I whisper my Hail Mary’s along the edge of your ribs,
as I rewrite scripture on your blistered, fevered skin.
And if this isn’t holy, may god be damned,
for you are heaven in this symphony of sin.  

(Your rosary hangs as a noose around my neck;
oh, maybe in another life we could have been blessed)

—  another poem for a prayer I’ll never pray | p.d

literally like three hours after lexa told clarke “love is weakness”, clarke’s reasoning behind why she didn’t want bellamy to go into mt. weather before was “i was being weak”

clarke canonically has (some sort of) love for bellamy and no one can take that away from us

I just saw ‘Black Magic’ video and..yeah, I think the song is a good “old school” jam and we are going to hear it throughout the summer BUT the concept of the video is quite wrong tbh because it’s like they are suggesting you need to look hot as fuck in order to spark the attention of boys and if you wear glasses and normal clothes they will never look at you. The song (and the video) supposedly was about drinking a potion that gives you confidence, but being confident doesn’t mean you need to 1. get revenge over other people that were mean to you 2. dress in fringe tops and tiny shorts to make people look at you. I mean, you can do it if you feel confident this way, but in the video, they make it look like it’s the only way you can approach someone you like or not being bullied by mean people at school.

I like the song, I think it’s a nice jam but they could have handled the whole video concept way better.