White Ink {c.h.}

Word Count: 1.2k

Prompt: Every time that your soulmate gets a tattoo, it turns out white on your body.

You can look at what your tattoo looks like here

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You’d never forget the first day that the white-inked roman numerals were etched into your skin. It was random in its timing, but it was the first day that you knew your soulmate was out there in the world.

The rain was hitting the windows filling the tiny space with the delicate sound. Notebooks were sprawled out everywhere joined by about 10 empty coffee cups. Being a journalism student was exhausted. Everything that had to be turned in made you stay up late almost every night. A lightning bolt gathered your attention as you got up to stand by the window. Storms were always inviting to you. The calming sound of distant thunder and the beautiful flashes of lightning always reminded you that there was beauty in everything bad.

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so i rearranged my room finally, but ended up having small breakdown on floor while twenty one pilots played, before angrily shoving everything back into it’s original place

clearly, i am living the life™

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Romeo, Romeo - part 4

so i realize I’ve been doing Calum’s P.O.V. in first person in Y/n’s P.O.V in second person…. fixing that in this part! this part is less exciting because its more explaining whats going on, but i promise I’ll have part 5 up as soon as posiible! Please send in requests for the next part as well as new imagines or blurbs!

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*Calum’s P.O.V.*

“She’s only using you for popularity” rang in my ears as I walked in the busy hallways at school. I had come to school early that morning, excited to tell y/n that my band had got our first gig, when Cassie found me.”I hate to tell you this, but I think you should know. I heard y/n and her friend talking. She’s only using you for popularity. She doesn’t actually like you,” Cassie had told me, touching my shoulder sympathetically. Those words had cut like knives into my chest, and the next thing I knew I was in Cassie’s arms, kissing her. I pulled away as something slammed from the other side of the room. I moved away from Cassie, realizing what had just happened. Looking across the room, there stood y/n, mouth open in shock. Before I could speak, she had run out, tears running down her cheeks. It confused me. ‘Why is she upset?’ I thought. ‘She’s not the one being used..’

I walked into my 1st period class, preparing myself to see her. This was my only class with y/n besides drama. However, I was shocked to see her as she walked in. Her eyes were red and puffy, fingers holding onto her biology textbook for dear life as she walked to her seat. She didn’t once look my way, head down in sorrow. Seeing her like this made me want to comfort her, to kiss her forehead and stroke her hair and snuggle, but then I remembered what Cassie had told me and I turned away, trying to erase those thoughts from my mind.

*Your P.O.V.*

It hurt so much. Seeing Calum kiss her. Not just some girl, but Cassie. After I had come out of shock, I had sprinted out of the room, finding Lily and telling her what had happened. She had consoled me and listened to everything before going to class.

My chest ached as I walked into biology, one of two classes I had with my now ex boyfriend. I sighed as I walked to my seat. My face was a mess, red blotches and smeared mascara that hadn’t rubbed off littered my face. I felt his eyes burning in my skin, but couldn’t bring myself to look up. Clenching my textbook harder, I sat in my seat. My heart hoped that he would stop me and try to apologize, but no words came out of his mouth. I wiped away another tear and swallowed, trying not to think of him as class started.

6th period rolled around the corner, and I dreaded having to talk, let alone look at Calum. I wouldn’t be able to do it. Leaving early from my 5th period, I headed to drama. “Ms. Darbus,” I called as I entered the auditorium. I had come early to talk to her about the play. She looked up from the mess of paper on her desk, a smile appearing on her face as I walked in the empty room. “What’s up y/n? You’re earlier than usual.” I took a deep breath, calming myself down before replying. “I…I uh, I don’t think I should be in the play anymore. I think you should let Cassie have the role…” I swallowed, fighting back the tears that were threatening to spill. “But you’re wonderful at the role! That’s the whole reason I gave it to you instead of Cassie. You and Calum work well together,” she replied, eyes twinkling. Forming the right words, I looked down at the ground. “I think it would be best if Cassie stepped in. I’ll switch to a set painter..” I finished, voice slightly cracking as I tried my best to hold in the tears. “A-alright. Well, we’ll switch you today then,” Ms. Darbus replied, looking confused as the bell rang, signaling the end of 5th period. Sighing, I took a seat at the far end of room, hoping to be unnoticed. As people started to trickle in the big room, I couldn’t help but look up when Calum walked in. He made his way to the back, when he saw me. Clenching his jaw, he showed no emotion before turning around and sitting further up. This time, I let a few tears escape, unable to control it any longer.

*Calum’s P.O.V.*

Y/n had been avoiding me all day. Whether it was walking to drama together, or talking to me at lunch, I hadn’t seen her once. ‘Maybe she had found out that Cassie had told me the truth,’ I thought, my hands curling into fists as I walked into my final period of the day. However, I knew my assumptions were wrong as soon as I saw her. Walking to the back of the class, I looked up to see y/n, eyes still red and puffy, hair in a mess. I wanted to badly to hold her, but Cassie’s words echoed in my head. I tensed, turning around and walking away without a word.

“Uh, Calum and Cassie, can I talk to you for a minute?” Ms. Darbus called from the front of the class. I stood up from my chair, confused as to why she would call me up. “Cassie, you will be pleased to hear that you will now be playing Juliet in our play,” Ms. Darbus started as we both stood in front of her. “Y/n has decided to back down from the role…” Ms. Darbus muttered, confusion laced in her voice. “Oh my god! Yes!” Cassie squealed, making me wince. “Girls! Guess who’s now playing Juliet?!” Cassie ran off to her friends.

I stood in the front, shock clearly displayed before slowly making my way back to my seat. “Why aren’t you happy?’ I thought. ‘Now you don’t have to talk to your ex girlfriend all period.’ As much as I wanted to think this was better, I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable and upset. Why would Y/n have backed down? Why was I so upset that I would now be working with Cassie? Thoughts clouded my head as I started to rehearse.

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