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~ list of all imagines ever written ~

I have made a list of all of the imagines written up to the most recent one (March 1st).

The further down the list you go, the older. As you may have noticed, you will see a change in the style and format of my imagines such as paragraphs, dialogue, titles, etc. I hope I have improved in the few months I have been writing imagines or you guys :D

danisnotonfire imagines

~ #NicerInternet ~
~ don’t tell me goodbye ~
~ a promised tweet ~
~ thinking out loud ~
~ lost in your eyes ~
~ sweetheart ~
~ the stranger in the kitchen ~
~ concert from the hallway ~
~ internet takeover ~
~ inevitable ~
~ sweet dreams my dear (Y/N)
~ don’t be afraid ~
~ sharing talents ~
~ blackout ~
~ liveshow with dan ~
• ~ yours and dans relationship ~ 1//2//3//4
~ how you met dan~
~ love you to the moon ~
~ baking cake for dan ~
~ let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ~
~ Christmas with the Howells ~
~ all i want for Christmas is for Dan to come home ~
~ Christmas wishes ~
~ best day ever ~
~ small slip ~
~ apologizing ~
~ jealousy ~
~ how you get him to go to bed ~
~ moving house ~
~ how you comfort him during hard times ~
~ when you loved me ~
~ going to prom with dan ~
~ how he wakes you up ~
~ yours and dans child ~
~ how he treats you when youre sick ~
~ how he wakes you up ~
~ sun ~
~ what dan does while you try on dresses ~
~ introducing you to the phandom ~
~ life of the party ~
~ a contact too much ~
~ It’s a Good Life ~

AmazingPhil imagines

~ liveshow time, bring your pets ~
~ milk substitutes~
~ just another ordinary day ~
~ the snowflake of my life ~
~ shopping expedition ~


~ preparing for parties ~
~ cafe date ~
~ it’s all fun and games ~
~ sweet things ~
~ height differences ~
~ movie famous ~
~ movie night ~

Jar of Imagines project

8. ~ when the clock strikes 12 ~
7. ~ emergency room ~
6. ~ packing for trips ~
5. ~ horseback riding ~
4. ~ indoor date night ~
3. ~ rainy days ~
2. ~ dog walks and ring talks ~
1. ~ house cleaning ~

recommended - cute, fluffy ones that I love reading over and over again

~ love you to the moon ~
~ concert from the hallway ~
~ the stranger in the kitchen ~
~ when you loved me ~

~ the snowflake of my life ~

~ movie famous ~
~ cafe date ~
~ it’s all fun and games ~

jar of imagines
~ packing for trips ~
~ dog walks and ring talks ~
~ emergency room ~

210. There's a thunderstorm while you stay at his place (requested)

Dan: A loud clap of thunder woke you up. You clutched the duvet that was surrounding you as you watched a bright flash of lightning in fear. You hated thunderstorms. It was one of those innate fears that you had. Right after that, there was thunder so loud and strong that it shook the house. You screamed. Not even ten seconds later, Dan came rushing into the guest room. “What’s wrong?” he panicked. Another boom of thunder. “That,” you stated, pointing toward the window. Dan had remembered you being terrified of storms when you were younger, but he thought you had grown out of it. It was still pretty early, only around midnight, so Dan told you to sit tight for a second as he ran out of the room to grab something. He returned about a minute later with his laptop. “Mind if I…?” he trailed off as he motioned to the bed. “Go ahead.” Dan sat on the bed and draped the covers over himself completely. “What are you doing?” you laughed as you did the same. “I just thought we could hide out for a bit and watch a movie,’ he shrugged. You smiled. It was almost like you were ten again.

