Newt.”


“She remembers you.” Queenie whispered happily to Newt.

“I doubt.” He felt saddened, having the love of his life not even recognize him.

“That’s false, she does recognize you. When you accidentally touched her hand, she had half of your name in mind!”

Newt thought for a little. He decided on one thing. He was going to make you remember. He was here, and now that he had found you, he would never let you go. Ever, again. One time was painful enough.

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Part 2

First Glance

Prompt 34 “DO you believe in love at first sight”

I cant stand my family so I wrote instead. Hope you enjoy!

“y/n pleeeaassseeeee, come over for dinner” you look up from your desk and see Queenie Goldstein with puppy dog eyes. 

“Queenie, you know I'm busy, I would love to but, I'm swamped with work” you say, praying she would buy the excuse. 

“Nuh uh y/n, you’re coming to dinner and that's that. I know you’re not busy, nice try though” she giggles and walks off leaving you slightly shocked. 

How on earth did she know that? Sighing you dive back into your work, dreading dinner tonight. Queenie walks smirking, she spots Tina and Newt walking out of the Wand Permit office. 

“Tina! Newt! We have a guest tonight for dinner” Queenie says happily. 

“Who Queenie?” Tina asks, though not surprised, Queenie did this a lot.

“It’s a surprise, well a surprise for Mr. Scamander” Newt looks up at Queenie in confusion.

“Queenie what exactly do you mean?” He asks, slightly nervous.

“Oh nothing, See you two tonight” she walks off happily leaving behind a very confused Newt. 

~Timeskip to that night~ 

“why did I agree to this again, stupid queenie and being nice and inviting me to things” you mumble under your breath as you walk to Queenie’s apartment. 

You were an introverted person, perfectly content with sitting at home reading a book. You would admit you wished there was someone in your life, but everyone you met was too, how do you say it, annoying. Always wanting to go out, it was absolutely exhausting. You stop at the doorway, fixing your hair a bit you knock on the door. The door opens and you are immediately met with the warm air and wonderful smell of the Goldstein apartment. 

“Y/n! I’m so glad you came, please come in” Queenie ushers you in, you take off your coat and hang it up. 

“um, thank you for having me tonight.” you say nervously to Tina and Queenie. 

“Oh don’t be nervous sweetheart, besides, we have one more person that's going to join us” 

“Who?” you ask, getting more nervous 

“a friend of ours, in fact, Tina could you get him from his case please” 

HIM, it’s bad enough you’re so awkward already, but now a guy is here too. 

“Queenie, why didn’t you tell me that um he would be joining us tonight?” 

She gives a little smirk “because I knew you wouldn’t come if I told you” you were about to speak when Tina walks out with someone else. 

“Y/N L/N, meet Mr. Newt Scamander” You meet his eyes and are taken back, he had the piercing green eyes. 

His hair flopped to the side in an adorable manner and he looked as nervous as you. Newt looked at you and his heart skipped a beat. You had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. You had him in a trance. 

“If you two are done making eyes at each other, I'm going to go help Queenie” Tina says walking away. 

“S-so um Mr. Scamander what do you do for a living?” 

“I'm a Magizoologist” he says shyly. 

“A magizoo what know?” You ask, you have never heard that word let alone that occupation before. 

“I study Magical Creatures, I'm currently writing a book on them.” He says, getting less shy. 

“Hm, sounds wonderful, love to read it sometime.” 

“Would you like to meet them?” You choke on your drink, He had them WITH him. 

“Uh sure” His eyes light up and he grabs your hand ready to bolt to his case. 

“Slow down there, dinner is ready. Eat first. Creatures later” Queenie says with stern eyes. 

“But Queenieeeeee” Newt pleads. 

“No buts Mr. Sit” Newt sighs and walks over to the dinner table. “

Oh and Newt, you can let go of Y/n’s hand now” He looks down and sees your hands are still intertwined. 

He quickly let’s go and rubs his neck sheepishly. You two sit next to each other and become trapped in Conversation. 

“Y/n, I have a rather silly question.” Newt says fidgeting with his hand. 

“What would it be Newt” 

“Do you believe in Love at First sight?” You think for a moment 

“After meeting you Mr. Scamander, I think I do” 

Newt grinned, “I’m glad you think so because I think I’m in love with you Y/N”. 

Across the table Queenie had a big grin on her face, leaning over to Tina she whispered something. 

“My plan worked quite well didn’t it”

Last story of 2016!!! 

The Winner

Newt Scamander x Reader

Words: 1, 560


You weren’t jealous, absolutely not. Maybe just a little bothered but that was Tina´s fault. She didn’t address your presence at all, the white wall of the small room was more gazed at than your annoyed frame by her pretty brown eyes. Those damn pretty dark eyes where eating Newt alive and he didn’t look a tad uncomfortable.

