until my feet bleed and my heart aches by @kazliin

“Either you actually do care about Viktor, even a little bit in that stupid fucked up head of yours, or you’re using him just like everyone thinks. So I’m giving you a choice. If you do feel something for him, you tell him and stop fucking him around. And if you don’t, you stay the hell away from him. Got it?” 

song: lowlife (slushii remix) - that poppy

Things I would rather speculate about instead of that storyline that hasn’t even been confirmed yet:

  • The details of the second, legal Robron wedding. 
  • The liklihood of fluffy Aaron curls in the foreseeable future
  • Beard length:angst ratio theories
  • Will Robert ever return to long hair?
  • Where did Robert’s money go?
  • Has the shower gel lasted the whole time Aaron’s been inside? Did he use it sparingly to make it last or was he so desperate in the first week that he used too much and now is rapidly running out?
  • As above but with the cheap tat Robert’s now using.
  • Has Aaron worn Robert’s boxers every day?
  • Has Robert worn Aaron’s boxers every day?
  • Does Aaron’s hoodie still smell like Aaron? Or has it started to smell more like Robert now?
  • Has Liv still got Aaron’s phone? Has she seen the pictures of Robert he’s got stored on there in that private folder?
  • When exactly will they get a dog? What breed will it be? And who gets to name it? 
  • When will we be blessed with more Bartsy scenes?
  • When will we see Carriet start boning?

Happy to discuss any of the above at length for the foreseeable future. Not happy to waste breath on the other thing. At all.

  • A relationship between two adults with a large age gap is not inherently abusive.
  • Parents maintaining some form of control over their child’s life whilst that child is underage and still under their parents’ care is not inherently abusive.
  • A parent reasonably disciplining their child is not inherently abusive.
  • Arguments in a relationship of any kind do not automatically make the relationship, or any of the people involved, abusive.
  • Friends who aren’t available to tend to other friends’ needs 24/7 are not inherently abusive or “toxic”.
  • etc.

Can people seriously stop automatically categorising things as abusive because it just trivialises the seriousness of actual abuse. I’m so tired of seeing things like “if your partner yells at you then leave them”, “if a friend isn’t there for you then they’re not a real friend”, “if your parents don’t let you do what you want then they’re bad parents”.

Just because you don’t agree with someone’s behaviour it doesn’t mean the behaviour is abusive. Humans are complex and very emotional and while small things can sometimes be indicators of abuse, usually negative emotions or behaviours are just because people are fucking complicated.

Things are not as black and white as “100% abusive” and “100% not abusive” - please keep in mind that there are shades of grey such as “possibly abusive” or “a shitty thing to do, but not abusive”, or “just fucking normal human emotions because not everyone can be 100% positive and nice to everyone all the time you twats”.

Dear Prime Minister Trumble,

Please take the hint if you have only 640 viewers on Facebook live and they’re ALL hate watching it might be time to give up.

FFS just go and legislate Marriage Equality already!

Love, Australia

ryan hawley is a gift.

if you want someone to cry, call danny miller. i don’t need ryan crying. that’s not robert sugden. i need ryan to keep doing what he’s doing; hit me in the solar plexus with the subtle, heartbreaking teary eyes and crushed expressions. with his protective body gestures and his inability to look anyone in the eye.

why do we need tears when we already have a robert who looks and acts like someone pushed to breaking point?

ryan hawley is magic with what he’s being given (which, admittedly, isn’t the best material at all) and he’s making me believe this at the end of your rope robert sugden, who has no idea what the hell he’s doing or where he’s going. take one look at robert and you know he’s fighting guilt and pressure.

remember those scenes where he wasn’t sleeping and he looked it? remember the scenes pre-aaron drug reveal? the scenes after? ryan hawley doesn’t need to cry to make me buy his emotional decline.

i will fight you on that

When it comes to fiction you got problematic favs and then you got like garbage favs.

Like problematic favs have done some shit, ruined some lives, can be anything from like a superhero with one big mistake to an antihero who is trying their best. They got like a handful of redeemable qualities that makes you like them despite their many flaws. Maybe you wanna shake some sense into them. Maybe you wanna see them get better. Depends on the problematic part of the equation.

Then you got your garbage favs. Villains who have like one good quality max and that might be that they have a sense of humor and that’s it. They would sell you to Satan for one corn chip. They would steal candy from a baby. These characters you will be happy to see get punched in the face, you love them but they are garbage people, please kick their ass, they are the worst. If they died you would mourn their loss as an interesting character but be like “they totally had it coming good riddance you sack of shit”

What Maggie was really thinking
  • Jesus: I found it hard to be close to anyone... friends, neighbours..
  • Maggie (thinking): please say boyfriends, pleases say boyfriends come on u gay bby pls say boyfriends
  • Jesus: ... boyfriends
  • Maggie: *smiles, nods, very understanding and respectful*
  • Maggie (thinking) : I fucking knew it. Man I am so good at reading people. I knew he was gay he checks out Daryl literally every time he sees him. Yus darus is REAL

anonymous asked:

What if Slav was jean-bob?


I’m…so excited about this revelation of an idea omg. Bless you, anon! Obviously I still have a lot of details to work out but I’m gonna go ahead and assume Zarkon kidnapped him along with Matt for his science/magic knowledge and turned into the form he is in canon Voltron - although for some reason I’m picturing him being shrunk as well? So he’s essentially just a large caterpillar. 

Can you imagine tiny!Slav flopping dramatically over Keith’s shoulder and fussing about the probabilities of dying a horrible death because the wind is blowing from North-North-East instead of North-East? Or freaking out because a leaf fell in front of them and landed the wrong side up and do NOT step over that puddle because that tree over might get struck by lightning and they will all dIE.  

Oh maaan the bit where they try to break into Zarkon’s castle to steal the map from under Haggar’s nose (or whatever recon mission works with my AU) will be GOLDEN with Slav to panic and stall them at every turn. Keith would most definitely lose his shit, but can you imagine him hearing Shiro in his head saying “patience yields focus” and being like “yeah, Shiro wouldn’t get mad about this, I need to be calm” but LMAOOO JOKE’S ON YOU KEITH, SHIRO WOULD WANT TO MURDER THE LITTLE SHIT WITHIN FIVE MINUTES.

Ahh this is so good <333 I’m glad this part of the AU has been resolved neatly. Thank you for the suggestion! I’m sorry I assumed you were trolling me at first lmao >>

so I was just thinking,,

you know how groups have a lot fans, but then they release their stan attractor song and get tons more people rushing to join the fandom? like for bts it was dope and for got7 it was just right. the stan attractor song is always the first video people wanna show to others (obviously that can change as time goes by and they release more bops) bc it’s just like a sure fire way to impress them since the song/dance/mv is just soooo good and likable.

well I just realized that i wait was day6’s first stan attractor song. it brought them a lot of interest and so many people finally decided to officially join the fandom bc of it. I’m really glad they started the year off with it bc it helped bring in a much bigger audience and they deserve that so so much