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I’m sure most of us know about the “Edit That Bit Out” headcanon as dnp’s coming out video, but what if they upload a video called “Day in the Life of Dan & Phil: At Home” or something, and it’s literally a half hour long vlog of them at home being domestic and kissing each other’s cheeks and cuddling in bed and holding hands. They don’t say anything about it, they just upload it like a normal video and that’s how we find out that Phan is real.

Dinner With Parents

“They won’t hate you, Phil.” You say as you attempt to fix the tie that went with his suit that he wanted to wear. “And you don’t have to wear this… Just be yourself.” Phil pouted, this was the first time meeting your parents.

“No, Y/N I want to make a good impression.” Phil had called you over so you could help him get ready. You hug him tightly and smile up at him. He pecks your lips gently, causing you to giggle.

After attempting to get him out of the suit, you give up. You couldn’t help but feel under dressed. Since you drove to Phil’s house, you took your car back, Phil in the passenger seat.

When you arrive home, you wait outside with Phil. You see him walking slowly behind you. You give him a smile and reach for his hand, bringing it to your lips. He smiled courageously and walk up to the door, still holding your hand.

Phil knocked on the door and waited. Your father opened the door and immediately looked at Phil and back to you, then to your hands that were laced together. “I was half expecting you to be making out on my front porch.” This made you and Phil blush. Your father held out his hand to shake your boyfriend’s hand.

“Great to finally meet you kid, come on in.” There was a pause. “And next time, don’t worry about the monkey suit.” This left Phil dumbfounded and you giggling. “Told you.” You playfully shove his shoulder as you made your way inside.

The smell of pasta filled your nose. Walking into the kitchen, you go to hug your mother. “Phil’s here.” You say happily. Your mother smiles and kisses your cheek, before walking out to greet him. You sneakily follow and stay just out of eyeshot.

“So, how did you meet them? I know they don’t frequent bars or clubs.” You blush, never hearing Phil’s side of the story.

“Well, I was walking through a park one day and saw Y/N focusing on something. Curious, I decided to walk up to where they were sitting and saw that they were surrounded by daisies. Like those little ones? Anyway, I couldn’t help but take a picture, telling them it was for photography class. That was a lie. They later found out.. So they looked up at me with these big beautiful e/c eyes and their h/c hair framing their face perfectly with no effort.”

You blush at his words and look at your hair. “Can we see the picture if you still have it?” You heard your mother ask. Silence followed as you assumed Phil looked for the photo.

“Here, I have it set as my phone background because it’s my favourite picture.” You smile as you went to check on the dinner your mother left behind. Checking a piece of pasta, you decide dinner is done. Thinking it was a good time to go to the living room, you smile when Phil noticed you. “Dinner’s done.” You say and everybody stands up.

*time skip*

“Can I help wash the dishes?” Phil offered, only to be turned down. “Don’t worry about it son, I’ll let Y/N take you home.” You and Phil both raise an eyebrow. Your mother comes up behind your father and was smiling.

“Welcome to the family, Phil.” You and Phil look at each other in shock and them hug tightly. “Break it up before I change my mind.” You heard your father say.

This made you only smile more. “I’m going to call that a success.”

If Phan didn’t live together #2

Dan calling Phil up at night and they talk until one of them falls asleep.

Dan always starts with a shy little hi. 

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And Phil’s usually covered in blankets, which Dan finds adorable. 

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Phil is also the first one to fall asleep most of the time and Dan just

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