A tiny voice in your head encouraged you to be a brat and get the hell out of that horrible situation, but the bright baby blue eyes of Queenie forced you to stay there with a fake tight lipped smile. You were sitting so straight and stiff that your body was starting to feel sore, however if you moved even a millimeter, you were sure your lips would become part of a grimace.

Watching Newt made things even more painful to resist. How could he look at her like she´s the goddamn chimera he never had the chance to see before?

Well, of course now you would accept that you were extremely and awfully in love with the freckled man that leaned into you every second of his life. Except now.

Queenie giggled and you frowned, knowing that both of you were vaguely aware of what the dazed lovers were talking about.

“Love?” Her baby blue eyes darted to the concerned man at your side while you forced a smirk.

“Yeah?” It came out in a somehow aggressive tone, Newt didn’t appear to catch on the edgy annoyance even though Tina did.

“Maybe you should go out, you seem anxious.” So now the pretty new friend of the fool you liked was kicking you out of the case in completely polite way. Queenie stood up quickly, golden light locks ruffling with the movement, almost running towards you, she grasped one of your tense arms and made you stand up beside her.

“Finally! Let´s go!” The blonde exclaimed with enthusiasm, receiving a raised eyebrow from you. Newt seemed eager to say something, nevertheless he got attached to another conversation before he could call your name. He adored Tina but the sudden necessity to get him trapped in a casual conversation was trying rather than pleasant. He missed you, even when you were sitting next to him, Newt couldn’t feel you there.


“I don’t understand what you are implying.” Tricking a mind reader was simply useless, still the words came out bluntly and without asking your brain.

“Oh! Come on! You know, I´m bad at listening to people but reading minds is something completely different. I could hear you even if I didn’t want you.” She pouted like a child, crossing her slim arms and frowning at your indifferent expression. “It´s like an outrageous bitterly comical tragedy that you read in a cheesy book, goodness! I can almost hear him thinking how worried for you he is right now.”

“Queenie-” Earlier she was acting as if she was mad at you, and now the looney took the place of the gossiper that wished to help the enamored woman that never got a chance. The last fact irritated you to the point you wanted to use a rougher tone with her, even though you knew that being mean to your friend was nothing near to a solution.

A noiseless movement of the door caught your eyes, Queenie also adverted her blue gaze to the wood frame with narrowed eyes. The man who you thought she was waiting appeared with a hopeful, slightly scared and weary smile. His hair was ruffled more than ever, his fingers twitched and you realized he got the new hairstyle by passing his hands over it a lot of times. Sadly thanks to his blush, you associated it to the nervousness he felt when you left him alone with Tina. “Um, I hope I´m not interrupting anything…”

“And there he is, not even ten minutes. A record, congratulations, lover boy. Goodbye, y/n.” The blonde bombshell scoffed, nearly rolling her eyes. Her low pink heels clicked on the floor while she stomped out of the living room. She looked so damn proud.

“L-Lover boy?” Newt flushed a redder shade of crimson with wide eyes. You inclined your head to the right slightly, in a common expression of confusion, pretending not to know what was she talking about.

“Maybe she was referring to Tina, I mean, we even left you both alone.”

“You did what?” He scowled, maintaining his gaze on your eyes for a mere second that made you tense your jaw preparing yourself for a scold. Moments after he realized how severe his eyes were fixed on the floor a warmer and familiar emotion filled his features.

“Sorry.” Apologizing, Newt tried to step closer to you. He was weary, slowly approaching to your side. “I just wanted to know if you were feeling alright, you seemed rather pale…” Carefully, his fingers reached your cheeks, caressing the soft skin tenderly.

“Umm…I´m feeling fine, maybe I just need to go to sleep…” You whispered in panic, not daring to say nothing or flinch away of his touch.

“Well, then let´s go to sleep.” With a small smile, Newt declared, ruffling your hair harshly.


“You got me scared, last time you caught a cold I almost fainted because the fever wouldn’t go away!” Mother hen exclaimed, tugging your arm in the direction of your shared room. You quite didn’t adore the idea of staying with him right now that you couldn’t process your own emotions, but leaving him with the Goldstein sisters was something you wouldn’t do again.


“Are you asleep?”

“Not yet, I need to finish writing this page.” The exhausted man rubbed his eyes roughly, making you wonder how horribly the bags under his eyes would look in a few hours when you both left in the morning.

“Newt, we need to sleep and I can´t if all the lights are on, flashing in my face.” His face hardened in concentration, while his hands scribbled hurriedly over the paper.

“Almost finished!” You chuckled, laying on your bed again, looking up to the ceiling with a small grin. He didn’t mention Tina more than once. And when he did, Newt complained for the insistent attitude his friend was having. Somehow, the freckled man couldn’t comprehend why both of you seemed to have the necessity of leading a conversation at the same time and that obliviousness just made his actions cuter. (At least it was adorable when he wasn’t on Tina´s side.)

Between five and ten minutes, Newt completed fixing the small details of his script and stumbled to one of the drawers. “Don’t look!” He started to get changed, previously covering your face with one of the smooth pillows of the bed.

