'pulling people's arms out'

  • [Zenyatta and Genji are competing against Winston, who’s getting increasingly angry]
  • Winston: *ROARS*
  • Zenyatta: He made a fair move. Screaming about it can't help you.
  • Genji: Let him have it. It's not wise to upset him.
  • Zenyatta: But nobody worries about upsetting an omnic.
  • Genji: That's 'cause omnics don't pull people's arms out of their sockets when they lose. Genetically enhanced gorillas are known to do that.
  • Zenyatta: I see your point. I suggest a new strategy: let the gorilla win.
Feisty Little Hobbit

Overall Summary: You are Bilbo’s little sister but the exact opposite.

Chapter Summary: The company is housed in Rivendell and you make a new friend and meet an old one. 

A/n: This is kind of a filler chapter. I had no idea what to write honestly so there’s not much sassy hobbit. It’s kind of just a more relaxed approach to her. Next chapter will be good (I hope) lol

Previous Chapter: Chapter 5

Next Chapter: Chapter 7

Much to the dismay of Thorin, the Company is being housed by the elves. You and Bilbo quite enjoyed the scenery, but thanks to Thorin breathing down your neck, you couldn’t really enjoy it. Bilbo could, but you couldn’t.

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Turf Wars part 6

“Where are we going?” Kevin moaned, picking up his feet as Veronica dragged her friends through the muddy, grass less trailer park.

Archie was smirking at the dark haired girl who’s face was set in a stern line of determination “Ronnie, you’ve got to slow down, this is more exercise than Kevin can handle.” He elbowed Jughead expecting him to laugh along, but one glance at his best friends face showed he was not in the right state of mind for jokes. “Hey buddy? You okay jug?”

Jughead knew this place all too well, the tin can trailer homes, the broken basketball hoop all of the kids called a court, even the busted up RV the Serpents used for “special deals.” This was once his home, he knew the man who ran this place. That man was his father and the thought of seeing him again after all these years, it made him sick to his stomach.

Veronica finally broke the silence
“Betty lives here, she’s our friend now and I thought it would be nice to pay her a visit, let her know we accept her and all of her friends, no matter where they come from.” She played with her pearls as she stepped over a tree branch with her Louis Vuitton’s. yeah this was not gonna go over well. Jughead looked over to see the way Archie nervously tugged on his letterman jacket, he seemed to be thinking the same thing, the rumors were always spreading about how the south side hated all of Riverdale, wanted them all gone.

Neither of the boys had the heart to tell Veronica any of this, so they quietly bit back their fears.

“Aha!” Veronica stated, pointing to a group of men all in “serpent” tagged leather jackets “we can just ask them where Betty is.” She moved to go ask as Kevin followed blindly. Jughead and Archie both pulled the pair back quickly
“Why don’t we wait? I’m sure there’s someone less…” Archie started

“Lethal” Jughead filled in

“Yes, lethal. I’m sure there’s someone less lethal we can ask.”

Veronica tsked, “don’t be ridiculous archiekins, they’re just people.” She pulled her arm out of his grasp and made her way over to the gaggle of bikers, gently tapping one on the shoulder. Almost instantly the entire group turned around, Kevin flew backwards and into Jugheads arms. Jughead looked down at the flamboyant blankly and released him, shaking his head.

“Hi! I’m Veronica Lodge and these are my friends, we’re looking for another one of our friends her name is Betty Cooper. I was wondering if you knew where I could find her?” Veronica asked in her positively, perfectly mannered way.

The three boys prepared for the worst, as the men exchanged glances, when suddenly the tallest one spoke

“Sure sweetheart, Betty is probably hanging out by the big blue trailer, you can’t miss it, yellow mailbox right out front. If she’s not there, she might be over with F.P at the bar, try the trailer first.” The terrifying looking men all smiled and went back to their conversation as Veronica thanked them cordially.

Jughead and Archie just stared slack jawed at the scene that had just taken place, that had not been what they were expecting. As Kevin shuffled them along, the men all turned to Jughead stopping him in his tracks.

“It’s the splitting image ya know. It’s damn crazy to see what he would have looked like at this age, now he’s just an old bastard.” The man with the long white beard laughed, ruffling Jugheads hair and smiling.

“Even the fashion sense! Seems like you all have a passion for flannels.” A tall African man laughed causing the whole group to laugh.

They were all smiling kindly at Jughead as he nodded confused and began walking off to meet his friends. What was that about?

Finally the blue trailer came into view and sure enough Betty was there ,surrounded by young men all dressed in Serpent gear. She was in the center of them all, wearing tight black pants and a dark green sports bra, she looked like absolute sin and Jughead felt his mouth go dry. Archie elbowed him from his right and when Jughead glanced over he was wiggling his brows.

His temporary stupor was cut short though, when a man who had about five feet on Betty stepped closer to her, his hands drawn up in fists. What the fuck? Was he about to hit Betty?

“Joaquin told me about this, it’s a kind of training, it’s like fight club, apparently Betty is the best.” Kevin whispered to Jughead, As soon as the words came out Kevin’s mouth, Betty delivered a swift kick and a punch to her opponent sending him directly to the floor, the entire group of men broke out into cheers and a tall dark haired man came out of the huddle of bikers, grabbing Betty’s arm and lifting it into the air

“We have our winner!” He shouted, turning around and smiling broadly. Oh shit.

It was Jugheads father, standing before him and holding the one thing that had been on his mind all week. Talk about coincidence.

All too quickly, Betty’s eyes connected with Jughead and a grin appeared on her face, she reached up and grabbed F.P down to her level, whispering in his ear. The older man immediately snapped his head up and zoomed in on Jughead. His eyes going wide as he dropped Betty’s arm, almost in slow motion the Man made his way to Jughead.