Phil: You hated summer for this reason. There were storms all the time, which meant you never got much sleep. “Phil,” you whispered as you nudged his shoulder. He groaned and then rolled over to face you. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked groggily. “It’s storming.” “Is it really?” You jumped as a loud clap of thunder answered. “Could I possibly sleep in here?” you asked quietly as a red tint covered your face. You were embarrassed that you were still afraid of storms at twenty-five, but you couldn’t help it. “Um, yeah. Sure,” he answered as he held up one side of the duvet for you. You climbed into his bed, but kept your distance. But as the storm got worse, Phil noticed the fear etched on your face as you lay there completely still. “Hey, c’mere,” Phil whispered. You turned on your side and curled up next to him. “Oh my god, you’re shaking!” Phil mentioned as he put his arms around you. “Sorry. I know I shouldn’t be afraid of stuff like this. It’s stupid,” you mumbled. “There’s no need to apologize if you can’t help it.”

You warm his hands (requested) - Preference #256

Dan -

"Is it normal for fingers to be tingling." He wondered aloud, smoke blowing out of his mouth into the freezing weather. "They’re just cold," You giggled, grabbing his hands and lifting them toward your mouth, blowing out warm air. "Thank you." He mumbled, cocking his head to the side to watch you try to warm his hands up, feverishly. "Don’t flatter yourself." You teased, "I’m only doing this so I won’t give you my mittens." You smirked. "Well, at the pace you’re warming my hands ill probably need them anyway." He laughed.


Phil -

"My fingers are going to fall off." He chuckled, while you tried your hardest to warm them up. "Hey, shut it, I’m trying over here." You giggled blowing air on them to try and gain a bit of color back into his freezing hands. "You know, all of this could have been a avoided, if you actually put gloves on like I asked you to." You said pointedly. "But then you wouldn’t have to warm them up." He smiled while you rolled your eyes playfully before pecking his cheek affectionately.


// I feel as though I’m going to cough up a lung. //
Meeting His Parents

sorry for the long wait ! hope you like it :-) btw guys im currently at 50 requests right now, and you can still continue to request something but if i don’t get to it straight away you know why ! love u all *⋆ฺ•

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You looked in the mirror, analysing yourself from all different angles to make sure you looked perfect. You were meeting your boyfriend Dan’s parents today - and there was no way you would let them get a bad impression from you. 

You sighed as you noticed a small strand of hair sticking out the side of your head, so you desperately tried to pat it down and secure it with a clip, when there was a soft knock on the bedroom door.

Dan entered the room. You looked at him through the mirror, noticing he was wearing a black suit with a tie and everything, and he looked as hot as always, hotter if it was possible.

He sighed heavily as he watched you play with your hair and pull down your dress, continuing to fix it. Dan walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist.

"You look absolutely gorgeous," he whispered in your ear. "Stop stressing."

"I can’t help it," you said truthfully, looking down at your shoes.

"They’re going to love you, okay?" Dan spun you around, so you were facing him. "I promise. They’d have to be completely blinded not to see how amazing you are."

You felt a small smile spread across your face for the first time that day, and your cheeks began to heat up. You had been with Dan for a year and a half, and even now, the slightest compliment from him made you blush. It was like you had just started dating all over again. Dan quickly pecked your lips, before you both gathered up your things and left the apartment.

You stood outside with Dan for a few minutes, waiting for a taxi. He held your hand, rubbing it gently with his thumb. No matter how much Dan tried to reassure you, you were still incredibly nervous. All you wanted was for Dan’s parents to like you.

When the taxi finally came, you and Dan both got in the back seat. He pulled you close to him, placing an arm around you. Dan being there calmed you down slightly. You traveled to the restaurant where you were meeting Dan’s parents. Soon enough you arrived, Dan getting out of the car and opening the door for you.

The restaurant seemed very fancy, making you feel even more anxious and slightly intimidated. It seemed like the type of place where they charge a lot of money for a very small serving. Dan grabbed your hand again.

"I know it looks expensive," Dan read your mind and chuckled. "And I suppose, it is. They, my parents, can be a little…. over the top sometimes."

You nodded, not sure what else to say. Dan led you inside and soon spotted his parents, sitting at the table booked “Howell.” The waiter led the both of you over.

"Hi Mum," Dan said, kissing her cheek. He quickly gave his dad a hug, greeting him. You stood there, playing with your nails absentmindedly.

"This is my girlfriend, Y/N," Dan introduced you, his parents smiling at you.

