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Hollstein Fanfic Rec (Feb 22 - March 27, 2017)

*Listed chronologically by last updated


  • Distant Worlds - MMORPG AU.  Smut
  • The Mediator - Ghost Smut ayyyy.  Laura can see the dead.
  • Common Ground - Laura and Carmilla are assholes to each other upon meeting.  Hate/Love.  Smut.
  • August to November - Another hate at first sight.  
  • i know your face all too well (still i wake up alone) - Her AU with a promise of Hollstein end game.  Mild smut.
  • All Or Nothing - Carmilla and Laura are ex-wives who find themselves remarried after a wild night in Vegas.  Smut.
  • Night Out - One-Shot.  Hollstein are thirsty for each other while out for dinner with Laf and Perry.  Smut
  • hold me by the heart - One-shot.  Canon compliant for episode 3.22.  Smut.
  • In Every Universe - “After Carmilla dies unexpectedly, a distraught Laura receives help from the gods and goes on a mission to make sure that they meet and fall in love in every universe”
  • Tempest - One-shot.  Domestic married Hollstein.  Smut.

Recently updated fics I’m still reading since last rec:

anonymous asked:

What are you afraid of, Klutz?

and also Ground types

literally almost every anti-ks/’discourser’ blog is just

one brave soul hears word of a webcomic called killing stalking that’s only been referred to as ‘bad’. so they venture off to read it. they cant make it pass the first chapter as they were offended by woo calling bum a faggot (sorry i meant f*ggt) or something. they return to tumblr dot com with tears in their eyes and a horrendous tale to tell. ‘its bad’ they proclaim. hushed murmurs begin to fill the room as the crowd wonders of the horrors that have been seen. all of their followers whisper and nod in agreement to one another. despite never actually reading it,, they were too afraid too,, they could all simply come to one final conclusion. 'its bad’ their followers repeat in a chorus. koogi is then crucified and burned on a stake. 

“Rejection hurts, doesn’t it?”

It’s okay, Ardyn. Everyone knows you’re just jealous 😉

(Would you guys mind if I started posting my FFXV fanarts on tumblr too? I was originally intending to just keep them to Pixiv…)

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Yeah, the first anon about Louis and Luke came a few weeks ago, like two weeks ago it think, saying they were going for Xarry 2.0 with them and then Emma got another anon before the blind article. Yesterday the article was published after the pap pics were Louis was with Luke and the others and then now the photos of them sharing clothes. I think this is the timeline.

WTF?! So are they making this a thing?? alw4ys-you said she got anons 2 weeks ago saying they was gonna be a Louis/Luke push like the Xander one. Now there is the blind, and on the same day pap pics showing Luke wearing Louis’ jacket?? Are they really fucking doing this???? Isnt it enough that he has a baby and a gf right now?? 

the jacket sharing was deliberate, Louis is the star and he was feeling cold in those pictures. who do you think articulated this pairing and pap walk? I don’t believe it to be true btw but I do believe it was an action of PR

Yeah I saw anons doing rounds about it before I even knew there was a blind. I think lads-laddylads got one anon about it on Saturday/yesterday

I was more prone to laugh this all off until I learned the anons started making the rounds before the Blind. Yet again, this is so laughable, really, that I don’t even know how we’re supposed do react! Dude has a son and 3 girls around, my god.

Anyway, I’ll personally just chill and wait, as I always do. If it’s meant to be something (and with something I mean a very small hint/push, like Xander at most), we’ll get more from Blind Gossip (which seems to be the informal mouthpiece for this half assed houie attempt) and another spotting or two.