“Son” he whispered, his voice in complete awe.

“Hey dad.”

Typical Recon

Pairing: YugyeomxReader

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: Angst, Mafia AU

Prompts: “Please, spare me the tears. I know where this is going, I’ll help you.” “Was that a threat or are you flirting with me?”

Warnings: A little bit of a sexual situation, violence, and of course foul language.

Requested by @kpopstarsreact, so when she finds this I hope she enjoys!

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anonymous asked:

are you still doing au headcanons? because mckirk au with jim as a fireman and bones is a paramedic pretty please. (p.s: i adore your writing, omg)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • The first time Bones stops by the firestation it’s because someone’s unwell, and it’s honestly the most chaotic place he’s ever seen. Literally, there’s a ridiculously handsome guy twirling around the pole like he’s some top class stripper, and two other guys are just laughing at how ridiculous it looks. “Jesus Jim, go do what you’re paid for,” Chief Fireman Pike calls out to him, before apologizing to Bones. “He’s our best fireman, he’s just… weird.” “Okay.” Bones says, in lieu of a better answer. Pike guides him to a back room where a guy is sitting with a pack of ice against his eye. “Tell me what happened.”
  • A big fire breaks out, and the ambulance arrives shortly after the firemen. Bones watches them work, admiring their bravery. They’re entering a building that’s literally on fire, coming out with survivors. Bones checks them all out carefully before he sends them off to the hospital for more treatment. By the time the fire’s put out, it’s close to midnight. Bones is about to leave when he catches Jim, his face covered in ash and his right arm looks incredibly bruised. “Hey,” Bones says, approaching him. “Want me to take a look at that?” Jim looks at his own arm, grimacing lightly. “Nah, doc. It’s fine.” “It doesn’t look fine. Tell me what happened.” Jim looks tired, like he just wants to be anywhere else but here, and that’s understandable. “Just some elevator incident. My arm got stuck trying to pull out a few people. It’s fine. We saved lives, that’s important.”
  • It turns out, Jim’s incredibly reckless as a fireman. Sure, he’s the gentleman who saves cats from trees, who helps old ladies cross the street, and who is generally just such a good person. But ever since Bones has been transferred to Brooklyn, he’s sent to the fire department there at least once a week because of some stupid reckless shit Jim’s pulled. And he’ll sit with him, despite the whole “I’m fine, doc., I don’t need to be patched up”. Bones will tell him to shut up, and he patches him up. 
  • “Ouch. Ow-Bones!” “For the last time, just sit still! It doesn’t have to hurt so much,” Bones says as Jim tries to yank his head away. There’s a nasty cut just above his eyebrow that needs stitches, and Jim’s just constantly making Bones’ life hell here. “I swear you’re doing this on purpose,” Jim grits out through his teeth. “I’ll stop doing it on purpose when you stop getting hurt,” Bones counters. He leans in real close to Jim’s face, eyes trained on the wound he’s stitching up, and he can feel Jim’s eyes burning on him. “You smell good,” Jim finally says, and Bones just. He’s speechless for a few seconds. “Thanks?” Bones says, a little hesitantly, before adding: “You dance real good on that pole.” Jim bursts out laughing, the cutest laugh in the world, and it results in Bones having to stitch him up all over again. 
  • And Jim’s just incredibly strong. Bones watches him carry a full grown man in his arms when he exits a burning building, maybe adrenaline has something to do with that, but it’s really impressive. Bones tends to the guy Jim saves and Jim’s doing great. Honestly, Bones pays most attention to his favorite fireman saving people, and he looks so great with grey stained cheeks, toned biceps and his otherwise perfect hair now a dirty blond, but fuck, it’s a look that works well on him. 
  • When they’re mostly done, Bones sits inside the ambulance, and the doors are open and he’s watching the firemen wrap up their stuff. Bones is watching Jim, and the fireman catches Bones staring, and he walks over. Bones notices a limp in his walk. “You okay?” he asks as Jim sits down next to him. “No, doc., I think I need a checkin-up,” Jim says, and Bones frowns because since when does Jim ask for something? “Tell me what’s wrong.” Bones says, and Jim grabs his hand and places it on his leg. “It hurts.” “There?” “Little higher… little higher. Little higher.” Jim says, and Bones catches Jim’s smug grin as Bones’ hand slides up over Jim’s leg, inching closer to Jim’s thighs as he follows his instructions. “Are you-” Bones starts, and he frowns, “Are you kidding me?” “C’mon, doc, I’m serious.” Jim says, even though he’s laughing. He lifts up his arm and points at this little spot there that’s barely even noticeable. “See this? No one’s ever looked into that spot on my arm. What if it’s something serious? Maybe you should go back to my place so you can give me a full exam.” Bones rolls his eyes. “No,” he says, even though it’s definitely a yes. Jim looks insulted. “Take your stethoscope and listen to your own heart, surely it’s telling you to go out with me.” “Jim, no.” “I wish I was your coronary artery so I could be wrapped around your heart.” “Stop.” “I’m a sperm donor-” “JESUS” Bones bursts out laughing, and Jim’s laughing too, and he’s fairly sure it’s because both of them are exhausted. Jim leans in and pushing him back until Bones is just lying on the floor of the ambulance, and he leans over him so he can kiss him, faint taste of smoke on Jim’s lips. Jim runs a hand through Bones’ hair, realizing an ambulance probably isn’t the best place to continue this, so he pulls away with a smirk and he’s just like: “So, want to go and play doctor at my place?” Bones groans because Jim’s lines are just terrible, but he’s definitely going to Jim’s place tonight.
Live While I Can (Part 3)


(1,647 words)

Warnings: I’M NOT A DOCTOR, Swearing, talk of anxiety and death, FLUFFY FLUFF FLUFF!