"Nice to meet you, Mr and Mrs Howell," you reacted immediately, shaking both of their hands. 

"Please, call us Susan and John," Dan’s mum smiled warmly at you. "It’s nice to finally meet you, Y/N. Dan has told us a lot about you."

"Only good things, I hope," you laughed slightly, Dan’s parents joining in. Dan pulled out your chair for you, and you thanked him, sitting down.

He sat down beside you as you continued to make small talk with his mum. Talking to his mum soon became easy, you wondered why you had ever worried about it. Mums are always protective over their sons, and that’s what you were most afraid of. But it was all going quite smoothly.

You skipped starters, instead moving on to the main meal. You ordered a piece of steak with vegetables - and by the time it had arrived, you and Dan’s mum were engaged in conversation about Dan’s embarrassing childhood stories.

"I’m sure he’s told you about the time he got sunstroke," Dan’s mum chuckled.

"Oh, of course," you nodded, taking a sip of your wine. "He’s shared that one with the internet."

"The internet thing still going strong, eh?" Dan’s dad questioned, and Dan nodded.

"Always," he chuckled, placing an arm along the back of your chair.

"Dan has told us that you also work at YouTube, Y/N?" Dan’s dad turned his attention to you.

"Yes," you confirmed. "Yes, I also make YouTube videos."

"I’m still not sure how it works," Dan’s mum shook her head - however not in a disapproving way. "But the both of you seem to enjoy it, and that’s all that matters really."

You and Dan both nodded, agreeing. You looked over at him and he winked, mouthing “Great Job” when his parents weren’t looking. You were proud of yourself, the worries that you had had before - you had pushed them aside, not letting them get the best of you. 

"That was delicious," you said, when finished your meal. 

"Well it’s on me-," Dan’s dad said.

"On us," Dan’s mum interrupted.

"I have enough-"

"But I want to-"

"Dessert?" Dan suggested. "I’ll pay."

"I’ll contribute," you added, and Dan shook his head.

"I can’t let you do that."

"Yes, you can."

Dan the began laughing, and you stared at him, your eyebrows raised. He leaned closer, whispering, “I have a feeling we might turn into them.” Looking back over to Dan’s parents - you observed as they continued to argue over money; smiling to yourself as you realised how similar you and Dan were to his parents.

After dessert, you felt like you were going to burst. You were full, you couldn’t possibly take another bite. The night had gone better than you thought it would, and you couldn’t have felt happier.

"Well, I definitely approve of you two," Dan’s mum said, looking towards her husband waiting for him to agree.

"I give you both my blessing," Dan’s dad agreed.

You grinned, as Dan squeezed your hand underneath the table.This was all you wanted, and you had finally got it. Now you could live in peace - and not dread what Dan’s parents thought of you anymore.

You gathered up your things, and stood up, leaving the restaurant. You happened to overhear a conversation between Dan and his dad when he took him aside.

"So, have you thought of - pulling out the diamond yet?"

"Yeah, I’ve thought about it," Dan nodded, and your heart beat sped up. The thought of marrying Dan - that would just be the best thing in the world. Starting a family with Dan, moving with Dan; you’d be the luckiest girl ever if that were to happen.

"I’m just waiting for the right time," Dan said, and his dad murmured in agreement. "I don’t want to rush things."

"Very true," Dan’s dad said. "She’s a keeper, son."

"I know," Dan sighed happily. "I’d be crazy to let her go."

Two taxis arrived, and you said goodbye to Dan’s parents before settling in the taxi beside Dan. After around fifteen minutes, you were home. You felt a sense of relief, everything had went well and you could now stop worrying about it.

"See?" Dan said, when you entered the apartment. "They loved you."

"Yeah," you agreed cheerfully, moving towards Dan.

Your arms went around his neck as you kissed him softly. His hands automatically made their way to your waist, rubbing his fingers in circles gently.

"I’ve been waiting to get you out of that dress all night," Dan said breathlessly when you pulled away.

You giggled, loosening his tie and leaving kisses up and down his neck. You were in for a fun night.