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Lana talks about Emma and Regina
  • Lana talks about Emma and Regina
  • Lana Parrilla @ SiriusXM

What we see is, I think they’re both sort of surprised by their, you know, founded likeness for one another. They realized that working together is actually much more powerful than them working separately (and against each other). It’s like the Yin and Yang, the light and dark (blonde and brunette…). I guess, yeah, blonde and brunette. I think they’re going to surprise each other with a friendship that they didn’t probably never expected to have. (And knowing that Emma has control over her magic now… that should also makes things a little more interesting between the two of them.) I think Regina is proud of her for that.

Parent’s Reaction to Cosplay:
I started getting into anime when I was young, starting with Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh and the like. My dad has never been supportive of such things; when I was younger, he would tell me that things like that were for boys and that I should focus on my studies. Even when I grew older and started having interest in more mature anime and crossplaying, he wasn’t on board. He (and I’m quoting him on this) would tell me that it was all a waste of time, that anime is satanic and it was taking me away from God.

It’s for this reason that I’m thankful I have such a supportive mother. When I first showed interest in cosplaying, she was ready with a pair of scissors and a sewing kit in hand. My very first real cosplay was of Kyoya Ootori from Ouran High School Host Club, and she was the one who bought it for me as a gift. When I told her I prefer crossplaying as men rather than cosplaying women, it didn’t phase her one bit. There was one instance, about a year ago, when I was really crunched for time and had some last minute details to add to a costume, and she spent the day before zero hour in my room acting as my mannequin, wearing my cosplay shirt and vest while I finished it.

Parent’s Response to Cosplay: When I first started cosplaying, my family was pretty supportive of it. My mom helped me make my first cosplay for a Halloween party in middle school and my little sister actually came up with my cosplay for my first convention! Eight years later and my dad still loves getting cosplay and convention photos from me to add to our family albums (digital of course), and my mom will occasionally ask if I’m going to any conventions/making any new cosplays, and will sometimes help me shop for materials.

This year I couldn’t go to a con in my hometown because of a track meet and I was pretty upset about it. While I was at the meet I started getting texts from my mom with pictures of random cosplayers at the con! Apparently there was a volleyball tournament at the same venue and my little sister wanted to go to watch her friends play so my mom went with her and saw the cosplayers and wanted to share it with me! So I don’t think their opinion on my cosplaying and congoing has changed much throughout the years. My dad still jokes how he’ll go to one someday, my mom still makes sure I’m safe and voices her parental disapproval on any of my more revealing cosplays, but is otherwise happy that I’m happy doing this.

—  z4xenon

Nobody warned her about her post-baby body, so she spilled the secrets in a hilarious new ad.

I've made a huge mistake

I called my parents yesterday and told them we were moving to San Francisco/Bay Area (I’m still not sure how to address that region). 

Before I go any further, let me explain a couple of things: 

  • I’m not close with my parents. If you’ve been reading my posts for more than a week, you know more about me than they do.
  • There are only a few things I have in common with my dad: 
    • We’re both males
    • We’re both mammals
    • We share the same genetic code (although I keep hoping one day I’ll discover they found me next to a crashed rocket ship, The same rocket ship my real parents used to allow me to escape our doomed world)
  • My parents are the reason I don’t have kids.

Okay with all that said, I told dad my plans to move to San Francisco and discovered in 30 seconds that my entire life has been a lie. He’s shown me the light!! Moving to California, if I’m not VERY careful, will mean I’ll become a:

  • God hating,
  • Liberal,
  • Minority,
  • Hell-bent on the destruction of the United States
  • Gay,
  • Transexual,
  • (oh, and the entire state hasn’t been worth a damn since 1970)

But he’s sure I’ll be fine.