'pictures of this character facing the left'


Since we’re all going to spend the 10 days analysing facial features, might as well get my two pence in early on.

On the left: the original “subliminal” pictures.
On the right: my screenshots of the same facial features in the characters I think they belong to.

First one: Isak. Nose bleed easily. When you punch someone in the middle of the face, chances are the eyes are going to be affected as well. Bruising spreads and I doubt the person who hit him only touched the nose: fists are big blunt things. This looks like an healing bruise. The eye is half shut because of the swelling. The eyebrow matches Tarjei’s much more than Henrik’s (Henrik’s eyebrow hair are sparser and he doesn’t have that tuft of hair coming down the side of his nose. Finally: the eye is of a clear colour. Blue or green (like Tarjei’s and Henrik’s). Can’t be Yousef’s/Cengiz’s or Dickhelm’s/Thomas’.

Second one: honestly…who else has luscious brown hair like those? Who else gets them ruffled by his friends non-stop? Mikael. Yousef has much darker hair.

Third one: Sara. Easiest one, really. You can see at the teeth, nose, and chin.

This is pure speculation on my part because we still don’t know more details about The Chronicle of Albertan, the game that Min Hyuk developed, but you might have noticed that a picture of one of its female characters is hanging in BS’s room. And there have been already TWO scenes in which BS was shown standing next to it. Coincidence? Maybe, but let’s face it, kdrama writers are rarely so lazy. The female looks powerful AND mysterious, partly due to THE HOOD SHE IS WEARING. Doesn’t that remind you of someone?

I’m not saying it will turn out to be true but HOW AWESOME WOULD IT BE IF it were BS who inspired MH to create the game and she had left such an impression on him that he would base one of the game’s main characters ON HER?

She Is A Very Good Muse

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Note:I am always taking request! Also you can find this imagine on my Ao3.

Requested by Anon:” may i ask for an Alex hogh Andersen imagine? where YN plays his sister(Aslaug and Ragnar had a daughter) and Alex is super in love with her,barely managing to disguise on interviews and always posting pics of her on instagram,until he finally admits and they become a couple”

You are heading towards your trailer, you have just finished a scene with Marco. You play a Marco’s character, Hvitserk’s twin sister Hildred. Meaning you also played the sister of Jordan, David, Alexander, and Alex’s characters. All of you are pretty close, the main ones who hang out after shooting scenes is Marco, Alex and you. As of lately though, it ends up only being you and Alex. Not that you mind, for you have been smitten for the Dane for a while. In your own mind, Alex doesn’t return the feelings. But oh how wrong you are.

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Caimura’s Guide to Screenshots

(Updated for Patch 3.5)

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great time in Eorzea with Patch 3.5! The new patch has brought a lot of changes to /gpose, and it can be a bit overwhelming if you’re just starting to play around with it.

But have no fear! With just a few tips in mind, you can get started with taking some pretty cool screenshots, and pick up the rest later! :D

- Getting Started -

Taking a Screenshot
To take a screenshot, use the Take Screenshot button (Print Screen by default). You can rebind the button in Menu > Keybinds > System tab.

Screenshots will be saved to C:\Users\(Your User Name)\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\screenshots by default!

Hide UI
Hiding the User Interface really helps to take good screenshots! This can be rebound in the same place mentioned above, but is Scroll Lock by default. Press it to hide the interface, press it again to show it again!

- Group Pose -

Group Pose, or gpose, is the next step in making really good screenshots. By default, It will hide your UI, add a nice depth of field effect to the camera, and make your character (and anyone in your party, friends list, or FC) face the camera. You can start Group Pose by typing /gpose and then hitting Enter.

Camera Controls.
Once in Group Pose mode, you can rotate the camera around you and zoom as normal, but you can also pan the camera around with the WASD keys. As of 3.5, you can now roll the camera with Q and E, too!

Face Camera
To make your character face the camera, press the Space Bar. To make them look in the original direction they were facing again, press the button again!

Emotes & Expressions
While in Group Pose, your character will repeat the last emote that you used, and cycle it over and over again. This is really handy for getting detailed shots or capturing a specific emote or expression.

Under your emotes tab you also have expressions! It’s easy to miss them and people sometimes forget they are there! If you use an emote, then an expression, when you enter Group Pose mode you will retain that expression while you do your emote!

Pause Motion
Pausing the motion of your character will really help capture the right moment, especially if you’re using an emote! Press the 1 key to Pause all motion of characters in gpose, or the 2 key to Pause just your character (or whichever character you have selected).

If the area you’re in is too dark, you can add a light source only visible in Group Pose mode! To do so, press X. The light source is added wherever the camera is currently located - as if you dropped it at the feet of a person “holding the camera.” This means that if you find the light too strong, you can zoom FAAAAR away and drop the light, and it will be further away and less bright!

