Okay so at McDonald’s while eating french fries and ice cream I began to think about Voltron because you know, who doesn’t? So in my head I began to create a theory in my head about all of the homesickness coming from Hunk, Lance, and Pidge.

What if it was like near Winter Break and they were about to go home in maybe like one or two weeks? It would explain the simulations which might be like an exam of some sort or preparing for the exams. This would also kind of explain Keith wearing a jacket since some parts of Arizona remain fairly cool (on the belief that the 50s- 70 is cool).

Now think about Pidge preparing to go see their mother and keep her from spending more time without her family for holidays. She had the stockings lined up and the gifts under the tree only to have no one come home and the gifts unwrapped.
Think about Hunk being miles away from his warm sandy beaches and huge family waiting for him. He’s ready for all the poi, poke, lomi salmon, opihi, haupia, and the Kalua pig. But he’s missing it all.
Think about Lance so eager to go to home to his family and start celebrating on Noche Buena. Not only is he missing his family, he’s also missing being surrounded by all the people in his neighborhood. He’s been craving buñuelos since Halloween. But all of that is gone for all he knows.