'or maybe things just didn't go as expected.'

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I'm disappointed with all the "Tell, Don't Show" approach that this game has. (I expected them to actually show ALL the damage Eggman has done. I'm also perturbed that he wasn't really hammy about the whole thing; gloating, a dystopia that has his face everywhere, maybe a few Mobians actually being loyal to Eggman like Infinite was...) Certain things just didn't feel motivating, giving you a drive to keep going.


Like, what is GUN doing? What were Shadow and Rouge doing during the months that Sonic was kept captive and tortured? For a world that’s been dominated nearly 100%, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of his “personal touch” i.e What you mentioned, his visage. Where did Silver come from? Is this Classic Sonic one in the same as the Mania incarnation (Though to be fair, Mania’s title theme riff plays when he first appears. Which hints that he is)?

And why the HELL was Tails lounging-around and wangsting about what happened to Sonic!? Is this really the same child that was faced with Sonic’s death TWICE right in the face yet still pulled himself together to rectify shit?

Forces’ story and characterization is the very definition of a mixed bag and a missed opportunity. And it’s disappointing that it’s premise didn’t even come anywhere close to living up to it’s potential.

quick question cause it feels like I’m going insane:

so, I’m just packing my bag, getting ready to leave, shoes already on. my back is annoyingly painful=>sensitive today. my grandmother comes downstairs, my back’s towards her, she passes me (which is an expected contact), then turns around and puts her hand on my shoulder. I twitch, startled (painful shoulder + unexpected contact=?!). she starts full on raging, screaming, shouting, throwing things around… I grab my bag and run.

now in hindsight I… idk, did I do something wrong? was her reaction in any way warrantable?

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Dom!Hux freaking out when he realizes he has romantic feelings for Kylo. The last relationship Kylo had was with a manipulative creep who got his hands on him when he was too young, Kylo didn't even know what proper aftercare was before Hux. That and it's such an unprofessional thing. It hurts so damn much that Hux ends up going to Phasma, another dom and his only real friend, for help.

Hux expected this to last a night, maybe a couple of weeks at the most. He’d never consider it lasting for as long as it has and with every passing day he gets more need to see Kylo and not just to have sex but to simply be in his company. Unprofessional is an understatement. He feels disappointed in himself because this has never happened to him before. All the rest of his subs were usually just one night stands or a weeks contract. He’d never planned a long term relationship when he first met Kylo.

And Hux sort of feels bad for him as much as he hates doing so. The guy lives in a shitty apartment with his two friends (Poe and Finn, totally dating and Kylo’s hates that because he and Poe dated in high school), he’s got a bratty little fifteen year old sister and parents who keep pressuring him to settle down. And then on top of all that he doesn’t work so he has no money. Not to mention the fact that he’s been abused and made vulnerable by the completely jerk that is his ex boyfriend. He was seventeen when he started to date that man. Seventeen and his life taken from him. Hux hates feeling like this towards him. He realises that he wants to help and lo- no he can’t admit that yet.

So he turns to Phasma. They’ve been friends for as long as he can remember. She’s always been supportive and kind to him no matter what he’s gotten himself into. She’s just like him in so many ways and yet they’re so different. He couldn’t ask for anyone else. The first thing he asks her is if she’s ever been in love, more specially with her sub. And she replies that she hasn’t and then asks him why. He hates to answer. Tries no to say it, doesn’t want to but he can’t help it.

“Because I think I’m falling in love with mine.” He says and she laughs. “You’re not serious, right?” But he is and she sees it almost immediately that he’s not messing around here. So what does she tell him to do? Just go for it. Simple as. Because to her love is a wonderful thing so why not? It’s not the most helpful advice but he still acknowledges it, and quite soon he finds himself outside Kylo’s apartment with a bouquet of flowers and asking “how about a date tonight?”

Also if you want more of this au, @ofamaranthlie wrote an amazing fic!

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Part 1)So I saw your Galra!Keith headcanons, and I'd like to add to them. Imagine if baby Galra take a lot longer to wean off of milk and soft foods than human children, so what if baby Galra teeth are less pointy than their second set. Their second set come in a lot pointier and sharper so they can chew tougher food more easily. So also I recently learned that kittens have baby teeth, and when they lose them, they usually swallow them. And they grow back very quickly.