- Group Pose Menu -

If you press in /gpose, you will open the Group Pose menu. I consider this menu the “Advanced” section for Group Pose - it is by no means necessary if you prefer to just leave it alone! If you do open the menu, remember to hide it again by pressing R before you take your screenshot!

This menu has a lot of options in it, and can look overwhelming. But it actually just expands on functions we’ve already talked about. In fact, the four buttons at the top are just the Face Camera, Lighting, and Pause Motion commands we’ve already covered!

The three tabs on the left (highlighted in blue squares above) allow you to pick between General Settings, Effect/Subject Settings, and Lighting Settings. I think I’ll cover each of these tabs in more detail in a later guide, but for now:

General Settings - Allows you to zoom/roll the camera beyond the normal limits, add Filters, turn Depth of Field on/off (the blur of stuff in the background), or add an edge-darkening effect to your picture.

Effect/Subject Settings - Allows you to play special effects on your character (such as sleep, or frozen), a Frame around your picture, and whether NPCs will face the camera when using Face Camera.

Lighting Settings - Allows you to fine tune the colour and brightness of the lighting added when using the X button to add Lighting. You can also add additional lights (up to 3)!

- What Really Matters -

Phew! I know that looks like a lot, but hopefully I’ve broken it down enough that it seems approachable.

To be honest, taking screenshots comes down to one important thing - that you have fun! Don’t worry if you’re still getting the hang of things! The best thing to do to is keep taking shots. You’ll find yourself improving in no time, and the best way to keep practicing is to keep having fun doing it.

Hopefully these tips help you create some wonderful screenshots - and more importantly, hopefully you have fun taking them! :D

Latest commissioned piece for @lindspector on twitter. This piece was a really interesting (and super fun) challenge for me. It was meant to depict two characters vying for contention in the same body. The face on the right (screen left) belongs to the main character, Tzali. This moment of realization shows when Aloriel, an aasimar (screen right), comes into the picture. #dnd


Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Prompt: Day Twenty-eight, a song that makes you feel guilty

Words: 1,332

Warnings: Angst

A/N: I feel like it’s no surprise I’ve been doing a lot of angst lately. Anyways, only two days left! If you’d like to be tagged in the remaining days let me know!

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Tagged by @ciririlla to post a picture of me and eight characters i strongly identify with! From left to right you can see Grantaire, Constantine Dmitrich “Levin”, Antigone, Elliot Alderson, Bran Stark, Frogo Baggins, James Flint and Antonius Block. If someone wants to see my full face they’d have to go to my IG @belenbeatle.

I’m tagging @starry-fight@pocketsandplaid, @flemme-fatale and @the-m-is-for-misanthropy! Don’t do it if you don’t want and tell me if you don’t want to be tagged in memes.

GW2 Charr Lore - Aging, Maturity and Lifespan

Age has always been a subject of debate within roleplay communities when fantasy races are introduced. When you explore beyond the scope of humanity and the familiarity of what make us, well, us, finding that creative balance of new and exciting and what we already know is certainly a challenge. People love new and shiny things. They also need something they can relate to. Felid races are not a new concept in the fantasy world. From the Khajiit in Elder Scrolls, Saberon in World of Warcraft and the Ronso from Final Fantasy there are more than your fair share of feline-race concepts with varying degrees of humanoid features and behavior patterns. Then there are the Charr. Unique to the lore of Guild Wars and the world of Tyria that we’ve come to love. 

 The question posed by many people within the roleplay community remains, “Do Charr age like humans?” Charr are not humans. Their lifestyle and their physiology, obviously, are drastically different. Like many areas of non-existent or barely touched upon racial lore, the community is decisively split on whether or not Charr age and mature as humans do or if they mature at a much faster rate. What we consider to be official lore, based off of a no longer accessible interview states that “Charr mature at about the same rate as humans.” I consider this to be both a true and false statement. We know that Charr cubs develop rapidly as they are “born fully furred, with open eyes and functional limbs” and “within a few days, cubs can follow their mothers over even the harshest terrain. They eat meat within a month of birth, and are fully independent several months later.” Even with a gestation period of 9 months, human babies are helpless and completely dependent on their parents for survival. Despite this relatively lengthy gestational period, human babies on average don’t begin teething until 4-7 months. Of course this varies depending on the individual. If Charr aged anything like humans early in their growth, you might find, to our horror, month old human babies tearing into a steak like it was nobodies business. There’s some nightmare fuel for you. It’s an entirely possible concept that Charr females may have a longer gestational period much like equids who produce highly developed young after an 11-12 month gestation. It’s something to consider given the similarity in physical development with Charr cubs being able to follow their mothers within such a short span of time after birth along with being able to effectively eat and digest meat within a month.

Early, rapid development is more akin to big cats found in the wild rather than that of our own species. Cub survival rate in real life is horrifically low. In 2009 the mortality rate for lion cubs was a whopping 67%. Tyria is a dangerous place. The rising of the Elder Dragons did not lessen the level of danger. Humans typically spend the first 18 years nurturing and protecting their developing children. This protective instinct, in most cases, is a lifelong support system. Charr on the other hand, or paw in this case, only have the protection of their parent until the time in which they are sent to the Fahrar. Their warband is their family. Their education in unification and defining their own hierarchy under the watchful eye of their Primus is their protection. A warband that doesn’t work together, dies together.

