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I noticed in some posts, sometimes you typed (or wrote?) "orz". What does it mean?

HAHAHAHA you guys wouldn’t believe, Tumblr showed me this:

Apparently, this is an emoticon I use more often than I thought. orz (<- oh look, there it is!)

ANYWAY, it is a pictogram of a little person, curled in on themselves. The o is the head, the r the arms, and z is folded over legs. Both orz and its close cousin OTL show various states of despair, but slightly different types. After discussing with a friend, we’ve concluded that it’s less the amount of despair that’s different between the two, but rather the expression of it. In “orz” the person is sorta curled/collapsed in on themselves, whereas “OTL” is much more dramatic, sorta slamming their hand on the ground. Like so:

Hope this illustrates the “orz” and “OTL” LOOOOOL


“I got called a plant—once. It was awful, oh my god.”
“I got called a plant—twice. I win. Step up your game, loser.”

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