'perfect staff is perfect'

Shoutout to the girls doing ‘dirty jobs.’ The women who can’t wear makeup, nail polish, flattering clothes or have piercings and tattoos when at work. Props to the ladies who come home with dirt under their nails, stains on their uniforms and smells stuck to them that cannot be washed away with a single shower. To the girls who don’t feel pretty in their workplace. To the trans girls who cannot yet pass in the workplace. I see your dirt, smears, scars and dry skin. I see your scrubs, coveralls, aprons and smocks. I see your messy buns and steel-toed boots.

Your hard work is beautiful. Your blood, sweat and tears are worthy of respect. I am so proud of you and all you do. You are just as stunning in your work clothes as you are on a night out.

another trans marco perspective

in light of @breastforce’s marco realizations, heres my bit

so when i was a baby Trans™ (a clueless and pure child who wasnt even out to herself) i would actively seek out media thar validated those feelings, but that was in short supply so i would read stuff like ranma1/2 (not to bash ranma1/2 but its hardly good trans rep) or those one-of episodes in cartoons where the guy lead protagonist was transformed into a girl (wacky hijinks ensue, but again its played for laughs, kinda [very] damaging)

i would suck all of this stuff up like a sponge, but it wasnt the good stuff to suck up, but if i had anything REMOTELY as good as the trans marco theory back then id probably be a healthier person now. it’s not the standard “guy in a dress” gag, its a consistent and positive characterization which wouldve been greatly appreciated back then

the marco realizations made me happy cause it looks like we’re finally getting good trans rep and we can see the benefits, if you dont think thats the tightest shit, i implore you to reconsider


Seriously! Right down the middle! To their cleanup?! He’s going head-to-head!

Stress Management


The music was perfect, the lights were perfect, the staff was working hard, everything about the night was a success. There was no reason for him to stress, until he’d seen his brother. If it’d been any other night he would have been able to talk to him, maybe even had fun. Was he a horrible brother for leaving Bruce? Shit. He’d been worried about Bruce for months now but it’d been on the back burner as he’d gotten Cocky up and running. With their father’s condition, Dylan always worried he was just really good at hiding it. Since he was young Dylan had always been very careful and conscious of that sort of thing. He never wanted to be the cause for his dad to disappear, though it had happened a few times. With Bruce acting so weird he couldn’t help but think maybe there was something similarly wrong. Fuck. “Hey, can I get a drink or something…” Dylan asked Axel when he had a moment. He gazed off at nothing really more distracted than ever.

ridbuster  asked:

I finally chose staffkind as my strife specibus! Could you give me a good staff for a mage of space? Thanks!


Crystaled Chrysalis: This magical staff has a priceless jet black gem at one end of it. If one looks hard enough at the stone, they will see the Aspect of Space and all that need to be known about it. However, this will only work if they are truly worthy of knowledge. If wielded by the one destined, this staff can shoot out powerful bolts of dark matter that can enlarge or minimize any object or enemy. The other end of the staff, while barren, will hurt a lot if used against an enemy’s head. (Also, the crystal is like supermegaultrasupreme-glued using magic to the staff, so don’t worry about it falling off.)
Recipe: Ancient Wood && Decrepit Staff = Staff of Decaying Perfection
Staff of Decaying Perfection || Amulet of the Aspect of Space

The Proposal(s)

By pseudorific

This was it. Everything was planned down to the smallest of details. The staff were in on it. The location was perfect. The place was perfect. Hell, even the theme was perfect. Now all he had to do was present the black box and the ring within and pray to the Gods (especially Aphrodite) that Nico would say yes.

AO3, Chaptered, Fluffy, Complete

Commentary: Personally, I enjoy this author’s writing a lot. He’s really talented and did wonderful with this plot. If you’re looking for some fluffy moments - those who will make you squeal like a mad fangirl/fanboy -, then you should totally read this one.