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Let’s make a baby part 5 D|H

A/N : Look part 5 of the lmab series is out ! (Yes the abbreviation lmab stayed) This contains a bit of drama but that’s nothing compared to what I have planned. (muhahah) I hope you like this part just as much as the others. Y/L/N stands for ‘your last name’ in case somebody doesn’t know.  

The morning sun woke me up, the light was way to bright for me to ignore. I was wrapped in my grey and black blanket that was matching with Dan’s. Speaking of my boyfriend, he was still asleep next to me. I could tell because I could hear his deep and steady breaths. Month three of my pregnancy has just begun. Dan was the most supportive person in the world. The past weeks were filled with morning sickness and tiredness but it’s already starting to get better. I crawled out of our cosy bed and walked across the room until I stood in front of the huge mirror in the right corner. I had mad bed hair but I wasn’t concentrating on that. Once again I looked at my belly. I have actually gotten a bit round. “The little boo is about as big as a cherry now” Dan said from behind me in a raspy morning voice. He clearly had just woken up. After rubbing his sleepy eyes he tiredly walked over to me and hugged me from behind. “You look so beautiful, Y/N. I can’t wait until your little baby bump is huge.” he smiled. Since we obviously hadn’t chosen a name because we didn’t even know the gender of the baby, Dan just decided to call him or her boo. So it was Daniel, Y/N and ‘our little boo’ now.

“How are you feeling today, darling ?” he asked as I got myself a cup of tea. He wore grey sweatpants and a short sleeved t-shirt. “Just a bit nervous” I answered truthfully. He placed a soft kiss on the top of my head. “Why are you nervous ?” he asked surprised. “The ultrasound” I simply stated. His chocolate brown eyes widened in shock. “You forgot, didn’t you ?” I shook my head in disbelief. “Well…., yeah” he said scratching his neck. There was guilt written all over his face.“We have to be at the doctor’s at 1pm, now you know” I told him with a warm smile. But somehow his eyes were growing even bigger. I scanned his face. He was now staring at the floor and buried his hands in the pockets of his sweatpants. “Daniel what is it?” I asked with a bad apprehension. “I’ve got this really important meeting that I can’t postpone. I’m sorry” he admitted mad at himself.

10 minutes later we were still discussing the issue with raised voices. I was walking up and down in the lounge. “I can’t believe that you are missing our baby’s first ultrasound ?!” I yelled. “Can you stop being upset ? It’s not good for boo” He pleaded. He was sitting on the couch with his head buried in his hands and felt miserable. This was important to me and I really thought that it was also important to him. “Y/N, you know that I can’t reschedule this meeting. It’s a one time thing.” he explained for the fifth time now. Although I understood that I was still not okay with it. “Maybe you could call the doctor and-” he suggested. “So I have to change all of my appointments until they all fit in your agenda ? You know how long we’d have to wait for a new date. What if something is not the way it should be and we only find out in another two months ?” I asked him overprotective of the baby inside of me that was as big as a cherry, according to Dan’s research. “You know that I wanted to come with you so badly. Don’t act like I’m the bad father here.” he shouted louder than I thought he would. He almost made me jump with his sudden angriness. Before I could do anything about it I felt tears fill my eyes. I guess the happy pregnancy story was now over. I felt helpless and confused and I didn’t even know where all these tears suddenly came from. “I liked you way better when your hormones weren’t going crazy” Dan scoffed. With that he had crossed the line. I went from sad to mad in a few seconds. He knew he had screwed up when I stood in front of the couch and evilly glared at him. “If you won’t come with me, I’m going to ask somebody else.” I told him and rushed out of the living room.

At 12:30 the door bell rang. Previously me and Dan had gotten ready for our appointments. I quickly opened the door and greeted Phil who gave me a warm hug. “Who is it ?” Dan wanted to know as he walked towards the entrance. “Phil ?” he asked surprised as he saw his best friend in the door way. “Looks like I’m helping out for you today” Phil said happily. It was Dan’s turn to evilly glare now. “Can we talk real quick ?” he asked trying to not sound pissed off. I followed him into the lounge. “You asked Phil to go the doctors with you !?” he whisper- yelled. I nodded, satisfied with myself. Dan hasn’t gotten jealous in quite some time since there was no doubt that we belonged together. But the thought of me and Phil showing up together for the ultrasound and having everybody think that Phil is the father of the baby got him furious. “You can’t do that” he cried in frustration and anger. “I really need somebody who supports me today. We actually have to leave now. And you should leave too since you wouldn’t want to be late for your meeting.” I explained.

