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Everything Has Changed (Part Three)

Summary: In which everything changes when you discover Bucky’s true feelings for you in a very unconventional manner.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,540

Part Two

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“Y/N?” A knock at the door accompanies the voice that just spoke, bringing a smile to your face. It’s a welcome distraction from staring at the wall, which you’ve been doing for four hours straight. There’s not much to do when you’re not allowed out of your bed. “Are you awake?”

“Come in,” you call back, propping yourself up against a few pillows. It takes some effort and your body rebels against the movement, but you grit your teeth and swallow back your groans. All the aches and pain are worth it. They prove that you’re okay. That you, unlike Antoine, are still alive.

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Date the wolf who looks ferocious and terrifying and huge, but brings you the clumsily-made flower-crowns he made for you. Some of the flowers are unnaturally huge, and seem to have been torn by his claws, but the care put into the crown is obvious. Date the wolf who takes a human form just for you, despite the discomfort he feels in said form. Date the wolf who is touch-starved from living alone in the woods, who loves to hold your hands in his paws and kiss them. Who’s clumsy and isnt always aware of his own strength, but is always gentle with you. He’d never harm you, no matter what form he takes. He loves you with all his heart.

EOS - Target Edition short story

Months before Aelin reclaimed her identity as the long-lost Queen of Terrasen, she still called herself Celaena Sardothien - and was trained to wield her rekindled magic by a Fae Prince in a mountain fortress of Wendlyn…
Despite their rough beginning, Aelin and Rowan have finally formed a solid friendship, based on mutual respect, trust, and more than a bit of banter. But just when their bond begins to shift into something neither of them quite anticipates - something far deeper - the fortress of Mistward receives a visit from three Fae nobles. And one of them claims some very, very personal ties to Rowan himself.
Read on for an exclusive deleted scene from Heir of Fire, in which Aelin gets her first glimpse of the Fae nobility of Doranelle, and a bit more of Rowan’s history is revealed to her … with fiery consequences.

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Iconography of the Ainur

It’s pretty common for deities or saints to have certain symbols attached to them for artistic or teaching purposes, especially in preliterate societies or places with low literacy. So it seems a pretty reasonable idea that the Ainur had their own symbols developed by the elves and later adopted and modified by the Edain.  (The dwarves have no such parallel system. Language and writing have such a sacred character to them that calligraphic inscriptions serve this purpose.)

The pre-sundering elves of Cuivienen created the oldest symbols, and those continue to be used among the Moriquendi and the elves of Middle-earth. From these ancient symbols, the Amanyar elves developed a complex system to help identify the subject of an image in their art, such as the number and placement of figures, their gestures, setting and objects that appear with them. 

The Valar have a particularly standardized set of iconography associated with them. When the image is an Ainur’s humanoid form, they have a nimbus of radience or a crown of stars surrounding their head. The icon can take the place of the Vala it represents, or simply be a sign of influence or presence. The most common symbol type is animal.

  • Manwë - an eagle, a cloud, or a wind. Eönwë is specifically represented as a falcon, and other maiar as other birds of prey active during the day.
  • Varda - stars, of course, but occasionally an owl, a noctural bird of prey to match her husband’s eagle, or rarely a bat (Amanyar only, used only during the Years of the Trees). Ilmarë and her other handmaidens use a cat, ocelot, or leopard.
  • Aulë - an anvil or a smith’s hammer, raw crystals; his only animal symbols are corvids like crows or ravens
  • Yavanna - It would be inappropriate to represent Yavanna with any animal, since they feed on her plants. Instead elven artists use ripened wheat or fair trees with straight trunks. Some pollinators, like bees may be used. Yavanna’s maiar are animals that eat only nuts or fruits, the rationale being that they are helping the tree disperse its seeds.
  • Ulmo - Use of an animal symbol for Ulmo is unusual; most commonly he is a tall, foam-crested wave. But when an animal is used, large predatory fish, squid or octopus are common. No animal that must surface to breathe can be used. Ossë’s symbol is a Killer Whale, an Uinen has dolphins & porpoises. For his other maiar, various water-going animals that cannot breathe in the water are used, like whales, seals, or sea turtles.
  • Namo/Mandos - Using any living thing to represent the Vala of death is taboo. A pair of scales, an animal skull, or an hourglass are his symbols. For his maiar, the elves created a race of special mythological creatures: black coated, predatory animals with bare skulls as their heads and ghost lights in place of eyes. 
  • Vairë - Her symbol has quite the history. Her ancient, original symbol is the spider and spiderweb, but those fell out of use among the Amanyar and Sindar thanks to Ungoliant and her spawn. The Avari, Nandor and their Silvan descendents continued to use it until spiders began to plague Mirkwood. The spider was replaced by symbols of weaving like the loom, shuttle, and spindle.
  • Irmo/Lórien - He has several. The butterfly or moth, because they are animals that metamorphose from one form to another, and the Gardens of Lórien are filled with them. Colorful frogs, especially poisonous ones. Peacocks, for the ‘eyes’ on their feathers. Poppy flower, for its narcotic properties.
  • Estë - the serpent, for her role as healer. The turtle or lotus as representations of her island where she sleeps.
  • Melian - nightingale 
  • Nienna - a teardrop or tear tracks. White or grey doves. For the Amanyar, elephants, because they can cry and feel grief for a lost family member.
  • Oromë - a horse or a hound. He is a rare case of a repeated symbol; a falcon or hawk is also used, but it must be hooded or jessed as when used in falconry. Oromë’s maiar are most often represented by animals that hunt in packs, like wolves or lions, sometimes solitary predators. They are always predators.
  • Vána - flowers or songbirds, and hummingbirds who drink from flowers.
  • Tulkas - the boar, bull, or ram. Implements of war may be used, but since Tulkas is famous as a wrestler, are less common.
  • Nessa - a doe, hare, or gazelle. Among the Edain, she gained the symbol of the Horned Doe, a doe with a buck’s horns.
  • Tilion and Arien have special symbolic markings of their own. Tilion is always crowned with the moon (which moon phase varies), as Arien is crowned with the sun.
  • Melkor: We do not speak his name, we do not write his mark
  • Mairon/Sauron: too many Eyes

