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  • Regina:Hyde's attacking the town.
  • Zelena:Ok, one sec. Bye sweetpea, Mummy's going to go fight the bad man.
  • Regina:What are you doing? Why are you putting the baby down?
  • Zelena:I'm not about to bring a baby into a dangerous fight. That would be terrible parenting.
  • Regina:Yes...bringing your child with you into dangerous battles would be an awful thing to do. Repeatedly.
  • Zelena:Henry's coming isn't he?

Anyway, after the video of the incident went viral, Lieutenant Pike was suspended with pay from his $110,000-a-year job (that’s not a typo) while the university conducted an investigation. While the officers claimed that they were trapped by the students and justified in their use of pepper spray (and totally not creaming their pants at the opportunity to finally try out their shiny new Judge Dredd gear, honest), an investigation found that the use of force was “objectively unreasonable” and that even the size of the pepper spray can was against regulations (“against regulations” being their fancy-pants way of saying “compensating for something”).

In the end, Pike got the boot and we all gave peace a chance. Right?

Well, a couple months later, Pike filed for worker’s comp because of the emotional trauma stemming from the death threats he and his family received after the incident (Which, to be fair, is right fucked up. Shame on you, Internet). Following a psychiatric evaluation, the university awarded him just over $38,000, which is approximately one dollar for each stinging tear shed by the 21 students.

Meanwhile, said group of students filed suit with the university and were awarded a $1 million settlement. Now, before you get too excited, a huge chunk of that went to their lawyers, in addition to another chunk set aside for any other potential plaintiffs that might come forward, leaving them around $30,000 each. At least it’s something, but when you compare that to the eight months of pay plus a larger settlement for the guy who taught those students that their freedom of assembly is null and void when weighed against the riot-gear-induced uber boner of a power-drunk campus cop, it seems more than a little ludicrous that they ended up with what basically amounted to a coupon for one free semester or one free chemistry textbook (offer not valid for both).

5 Viral Stories That Had Insane Twists After We All Moved On

If you’re going to name your child something “unique” please make sure that it won’t be something they’ll later resent you for just because you wanted to be so ~different~

Someone named Ariel who has spent the last 22 years of their life being fucking TORTURED about whether or not they’re named after the Little Mermaid and have people constantly singing Under the Sea at me like jesus christ what the fUCK

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Honestly that anon's getting all up in arms over nothing, the polyglotplatypus thing that's been going down started like a few days ago (I think). And it's been clearly stated that they're crack ships, adults, and various other things. It's just turned into a steaming pile of rubbish that's circulating, and I can't believe someone's actually spreading hate for him. This whole thing is ridiculous, sorry for bothering you. I'm just attempting to explain.

when has fandom not been a drama shitfest lmao

but again im not involved or informed enough in this to really give an opinion so

I’m honestly a bit surprised about the recent spike of Endeavour/Enji Todoroki apologist posts

What are you trying to apologize for?

There is, so far, nothing redeemable about his character in this series

I know there’s an appeal about trying to overanalyze characters and giving their terrible actions a deeper, more poetic meaning, but can we just all admit the most important fact here?

Enji Todoroki is an asshole and should not be a father

This man admits that the only reason Shouto was born was to surpass All Might so that he may live and experience the glory vicariously through his son

This man tells his child that his older brothers aren’t worth paying mind to because they live different lives
Meaning that they were failed attempts at creating a perfect progeny and therefore irrelevant and unnecessary
Because I will bet you that they all only received one of their parents quirks, while Shouto inherited both
He doesn’t even refer to them as people, he literally calls his two other sons “things”!
Shouto is lucky he even gets to interact with his sister

I’m baffled about why people are trying to justify what he’s done when there’s no justification to be given

He hated being second best so much that he went and had multiple children all for the sake of using them as tools, it’s as plain and as simple as that

He has never shown remorse for his actions, for how he treats his kids, for anything
He is basically a big, selfish, resentful, relentless, entitled brat living in a 45-year old man’s body

What more proof do you need other than Shouto’s own feelings and the situation with his mother?

Enji Todoroki’s wife hated him so intensely that she scarred her own son’s face because it resembled his father’s

So please..

Please stop trying to justify or overanalyze Endeavour’s character

He’s an awful father, an awful person in general, and until we actually get some canon evidence proving that there is a deeper reason to why he is the way he is, or that he’s capable of change, I don’t want to hear anymore

i woke up this morning and was like wow s/l? canon .. walked to class after crammin for exam? s/l canon.  sitting n eating eggs out of the frying pan. i cant believe it’s canon. making coffee at 3 in the afternoon on the verge of collapse? wow can you believe shitty knight and lardo duan are canon. trying to work while my roommate watches friends real loud ?? they’re !!canon !!joey !!!

its not Steve's fault, not really.

SOMEBODY posted a first of all the times Howard has been used to control Tony, Obie manipulating him, ugh, and I suddenly had a bunch of feelings about it.

It really isn’t Steve’s fault that he trips over this landmine. Mobile users, look out for the read more, warnings: child abuse, references to past gaslighting and emotional manipulation,  Steve and Tony fighting (they hug it out but it’s tough still)



Tony and Steve are in porcupine mode. They’re bristling and snappy and turning their backs on each other.

Clint, watching all this, has been sketching little cartoon porcupines on his notes in missions. It’s uncomfortable to be around, and he’s distracting himself, ok? He can’t draw for shit, but cones with eyes and spiky butts he can manage.

But then, somehow, Steve wins.

Like seriously, what the fuck? Steve’s not even right about the original argument; no, Tony shouldn’t have to justify his science on the run, Steve, you are never going to understand it in time. And Steve knows that, Clint’s pretty sure. The devastated look on his face and Tony’s visible exhaustion are clear though. Steve won the argument somehow and Tony’s self esteem is in the pan.

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