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Hey I really love bearded dragon but I'm wondering, do they show you affection ? Like is there a relation between them, my father keeps saying reptiles won't develop links with humans.

I mean, it’s definitely not the same as say, a dog or something.

but reptiles DO come to recognize their caretakers as safe and providing. they know that we feed them, take care of them, etc and they know that they are safe with us. to me, that’s a very important bond to have. 

I’ve seen lizards that are totally fine with their primary caretaker but a stranger they’re like EW WHO’S THIS I’M SCARED so they definitely do come to know us

Today I took the train home for the weekend, and I actually bumped into an old friend from primary school! I haven’t seen him in years. It was nice getting to talk to him again and we even exchanged phone numbers so we can keep in touch. Though… he seems somewhat different from how he used to be. I suppose it’s expected for people to change after so much time, but still something kind of bothered me…

when i see some weirdos have ‘he/she/it’ in their bio like they’re just giving you a reminder on what pronouns there are in the english language i get war flashbacks to primary school english class and my brain automatically ends the sentence with ’… das S muss mit’

we need bernie to win. we absolutely need him to win tuesday, june 7th’s primaries. it’s his last shot to get the democratic nomination. and the media knows this, which is why they’re doing everything they can to suppress voters, such as declaring hillary is the winner even though they don’t vote on it till july.

and you can help make sure he win. right now, he leads calfornia by 1 point. 1 point that could be easily swayed into her direction due to voter suppression. how can you help? by phonebankng! if everyone just dedicate a little bit of your time this weekend each day, it’ll add up and we’ll be able to win enough delegates to push bernie to the nomination. so please, so we can defeat donald trump in the election, phonebank for bernie before june 7th

When die-hard Sanders supporters say, “Nothing could convince me to vote for Hilary Clinton….”

They think they’re saying:  “I’m such a progressive purist that I cannot bear to compromise my ideals.”

But they’re really saying:  “I have so much privilege that, not only can I feel confident that a Trump presidency won’t get me killed (or even seriously inconvenienced), but I can’t even comprehend that people who say otherwise are expressing a genuine, literal fear and not indulging in hyperbole.”


Clinton currently has 1,807 pledged delegates who are pledged and an assumed 548 superdelegates. If the superdelegates stay with her, she would be at 2,313. Sanders has 1,517 pledged delegates and 46 assumed superdelegates, for a total of 1,563. The media has been saying that they will deem the democratic nominee after NJ’s votes are in Tuesday. This is not accurate of the facts.

The majority of the media is forgetting to mention that Clinton and Sanders are 290 delegates separating them because superdelegates are assumed, not fact.

Pledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention are pledged to presidential contenders based on the results of the voting in today’s California Presidential Primary. Your vote determines the pledged delegates.

Tuesday, June 7th, is a huge primary day.


California – 475 pledge delegates, 73 superdelegates.
Montana – 21 pledge delegates, 6 superdelegates
North Dakota – 18 pledge delegates, 5 superdelegates
New Jersey – 126 pledge delegates, 12 superdelegates.
New Mexico – 34 pledge delegates, 9 superdelegates
South Dakota – 20 pledge delegates, 5 superdelegates

Your vote matters and your voice matters. 



A Grade 3 kid the day after buying Mario Kart 〜 テオくん

I’m home!