A/N: I had a lot of ideas for this part but this is what i went with, I might do a part 4 set like in the future or something like that IDK. I hope you enjoy!

Masterlist    Part: One  Two   ASK/REQUESTS (feel free)  ENJOY

The room was a glow with morning rays seeping thought the closed blinds, sitting up you run your hands thought your hair and slide out of bed with a yawn. Slipping into your plush slippers you start toward the bathroom when a sob echoes out in the room, turning you see a mass in your bed shaking slightly as quite weeps fall from its lips. Its Tom, before you can ask what’s wrong a soft cry of “why” escapes him. Walking over to his side of the bed you kneel down and say “Baby, what’s the matter” he doesn’t respond. A piece if lavender fabric wrapped around his hand “I never should have left you” he chokes his voice weak. “Tom, TOM” you shout reaching out a hand to shake him, to your horror your hand passes right through his shoulder. The air is filled with the sound of devastated cried and panicked screams as a familiar high-pitched ringing siphoned the sound and color from the world.

Sitting with a jolt you clutch your chest try to get control of your breathing, Tessa looks at you and sticks out her paw grabbing it you say “Just a bad dream, Sweetheart.” A quite jingle begins to play and you grab your phone, it was just the person you needed to talk to “Hey, darling. How are you?” Tom says with a smile through the phone screen “I’m…fine”

“What’s wrong” he says catching you in your lie “I had a nightmare it nothing” you say pulling Tessa into the frame in an attempt to change the subject “I wish I could be there with my girls.” Tom was away for auditions in LA, he’d been gone for a week now and still had three to go. He was so hesitant to leave your but you promised he could check up on you anytime, after trying for a week he finally caved and went on this trip. “How are you feeling?” he asked “Good, not much pain. I have an appointment in a few hours so well see after that.” You say running your finger over the needle marks on your arm “Call me after” a muffled voice out of frame shouted something “I have to go, love. I’ll talk to you later.” “Ok, love you” you say cheeks heating up “I love you too” he says before ending the call. You only just started saying I love you to each other and every time you said it your heart melted.

The chemotherapy room, the office as you called it since you spent so much time there. Three people were inside “Hi, ladies” you say sitting in your chair waiting for a nurse “After-noon dear” one of the women said he voice deep and raspy “Where’s Terry?” you ask another woman lets out a sad sigh “He passed yesterday” the raspy voiced woman said “Oh, at least he’s not in pain anymore” you say sadly “Miss [Y/L/N], right this was” the nurse says opening the door for you, giving a smile to the women you exit the room. Following the nurse, you ask “Where are we going, I thought I had chemo today?” when she didn’t answer you nervously adjust the scarf on your head, “In here” she says motioning to a wooden door with a plaque that reads your doctors name. (WARNING I’M NOT DOCTOR)

Panic bubbled up as you grab the knob to the door, taking a deep shaky breath, you enter the small office. “[Y/N], good to see you. Please have a seat” sitting you can feel tears sting your eyes “Skip the bull-shit, Doc” he turns to you and laughs “What’s the matter?” “There’s only one reason people are called here so just say it” picking up your file the doctor looks at you “Your tests came back from yesterday” standing you bring your hands to your face willing yourself not to cry. “Let me finish, your test came back…there not a trace of the cancer in your system” the world comes to a screeching halt as you let out a half laugh, half sod. “I’m better” you say as tears stream down your cheeks “Not quite, you’re in remission, we’ll take a week no chemo, no radiation, then we’ll know for sure” he says walking over to you handing you a folder. Pushing his hand away you pull him into a tight hug “Thanks you” “Your one tough lady” he laughs

You were on cloud nine the whole ride back to the flat, an ever-present smile plastered on your face. Remission, after ten and a half months you were so close to better you could taste it. Inside the apartment emotions flowed through you like a waterfall Happiness, excitement, but the one that kept coming back anxiety. Crippling anxiety, thoughts like, “What If i tell everyone I’m getting better than I croak the day after?” and then you fell into a downward spiral of self-hate and the thought got worse and worse “What if Tom only loves me because in dying, am I just some charity case to him” it’s not long before your having a full-on anxiety attack, you don’t even notice your phone is ringing until its gone to voicemail. “You have one unheard message from today at eleven thirty-five” the automated voice says say you take short quick breathes “Hey, darling. I hope the appointment goes well, you’re going to do amazing because your so strong and beautiful remember that. I love you so much, talk later” how did he always know exactly what to say eve when he wasn’t here?

“I decided not to tell anyone” you said as the doctor drew your blood “Why not?” he asked “I didn’t wanna get hopes up you know” “Sometimes hope is the best thing to have” he says with a warm smile “Nice one doc, does that ever work?” you mock as he pulls the needle out of your arms. “Actually yes, some people believe in hope” he laughs “The tests should be back tomorrow, now I have to say this for legal reasons but, you know that remission doesn’t mean your cured right this could very well come back positive” he says putting a cotton ball on your arm “I know and I’m ready for it, I hope” you say that last part when his back is turned.

“I got the part” Toms voice chimes from the other end of the line “That’s amazing baby” the car goes over a bump and you grab the seat. “Sorry Miss” the driver says “Where are you going?” Tom questions mouth clearly full of food “Out, didn’t feel like staying home today” you say meet in the driver’s eyes in the rear-view mirror before staring out the window “Be safe, love” he says mid mouth full “Thomas Stanley Holland, stop that” you laugh earning a muffled laugh from him as he swallows “I’ll see you tomorrow, my love” his tone full of excitement “Tomorrow” you say ending the call. Tom coming home early was such a relief you didn’t know if you could hold in the lie anymore since yesterday you accidentally let it slip to Nikki that you might not be needing chemo anymore. It felt so good to finally tell someone and Nikki promised not to tell Tom. You didn’t want him to find out yet, not over the phone and not when he needed to be focusing on the round of auditions he was doing.

