Hey tumblr! Southwestern University could really use some publicity in the news. We’re protesting about the rape cuture on our campus. It has always been there but now we’re so angry since recent incidents on drugging girls at parties. They encourage “Dont get raped” practices rather than Dont rape. Our administration is not listening to us, their students. This is our space, our home, we want to LEARN at school and not worry about getting hurt. Southwestern encourages us to change the world yet they wont change our policies on campus to protect survivors, not the rapists. How do you expect us to take on the world when our current world is our school?

These tweets are a few examples. Follow #SUonUS for all the tweets about whats going on. I try to live tweet as much as possible @cacographyGirl

Love and support is much appreciated!


"Quisieron enterrarnos, pero no sabían que eramos semillas"

February 26th. Day of global action for the 43 Ayotzinapa students that were kidnapped by their own government. It’s been 5 months with no answers, no justice, and no peace. Today there will be more protests. They will possibly be as violent as the one’s in Acapulco a few days ago. “If there is justice for the people, there will be no peace for the government.”

Don’t forget about Mexico.

Many believed the politicians and law enforcement officials who assured everyone that the new legislation would not be used to target law abiding citizens, protesters or the like. But all of those political assurances have now been proven to be false as the language and intentions of the legislation are now becoming increasingly clear.

The new Canadian law specifically bans people from wearing any sort of mask or face covering during an “unlawful assembly”.

The legislators who drafted the law assured everyone that this wouldn’t apply to protests and protestors, since – after all – protest is legal. But it’s not that simple.


RAW: Police arrest activist for asking questions of NSA’s James Clapper

Capitol police arrested lawyer and activist Shahid Buttar after a Senate hearing featuring Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had ended, stopping him from asking question of the nation’s top intelligence official. Asking why the former NSA head felt he was “above the law” and could get away with lying to Congress about the government’s mass surveillance practices, Buttar was forcefully removed from the chamber as attendees filed out.

Video Courtesy: Code Pink

So Feyenoord fans destroyed historical architecture in Rome, threw a giant banana at Gervinho ‘but it’s not racist’, rained glass and lighters down on Adem Ljajic when he celebrated his Roma goal, continuously pelted the pitch with objects until the match was suspended, and have got the gall to whistle as players from both teams paused to pick up all the shit they threw to hand to the officials. 

If you can’t work out how to restrain yourself from:
A) An act that was invented for racist purposes and is used continent-wide to this day solely to perpetuate racism,
B) Throwing things at people with intent to hurt just because they are beating your football team, or
C) Destroying public property-

Don’t go out to football matches. Don’t go anywhere in public. For fuck’s sake.  

Scott Walker Flexes Fake Muscle, Says Taking On Protesters Is Like Taking On ISIS

Scott Walker Flexes Fake Muscle, Says Taking On Protesters Is Like Taking On ISIS

It’s hard to say what Scott Walker did at CPAC today. He once again brought up his union-busting activities in Wisconsin, as though hurting workers is a huge accomplishment (well, to Republicans, it is), but he mentioned ISIS with that, too. He’s the early frontrunner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, and he’s clearly trying to flex muscle that, so far, is turning out to be of the…

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