It’s proven in game that Charr cubs are independent. The Crush Warband in the Plains of Ashford at the Old Duke’s Estate are a great example of this. While it’s a silly and childish dare to prove their courage, and even with the assistance of the players, they are independent enough to make the decision to leave Smokestead into ghost and harpy territory and make their way back to the village on their own successfully after the event ends. With Centaur’s basically knocking on the door of Divinity’s Reach you would be hard pressed to find any decent mother letting her child wander too far out of her sight beyond the walls of the city. Human children beyond the safety of The Reach however might even share the independent nature of Charr cubs but would not possess the technical skill and know-how of a Fahrar trained cub like our favorite lost child Kari. (May she remain forever trapped in a cave full of Destroyers. By the Six child what were you even doing that far from Mom because you definitely can not run faster than a Centaur.)

While human children are play-fighting and being shepherded away from danger, a Charr cub in the same age range has likely already cut their teeth in combat several times over. The Fahrar system is not unlike that of the Spartan Agoge with 7 year old boys being removed from their families to be taught in the arts of warfare. Hazing and fighting were encouraged. By the age of 12 they were expected to be able to survive on their own wearing nothing but a cloak. One could logically presume that Charr mature physically and mayhaps even mentally at a much faster rate than humans in their early years before balancing out to a “human” like aging process late in their “teen” years. Spartans completed the main phase of the Agoge roughly around the age of 21 but with the way Charr rapidly develop as young it could be theorized that this age of combat readiness could be closer to that of 15 or even younger depending on the effectiveness of the Warband. With modern science, even the age of mental maturity in humans has been widely debated upon with many arguing that our brains aren’t fully developed until our mid 20s to even our early 30s.

As for the topic of lifespan. Like the Norn, Charr are part of a warrior culture and the longevity of an individual who is more often than not placing their person in harms way on a regular basis isn’t exactly going to be record breaking. Encouraging the official stance that Charr do age similarly to humans, Tygor Mindflayer is a Charr found in the Black Citadel Memorial Quadrant who states that he lost track of his age “after ninety” and that he’s “younger than dirt and older than you.” That’s pretty impressive as a lot has happened in Tyria in the last 100 and some odd years alone. The Founding of Divinity’s Reach, the rising of Zhaitan and the establishment of the Dominion of Winds are just a few events that come to find within that rough time frame. 

As it stands, exact ages for Charr physical and mental maturity is incredibly difficult to pin down as there are so many factors to consider. You can only theorize so much before the whole fantasy aspect comes into play and how much those exact details matter in the bigger picture. Even within the roleplay sphere with developing character backstories, subjects like exact ages can safely be left vague because they aren’t generally topics that are going to be brought up or matter in the long run! Variations of “I was a cub when…”, “I was just a cub…” and so on are quite effective without having to go through the struggle of listing out your characters technical specs like they’re a piece of machinery. I think it’s safe to say that Charr do age similarly to humans as per official lore but it’s a fact that shouldn’t be taken at face value.

Thanks for reading! Have a subject you would like me to cover or just want to discuss Charr lore? Feel free to send me a direct message or an ask with your request, I will be posting Charr Lore articles every week on Monday and Friday respectively!

rainykoalabear  asked:

Hey! I'm just beginning to draw, and I love your art style so much! I'm just drawing on cheap paper with crayola coloured pencils. I would love some tips on drawing people! I'm especially bad at expressions and proportions

Sorry for taking too much to answer this question! It’s the first time i make a tutorial think like so hope this helps, because im still learning too.

Thak you so much for liking my art! Dont worry where or with what you are painting right now because you are starting. You will probably try to taste everything until you find a way to draw where you feel comfortable.

People are difficult, not gonna lie, and my first advice is: watch. Observe and watch a lot. It’s ok to use references. Dont feel bad when someone says that can draw something without even looking at it. Not matter how much much you have been into art, references are always a way to improve your art. The most you watch, the most you can catch some little detail that can allow you to improve. Srsly, sometimes you need to spend almost an hour just watching picture over picture untily ou saturate yourself. Watch yourself, watch the way other people draw, watch and watch and watch,

My second advice is dont try to discard previous art you were proud of before and now you are not anymore. It’s ok. It means you are improving the way you are seeing. Thumbnails and doodles are a thing because it allows you to relax and make your lines more fluid. It also allows you to see and watch and learn. Who know, maybe even with a crappy doodle, there’s somethign there you can use in the next draw: they way you did the hair, or the mouth, whatever.

About proportions, I alway use circle-head proportion:

Generally for men, the body is 8 circle height while women are 7 and a half. That propotion can change sometimes, with men with 7 and a half and women with 7. That’s for the adults, while children has less circles. Children  has bigger foreheads and narrow shoulders.

