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i….. have too many characters

a clever vagabond (a dirty hobo) and professional hypnotist. makes his money by conning poor saps who don’t know about his reputation. offers free hypnotism demonstrations and steals from those curious enough to try it, and they leave 1 valuable item short. he is a target for quite a few vengeful people but for some reason no one can take him out no matter how hard they try. “he’s like a damn cockroach!” 

also currently suffering from jaundice due to poor lifestyle choices

do you ever just stop and look at calvin’s twitter and just think to yourself,

“these are all things he thought of in his head. he literally typed this out as he was saying it in his mind. he was probably smiling like an IDIOT too when he was typing that stupid meme tweet. he also probably furrowed his eyebrows out of frustration when he typed out that sony vegas crashed AGAIN. he maybe giggled too when he made that other joke tweet. maybe he had the biggest cheesiest smile on his face when was was tweeting a thank you to the person that sent him artwork.” 

he’s definitely full of eMoTiOnS

What are og Pidge’s stats can someone give me some numbers