Marks and Rec: Misc #399

(This catchy little song is from Potter Puppet Pals.)

anime-suckx  asked:

You don't have to but I ship Shinoa and Mitsuba and finding art is hard. Could you draw them?

Ah, yes…Tsundere Hime and Sass Queen…we can never get enough of these gal pals


16 Años.
Me encanta leer, escuchar música (alternativa, indie).
Me gusta comer, pero soy ovolacteovegetariano.
También me gusta escuchar a la gente.
Y me encantaría tener a alguien que se emocionará al leer una carta mía. Por el hecho de tener a alguien que se toma ese tiempo al otro lado del mundo.
Sí, me encantaría tener un amigo así.

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I was tagged by my darlings @oneluckystriker​ & @nancywake​ for the nine-users-you-want-to-know-better meme!

How old are you? 21 for another five days!

Current & dream job?: Currently I work on the stage door at a live concert and theatre venue, I’m essentially a receptionist who very often gets to spend shifts on tumblr, and very occasionally gets to meet semi-famous people (David Wenham, Kurt Hugo Schneider and Kelly Osbourne are some). It is literally the best job I’ve ever had.
My dream job is working as a war correspondent for Reuters or AP. Basically, I just want my life to be Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’.

What are you talented at? I can write! I’m pretty good at narrative journalism; in terms of fiction, I specialise in soul crushing headcanons, and use adjectives more than I breathe tbh. 

What is a big goal you’re working towards? Finishing my journalism degree!

What is your aesthetic? Well, here is a thing I made to answer this question

Do you collect anything? Not religiously or anything, but I really like those novelty tea spoons that have an illustration of the city they’re from on the top end of the handle. They’re super cute and I’ve got a box of those that my grandma gave me, and that I’ve found in antique stores over the years. Also, movie ticket stubs, but I think that’s pretty standard.

What is a topic you are always up to talk about? My blanket-clad, puppy protecting, smoke puff of a war husband, Bill ‘Hoosier’ Smith. Also, good journalism, plotting the downfall of Fox News, and the reclamation of the 4th estate as an honourable profession.

What is a pet peeve of yours? People leaving kitchen drawers and cupboards half open.

Good advice to give? Be curious, question everything, and look at evidence.

Recommend 3 songs:
Riverside - Agnes Obel
Drive - Halsey
You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive - Ruby Friedman Orchestra

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