For faces, I use to go like this

I generally use the jaw to guide me in which direction the character is going to look at. Almost as long as the circle. Then i draw a longitudinal line foe the middle and a transversal one (in blue) that it’s in the middleof the whole shape. That helps to positionate the eyes.

In the third step i draw in certain other for me to get the expression correctly. I start with one eye and then continue like i put in the picture. I mostly draw the other eye at the very end, depending if it’s ¾ or a front face. 

You need to find an expression that makes you comfortable (and the character) that acts as your base. From that base you can get the proportions and have fun with the expressions. 

Like this

I used Marco from SVTFOE because he is really expressive and I havent draw him for a while. The base expresion is the one in the up left corner.

Dont forget about the essence of the charcater. If the character tends to be serious, it would be difficult to make a base expression with a smile. Dont exagereate with the expression for the base one. Make it simple and then you can exagerate for the other expression.

Gol wild with the others and taste you limits. Dont try to be detailed when you are thumbnailing the first expression, Try to exagerate it the most you can and then add the details. You must show the feeling with it. 

Hope this helps and feel free to ask about more because we are all still learning!

Take care!



Top right we have 20 Dicks Stacked In A Trenchcoat, also known as Alex from @grumblebee-trilogy‘s fic Runaway. I could not take a picture with it with a serious face lol sorry.

And on the bottom and top left we have George Washington and Ben Tallmadge (in a lovely sparkly skirt and wearing George’s jacket) from my 60s AU that is currently simmering on a back burner. In the bottom picture I practically had to lay my laptop flat to get a picture with George “standing” so lol. He just wants to lay around and do nothing like the lazy rich boy rebel he is. So I know him being off balance frustrated you, Cin, but at least it’s in character XD

I’ll take pictures of Ben judging George later

Kamen Rider PTSD (Rider Themes part 1)

Warning, slight spoilers for the shows, but I will keep the major ones behind the cut.

There are many recurring themes in Kamen Rider shows, and they are each handled quite differently even though they share many common beats. I will go through all the Heisei riders, comparing some of the main themes of the shows. I will start with the theme of dealing with past and present trauma, a trio of shows I like to sum up as:

Kamen Rider PTSD: Kuuga, Wizard and OOO

  • Godai is getting there. Haruto is there. Eiji is getting himself out of there. 


At the start of Kamen Rider Kuuga, the Godai the show lets us see is a well-adapted young man. Sure, there are the usual background traumas to help us understand why someone would take it upon themselves to become a Kamen Rider, but they are all in the past. His parents might be dead, but he’s got a loving sister and an adoptive uncle, and friends that care about him. He has a teacher he made proud, and while there’s obviously something in him that doesn’t take well to routine since he keeps travelling, people in general trust him. Even Ichijou thaws up eventually, though he thinks that Godai takes fighting spider monsters while transformed into an ancient warrior far too lightly.

So what happens when the pressure keeps piling on? Kuuga is the first of the Heisei Rider shows, and in a way it seems to be created as a comment on Kamen Rider Black. They both have classic heroic protagonists being put through hell to save the world, but while Minami Kotaro clenches his fists and moves on, even when he’s put through horrors like watching his father die and having to fight his brother to the death, Yuusuke Godai has more issues with the role as hero. Oh, as the show progresses he keeps smiling and making his famous thumbs up, but when nobody is watching the mask starts slipping.

The pictures on the top and bottom respectively, were both taken within the same episodes. The ones on the left are Godai’s face when people are watching him, the one on the right when they look away. The smile disappears immediately. He starts getting the 1000 yard stare. Eventually the moments he manages to muster a smile and a happy face becomes so few and false that the other characters starts noticing as well. But they can’t do anything but worry, because in the end, they need him. They need him to fight. Not to be happy. And everybody in the show is aware of that.

Godai will protect everybody’s smiles, even if his own turns false in the process.


Haruto Soma on the other hand, had his trauma before Kamen Rider Wizard even begun. His parents died when he was young, but unlike with Godai, we get to see that this really broke something inside him. He is still alive because his parents wanted him to live. It is pointed out many times that he is the hope of his dying parents, and growing up and gaining powers has just meant that he has expanded this to be the hope for other people as well.

As the show progresses we get to peek beneath the surface of the suave Wizard, and we get to see that he’s really just as broken as the people that he saves, he just keeps moving out of duty and stubbornness. He saves people, and they stick around to try to get through and try to help, but deep down his only connection is still Koyomi, who is as broken as he is.

It is what comes after this picture that is so important. His now middle-aged teacher asks the adult Haruto whether he can talk to him now. He would like to help and give some hope to his favourite student. Haruto hesitates, says “thank you, but…”  and then the scene is interrupted. The look on Haruto’s face is a sad but resigned one. We never get to hear whether he would be ready to open up now instead of soldiering on alone, but we get the impression that he’s not ready to. Not yet.

