'poor old ship!'

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Headcanon: the Chosen Undead and Solaire are from the same world and travel together through Lordran, but in the end, Solaire links the flame, while the Chosen Undead follows Kaathe into the Abyss and brings the Age of Dark when the Fire fades again.

in hima’s works the only character other than aph america that is drawn associated with his bomber jacket is aph england (coughpillowbomberjacket cOUghcanonamerigigi)

and most of the gifts aph england has ever given is mainly for aph america (clearsthrOATtoysoldiers SNEEZESlibertybell)

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If It Comes Back To You.

       Figuring things out had just been a huge headache, but eventually Roadrage was released from containment due to lack of physical evidence, her presence would be required for a trial, but that trial would take some time to happen due to other more pressing concerns. In the meantime the guard simply had to wear a tracking to device to prevent her from going off the grid before said trial could ever happen, but other then that she was free to return to her former job as a guard. 

     As for Crosscut, he had something to prove, to his friend to his former lover and to himself, and in some sort of mercy Primus finally stowed upon him it seemed things were actually looking up a bit for his career.   

      The translators that had been taking his jobs from him had finally proven to be not such a hot idea. Sure they worked great, but military generals and enforcers aren’t always the best at being friendly or negotiating with species that quite literally hate them.  It seems Crosscut had brought more to the table then just his linguistic skills, but his charismatic charm and political knowhow had actually been the main key to his success. Therefore the assignments just came rolling in, and just in time for him to get his act together to. 

    LC had been assigned to the High Order’s new base, where he’d entertain clients in a much more relaxed environment. The base was more casual, ships full of Autobots could just pull in and have a nice place to relax for  while before they had to trek off tot he next battle. It was a lovely place, large, nice rooms, even had a little dock with some shops and bars for both visitors and staff. It was nice, like a little taste of home, or at least something almost similar to it. 


     The Happy End pulled into the base, looking like it’d defiantly seen better days, poor old ship was covered in some sort of slime from their last mission and the deep space travel and froze and caked the mess on good. 

     “Blahh…Alright, i’m gonna see that this thing gets cleaned, poor ol’ gal has that goop in her part of her systems. You go on ahead, i’ll meet yah up later.” Roadrage stated, looking over the ship while shaking her helm. It was a dinky old ship but she had such a fondness for it and seemed to give it more attention then her own frame at times. 

    “Alright, but do call me if you want some help.” The ambassador called out as he made a quick pace towards the main hall to the base, he’d messaged the escort a while before they pulled in, letting him know they’d be popping by for another quick visit. Earning LC’s trust again wasn’t going to be something easy, he knew that, but he was willing to take it slow, make baby steps, see if it was even possible. For now though he couldn’t help but et excited at any chance to see the horned mech, even if it was merely for a short conversation. 

    He made his way into the main hall and glanced about in search of the bot in question, before taking a second to look down at his wrist joints, double checking that he’d gotten all the slimy, organic material from the planet he’d been on previously off of himself.