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Hello!! I’m shelby/abel. I’m sixteen and currently residing in Canada. I cupio-aromantic and asexual, as well as nb w/they/he pronouns!! Some things I like include: writing, drawing, reading, haikyuu, ghibli movies, cosplay, voice acting, musicals, Oikawa Tooru, and playing trumpet. Some music I like:halsey, p!atd, Nbhd, Mgmt, arctic monkeys, alt-j, tøp, fob, Melanie Martinez etc etc

I suppose my ideal penpal would be? Someone who shares some of my interests?? I would b more comfortable if u were lgbtqia+ or neurodivergent however!! that’s not rly a requirement

snailmail or online pals are cool!!

Tumblr: phrygiia

Men who seek the aid of one of my kind against another seldom prosper. Yesterday two Men did not prosper; today, one. My Dark Children killed one of them, and my son - with whom these Men thought to make party - killed the others. But should you wish to die, then tomorrow is as good a day as any. You will find my son’s head in its usual place, but you will find his heart nowhere. Count your blessings. My own heart is merely stone.
—  an inspiring motivation quote by me

Hi! I’m Tom and I’m 15. I live in England and I am from a little city called Leeds. I’m in Year 11, which is the last year of High School in England, and I turn 16 in January.
I’ll try and keep this as short as I can bc I tend to go on about things I like a lot. I love watching TV shows and going to the cinema with friends. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan, and I also love Flash, Gotham, Supernatural, Fringe, Attack on Titan, Arrow, Sherlock, Heroes and Broadchurch. My 5 favorite films that I will watch at any time with anyone are Scott Pilgrim VS the World, Serenity, Star Wars V, Boyhood and Kick Ass. Also, I love Disney movies! I really want to be an actor when I’m older and I want to set up a youtube channel, but I don’t know anyone else who has one. I’m currently doing a German GCSE, so if you speak German, message me in German, I’ll see if I can reply in fluent German :D

I don’t really have a “perfect” pen pal, anyone really from 14 to 19 is preferable, but anyone else outside that bracket is welcome to message me, also any gender or sexual orientation, I have no problems. Just don’t message me if you’re homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. Hate speech isn’t accepted, basically. Just be warned that I am a heavy sleeper, so if we’re chatting and I don’t reply, chances are I’ve gone for some reason and I will explain when I reply, or I’m asleep. Other than that, message me if you want :)
But where can you message me?
Tumblr is: another-typical-geek.tumblr.com
Twitter: @toaduff
Instagram: @toaduffclarke 

I do have a Snapchat, skype and an email, and if you want to talk to me but you would rather do it through email or snapchat, that’s totally cool, just message me saying and I’ll give you my skype, snapchat or email! 

Also, I do have a face, I do send selfies and stuff and I just didn’t post it on here because I dunno where it could go on a big public blog like this (same reason as to why I didn’t put on my email or snapchat) and although it probably won’t happen, I just have this anxious thought “what if its found and people use it” and I dunno.

That was longer than I meant it to be, ah well. Hope to talk to any of you soon! :)