In a weird way, the donuts really symbolize the show. Every day he’s tempted by the manager of the donut wagon to try new things, she keeps going out of her way to make donuts that might appeal to the sad but handsome man. And yet, every single time, Haruto picks a plain sugar one. Routine. Simple. Safe. He doesn’t try anything new because there’s nothing that he really wants. Not for a long time. He just goes through the motions because he would disappoint his dead parents otherwise.

Haruto is the last hope for so many people, and yet he lost his own so long ago.


If Godai is in the process of being broken, and Haruto is living in the middle of it, Eiji Hino is starting to heal. When we meet him at the start of Kamen Rider OOO he’s much like Godai and Haruto, a goofy, charming young man that doesn’t ask much of life. He doesn’t really want anything, he’s traumatized and has flashbacks when he’s reminded of the war that he was involved in.

Eiji’s story is a story about desire, about the fact that wanting nothing is as destructive as wanting everything. Very similar to Godai, once upon a time he was out in the world doing good, but all he did was make things worse. People died, and he is convinced that it was his fault. Far better to never be important ever again, and pretend that life is just there, nothing special to it at all. But he is pulled back in and forced to care. People around him doesn’t let him hide behind that false smile, they pry and dig and force the truth out.

During the show we see Eiji confronting his fears one by one, slowly letting himself hope, letting himself want. He still suffers flashbacks, but he is moving on. Little by little, with the help of his friends, he conquers his trauma and makes himself into a new man. Not the one he was, that innocence is lost forever, but someone new. Someone that can not only pretend to smile, like Godai. Someone that can not only endure for the sake of others, like Haruto. But someone that can live for their own sake, with their own hopes and their own dreams.

Eiji is the one that finally manages to reach out for that hand in the end.

So, in a way, these three shows ties together one personal story. Eiji and Haruto has been where Godai is when Kuuga ends, and one can hope that Godai and Haruto will one day get to move on in the way that Eiji finally manages to do.

BIG Spoilers for the end of all three shows:

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Caught in a Lie

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Characters: Jimin x You

Genre: Angst (Warning: swearing and mild violence)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

There’s a flurry of furiously thrown words and furniture. You see your future crash as picture frames shatter on the floor. Your eyes sting causing Jimin’s thundering figure to blur with every tear stained blink.

With nothing left to throw, Jimin grabs fistfuls of his hair. He spins around to face you with his teeth gritted as he bites back all the insults burning his throat. “What the fuck, Y/N?? What the fuck do you want me to do?” he yells. His usually lovely face has become distorted, twisting with fury and cold feelings.

Your whole body is shuddering, your bottom lip quivers as your trembling words tumble out. “There’s nothing you can do,” you say as fresh tears pour out of your drought eyes.

Jimin clutches your shoulders, squeezing so tightly you swear his knuckles are going white. His furrowed glare hisses at you to look up at him as he shakes you, growling insanities, denying all that you have said. “You loved me just the other day!! What do you mean you don’t love me anymore??” He’s shouting but his eyes are pleading for you to tell him this is all just a lie, just a joke taken too far.

You drop your head, your throat tightening as you choke on whatever words you have left. You shake your head. “I just don’t!” you bark weakly, “I’m sick of pretending to love you!” The fib catches in your throat before you cough it out. Your chest hurts with all the painful lies that have cut through it in the last two hours.

The desperate grasp on your shoulders slackens before Jimin’s arms drops by his sides, all the will left to fight suddenly blown out of him. His eyes stare lifelessly at the ground between you, shattered glass twinkles in his watery eyes. He lets out a shaky breath and he collapses to his knees, the shards of glass pierces his skin but he doesn’t flinch, already too numb to feel more pain.

Silence presses down on you. Time seems to mingle around the sprawled pillows, the shattered vase, the torn photos and broken hearts lying on the floor. “Can you at least tell me why you’re lying?” Jimin murmurs in defeat.

You stare down at his drooped figure as he tenderly traces your face in a photo between you two. It was taken on the first day you celebrated Valentines together where Jimin surprised you with a back hug and a kiss on the cheek during a girls’ night out after lying about having work on the day. The reason you are lying now is similar to why he had lied back then—because he’ll be happier later. Even if you can’t tell him now why once he knows he’ll understand, right?

Jimin laughs weakly and pulls himself up. “You won’t tell me? Y/N, do you think I’d believe you when you were already crying before I got here?” All the anger has left his expression and all that is left is the aftermath of the battle, a tattered and torn soldier with no will left to do anything else but to live out his loss.

You don’t say a word. He nods and presses an unconvincing smile on his face. He passes by you, pauses to glance at your statue-like self. All you hear afterwards is his footsteps and the door closing behind him.

Your knees feel weak as the world around you begins to spin. You fall to the ground as silent tears tear pass your cheeks. Am I drunk? You feel drunk, drunk on all the lies you’ve spouted, drunk on an illness that may never be cured.

