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About something you reblogged earlier - I deadass 💯 📢 would not even be surprised if they *** ** 👶🏻🙅🏻‍♂️ by saying Louis 🌈💙 found out months ago 📆⏱ that he was not the father but kept it secret 🔍🗝 for privacy reasons because he's a Private person 🙇🏻 🗡who's Private 👨🏻‍💻💁🏻‍♂️ and loves Privacy 🌹💚

I feel this.

At this point I’m just ready for Lena to have her own spinoff. Imagine it with me…

Lena Luthor fighting misogyny by being the kickass CEO of a Fortune 500 company and building programs to get more women into STEM fields.

Lena Luthor fighting prejudice against her family name by continuing to do good work and helping improve the lives of all in National City.

Lena Luthor fighting bad guys after repurposing Lex’s old suit, with occasional help from hero and gal pal, Supergirl.

I’d watch the hell out of that.

I just

I just fuckin love women who love women

I love us

We’re so strong and we deal with so much shit but we

We’re just so happy when we find eachother and we just

We’re a big ol sapphic community

We’re black, we’re latnix, we’re native, we’re Jewish, we’re Muslim, we’re Hindu, we’re trans, we’re disabled, we’re a whole big diverse, intersectional community and we just

We love eachother and we support eachother and we know that we have to do that

I love us

I love me

Hey, I’m Elise, I’m 14, and I live in California, USA! I’m looking for intenet friends and penpals. I really, really want someone to do snail mail with, but if you just want to be internet friends, that’s totally fine!!!

Here’s some stuff I like:

•making and designing clothes
•doing my makeup
•photo shoots
•my puppy
•the beach
•just being extremely extra af, petty af, and dramatic af

So if you’re insterested in snail mail, texting/ snapchatting/ skyping/ facetiming/ etc., watching 3 minute long videos of me dancing in my room to the la la land soundtrack, and or put up with my fun mood swings ,, you can contact me through :

Instagram: eliseromandy
Snapchat: eliserom60

I’m looking forward to talking !! :)

Hey folks 👋

I’m 18, aro ace & nonbinary (if i had to pick i’d say agender) but she/her pronouns is fine.
I’m looking for friends bc real life is hard and i’m not very talented (awkward) when it comes to social interaction.
I’m really nice though, i promise :D
I’m a huge nerd (or geek?), i love books, movies, tv-shows, i have like a bazillion favourite characters.
I don’t really care what to talk about, if it’s friends, family, music, school, fandoms or something else, i don’t care.
Just hmu, will ya? :)


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boiii i literally /am/ asexual it'd made me feel pretty fucking good when he said that which it why it bothers me that you downplay it as "doing the bare minimum or even less" like obvs i'm not for the 'all praise the cracker' narrative thats going on but focusing all your energy on what more you want him to do or say rather than appreciate what he has done doesn't help anyone. i cant explain my point properly bc character limit but i'm a queer woc so dont act like i dont care abt these issues

i think u misread my post bc i said dan recognizing asexuality was an example of him doing something really great, and that he should do more of that. imagine a world in which dan wouldn’t just say asexuality is valid, “whatever u want to be is valid,” but could actually talk about the problems ace people specifically face and bring awareness to them? or could vocally support orgs/activists who are fighting for ace recognition? i get why mere validation from ur fav feels affirming which is why i praised dan for giving it, but i don’t think there’s any harm in imagining more


hey!! my name is lizzi. i’m 15 years old from the united states of disappointment. i’m looking for someone in the u.s between 15-16 but if you’re cool then younger or older, only a year though.
some things about me:
-i’m gay as frick so if you have a problem with that, don’t message me.
-i’m non-binary
-i don’t have pink hair anymore!! its blue now
-i love bands such as waterparks, too close to touch, creeper, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, etc.
-i love youtubers such as kian & jc, shane dawson, onision, etc

ok that’s all the facts i can think of 😂. i can almost guarantee you i’m gonna be super awkward at first but then i’ll be weird & crazy & maybe fun?? idk??

message me if you wanna be friends!! (keep in mind i’m single asf so i’m always open to dating if you know what i’m sayin 🤔)

tumblr: @galassxybish or @lizzijoan
snapchat: lizzi.sixx
twitter: doubledarelizzi