Me and Phil were sat in the waiting room. I held his hand because of how nervous I was. He ensured me that everything was going to be alright and I told him about the 'fight’ me and Dan had in the morning. “I’m glad that you are here with me, Phil” I admitted. He was really supportive and excited about this whole baby thing. “You could name the kid “Blitz” as a thank you ?” he suggested and I laughed. “The doctor will be ready for you soon.” the nice lady who works here told me. “Y/L/N, ordination 3 please” a male voice announced through a speaker. Me and Phil raised from our seats and he carried my handbag for me. “Has Miss Y/L/N already left” I heard a posh accent ask the receptionist in haste. I turned around to see Dan in his black leather jacket. His hair was wet from the rain outside and had already started to curl. He was out of breath and nervously picked at his fingernails. I saw how the receptionist pointed at me and he spun around in one swift motion. He stormed towards me, raindrops tripping from his hair and his wet shoes left stains on the white floor. He took me in for a huge hug and pressed my body tightly against his. “I’m sorry, this is way more important than that stupid meeting.” He whispered.

We started walking towards ordination 3 as I noticed that Phil stayed behind. “If you want to see boo, you can come with us” Dan told him, trying to prove that there was no need to be jealous. “But only, if we are not naming the baby 'Blitz'” I laughed and we walked off together. After I had greeted the doctor and lain down the doctor put some gel onto my belly.

“Before we start I need to ask you one thing. It’s too early to see if it’s a boy or a girl on screen but we could do some genetic tests to find out. Do you want to know the gender of the baby ?” he said. I looked at Dan for a second before we both said “No” in unison.

First laugh - Amazingphil imagine

Simon was lying underneath his mobile, staring at the stars and planets. Phil smiled at his baby,
He was so tiny.
“Simon is a sweetie,” Phil sang softly. “He has cute little feetsies and he is not……. Meaty?” Phil ended his song like most of his songs ended, on a bad rhyme.
Phil left the baby in his crib and came out to see what you were doing for dinner. He creeped up behind you and put his arms around you. His glasses nudged your head as he kissed your neck.
“Mmmm,” you hummed happily as you flipped a pancake.
“AhhhhHHHHhhhh!” Simon wailed.
“He probably needs a diaper change,” you said.
“I’ll get him,” Phil offered. Sure enough you were right, the little tyke needed a diaper change. Phil hummed the Jurassic park theme as he changed the 3 month old. He did most of the diapers so It’d become second nature by now. Without thinking Phil squawked like one of the dinosaurs in Jurassic park. Simon, surprisingly, giggled. This was the first time he’d laughed.
“Simon!” Phil exclaimed and squawked again. Simon was in a fit of giggles.
“Y/n come here!” Phil called and you rushed in. “Watch,” he told you. He made the noise again and Simon laughed.
“Awwwww!” You cooed.
“See my random animal noises are useful after all,” Phil said triumphantly. You nodded and laughed. The rest of the night consisted of the two of you trying other ways to make Simon laugh, but nothing worked quite as well as Phil’s noises.

Phandom follow train

There is a few different meetups going on rn so here is a follow train to go with them (sorry if there is already one) just reblog and follow others who have 

~>>PSA SHIT<<~

To all those non-shippers out there, you are not alone.

Hi, I am me and I do not ship Phan.

But am I against it? NO.

But am I cool with it? YES.

Here’s the problem, most phan-shippers hate us because “we’re not supporting Dan and Phil if we’re not shipping Phan” and “we’re not shipping the most compatible ship on this planet”. But here’s the thing, We support DAN AND PHIL as their own. We have the right to ship Phan or not and we do not have to fight ANY of you to prove that we have that right. 

WE are still part of the Phandom because we all love Dan and Phil. So is it not right that you should accept us too? Is it not true that Dan and Phil loves all of us ((unless you’re a cannibal))? So are we not part of the Phandom?

Don’t exclude us because we don’t ship them. In fact, the whole reason why we have the Phandom is because we’re a large community who loves and supports Dan and Phil, not necessarily Phan (but if you choose to support Phan, then go ahead).

Us non-shippers will continue to show love and support to those two dorks no matter what. No matter if they are together and if they’re not.

Okay so quick summary;

How most non-shippers feel about Phan:

Phan is not real?: okay cool

Phan is real?: okay cool

see my point? Is there a need to be angered by that?