Who knew, when Bernie Sanders announced a run in the Democratic primary, that not only would he meet with hostility from his main opponent’s chief surrogates, but that the media would acquiesce and even collude to such a great degree?

When analyzing the quantity and content of the vast majority of what is said and written about Sanders, his campaign platform, and appearances, one finds a running theme across the so-called liberal media. The New York Times has been called out by more than one analyst, myself included, for its complete lack of serious coverage of Bernie Sanders.

Sanders continues to gain ground on the Democratic frontrunner, and still he’s treated like a fringe candidate

Bernie Sanders visits Native American settlement in Iowa
MESKWAKI SETTLEMENT, Ia. – Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a rare stop at this central-Iowa Native American settlement on Friday, and won an enthusiastic response to his liberal populism.

…he also addressed Native American concerns directly, invoking tribal respect for the land in his call for action on climate change and answering questions on the federal-tribal relations.

“Native American people, perhaps more than any other people in our country, have always known the relationship and the importance of treating nature with respect,” Sanders said, to rising applause from a crowd roughly evenly divided between white and Native American attendees.

He went on, “Native Americans forever have understood that we gain sustenance, we gain life from nature. You destroy nature, you destroy life and that is what we’re doing globally right now and that has got to change.”

In response to a question on the relationship between the government and Native American tribes, Sanders called for federal action to address economic, education and health care issues on reservations and other tribal lands – but with local autonomy.

Bernie Sanders on Native American Rights via feelthebern.org

After attending Donald Trump’s presidential campaign announcement at Trump Tower back in June, some idiot wrote, “There is no way this man is a serious candidate for president, but he is pretending otherwise so the assembled members of the Fourth Estate have to pretend right along with him.” Now that Trump has spent the summer laying waste to the GOP field, forcing that idiot and the rest of the political press to acknowledge that he is indeed a serious candidate for president, the race is on to find something, anything, embarrassing enough to crater Trump’s poll numbers and force him out of the race.

This quest is of particular importance to the Republican Party, of course, and also to political media operations run by centrists whose treasured both-sides-are-the-same narrative is threatened by Trump’s continued support from xenophobic nativists and outright white supremacists. How else to explain this article from Bloomberg? Setting aside the headline’s hyperbole in suggesting that Trump has signed his own death warrant by agreeing to the RNC’s loyalty pledge, who on Planet Earth really believes Trump won’t at some point be able to talk his way out of it without denting his support?

Establishment Republicans think they can derail Trump with devastating opposition research. They’re deluding themselves

Clinton dusts off 2008 dig at Obama to hit Sanders - CNNPolitics.com
When Hillary Clinton faced a surging Barack Obama in 2008, her argument against him was that his speeches were inspiring, but his leadership wouldn't be.
By Dan Merica, CNN

On Friday, Clinton used a similar argument against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has surged in early state polls and is drawing large numbers to his rallies and speeches across the country.

I think you can come with your own ideas and you can wave your arms and give a speech,” Clinton said in response to a question from NBC’s Andrea Mitchell about Sanders and Donald Trump. “But are you connecting with and really hearing what people are either saying to you or wishing that you would say to them?”

Clinton argued that her campaign is listening to the issues that matter to Americans and that she feels “very, very good about where” her campaign is.

There comes a time where we really must do what is truly best for our country. The best we can do now is to elect someone who will actually unify our fellow citizens instead of dividing them on political and racial lines. We are all Americans, and the time has finally come for us all to be treated equally, with no matter to who or what we are.

As Vice President Joe Biden reportedly mulls a bid for the U.S. presidency, his champions portray him as a credible alternative to Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton, who faces accusations that she is beholden to the financial industry. But a Biden campaign risks confronting the scorn of one of the party’s most influential progressives, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Though Biden has reportedly sought her favor, Warren has historically disdained, charging him with acting as a tool of the credit card industry by limiting debt relief for people grappling with financial troubles.

If the vice president decides to enter the race, he faces the scorn of his party’s most influential progressive

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(Must Watch) Hillary Clinton VS Bernie Sanders on:

The Iraq War

Gay Marriage

Universal Health Care

Keystone XL Pipeline

Citizens United & Money in Politics

Who the Signs Should Vote for in the Primaries

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To people who support Trump because he's successful

- Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times since 1990. For perspective, 95% of America’s biggest companies have never filed for bankruptcy in the past two decades. - His millionaire father gave Trump’s company to him. - Trump was once $900 million in debt. - He currently owes about $265 million. - His current wealth is nowhere near $10 billion, and is closer to $1.4-3.2 billion. - His net worth has only grown about 300% since 1998, compared to Bill Gates’s 7027% increase or Ralph Lauren’s 1300% increase. 

 He’s wealthy and successful, but not as wealthy and successful as he’s made himself seem. And he nearly ruined himself and his company to get there.

(citations: http://katiehaswings.tumblr.com/post/127862261040/to-people-who-support-trump-because-hes)

I’ve actually seen very little discussion of this across my dash, so, just so you all are aware.

Only six democratic debates have been scheduled. Only four of those debates will be before early primaries. And the first democratic debate is scheduled on Oct. 13, which is after certain states with closed primaries, such as New York, allow residents to change their party affiliation. This is also a full two and half months after the first republican presidential debate. 

There’s some speculation that the DNC is attempting to block other candidates from upstaging Hillary (there’s more than a little speculation that she lost the nomination to the at-first relative unknown Barack Obama due in part to the exposure to other candidates with lesser name recognition during the Democratic debates). 

Martin O’Malley (and reportedly Bernie Sanders) has stated they believe the DNC is rigging the debate schedule in Hillary’s favor. Regardless of the DNC’s intentions, fewer debates ultimately hurt the voters, by keeping voters in the dark about the platforms of the candidates they vote for. Put bluntly, the schematics of this scheduling, whether intentional or accidental, is negatively impacting progressive voters.

This isn’t about preferred candidates. It’s about an informed public.

If you do not think this is okay:

Here’s a petition calling for more debates.

Here’s another one. 

You can also contact the DNC: 202-863-8000. 

I honestly am just some slightly-informed person who is just trying to make the 2016 election count, so if there’s a more direct means of expressing outrage over this, feel free to add on better people/ways to contact.