Negative, it was the only word you heard and it was the only word that mattered. Negative, you tested negative, there was no trace of cancer in your system. When the doctor told you, it took a moment to fully process in your mind, ten months of fighting payed off you were going to live. You were to come on every two months for blood tests and had a pill to take every day to keep your levels stable but you had a life, a long life ahead.

Winding the last scarf around the bottom of the banister you step back to admire your work. All of your scarves were wound around the railing to the stairs, a colorful wed of thin fabric. Tessa comes up to you and sits in-between your legs “I know it’s pretty fucking great” giggling you pat her head as she ears perk up and het tail wags “Daddy’s home” you say quietly as she bolts to the door. Grabbing the lavender scarf Tom got you wrap your head. “Tessa” Tom says kneeling giving her kisses “Where’s…” he meets your gaze “God, I missed you so much” he says pulling you into a passionate kiss. His eyes drift to the stairs “What’s this?” he asks “I have something to tell you.” His expression is immediately changed from happy to pure dread “What is it, what’s wrong” he looks you up and down for any physical marks “You might want to sit” you say sadly, you know it’s wrong but who would you be if you didn’t take this chance to have a little fun. He drops his bags and you lead him to the couch, his body tense next to you as you swallow a laugh “I went to the doctor, they did a lot of tests…” you stop and turn away from him holding in an outburst of laughing “Love, please what wrong” his voice dripping with concern “I’m…I’m in remission”.

Standing he puts his hands to his head “I don’t know if I should kiss you or kill for that” he laughs tear brimming in his eyes “Kisses please” you join him on your feet as he grabs you by the waist and spins you around before putting you down and giving you a sloppy kiss. “Good surprise” you giggle “Best surprise ever” he says pulling you into another kiss.


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Let Me Hold You Part 8

 So…yeah I got an idea in my head and I couldn’t shake it.  I also wanted to get some fluff in since last chapter was sad :(  Also as @sam-samcro has figured out, I based a lot of Harley off of me so of course I couldn’t not think of this :D

other tags: @codenamekaraortiz @im-gay-for-chibbs-juiceyandtiggy

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

Harley opened her eyes and twisted around, smiling at Juice.  His chocolate brown eyes were already watching her.  

“Bobby’s coming home today.”  Juice said.

“Yeah.”  Harley whispered and tucked her arms in between their chests.

“Opie’s coming home today.”  He said again.  He moved his left hand to her hip and pulled her closer.

“Yes he is.”  Harley laughed as fake confusion passed over his face.

“Something else happens today, right?”  Juice pursed his lips and looked at her.  Harley bit her lip and twisted her feet to move them between his caves.  “Jesus, why are your toes always so cold?”  He squeezed his legs together to keep them there.

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a-cool-teen  asked:

Maybe Jaspvid and/or dadvid? Or BOTH????

“Max! What did David say about doing that?” Jasper stomped over to the 10 year old, his voice as authoritative and firm as he could manage.

Max tucked his middle finger wielding hand into his hoodie pocket and mumbled a few choice words under his breath. He always seemed to clam up during an argument whenever his care taker was brought up. Jasper had a tight grip on Max’s shoulder, and sighed as Max turned away from him.

“What did David say, Max?” He pressed.

“Don’t flip people off when they make you mad.” The boy pulled his arms out of his hoodie and crossed them. He glanced down at the wooden floors, toeing at a piece of lint to avoid looking at his adoptive father’s boyfriend. He was sure Jasper would lose interest once he delivered his answer and he’d be free from the 90s obsessed asshole.

“Exactly little dude. You can’t keep throwing fits. You can’t keep being mean to me.” Jasper threw up his hands in exasperation as Max pulled his hood up to cover his face. Jasper knelt down and held Max’s arms forcing Max to look at him. The closer he got the more Max shrunk in on himself.

“I know you don’t like me, Max. Trust me, I know. But, you need to start respecting me, I am staying here whether you like it or not! I love David, and he loves me. I love you too, don’t you get that? I’m not trying to hurt you, Max!” Jasper couldn’t help the rise in tone. Max stiffened.

He had said the same thing to Max a hundred times, but he was at his wits end with him. No matter how he displayed his affection for wanting to be nothing more than a role model to Max, he was met with insults and a tantrum that only David could soothe.

Max made no movement and, for a split second, Jasper thought he had stopped breathing. Slowly, he reached to pull back the blue hood, but Max smacked his hands away. He pulled the hood down farther over his face and stumbled away.

“Fuck off! I’m tired of you! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” The child shouted. Max tried to make a break for it, turning to run down the hallway and head straight for his room.

Jasper knew better than to let Max be alone in such a state, and dove to grab the back of his hoodie. He fell on his stomach, but he was able to catch the soft material and pull Max back.

Max fought like a wild animal. He kicked and clawed as Jasper pulled himself into a sitting position and brought Max to sit in his lap. Max
howled and tried to bite at him arms. He tried to pull his hair, to dig his nails into his cheeks, to claw out his eyes.

Jasper wrapped his arms around Max tight, just like David would do during his tantrums. The boy continued to fight wildly, and Jasper could do nothing but endure.

As fast as the storm arrived, it passed. Max was left heaving in his arms, trying to catch his breath through his hiccuping sobs. Jasper wasn’t relenting on his tight grip, too scared that Max would try to flee and end up harming himself.