Part 2)So picture this: Keith is with his first foster family, when one of his teeth falls out. The parents are so excited until he opens his mouth and HALF HIS TEETH ARE GONE! And they ask where his teeth went and he just says, completely straight faced, “I swallowed them.” They tell him to stop swallowing his teeth, and by the end of the day he’s lost all his teeth and has dentist appointment for the next day.

part 3)That night he goes to the parents room to complain that his mouth hurts. One of them turns on their phone for light. Keith’s eyes do the reflecty thing, and he kinda sneers the way you do when you get hit with unexpected light. So, while half asleep, all they see is this demon eyed six year-old bearing his half grown fangs at them. And they just scream. 

Oh my god this is So Good. So good man. I haven’t gone into it a lot, but I do picture Keith’s Galra traits causing some pretty significant trouble with his foster families. Incidents like these do Not a happy family make. 

And what do you think when something like that happens? Obviously your brain thinks “Not human” and as much as you want to dismiss that notion, (he’s just a Kid) Glowing eyes and fangs are hard to reason with, and you can’t quite shake that awful doubt, and you can’t quite bring yourself to not be afraid of this kid you let into your home.

Odd instances like that, as well as more subtle ones, probably contributed to him being bounced around just as much as his behaviour issues did. He probably learned to cover up little things like that early on the same way any little kid learns to hide things that make them different, just because they don’t want to be hurt. So when he finally does end up with team Voltron, it doesn’t occur to him to add these things up and consider that he might be something other than human, to stop hiding and start asking questions, because it’s just second nature at that point.

Young Keith probably got a pretty unshakable reputation for being “creepy” no matter how many times he ended up changing schools, and that was based mostly on innocent things like being quiet and not very emotive with dark eyes and hair. The few times something genuinely unsettling came up? Well, he just can’t risk it happening again.

(He probably has a pretty big sore spot involving being called anything to do with creepy, and that’s definitely going to blow up in Lance’s face at some point)

Tomco Headcanons

-Marco gets tickets to Love Sentence for him and Tom, as a totally brotonic thank you for the Mackey Hand thing, but they end up sharing their first kiss during the finale performance of “Too Little Too Late”, after laughing about the irony and singing along
-start hanging out regularly after that
-Tom’s dumbass life coach keeps screwing everything up to the point where Marco, in a fit of frustrated bragging, claims he could do a better job as Dr Marco PhD
-ends up getting really invested in researching actual demon psychology from a library that Star found in another dimension, where they have sources for literally EVERYTHING
-finds out that not only is a demon’s anger necessary, but helps them harness their powers in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. the only caveat is that it can consume them completely if they don’t exercise mental checks and balances to keep it at a manageable level, which is what Tom should’ve been learning instead 
-Marco shares this discovery with Tom and starts helping him find healthy ways to be the true DEMON he should be, instead of the average human he was trying to be
-Tom fires Brian, but keeps the bunny. he’s really grown attached to the little thing
-soon becomes much more centered and in control, only after a short month of training with Marco, and now can actually get angry without losing himself, even taking pleasure in a therapeutic rage smite like other demons
-his possessive feelings towards Star also disappear, much to his amazement, like a huge weight has been lifted from his heart
-probably helps that he and Marco have been smootch buddies this whole time
-even trying polynesian
-neither of them really want to admit anything about feelings, so just resign themselves to a close-friends-with-benefits title
-Marco still argues that his crush on Jackie comes first, and he read that sexual releases can help demons to focus their energies, so defends that it’s mostly for Tom’s benefit rather than his own urges
-Tom just doesn’t want to screw up the only great, stable friendship he’s ever had
-Star calls bullshit and, once she’s past the my-ex-and-my-bestie-are-hooking-up weirdness, decides extreme matchmaking intervention is in order
-tries EVERY not-so-subtle chance she gets to pair them off together
-even going on fake double dates just to ditch them in the movie theater
-or park
-or bubble lounge
-or romantic dimension where couples go just to make out
-eventually Marco’s like STAP and Tom actually talks to her about it
-Star, surprised by his maturity and actual ability to rationalize his thoughts towards Marco’s feelings and the uncertainty of his own, rethinks her hastiness and realizes just how GOOD they are for each other
-decides to play the long con instead
-gives them their space but still organizes little ways to nudge Marco or Tom into opening up to each other, especially about each other
-eventually BIG SCHOOL DANCE happens
-Marco tries and fails desperately to ask Jackie out
-Tom, even though they’ve still been intimate, is supportive of Marco going for it, trying to help him succeed with each new plan
-after all they’re just FRIENDS
-however, the Big Day looms nearer and Jackie ends up getting asked out by someone else, whom she says yes to
-Marco is crushed
-Star huffs about it, knowing the OBVIOUS answer to his problems, but doesn’t want to pressure him 
-so instead calls Tom
-convinces him no it won’t ruin ANYTHING if you just go with him, come on, you can go with friends to dances it’s better than him just moping around the house watching karate marathons and bingeing on Sad Marco Nachos
-but still makes him bring his boom box, for reasons Tom
-which is how Tom wound up in Marco’s living room, holding a boom box above his head, blasting Love Sentence’s “Girl, Don’t be Sad, Let’s go Stag” at top volume while a pajama-clad Marco drops all his nachos in shock and Star’s eyes grow way too dilated in excitement behind them
-so Tom and Marco go have a grand ball (get it) of a time and even when they run into Jackie and her date later in the evening, Marco surprisingly doesn’t… feel all too bad… about missing his chance with her
-because he realizes, while watching Tom hex the punch bowl to never quite fill any glass all the way to the top, laughing along when they spot someone’s frustration and catch each other’s eyes, maybe he took a much more important chance instead