In this video, the Slow Mo Guys prove that pouring molten copper in slow motion is every bit as satisfying as one would imagine. Because they pour the metal from fairly high up, they get a nice break-up from a jet into a series of droplets; that’s due to the Plateau-Rayleigh instability, in which surface tension drives the fluid to break up into drops. Upon impact, the copper splashes and splatters very nicely, forming the crown-like splash many are familiar with from famous photos like Doc Edgerton’s milk drop. The key difference between the molten copper and any other liquid’s splash comes from cooling; watch closely and you’ll see some of the copper solidifying along the edges and surface of the fluid as it cools. In this respect, watching the molten copper is more like watching lava flow than seeing water splash. (Video and image credit: The Slow Mo Guys)


YOI x Avex Pictures Chara Sets (AnimeJapan 2017)

Original Release Date:
March 2017

Featured Characters (3 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri

Exclusive to the AnimeJapan consumer show, these sets include beautiful original illustrations of the main trio in clear file, can badge, and acrylic key holder form! The flower crowns are <33333

More from the Avex Pictures series!

Les Amis: Cosette

She gazed at the butterflies on the flowers, but did not catch them; gentleness and tenderness are born with love, and the young girl who cherishes within her breast a trembling and fragile ideal has mercy on the wing of a butterfly. She wove garlands of poppies, which she placed on her head, and which, crossed and penetrated with sunlight, glowing until they flamed, formed for her rosy face a crown of burning embers.


babaktafreshiSeeing aurora Is on the bucket list of every traveler. I’m fortunate to enjoy many nights in the past 2 decades imaging these dancing lights dress in pastels of colors, from Antarctica to Arctic. After my recent photo workshop in Iceland I spent more nights imaging the lights due to high aurora activity in late March. There is nothing like relaxed watching of these lights in a dark sky. Aurora is a master fine art painter when it is in storm level, creating the crown (aurora corona) at zenith, with ever changing forms and colors. The second part of the video shows the spectacular crown formed that night. The music is by sound artist @alirainimusic
If you wonder where & when to see the lights, read my article “7 Magical Places to View Auroras” on natgeotravel.com or google “aurora natgeo”

Peter x Reader: Reunited

Prompt/ask: Anonymous asked: You should do a Peter x Reader one where they’re both so mad at each other, they end up making out kinda like the argument he and Cas had in PC when returning from Miraz’ castle.

Word count: 701

Warnings: Slight angst 

Setting: Golden Age

When the small creaking of the gates being opened sounded through the castle, you knew who it was almost instantly. Everyone did.

You set your book by the windowsill calmly, rising from your seat. 

You were delighted yet justifiably infuriated by the return of Peter Pevensie. In the months Peter had been away, not a single letter arrived on the steps of Cair Paravel. Not a single word or reassurance that your husband-to-be was still alive. 

But the sound of heavy footsteps now ascending the marble stairs disproved your worries-while simultaneously making your anger surge.

 A small knocking came from your chamber door, just as you had expected.

 As you turned your head reluctantly, the deep blue eyes of Peter Pevensie met your own. A smile formed on his lips instantly. He set his crown on the mantle above the small fireplace by the door without hesitation, not breaking eye contact.