“Hey little dude.” Jasper cooed, pulling his head back to try and get a look at Max’s face. He was sure at some point the child had missed his arm and ended up scratching his own cheek.

Max only whined, and turned away.

“Stop it…” He whimpered, the last of his sobs melting away into sniffles.

“I’m just trying to help.” Jasper tried, turning his head to the side to give him some privacy. He wondered when David would be returning and if they would still be sitting like this when he did.

There was a pause, Max trying to wipe away the snot and anymore sobs that tried to escape, and Jasper trying his best to wrap his mind around how the situation had escalated so quickly.

“You’re gonna hurt him. I know it.” Max whispered. Jasper blanched and sat up fully straight.

There was another pause.

“I’m not gonna hurt anybody, Kiddo.” Jasper blinked down at him, his arms dropping to his sides.

“He hurt her. He hurt her bad and your gonna hurt David. That’s just what they do, and your gonna do it too. It’s what they all do!” He growled.

“Who’s hurting who, Max? What makes me one of them?” Jasper wrapped his arms around Max again as Max seemed to only become more distressed.

“Dads! You’re trying to be my dad! Dads hurt moms!” Max cried, throwing his arms around as he talked. He looked to Jasper, eyes blood shot and his chubby cheeks streaked with tears.

“You’re trying to be my dad and you’ll just hurt David. I have to protect him, don’t you get that? I can’t lose my mom again.”

Jasper felt his heart break.

Woo! Another request done! I didn’t do much editing on this one, but I think I kinda delivered! A little bit? It was more so about Jasper and Max than Dadvid or Jaspvid so I’m sorry! Thank you for requesting though and always feel free to send another! Thank you so much for the request, it means the world to me ❤️🏕❤️

Young Sirius black Imagine | Body changing potion

Request: Could you do a fic where the reader and young!sirius always fight so Lilly makes them switch bodies with a spell, but she doesn’t tell them it was her and Sirius has to deal with the readers period and the reader has to deal with boners. But the marauders know (bcuz Lilly tells them) and they just laugh at them trying to act like each other. Then Lilly turns them back when they learn their lesson. Please and thanks. Xoxox.

Warnings: Swearing


“Sirius! How many times do i have to tell you!?” You shout pulling your notes from underneith his arse.

“Well how many times do i have to tell you not to leave them on the sofa?!” He retaliates causing Lily to groan from beside you.

“Will you two ever get along?” She sighs to which you replied
“Probably not” in sync.

The only flaw in your relationship with Lily and the marauders was that you and Sirius practically hated each other. Or so you convinced the other to think.

“Well, exuse me i need to have a chat with Remus and James” she glares strutting out of the room to find the other two.

As you sit in the corner of the common room, your head in a book you had no idea about the convosation that was now taking place at the entrence to the great hall.

“So let me get this right.. You want to slip (Y/N) and Sirius a potion that with make them swap bodies?” James asks for the second time his eyes lighting up once Lily nodded.

“Thats briliant, how do you even come up with this stuff” James beams kissing lily’s cheek.

“Guys i’m not sure” Remus states causing Lily and James to roll their eyes.

“I wont keep them like that for long just a week…or two” She smirks in James’ direction.

*    *    *     *

“Oh, is someone sat here?” You ask walking over to your usual seat at the gryffindor table to find a goblet of pumpkin juice.

“No, i poured you one, you too Sirius” Lily says causing you to smile at her nice gesture.

“That tasted funny” Sirius says downing his goblet.

You shrug finding it tasted no different than normal.

That night you went to bed early feeling more tired than usual.
“You know what, i think i’m going to agree with you for once, i’m tired too, night everyone” Sirius says following you out of the common room.

The next morning Sirius woke feeling extreamly different, for a starter he was confused as to how much his hair had grown in just one night as he woke up to it covering his face compleatly.

Kicking the covers off of him he also felt smaller than usual.. lighter even.
Sitting up he looked down at his legs in horror.

Before him were soft (Y/S/C) legs and small feet with black paint on the toes.
He jumped out of bed as fast as he could running to the bathroom and looking in the the mirror.

“What the- WHAT THE-” He says looking at the girl infront of him and then realizing it was not only his looks that had changed but his voice too.

Running as fast as he could out of his dorm room he crahsed into another running body, much bigger than his new one and extreamly familiar.

“YOU’RE ME!” They say in unison.

“Is this your idea of a prank!?” you shout at yourself-Sirus.

“I was just about to ask you the same thing!” He glares.
“What are we going to do?” You exclaim

“Theres only one thing for it, we’re gonna have to act like each other untill the magic wears off” he says
“This is going to go horribly wrong” you say running a hand through your surprising soft new hair.

*   *   *   *
“Hold Still Sirius!” You say trying to fill one of your-his eye brows in.
“I dont understand why this is necissary” He says in a whiny voice.
“Do i really sound like that?” You grimace.

“And its necissary because you need to make people actually believe you’re me” you say finally finishing his make up.

“right now for clothes” You both exchange a small pile of clothes and head towards your new dorm rooms.

“Oh, and no looking!!!” You make sure to shout before dissapearing into the boys dorm room feeling extreamly out of place.

Quickly getting changed and trying your hardest not to look you walked back down to the common room.

“Hi Sirius” Lily smirks as you take a seat on the sofa.
“Um, hi" you say awkwardly watching as you-Sirius appeared.

Your day was avent full to say the least.

You tried your best to avoid everyone, you even missed lunch. But dinner you could not get away with.

“You walk into the great hall taking your usual seat quietly.

"Alright there mate?” James smirks filling up your goblet.

“Yup, i’m great” You say hopefully convincing enough.
“Err, (Y/N) you might wanna button up your shirt a bit" You glare at Sirius sitting infront of you.