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injury, picture, quality for the ask meme? (you dont have to do the pic one if you dont want to of course!)

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?

yes. and i spilled milk everywhere. it was bc the left side of the sliding glass door was open and i was used to the right side being open

Picture: Post a pic of your lovely face.

just go through my selfie tag bc i dont look any different from my recent entries

Quality: Name three of your favourite blogs.

im just gonna go with the blogs where im love the person bc i dont rly have favorites for blogs when it comes to content, so
@bpd2ol @omodan and @xagave i guess




Yesterday was @piranhartist’s birthday! So in celebration I doodled…. A LOT OF THINGS FOR HER .;D

I will talk about the doodles and what they are under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Are you just copying existing pictures? Can you do something original for a change, like inventing the poses and the faces?

Hello Anon, yes I sometimes do take existing pictures of the cast or stills of the show to draw. They mostly are scenes that either left a strong feeling on me so I want to relive them by drawing them out or either they are portraits of the actors so that I can draw out their expressions precisely since I try to draw the characters as close as the actors who portray them… Also I do draw/ “invent poses and faces”. thanks for the ask Anon, hope you’ll have either a good start of day or end of one..!

All he has left

I am so so sorry. This is my own brain child and I swear it just happened!


Jensen turned his head with a smirk on his face answering her in character. “It’s Dean sweetheart.”

“No Jensen. I’m… I’m not feeling well.”

Jensen’s smile immediately disappeared as he saw her eyes flutter and he jumped catching her just before she hit the floor.

Jensen still remembered the panic he had felt that day as he sat by your piano, staring at your picture. Ignoring Jared’s 100rd call that day.

He thought back to the first doctor’s appointment and the diagnoses that had torn his heart to pieces. Brain Tumor. Inoperable. A year left.

She had refused chemotherapy, knowing it would only prolong her life shortly. Jensen had fought her on the matter but she had not budged.

“I want to spend the rest of my time happy and healthy. Not tied to a bed making myself sick when I know it is not going to save me Jay.”

Jensen had spend hours in front of the computer. Thousands of dollars flying her to private clinics and she had went. She had went for him.

Now that she was gone, he wished he hadn’t been so damn stubborn. That he hadn’t forced them to waste the precious time they had left together in doctors offices. He wished he had taken her to all the places she wanted to go. He wished he had fought her on staying on the show as long as she did. He wished he had just been there for her and loved her. But more than anything he wished she was still here.

Now all he had left was the pictures he had taken of her, of them. Memories of a happy time and a dream of a future together. Now all he had left was the show she loved so much and he couldn’t abandon, however much it pained him to go to work everyday knowing she would never again be by his side. All he had left was the memories of her smile and her love.

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Dating at Disney was frowned upon especially when it involved dating someone from another position. See, Disney World was like high school – there was the popular crowd, the princesses, princes, and furred characters and then there was the unpopular crowd, the ones who helped bring the magic to the park, the ride operators, store associates, and photographers. You’d been working at Disney World long enough to know the rules and the way things ran and yet, you couldn’t help but smile a bit brighter when you, a photopass cast member, got paired with Luke, or as the guest knew him as Prince Phillip. Sadly, Prince Phillip wasn’t a popular character at Disney World so your time together was limited, making the times you did spend photographing him, Aurora and the guests even more special. 

“What’s are backdrop today?” you asked, directing the question to both Luke and the actress who played Aurora, whose name you never cared to learn since she never asked for yours. 

“What do you suggest, Y/N?” Luke asked. 

“The castles always my favorite place for the princes and princesses,” you smiled, pleased that he had asked you what you preferred. 

The three of you headed towards the castle, but with no character attendant in tow it was up to you to make sure the eager kids who ran up to the characters knew to follow you instead of stopping in the middle of the walkways. By the time you reached your destination a small parade of kids were walking your way, excited to meet a real prince and princess from a disney movie. You set up a line quickly, before beginning to move through the motions ushering guests foreword, snapping pictures of them interacting, and then asking them to pose for a pictures before scanning their photopass card and moving the line along. 

The set was supposed to last thirty minutes, standard for most of the face characters and yet, five minutes in Princess Aurora was acting like a real princess. She even halted the line, just so she could pull you aside and tell you her feet hurt. As if you’d have sympathy for her who only worked two half hour sets and then left for the day. You should be the one complaining; after all, you were the one who had been at the park for three hours snapping pictures of happy guests. 

“I don’t know what you want me to do,” you whispered, glancing back at the line of jumping children and irritated parents. 

“Just tell them the little brats I have princess work to do,” she snapped. “I’ll go over to that churro stand and have him walk me back to the dressing room so I don’t create a fuss.” 

“He can’t just lea-” you didn’t have time to finish, her character heels clicking towards the busy churro cart. 

