Jealousy && Envy

(First of all if you ever feel envious/jealous about something/someone, thatโ€™s perfectly normal. Our emotions and brains have evolved because of all these years and these emotions have automatically evolved alongside us. If you manage to find a way to handle this, it will help you a lot, both on internet but also in life. Everyone deals with this stuff in their own way, so yeah, thereโ€™s noย โ€œsolutionโ€ really. And there does not have to be one, because itโ€™s not a mistake. As long as we try to deal with it and not end up hurting someone, these emotions might motivate us.)

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170322 Ken Fancafe Compilation

I’m an admin.

Yeah~ Hello! First off, thanks for coming to see Ken-sshi’s musical~! Ken-sshi is very grateful and loves you lots! He misses the Storlyght babies so much~ He says he’s doing the musical today too, so give him lots of love~ hoho! Please adore him lots~! Thank you! Have a great day today too!

T/N: Ken is talking about himself in 3rd person, formally OTL He also is not an admin.

운영진 입니다.

예~안녕하세요!우선 켄씨의 뮤지컬을 보러와주셔서 감사하구요~!켄씨가 굉장히 감사해하더라구요 많이 사랑하시기도하구요!뵬뷫애기 여러분들을 너무나 보고싶어하더라구용~오늘도 뮤지컬 한다던데 많이 사랑해주시고~허허!많이 예뻐해주세요~!감사합니다 !오늘 하루도 즐거운 하루되세요! 

Throwing a photo.


사진투척 입니다.




Uploading a bunch of artwork I finished for Global Game Jam last month! Our team worked on a rhythm game that revealed a story as the screen moves horizontally across panels :> Realized that they kinda look like comic panels so there :V

This is only…20% of the total art. And I had to illustrate everything in under 48 hours ; ____ ; I got sick for a couple days after that game jam OTL BUT IT WAS FUN

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herewegobebe  asked:

Ana โ™ก at the moment it feels like we are the only ones on my dash who didn't see SHINee this weekend ;; *sends flowers and hugs and sobs into my hot chocolate*

that’s exactly the case ruthie otl

let us unite and join forces not to crumble down at all the shinee we didn’t get to see ;;

[sends flowers & a million hugs back while crossing fingers you’ll get to see them soon ♡♡] 


Baby Jedi

Smol Barriss meeting Anakin and little sister Ahsoka

And the Creche Master left Quinlan, Luminara and Obi-Wan alone for five minutes. What were they thinking?

(IDEK what the Force Barriss and Ahsoka are wearing. Quinlan had clothes… “Had” being the key word here.

Also that’s lipstick Luminara is holding. I can’t draw cosmetics OTL.
And the disaster? Quin and Lumi are two years old, Obi-Wan is one year old. Do the math lmao.)

anonymous asked:

I love your art and AUs!! It's so cute and aesthetic-like!

t-thanks OTL

my ideas are honestly really silly and so barely related to source material that i feel like i might as well just. not. but im glad someone out there enjoys them