“I dont know, i think i’m digging it” He smiles contently making you kick him hard under the table

“OUCH, okay, maybe not” He says stifly buttoning up your shirt right to the top.
You could see the others stifling laughs but decided not to say anything.

The next few days were pretty much the same, you tried your hardest to stay away from everyone unless it was Sirius having to give him tips and do his makeup every morning.

You were walking down the stairs to the common room when your heard your voice shout “WHAT THE FUCK” from the girls bathroom.

You groan hurrying to see what was wrong now.

“Theres blood in my fucking underwear” Sirius sighs sitting on the bath room floor helplessly.

“Its called a period” You say stifling a laugh.

“But i cant get periods i’m a g- oh god” He says putting his head in his hands.

“Hey, its fine, dont worry ill help you through it” you say nicely for the first time.

“You will?” He says looking up you see his eyes watering.

“Why are you crying? Calm down, its not the end of the world” you smirk.

“I cant control my fucking emotions” he says standing up and pacing the bath room
“Here, you’ll need these" you say handing him supplies.

“You do realize you’re gonna have to explain all this to me right?”

*     *     *     *     *

“Look, we need to take showers. You’re starting to smell, and everyone thinks its me” You say to Sirius once you’re alone.

“And you need to wash your hair, i’m starting to look as greasy as Severus” Sirius says examining the hair on your head.

“Dont talk about him like that, but you’re right” you sigh in defeat.

“Can’t promise i wont look though princess” You watch him wink before you both part ways.

Standing in the steamy shower you feel yourself relax. Surly this should be wearing off soon right? And everything would be back to normal.

Totally forgetting who you were for minute you got out of the shower and walked over to the full legnth mirror and froze.

“Oh my god” You breathed out realizing you were staring right at Sirius’ body.

You took in his appearence, his arms and toned stomach, the way his wet hair fell messy on his forehead and-

“Oh no. Oh no. Oh no” you say over and over noticing the boner you had accumuleted.

“Go away!” You stomp your feet in a very un Sirius like way.

Deciding you needed guy help you run to the girls bathroom with a towell around your waist. Letting your self in you saw Sirius sat on the floor bright red in the face and a towell tightly around him, thankfully covering up my body.

“Sirius i have a problem” you say awkwardly.

“I peeked” He says suddenly


“I couldnt help it! Here i was getting dry and BAM theres a mirror behind me that i didnt notice before.” he says turning even redder.

“Me too” you sigh.


“Siriusihaveaboneranditwontgoawayandidontknowwhattodopleasedontlaugh” You say quickly supprised that he managed to understand you.

He put his hand over his mouth trying not to laugh but failing as tears from laighter are soon leaking from his eyes.

“SIRIUS!” You glare.

“Okay, well first of all, i’m flattered. And second of all, its doesnt just go like that” He says clicking at the end.

“So i just have to wait” You say annoyed

“Yes” He says stifling another laugh

“Great. Just great.” You say noticing you would be leaving for dinner in 5 minutes.

“If its not gone by dinner i’m not leaving the dorm room” you say running off to get ready.

*   *   *   *   *

”Hide it better!” Sirius glares as we enter the great hall  taking our seats as quickly as possible.

Its been 10 minutes and you still couldnt get what you saw out of your head.

“You two okay?“ Remus asks by the looks of thinks trying not to laugh

“Fine” We say in unison.

“Hey! (Y/N)!” We all look around to see Severus calling you-Sirius.

“You better go and sit with him” You smirk pushing a piece of hair out your face.
You saw your own face harden and Sirius sigh behind it.

“Yes. Of course” he says standing up, the other trying not to laugh.

“Why are you laughing? I- she can be friends with whoever she wants to” you say out of character.

“Oh, thats not why were laughing” Lily smiles sweetly.

“See somethign you like Pad?” James winks causing you turn a deep shade of red realizing what they were talking about.

“You know what? I’m not really hungry anymore” You say walking off in a strop.

“Sirius wait!” They all call but its too late you’ve gone over to you-Sirius grabbing his arm and pulling him out of the hall, people giving you strange looks.

“I’m sick of this” You say as you reach his dorm room.

“I- dont know, its kind of been nice” He admits causing you to look up shocked.

“Dont tell me you have actually enjoyed this” You laugh

“Hardly any of it, just little things. Like how every one respects you. And how your hair is really soft and smells nice, and turns out being nice to everyone is well..nice” He shrugs causing you to look down.

“You’re right” You sigh

“You smell nice and and quite frankly your bed even smells nice, you’re hairs soft and to be honest, its cool having so much attention all the time” you say lying on his bed.

“Yeah we need to change back now, we’ve been each other for too long” He laughs sitting next to you not making the bed move as much.

“So, what we gonna do? Do we go to the hospital wing?” You ask

“Leave it one more day, then we’ll get help” He sighs falling back next to you.

Before you knew it you were asleep.

You woke up hearing Remus, James and Lily talking.

Streching you arms you tuned over opening your eyes to see sirius lying next to you. You sit up straight looking down at you arms and legs.

“SIRIUS! SIRIUS WAKE UP LOOK!” you shout exitedly jumping on top of the lazy boy infront of you landing on his lap trying to shake his shoulders.

“What?” He says with his eyes still closed but notices his voice in no longer girly and sits up looking at his hands before steadying you as you nearly fall of his lap and onto the floor.

“I’M ME AGAIN” He exclaims then looks at you.

“And you’re you” He says softly moving a piece of hair out of your face his touch giving you goose bumps for the first time. Side affects of the um-Magic probably?

But you could finally admit in now. That you like Sirius Black. And you liked him alot.