“Alright kids, Princess Aurora has a very important princess meeting to go to but Prince Phillip will be here for another little bit,” you announced with a smile, despite the anger building inside you. Rule number one at Disney, always have a smile. 

You continued to take pictures for fifteen more minutes before the line died down. You were grateful for that, at least you wouldn’t have to be the barer of bad news to kids who had been waiting around for a picture. With no sign of kids running towards you, you powered the camera down and ushered Luke back towards the character dressing room using the secret passageways so guests wouldn’t see him.

“Sorry about earlier,” Luke apologized. “Jen has this idea that she’s a real princess and can do whatever she wants. They really need to fire her but apparently Aurora look a likes are hard to come by.” 

“I’ve heard the horror stories,” you confessed. You knew gossiping about cast members was a dangerous game and yet you couldn’t help but participate. Plus, by the look on Luke’s face he was as disgusted in Jen as you had been minutes before. 

“Anyway, can you show me some of the pictures?” he asked, back tracking the moment he saw the confusion flash through your eyes. “It’s just we take so many pictures and I never get to see how cute they turn out.” 

Luke had never asked to see your pictures before; in fact, no character you had worked with had ever asked to see the photos they had just spent minutes taking. Guiding the camera strap over your head you passed the camera to Luke, making sure the strap stayed loosely on your wrist just in case Luke happened to drop it. Explaining why you were late to your next shift would be easy, explaining why your camera was broken wouldn’t be. 

“These are really good,” he gushed. “I’ve always wanted to learn photography but sadly, I’m always thrust in front of the camera.” 

“Oh boo hoo,” you teased.

“I’m serious. I never wanted to be a prince here I wanted to work with the photo department but apparently you need skills for that,” he muttered, more to himself than to you. “I only got the job as this idiot because the last guy who played him decided Aurora wasn’t enough for him and ended up in a sticky princess situation.” 

“I remember that,” you laughed, nothing caused more drama at Disney World than finding out your prince is also the prince of three other girls. There sure was lots of yelling that day, and lots of job terminations. “I could teach you. I mean if you really want to learn photography.” 

“I’d love that! I have to check my schedule but I think I’m off Wednesday. Do you work Wednesdays?” he asked, your only answering being a shake of your head. “Great! We can meet on Wednesday. There’s this little coffee shop a block from here, would that work?” 

“Of course!” 

“Then it’s set,” he smiled. “Oh but I have to remind you my camera isn’t like this fancy thing. It’s like a third generation point and shoot Canon.”

“Cameras don’t matter,” you said. “It’s the photographer that captures the moment not the equipment.”

“Inspiring. Well, I’ll see you Wednesday,” he said, winking, before handing you the camera back and heading off towards the character dressing room. 

If the princesses had a problem with you before, they were certainly going to make your life hell after word got out that you had a date with a prince. And they did, but at the end of the day it didn’t matter because they were just parading around in tiaras, you were the one capturing the magic – and Luke made sure you always knew that. 

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Welcome to the craziest company ever

Whole year Mandarake staff pretends to be the normal people doing not quite a normal job, but at the last week of every year we let our inner selves to burst out and show true faces. So meet…

Our vice-president 

We are not lying, when we say that our staff are saints 

Osomatsu and his brothers are working in Mandarake too! 

We even made John Lennon’s actual clone to work with us! (he doesn’t seem happy though) 

Sakurai Sho even left his tour to work in Mandarake this week! 

Kenma doesn’t  want us to take his picture (guess he was playing games instead of work again!) 

Even game characters came alive! 

Mandarake girls are the cutest girls 

Ooooh Crystal...

update: lol im not trying to offend anyone by this <3 this is a simple encouraging to ppl not to be so angry about the episode, just a positive view on episode 12 nothing much <3 Sailor Moon fandom has way too much hate already so this is by no means a form of spreading more ^u ^

Okay guys so much anger right now xD

I’m a HARDCORE shitennouxsenshi fan INSANE Venus fan and VenusxKunzite shipper, and im honestly NOT ANGRY with what Crystal did. Sure is dissapointing I was hoping the four would stay alive but I was expecting this already. 

Now WHY i think you guys shouldnt be too angry…not to let your anger over this episode make you trash crystal as a whole since we’ve been defending it vigorously so far….

1ST -> Remember Crystal is one of the MANY reacts of the story if you arent familiar with the sera myus and live action and games I reccomend you look into it.

This is not the first, nor the second time Venus doesnt get to kill Beryl, but for some reason it was always accepted. Is not fair to trash only crystal about it, if you’re gonna trash, better trash each of the versions she is not Beryl’s killer. Personally I still think this Minako is far superior to the old anime, like what I feel about the live action Mina, they are badasses who carry a weight heavier than any of the senshi but still manage to be as happy as Usagi. So yeah, Crystal!Venus is still friggin awesome.

