(hint: it was me and harriettstella. who’d have thought??)

What level of third wheel are you??

Lvl Chen (goes on dates but ignores the couple)-


Lvl Chanyeol (is practically dating the couple as they are always with the couple, cockblocking all the time, and the couple will probably pick a used tissue over them cause they try to ignore them)-

There’s nothing more I love than strong, confident women who support one another. Who don’t try to compete, or steal what another woman has. A woman who embraces sisterhood. A woman who stands true to her morality, dignity and honor. Who is kind and generous. Who has compassion and grace. A woman who is resilient in her own self worth. A woman who isn’t afraid to own her passions, ambitions and pursuits. A woman unapologetically herself. A woman who can rise from her ashes and fly like the Phoenix she is.
—  Luna Belle

“Come wayward souls who wander through the darkness, there is a light for the lost and the meek. Sorrow and fear are easily forgotten when you submit to the soil of the earth”  -The Beast.

I love Over the Garden Wall and that’s a rock fact! Happy Friday!