His hand still on your face he began to lean in closer to you, his eyes flicker down to your lips for just a second before planting his on yours. His hands on your waist and yours on his shoulders you hear an all too familiar voice.

“Woah, we only wanted to make you friends.. You liked each other the whole time?” James smiles causing you both blush.

Sat on the sofa in the common room curled up in Sirius’ arms you decide to ask him the question you have been wanting to ask since you got changed back.

“What was your favorite thing about being me?” You ask the others now listening in.

“Definitely standing infront of the mirror naked” he smirks causing you to push his shoulder and his friends to laugh.

Part 1

Side Note: Kate Winston is the littler half-sister of Rick Grimes. She has been with the group from the beginning. There has been flirting with Daryl the whole time but nothing serious.
Story takes place just moments after the governor killed Hershel.

It all happened within the blink of an eye. In that two seconds Kate’s whole world and the world of the others was about to change drastically.
No one saw it coming and no one expected it to turn out the way it is right know.
When they fought the governor of for the first time and no one heard of him again for the last couple of month they all thought it was over. That they won.
Hell, they thought this time they got away without losing a bunch of people.
Oh how wrong they were.

It took everyone only a second to react when the governor showed up at the gates from the prison with Hershel and Michonne in his custody.
Everyone, including his people, pulled out their guns and were arming at each other while Hershel and Michonne layed in the dust, threatened with Michonnes sword.

Rick went down there to talk to him, offered him a deal. Cell block C. He even offered to clean it for them and that they never have to see each other ever again.

But the governor did not even listen. He just pretended to. In his head he already knew that he was going to kill both of his hostages.
And then it happened. He smiled at Rick and all of the others behind the fence before he jammed the sword into Hershels neck and killed him.

That’s when Kate opend her eyes again and was surrounded by gun fire and bullets flying around her head.

Without even thinking she pulles out her own handgun and starts firing in the direction of the governor and his people. She could see Maggie and Beth in tears while they’re firing their own guns and it broke her heart.
Loosing someone like this is unbelievable hard and she can only imagine the pain the two of them must be feeling right know.

After a while she realizes that the magazine is empty and looks around in panic, to see if someone is there to cover her on the way to the guns at the end of the fence.

“Got you. Run.”, she hears a familiar voice and turns around the see Daryl next to her, firing his gun in the same direction she has a few seconds ago.
Just as she was about to make her way to the guns something caught her eye and she looked on the other side of the fence.
“Shit. Daryl!”, she screams against the noise of the guns as she can see someone from the governors group the drive a truck through the fence next to them, making an entrance for the walkers nearby.

“Fuck. We have to get out of here, come on.”, he grabs her hand and pulls her with him, away from the open fence and the walkers.’’
”What are we gonna do now? We can’t kill them all, they are too many and the gunfire is drawing more in.”, she looks at him after they end up somewhere safe for the minute.

“I have no fucking idea but you are right. We can’t fight them. But we have to get everyone out of here. Out of this cell block.”, he checks his magazine and looks around, sweat dropping down from his hair that is stuck to his face.

While you try to catch your breath you look around, looking for a way to help the others.
“Okay I’ll get inside and get everyone out of there. Glenn and the others are still recovering we can’t put them up to fight. They should take Judith and the kids and take the bus out of here. We’ll meet them later somewhere safe.”, you turn around, looking at Daryl whom you have never seen this desperate and freaked out in this whole time.

But you can’t blame him. The only thing keeping you from freaking out is knowing, that the others need your help.
“Meet me here in ten? I’ll get us some guns.”, he looks at you maybe a bit too long with his blue eyes but you understand what he is trying to say to you without using the words.

“Got it. Be careful.”, you touch his upper arm and give him a nice smile before you rip your look of this beautiful face and head inside the building to get Glenn and the others.
You can feel his look on your back and you can’t help it but like it.
This little flirt you two have is going on for a while now and god, it feels good.
But none of you was ready to take the next step, so you just keep going.

When you head inside the cell block you make your way up to the part of the building where you’re keeping the ones, that survived the virus that was going around, including Glenn.
“Kate?”, you hear him yell your name and turn around to see him back on his feet.

Relieved you make your way to him and shake your head when you approach.
“Hell breaks loose outside. The governor is here and walkers are coming in. I need you to take Judith and the others in here to the bus and get the hell out of here. I will tell Maggie and we will find you. But you have to go. Now.”, you explain while waking everyone up and turn around to Glenn who looks at you in shock.

“I know, I feel the same. But I need you to do that for me.”, you soften your voice and Glenn agrees  before you pick up Judith from her play pen in another cell and hand her over to him.
“Be safe. I see you soon.”, you give him a warm look before you run out again.

Nothing changed. There is still gunfire around you and the walkers made their way inside the walls.

Just as you are about to make your way back to Daryl a walker attacked you and pushed you on the floor.You try to fight him off but it’s hard without being able to get to your knife.

Just in that moment an arrow pulls through his head and you hear the silent PONG it makes before his blood starts streaming on your face when he immediately falls on you.
Now you can push him down and make your way to Daryl.
“Thanks.”, you look at him and he gives you a nod before clearing the area next to you and getting his arrow back.

“We have to go Kate. There are too many. We will find the others but we have to go.”, he looks down on you and even though you know he is right, it breaks your heart to just leave.

This was a home after all, even it it just was for a few moth.
“Kate!”, Daryls voice brings you back and you nod before he hands you ammo for your gun.
“Let’s go.”, you fill your gun and follow him through the mess that is happening to the prison.

Leaving your friends and family behind is not the most generous thing to do but you know that they would want you to be safe and besides, they’re strong. They’re gonna make it too.

