Baby Jungkook singing one of my favorite jams, Primary’s See Through ~ He’s so freaking adorable! 😍


The really sad part is that I know how I learn, my type of brain just literally doesn’t absorb information well when it’s in the form of lectures which is the primary way information is given in academic settings. I wouldn’t need medication if the system was more open to implementing alternative ways to teach, but there aren’t, so if I want to get through college (which is virtually necessary if I don’t want to work minimum-wage jobs my whole life) I have to take drugs that makes me feel awful. My disorder wouldn’t be so crippling if schools were even slightly accommodating of people with different learning strengths.


“ A ninja never admits defeat.”

“A ninja always picks himself up”

“When he’s down”

Basically jay during skybound.

I love this little ninja and this show has held a very special place in my heart for many years of my primary school years and it bounces back in high school. I love cartoons in general but ninjago is special and not many people give it a chance.

Anyways thank you for all your positive support guys this fandom is amazing to be apart of.

Also finally some hands of time in English is our praise it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

so many people (with all different political views but im thinking of radfems specifically here) just… don’t seem to believe that sex dysphoria exists. like theyll say shit like “gnc girls need to be allowed to be gnc not given hormones!” like obviously the views on gender roles someone has been exposed to can affect their identity but sex dysphoria is a real thing that is the primary motivation of most people physically transitioning like. have you ever actually talked to a trans person about this or do you gain all your knowledge from hatereading “genderists’” tumblrs

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Are you furry? I'd like to know

Had to Google to make sure I answered correctly…


an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.

The first half of that sounds right, I wouldn’t say it was my primary focus, most of the tumblrs I follow are artists and they’re mostly not furries. But I have loved working on the CotN crew, it would be great to turn it into a comic but I don’t know how possible that is. Actually, come to think of it I like a lot of stuff that you could categorise as furry-centric; I love Blacksad, the Norwegian comic artist Jason, and I love animation, most of which you could say was furry-centric.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Not giving Sakura the wood release was such a wasted opportunity, both narratively and thematically. All of Sakura's primary motifs are based off of plants, her main teacher is Hashirama's only living descendant, and her teammates already emulate the two other people involved in the Battle of the End (Mito and Naruto are both Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, and Sasuke and Madara both possess the Mangekyou Sharingan). Her inclusion in the second Battle of the End would strengthen the plot by introducing rule of three to create a more complex narrative than just two souls pitting against each other, and carry the theme of generational parallels further than Team 7's apprenticeships with the Sannin.

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i really enjoyed your mutsuki/touka fixation on haise/kaneki meta and the importance of that confrontation, in your opinion how do you think that will go? as a more private conflict like the gourmet arc or public like the anteiku raid? since mutsuki is one of the few (if not the only) that knows about :re, tbh i would prefer it to be more private bc :re barely had screen time and kaneki still needs to realize the harm/danger his passive manipulation has on others

Passive manipulation is a good way to put it I’m glad you see my point anon. Kaneki has like this terrible habit of nurturing this total emotional dependence on people who have never been shown kindness in their life, and then cutting them off with no warning or explanation as to his reasons. In most cases his primary reason for abandoning them is because he doesn’t want to be abandoned (funny how that works). 

He’s like the Don Juan of personal emotionally intimate relationships. As for how the confrontation might go I literally have no idea. People are saying that the Anteiku raid parallel arc is next but I can’t see that happening just yet. Technically the lab arc has been spread out through what should have been the Aogiri raid parallel arc, and the lab raid arc parallels. 

My best estimation on what we’re setting up for is Touka to be kidnpaped, possibly by Bujin, and possibly with Mutsuki and Aura’s cooperations. 

If only because I can’t see Mutsuki and Aura’s current “thing” to be a long running plan in the manga because Aura doesn’t matter as a character, and Mutsuki has to hit rock bottom and bottom out at some point unless Ishida really does intend to kill him off. If Touka were to get kidnapped, it’d be before her and Kaneki have the chance to talk, so for once it would be somebody disappearing randomly on Kaneki instead of the other way around. 

I literally have no idea though, so besides a hunch don’t take my word too strongly in this case. 

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What are some differences between a person who has their sun below the horizon and their moon above the horizon versus someone who has their moon below the horizon and their sun above the horizon?

It really depends on the position of the Zodiac and the relevant signs, but typically when the luminaries are in separate divisions of the houses, there can be either conflict or balance between want vs. need and action vs. being. We’re dealing with the primary masculine & feminine forces so whenever there’s such a clear difference in the realms of manifestation, the divide between “left brain” and “right brain” becomes way more obvious, particularly in their social interaction and aspirations. The native may be comfortable in every social/emotional climate because of how naturally they adapt to and understand various environments, or they may be uncomfortable in everything they do because they perpetually feel incomplete, scattered, out of balance, or like they can’t fully “fit” into a certain place or group. Basically, having the luminaries separated means the chart will either be divided & unstable (confused) or it will be well-rounded & very securely oriented within itself, depending on the maturity/development of the native.

A question: I’ve been working for a while on a  YA fantasy with Jewish characters and subject matter. One of my primary characters is a young woman who is associated with both King David and Lilith, so it seemed obvious for her to be a redhead. And then I named her…Arielle. For the city of David.

And I’m so non-Disney oriented that it took me several months before I figured out that um, some people will think of the Little Mermaid. I mean, they pronounce it differently, but…does Ari need a name change?

As weird as it may seem, Farmer is actually pretty good as a Hoplite sub, because Farmers have decent defenses, access to decent armor, and Hoplite gives them access to shields.

They seem terrible at first glance, but they make a very viable non-primary defender, because most of the aggression is pulled off them (saving them from their bad HP)  to the main hoplite in the front row.

Plus, they’re amazing back-ups, thanks to their passive skill that allows them to endure a lethal blow, making it easier if the rest of your party is wiped out, or if you need emergency healing while your monk/sovereign is down.

EDIT: Not to mention their debuffs. Lullaby is absolute garbage, but Strange Seed adds a small bit of extra utility, because it can completely bind on an extremely rare occasion, with leg binds the most frequent (tho still not particularly accurate since no class actually truly specializes in debilitation in 3) to land, letting your party attack without the enemy having a chance to dodge.

Animated poster from our latest campaign for the NYC Department of Education’s CS4ALL program. SEPjr Maker Week is an event to introduce primary school students to computer science, so we created a set of diverse circuit-based characters to appeal to the future nerds of America.