Peter’s smile slowly began to fade as he became aware of the look on your face. He parted his lips, almost in pain, and let out a small sound that sounded vaguely like  “I’m sorry.” He straightened his shoulders.


You shook your head, a small buildup of tears beginning to form in your eyes, partly from relief and partly from frustration. 

How could you?” You uttered in the softest of tones. “I thought…we all thought…” 

“Well, I’m here, aren’t I?” Peter said, almost casually, his smile appearing again as he took a step towards you. 

“Yes Peter, you are. You’re here, and yet-” You paused to let out a small, harsh laugh, “You aren’t really here at all.”

 Peter looked puzzled.

 “You know,” You began in a cold tone, taking a few steps towards him as your anger built up, “When none of us heard from you, your brother began to think about planning a memorial.” Your expression stiffened as you saw Peter looking confused as ever. 

“Well?” You inquired, almost in a shout, as if waiting for Peter’s response. He said nothing, but you could see him starting to get more frustrated himself. You shook your head violently, taking a sharp breath. “What were we supposed to think when you didn’t send a sign? When you didn’t contact us? What were we supposed to think when you, Peter, specifically told us to start worrying only after six weeks had passed without hearing from your army?” 

Peter opened his mouth to speak, but you interrupted almost instantly. “I have been waiting for you for 16 bloody weeks, Peter Pevensie!” You yelled, a sob making your voice crack slightly. 

“I was at Battle, for Aslan’s sake!” Peter exclaimed finally, his tone rising above your own. “What did you want me to do-write little letters to home every day? Oh yeah, let me jot down a little summary of my day as I plan the attack on countless neighboring regions!”

“Well then maybe you shouldn’t have promised me a letter!”

 Peter started taking short strides towards you now, fuming with each step. “Why are you so eager to see me after all? You have my brother to satisfy your needs, don’t you?” You saw a small tear running down his hollowed cheek as the anger continued to build in both of you. “Why wouldn’t you just forget about me, when you believed I was gone?” 

You growled lowly, your anger mixing with sobs of relief and sadness. You had finally had enough. As if by instinct, the two of you suddenly had your arms at the other’s waist. 

Without another word, Peter was leading you to the large oakwood wardrobe in the center of the room, pushing you against it in the most delicate yet passionate way. You could feel the intricate designs carved into the wood on your back as Peter’s hands rested at your side.

 Neither of you knew what was happening, but all you felt was a pair of cold, rough lips against your own and a stabilizing hand at your waist. And suddenly, all at once, every sense of anger you felt was replaced by pure relief to have Peter back, to feel those lips against yours yet again.

You had to admit, you missed your King.

The Gatewatch Have Failed Each Task So Far

There’s been a lot of talk on my feed about how the Gatewatch are just waltzing through the challenges they face like a home-made banner at a pep rally. While they are all currently whole in body, and the perceived threat from each plane is no longer actively threatening, follow me down this line of thought.

The Gatewatch have failed at what they have set out to do, every time.

Their name is synonymous with failure.

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Land of Scales: Shore Iguanadon

“Shore Iguanadon are the first encounters of many of those stranded on this island, other than the hungry marine reptiles in the water. Around the size of a large cow, these often lazy reptiles rarely move, chewing on seaweed and coral they’ve aquired in the water. Their time spent digesting makes them noisy and smelly, "burping” every so often in a awful bellow.

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Flower Crown Queen - Loki x Reader

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The sun hung high in the sky like a glistening gem above you. The grass beneath you was soft and dry, your flowing robes spread around you were overlapped with his.

Loki’s fingers were intertwined with yours, his thumb tracing patterns over the back of your hand.

“You’re my queen.” He smiled, pressing a soft kiss to your fingers.

“Am I, my King?” You asked teasingly, propping yourself up on his chest.

“Always.” He murmured, the sunlight giving his eyes an aetheric glow. He brushed a thumb across your forehead, “And now you have a crown.”

A tiara of silver flowers formed across your forehead, the silver flowers weaving into delicate patterns with Loki’s gentle touch. You couldn’t help but gasp, which caused Loki to smile. “Stunning.”

“You need one too.” You stated.

“I am no King.” He said, a tint of bitterness scarcely hidden under his affectionate tone.

“You’re my King.” You moved off him and started to pick the pretty wild flowers around the clearing. They were purple and yellow, red and pink, large and small. You weaved them together between your fingers to make him a headpiece as he watched with a hint of a smirk.

When you were finished, you mock curtsied to him, “Your Highness.” You placed the floral crown gently on his head, he smiled at you, brushing a thumb across your cheekbone.

“My Flower Crown Queen.”




A dik-dik is the name for any of four species of small antelope in the genus Madoqua that live in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa. Dik-diks stand about 12–15.5 inches at the shoulder, weigh 6.6–13.2 pounds, and can live for up to 10 years. Dik-diks are named for the alarm calls of the females. In addition to the females’ alarm call, both the male and female make a shrill, whistling sound. 

