Holographic Whisper

Ultrasonic speaker from Pixie Dust Technologies is designed to emit sound at particular points in 3D space:

We propose a novel method of three-dimensional spatial audio rendering by expanding the ultrasonic phased array technique. We employ an ultrasonic phased array as a holographic acoustic generator to focus ultrasound at arbitrary three-dimensional positions. The sound pressure at the ultrasonic focal points is sufficiently high to radiate audible sound based on the self-demodulation effect in air. Consequently, the ultrasonic focal points act as audible sound sources. This sound-point method enables us to control aerial audio distributions more flexibly and more precisely in comparison with conventional superdirectional (sound-beam) loudspeakers. This method can generate and vanish the sound sources freely in air. These point sound sources can deliver private messages or music to individuals. This paper reports the principles of ultrasound-based loudspeakers, the system and control to achieve holographic audio focusing, evaluation of our proposed system.

More about the technology can be found here

More about Pixie Dust Technologies can be found here

Things I Dislike: FFXIV Edition

Warning: Long post. Personal things I’ve experienced that I decided to make a list over.

  • “It’s easy content, we can ignore mechanics”
  • “Learning party no bonus pls”
  • Astrologians that insist on Nocturnal when paired with a scholar
  • Berserk macros that need to include a 10 second countdown to pacification (and inform you every second)
  • Bringing drama from another game to harass someone on XIV.
  • Cleric stance discourse
  • DPS that won’t move from AoEs because “Muh stacks”
  • Drama llamas.
  • Error 2002
  • Error 90K
  • Getting Rick Rolled by a tinyurl in someone’s search info (This one’s funny)
  • Getting to a timed node at the last few seconds and being unable to gather from it
  • Groups that insist on one-tanking Bismarck EX
  • Groups that insist that you should give the loot you won to someone who’s been here longer/played longer than you, or that you should split the profit you earned from something you sold.
  • Guildhoppers that try to loot all they can from an FC chest before leaving to find their next target
  • Healers below the ilevel for content like Creator who make a PF group to bypass the ilevel limit for the sake of getting carried
    • Who insist that they’re a really good healer, even if their gear is lousy.
      • Spoiler: You aren’t good enough for this content. You need to be able to output heals in damage-intensive fights. The ilevel limit isn’t some conspiracy to ‘keep your great heals out’.
  • Healers in PotD talking about how great it is that they can not pay attention and just cast regens and AFK and not even worry, while the group wipes because they spent all this time talking instead of healing.
  • Healers that don’t have swiftcast
  • Healers that sit in cleric stance and never heal while the raid wipes
  • Joining a Prae/Castrum group for cutscene viewing and having that one person that skips them anyway and runs ahead to start/pull everything.
  • Linkshells that advertise themselves as open-minded but are extremely hive-minded.
    • Especially those that will invite someone in and prey on them to get as much use from them as they can before discarding them.
  • Lootmaster farm parties that leave after they get their bird/drop.
  • Losing a roll on something by 1, 2, or 3
    • Especially when that something’s a pony or music scroll
    • Or minion
  • Machinists spamming blank shot whenever they can with multiple melee DPS in the party
  • Ninjas that goad casters.
  • Non-tanks that start the countdown timer
  • Offensive names that people try to get away with and curse people out over when they think they might be reported.
  • People that aggro something to drop an AoE on others trying to gather from an unspoiled node
    • Especially after already starting to gather.
  • People that cancel a countdown timer without reason
  • People that criticize a DPS for pulling aggro instead of advising the tank to use flash more than once in a pull.
  • People that die from/get hit by the same mechanics in a fight you’ve been doing for 2 hours, and insist things are fine/it’s unavoidable.
  • People that harass others for ERP because their tumblr contains NSFW content.
    • Or who harass others for any kind of RP, period.
  • People that spam, and I mean SPAM, 15 line macros/macros with a sound effect on every line/macros with 15 sound effects on every line.
  • People that try to run Expert/60 dungeons while not having any of their job quest skills from 50 - 60
  • People that try to vote abandon at the last boss of an instance because others are expecting a readycheck.
  • People that try to votekick someone from a duty finder group because the person didn’t agree to pass on loot they’ve been “trying to get all morning”.
  • People who won’t accept the res and insist that the rest of the party ‘carry them’.
  • Pulling far too many adds in a dungeon that syncs your ilevel down.
  • Pulling the boss before all the alliance groups are in the boss area.
  • Pulling the boss while someone’s disconnected, despite the group telling everyone this.
  • Retainers bringing back fish
  • RMT bots
  • Scholars that literally go on follow and let their fairy heal in level 35+ dungeons
  • Spiteful people that loot FC chests/kick people/break down airships/steal what they can from a Free Company before they leave on bad terms.
    • It’s one thing to move them to a rank that limits things before they leave. It’s another thing to punish every other member for their behavior or suspected behavior over one person.
  • Tanks not using cooldowns, especially for tankbusters or heavy damage phases/attacks/mechanics.
  • Tanks that insist DPS stances are necessary for their damage output (as MT)
  • Tanks that start the timer and pull 4+ seconds before it finishes
  • Tanks that stay out of dampening fields because “I’m 60, this is 50 content, gigaflare can’t kil-”
  • Tanks that won’t run into healer fields, at all.
  • Tanks wasting the LB that could have either saved the group from a wipe, or been saved for a caster LB pull next attempt.
  • Tanks without provoke
  • The uselessness of the Blacklist feature in some regards
    • Can’t stop people from stalking you
    • Can’t prevent you getting queued with someone on your blacklist
    • Doesn’t remove you from their friends list.
      • All it does is prevent you from seeing/hearing from them. It doesn’t stop them from hounding you, or trying to harass/stalk you. It could be so much better.
  • UNDERCUTTERS / Market Board Crashers
    • If you undercut by 1 - 500 gil (based on item’s value), fine. But if you go “hey, that glamour prism is selling for about 7.5K each minimum, let’s drop it to 2300 in 100 stacks of 1 and 2″, please. Just don’t. 
  • Wiping multiple times from tanks failing to swap properly, who then blame the DPS ‘but forgive them’. 
  • Wiping once and then leaving/trying to abandon.

Internet person: vegans are so annoying, they’re always spewing bullshit, and they act like their lifestyle is superior when there’s literally no reason to be vegan

Scientists: cutting out red meat significantly reduces your risk of serious common illnesses such as heart disease and cancer

Scientists: if people ate less meat it would increase life expectancy and quality of life, decrease medical expenses and decrease the burden on the healthcare system

Scientists: raising large livestock for meat is the single largest contributor to global warming

Internet person: stfu lol i need my burgers

In case anyone noticed, yes, I turned off anonymous asks at the beginning of the week.

On one hand, I miss the constant stream of attention and adulation, but on the other, the anxiety of deleting messages without answering them is totally gone!!!!

so. good choice @me. 

but bUT BUT part of me is still convinced that Isabella is working for the Mad Hatter somehow, and manipulating Ed at the same time. Maybe this serves as a way to bring Oz and Ed together? And she turns out to be an enemy? Maybe…? She’s just so suspicious!!

And c’mon Gotham, you don’t go there and give hope if you don’t plan to go all the way, lgbt representation is always necessary. Dammit Gotham, MAKE IT HAPPEN, GO BIG OR GO HOME.