2ND-> No matter HOW MUCH i adore the shitennou and what they represent (heck you guys saw how long i took to make that picture of the four) I admit that keeping them alive would turn the show INTO A MESS. Specially in the following arcs in which the senshi are faced with lonely struggles for life, Minako more than the others, remember next season black moon clan will kidnap them all and Mina will be left alone to meet King Endymion along with Chibiusa, Sailor Moon and Mamoru. Mamoru himself must suffer a good deal alone. The presence of the four with their memories of love, therefore still connected to the senshi, would implicate IN SERIOUS consequences to the characters development which honestly only starts to happen after season two, and plot line. It pains me to admit, that they must “die” physically. 

3RD- > Beryl’s Passive death. People please know your fandom…Beryl’s death is EACH FRIGGIN TIME different. In the old anime she becomes a weird mix with Metaria only to get blasted with the crescent wand not even sword, In La Reconquista Kunzite, Nephrite and Jadeite Kill her AFTER KILLING Zoisite thinking he was a traitor when he tried to rescue Ami, these to name a few cause im not feeling like gathering all Beryl’s deaths atm xD 
The way Beryl dies in Crystal is NOT uncommon either. Remember how Queen Neheleina dies?? If we consider that both are taken by Chaos, their bodies cannot endure without him. So her desintegration was awesome and logic in my opinion reminding me of Neheleina’s death as well.

4TH-> Usagi getting all zee powahs leaving none to the guuurrls, specially Mina. 
Yeah I dont think so… lets go by parts, Venus couldnt have the sword with her by the time when she and the others faced the shitennou FAR from Usagi’s location, and Usagi NEEDED the sword to kill Mamoru and herself, they had to give it away before the group was split.

If you think that her summoning the sword wasnt awesome than we can think about how RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME she already was in the previous episodes, her face off with Kunzite was really exciting and showed how serious she was about her mission, she has commanded the three inner senshi with  power and TRUE MOON PRIDE which is still part of the badass Minako we love in the manga. You guys were so angry about Usagi wielding the sword that you didnt even notice how Ami was all dymanic and powerful!  


lol now here are some other points about the future that will …or so i hope…make you guys less angry.

Much can still happen with the shitennou. what we are certain is that they are NOT dead. Kunzite is to guide Mamoru into delivering the final blow to Metalia. This might change but I dont think it will.

the stones fate can be quite uncertain, we know that Crystal will prolly go all the way till the end now, so we may see Crystal Tokyo and PERHAPS we might see them there, restored. Because their bodies were destroyed but their spirits are still strong, unlike the manga in which they are drained out from the exposure to all the power of Metaria and the Silver Crystal. Their situation is now more than ever like the Amazoness Quartet.

So we will see more of them as spirits I am certain!  

They also showed to be capable not only to talk to Mamoru in their stone/spirit form, but ALSO the SENSHI! I would like to think that Kunzite will be there for Minako when she needs him. <3

If you guys are sad cause the SenshixShitennou ship didnt sail as you expected, I would like to provide a little headcanon.

In this episode once the Shitennou are healed, each of the senshi repeats their names and says:

“that’s the true meaning…of your names” and when Jadeite still cannot recall, Rei says:
“Yes you have…Because you told us”.

Now its common in many fantasy settings the power of true names. One who knows a true name of something has power over the thing. 

If they gave their names to the senshi as Rei herself says, if they gave their…TRUE names, we can visualize how their romance went. They loved the girls deeply as to reveal their true names, their power source and who they really were. 

I felt the love.Specially when Kunzite looks over to Minako and calls to her with the most heartbreaking eyes I couldnt imagine him ever making.

So yeah, our ship is canon and even tho they might not be there anymore, they remain connected to each of their beloved.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED how they consoled the girls. Asking them not to cry, to CARRY ON (oh yeah the song better be playing in your head right now). 

Honestly each of their last messages shows us a bit of how they interacted with the girls.
Nephrite: Dont cry…dont cry sailor soldiers…
Zoisite: you still have a mission..
Jadeite: a mission to complete…
Kunzite: Stand up! Your princess is waiting for you!

Nephrite is the sweetest, not wanting to see those he love cry…a knight of comfort INDEED.

Zoisite’s voice is sweet and encouraging. a healer 

Jadeite repeats part of zoisite’s call, not as strong, somehwat frail. He knows he must let go and it hurts him, but he must be PATIENT no matter what cruel fate is in store for him.

And Kunzite … in his command he is encouraging. In a harsh way. Dont stand there! are you a scout or are you not! i can imagine him saying this, bringing Minako to her limits, pushing her further when she was weak, and raising her up when she falls. 

I hope i was able to make you guys see what was good in this episode, we already have so many bashers on Crystal, those who remain need to focus on all the good things it has brought us! The first animation with senshixshitennou! I will love Crystal for all the heartbreaking moments it has! 

Im not going to keep big hopes up, but WHO KNOWS mebe the next chapter might bring them back perhaps as regular humans so they dont interfere with the plot…is unlikely BUT I WILL NOT ABANDON HOPE!

Have a nice weekend guys!