Bad Boy and Innocent Girl

kikteamisbae said:
I was wondering if you could do Michael smut where Michael is the bad boy of school and he pulls the fire alarm and everyone starts to leave but he pulls you into a locker room or a washroom and you two do the dirty dirty
Okay tbh loved this idea


Polar opposites. That is how I would describe Michael and I. Michael is a typical bad boy of the school, all black clothing with the piercing and tattoos, and the constant change of hair color. And he also has a bad reap that everyone knows. Always skips school, gets drunk, you know the drill.

Me on the other hand, have never skipped a day of school in my life, gets straight A’s. Have never gone out past my curfew and have never drank. Nothing changed when I met Michael. I first met Michael in class, we hung out a couple of times, and now here we are in a relationship. People still look at us like we are insane since we are so different, but doesn’t bother me.

A bad boy with an innocent girl.

I rolled my eyes, turning another page of my paper to continue taking notes for AP History. I hate this class with a passion, but my parents are making me take it for an extra thing on my transcript. Just as I was about to start notes again, the annoying sound of the fire alarm went off. I silently cheered as I made my way out of the classroom.

My arm was pulled out of the sea of people and faced with my favorite human. “Hey pretty girl, I wanna show you something.” Michael said. “As much as I would love that right now, we’re suppose to be outside.” I respond. “Nah, I pulled the alarm.” He shrugs his shoulders. “Michael!” I said, hitting him lightly. “What? I just wanna fuck my girlfriend without having the whole school hearing you.” He winked.

I blushed, looking down. Michael took my chin in between his fingers, making me face his green eyes. He led me to an empty room, and pinned me up against the wall. His touch sends a waterfall of goosebumps over my body as he kisses me, his eyes filled with lust and his lips soft and plump.

I relax under his grasp and let my hands twist into his hair, tugging lightly. He moans and I can’t help but smile. He grinds lightly against me, the sensation sent right to my core. I regain a little dominance, attaching my lips to his neck. He lets his head fall back giving me more room to kiss his neck, letting out a loud moan.

“Y/N, you’re meant to be an innocent girl,” he half groans. “How do you know how to do this without me knowing?” “I guess you bring out the best in me, Michael,” I murmur against his skin, sucking lightly. “Holy shit,” he breathes.

He paws at the hems of my t-shirt and in one quick swoop I throw it to the ground. He unclasps my bra in a matter of seconds. I wrap my arms around his neck, still grinding on me, a little harder now to create friction, now it’s him kissing my neck. He finds my sweet spot in seconds and I moan his name.

“Mikey, I want you so bad,” you say breathlessly, palming him through his, now even tighter, jeans. His eyes roll back in his head and he lets out one last deep moan before saying, “Scream as loud as you want baby girl, no one can you hear you now.”

His jeans are gone in a matter of seconds along with my skirt. “Please Michael,” I whimper again as my hand trails downwards between my legs. I’m desperate to feel some relief from the constant throbbing between my thighs, but my motions are stopped by a strong hand wrapping around my wrist. “Don’t even think about it baby girl,” Michael growls, “that’s my job.”

“Fuck Michael,” I keen, my hips beginning to buck upwards once again. “Patience Y/N. You’ll get what you need.” Michael tells me as he sheds opposing piece of fabric, leaving his erection to spring free.

My mind fogs over as he approaches me, lining his dripping cock up with you. Yearning overtakes my entire being as he teases his tip through my saturated folds. “Fuck Y/N, you’re so wet for me. Do you want it babe?”

Unable to answer, I nod  frantically only stopping when I feel his hardness press against your opening. The pressure causes my back to arch and an almost animalistic cry to fall from my swollen lips. Michael pushes into me and I languish in the felling of his thickness stretching me in the most satisfying of ways.

I lock my ankles across his back as he surges in and out of me, his pelvis grinding against your clit with every thrust. “Fuck Michael! Harder! Please Michael give it to me harder! I need you to fuck me Michael! Please!”

Michael gives in, his rhythm becoming faster and his thrusts plunging even deeper into you. I can feel my orgasm building and I warn him as best you can.
“Fuck Y/N. You’re so tight. Are you going to come for me? Such a good girl, taking all of my cock. I know you can come for me. Let it go baby girl. Let it go for me. Show me how good I’m making you feel.”

His words are all I need. I thighs begin to quake as my mind drains, focused entirely on the swell of pleasure growing in my abdomen. Cries of his name are torn from my throat as my orgasm rips through every cell in your body. My muscles clench down around Michael’s cock as he continues to pound into me, determined to milk my orgasm for all it’s worth.

“Shit Y/N, fuck. Fuck.” he groans into my ear as my contracting muscles pull his own orgasm from his body. For a moment, we are silent. “My innocent girl isn’t so innocent any more.” Michael whispers.

Love is Weird - Peter Parker x OC
A/N: I don’t even know what to say. I should not be up this late. BUT I DO IT BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL.


Request: This was requested by an anon. The anon asked that I used their OC (Juliana), so I did. We messaged, it’s all good. (hey wassup girl idk if y’all are reading this)

Prompts ( 1 , 2 ): “When you love someone, you just don’t stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!” “Run away with me,” and “I didn’t think love existed until I started loving you.”

Warnings: Idk, asshole teacher, pissed mom, running away (attempt?)

Words: I don’t fucking know I’m not paid to do this (1378)

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The Switch (Peter Parker x Reader)

Chapter 1 / 2 / 3

Word Count (2,001)

You didn’t get to start your classes until the next week, so you had kept yourself busy and out of danger helping Tony with whatever he was working on at the moment. You were glad to be getting a degree in computer engineering (thanks to Natasha for the pointer), but Tony taught you a lot more in depth than you classes did. The day before you were set to start your new education, Tony walked into his lab, not surprised to see you beat him to it.

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