“Why are you taking so long? I´m going to die, you sluggish man.” A loud laugh echoed in the room and a pair of hot fingertips removed part of the pillow, leaving only your eyes covered.

“Don´t exaggerate, love. I can´t find the blue shirt, do you know where I put it?”

“Hmmm? Yesterday you changed in the case.” Now you heard him sigh, nearly a minute later a rustle sounded and you waited for him to let you get rid of the soft material of the cushion.“Newton?”

Silence was your response, however, you knew he was still inside of the bedroom. You could feel the familiar scent of cinnamon while he stood there at your side. “What is it?”

A soft, hot and damp mouth chastely collided with yours with the sweetness of honey. Startled, you just let him continue kissing you but didn’t press your own mouth to his. When he noted your lack of reaction Newt stumbled back and you raised yourself in a sitting position. Your cheeks flushed warmer than ever, feeling the boiling blood of your body concentrate in your nose without shame.

“Oh goodness! I´m so sorry! Really! I didn’t mean to…! In fact I wanted to kiss you but, but I know I should´ve asked-” He put his hands up, opening his palms and waiting for you to say something.

“So…So do you like me?”

“Emm…yes, of course I like you, I mean I think I made it clear last year during Christmas…?” Looking confused, Newt inclined his head to the side, frowning a bit.

“Oh. That, that necklace?”

“…You couldn’t understand what it meant?” His hopes got higher, his heart fluttered intensely on his chest, at the same time you fought the urge of slapping yourself. Maybe you had fallen asleep minutes ago and you were just having a wonderful dream.

“In my defense, I love you can mean a lot of things. You didn’t even say it…! You assumed I knew.” Newt stiffened at your words.

“How I´m supposed to take that answer?”

“I love you too, Scamander.” Kneeling to the front, you reached out for him and tugged his shirt. Once he leaned the sufficient amount of space, your lips sweetly crashed into each other.

Even before meeting Tina, you were the winner of his heart without knowing. Such a thing as jealousy makes blind the smartest of women. Luckily, you had Queenie on your side. (And secretly, Tina. The brunette who loved Newt so much that wouldn’t let him get another broken heart thanks to his and yours obliviousness, when she already knew of the feelings you harbored for him.)

I just realized how difficult growing up and living with Queenie must have been for Tina.

Yes, Queenie is a darling and Tina is 100% accepting and supportive of her legilimency but I don’t believe for a second that any person would not feel overwhelmed at times when they do not have any privacy.

Moreover, seeing how Newt couldn’t even look Queenie in the eye and was distant towards her for most of the movie, which is how I think that I would instinctively react, and how even Jacob had his moment of being taken back by her gift, I love how Tina didn’t react negatively to being “read”.

And yes, she has had practice but I doubt that everyone could get used to it. Not to mention that it seems that she doesn’t even bother with occlumency. She doesn’t make her feel like her gift is something to hide from and build walls against.

I love their relationship so much.

queenie goldstein is so one of those people who show love by feeding others. confused handsome man in her house? HAVE THE RADDEST STRUDEL EVER. strange wizard with an even stranger case? DINNER AND HOT CHOCO OR YOU NOT GETTING OUT OF THIS HOUSE. she probably packs tinas lunch even if she has already food with her, just in case. if she ever puts her hands on credence barebone her first instinct is gonna be to be horrified by his state and get him a three course meal in the blink of an eye.

basically queenie is the molly weasley of the 20s and no one is gonna convince me otherwise


Girlfriend & Muse

Kate Moss [16.01.74]

Kate Moss is an English model and fashion designer. She is often associated with her waif appearance and poster girl for the mid-90s culture known as “heroin chic.” She has been modelling since the age of 14 and appeared on British Vogue over 30 times. W Magazine (where she has graced the cover 17 times) calls Moss its muse. Moss has appeared in many music videos, notably “Queenie Eye” by Paul McCartney, “Sex with Strangers” by Marianne Faithfull, “I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself” by The White Stripes, and “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” by Elton John

Moss started dating actor & musician Johnny Depp in 1994. They contributed together to OasisBe Here Now album; Moss playing tambourine and Depp playing guitar. Moss and Depp attended Frank Sinatra’s 80th birthday party where Moss reveals she kissed Sinatra and met Bob Dylan, although there was no romantic subtext. Moss’ other publicized relationship was with Pete Doherty, co-frontman of The Libertines. They met in 2005 at Moss’ birthday party and quickly became popular to the tabloids. The photos leaked of the couple’s drug usage, specifically cocaine, caused a scandal and put a dent in Moss’ modelling career. Since then she has cleared charges and is still modelling, happily married to Jamie Hince, guitarist of The Kills, with daughter Lila Grace Moss-Hack (fathered by Jefferson Hack). 

“People think your success is just a matter of having a pretty face. But it’s easy to be chewed up and spat out. You’ve got to stay ahead of the game to be able to stay in it.”