next part here

Update : there’ll eventually be 2 versions for my new comic. There’s a lot of potential in the “outliving” theme for Carmilla and Laura and I’m struggling to choose where I want it to go. So I’ll just post one and maybe post an alternate ending. 

*whispers* if you are expecting one of the two ending to be a happy one, I’m gonna be direct with you : don’t.

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Grant always comes through lol. I should also note Grant is a bit more hyper aware of this kind of thing cause fans constantly jump down his throat on twitter for spoiling things for them. I remember last year Grant tweeted out something like "Just read episode 21 of season 2. Super intense and emotional". A fan literally responded to that tweet "WAY TO GO AND SPOIL THINGS FOR US" and Grant replied "Dude come I didn't give anything away". Let the man LIVE people lol.

I mean, I guess he’s barely tweeted about the show lately, so maybe people didn’t have the expectation of being spoiled, but honestly, whenever you follow a celeb who is somewhat active on SM, you run the risk of spoilers. Hell, spoilers are why I bother to follow certain accounts. 

Anyway, I am accepting the pinned tweet as an apology LOL

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(modern AU) Dayn hadn't expected Nienor to show up at his place this morning, but it wasn't like he was busy. He rather liked having her drop by; she was sweet, friendly and pretty. On the other hand, he hadn't expected to keep noticing that last bit; he still didn't usually pay attention to girls. But if she was going to wear floaty little summer dresses how was he supposed to /not/ notice? Finally he muttered, as they cleared out his kitchen shelves (a job he kept putting off) "You look good."

She had heard he needed help with some home stuff; or maybe she just guessed, since he was very good at procrastinating such things. It was no like she had anything else to do anyway. After throwing her back and jacket on the chair, Ninny chatted with him a bit before moving to the kitchen to help with the cabinets. 

A small giggle fell from her lips, and she looked up at Dayn from under thick lashes, “Thanks, you do to– Still going to the gym on a hourly basis?” she jested with a grin. 

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I've been friends w my best friend for three years and yesterday she texted me that she wanted to have other friends and didn't want to be friends anymore :/

dude I’m so sorry :/ sometimes losing a friend is the hardest thing to have to go through but you know maybe it was for the best. if they don’t want to be your friend then they aren’t a very good friend. just know that it’s not your fault and sometimes things happen like this and it’s just an opportunity for your life to get better…new friends will come along when you least expect it and they’ll be exactly what you need…sometimes you just grow out of friendships and there’s nothing you can do :/ best of luck dude