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Temple of the God Horus at Behdet (Edfu):
the west side of the “Court of Offerings” (that is the Forecourt) with its twelve columns, view from the entrance-gate of the Pronaos. On the foreground, one of the two statues of Horus in His form of sacred falcon (wearing the Double Crown) flanking the entrance-gate of the Pronaos.
On the top left, the north face of the west tower of the Pylon

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Hii hii if you could, would you do SFW oneshot of high school student bad boy nyx falling for average high student female reader. He makes subtle hints but she doesn't get it, until note drops out of his pocket and she sees it, reads it. Turns out she did like him but didn't want to get rejected so she never asked. If you could thank you very much >\\\u\\\<

A.N: Oooh, sure thing! :) Here you go! First request from my new set of requests done! I adored writing this one! <3 :D Thanks for sending this in love! As always, if you have trouble viewing under the cut, copy and paste the permalink int your mobile internet browser <3

Tagging pals: @blindbae, @alicemoonwonderland, @cupnoodle-queen, @nifwrites, @hypaalicious, @louisvuittontrashbags, @diabolik-trash-heap, @ridingchocobros, and @itshaejinju :)

You’re Kinda Cool (Nyx x Fem!Reader SFW High School AU)

Nyx Ulric was the type of student who you would expect to find loitering outside the school gates, dressed messily in his half done-up uniform one hour after the school bell had rung signalling the beginning of the school day. He wore his hair in unique braids, and his stormy blue eyes hinted at the promise of a troubled young soul.

Most people who wanted to do something good with their lives preferred to stay away from Nyx Ulric.

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Jewellery vocabulary

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jewellery - bijuterie, bijuterii (f)

  • jewelry box - cutie de bijuterii (f)
  • bracelet - brățară, brățări (f)
  • anklet - brățară de picior (f)
  • wristwatch - ceas de mână, ceasuri de mână (n) - it can be reduced to only ceas
  • clip - clips, clipsuri (n)
  • earrings - cercel, cercei (m) 
  • necklace - colier, coliere (n)
  • chain - lanț, lanțuri (n) - also using the diminutive forms lănțișor, lănțișoare 
  • beads - mărgele (f) - from sg. mărgea
  • pearls - perle (f) - from sg. perlă
  • pendant - pandantiv, pandantive (n) 
  • medallion - medalion, medalioane (n)
  • ring - inel, inele (n) 
  • engagement ring - inel de logodnă (n) 
  • wedding ring - verighetă, verighete (f)
  • men’s ring - ghiul, ghiuluri (n)
  • tiara - tiară, tiare (f)
  • crown - coroană, coroane (f) - also using the diminutive forms coroniță, coronițe for the ones worn by women
  • hairpin - ac de păr, ace de păr (n) 
  • tie pin - ac de cravată, ace de cravată (n)
  • cufflink - buton, butoni (m) - possibly found as buton/butoni de manșetă too
  • brooch - broșă, broșe (f) 
  • stone - piatră, pietre (f) 
  • diamond - diamant, diamante (n)
  • link - verigă, verigi (f)
  • clasp - închizătoare, închizători (f)

Note: I added the plural forms for this set, considering that many have troubles with them. In case I have forgotten something or you want me to add other words, please say so. Same if you find any mistakes. Thank you.

Reasons why Hades kidnapped his wife that one time:

1) “Bro, listen, chicks dig guys who take charge of the situation, just ask Hera! Now, go there and haul her off to the underworld, I’m sure she’ll LOVE IT!”

2) Wanted to start a normal conversation with her but got too nervous to talk, didn’t want her to think he was a creep or something, panicked, and decided the only logical way for him to salvage the situation was to kidnap her.

3) Hades was taking his complimentary stroll trough Enna when he finds himself with 110 pounds of a woman in his arms. “Quick, she’s not looking, bring me ANYWHERE BUT HERE!” The woman orders, and Hades can’t help but comply.

4) He was taking his dog outside for a walk, met Persephone, and she fell in love so much with them she simply HAD to follow them to the underworld. And For them, I mean Cerberus.

5) Persephone was making flower crowns in the clearing by making flowers sprout and then start weaving them herself. Hades, not to be outdone, joins her and start doing the same. Except he can’t grow flowers for shit and starts growing precious gems instead. Kore discovers Hades is Also a god associated with wealth other than being a huge dork who weaves flower crowns made out of rubies in the form of flowers, and from that moment she’s #SOLD.

6) Hades and Persephone knew each other from before, and already felt something for one another. Hades asked permission to her father to marry her, as it was custom, which he granted, and then partook in the ancient ritual of the kidnapping of the bride.