'omg sameee'

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Hi, which design of Sakura you like, with longer or shorter hair? Mine's the longer one. Especially in the gaiden flashbacks, she is a perfect mix of Tsunade's beauty and Itachi's aura, just divine! That's why i never want SP to animate it.

Omg sameee <3 That hairstyle and calm aura that reminds Itachi. But the affective part tsunade <3 I thought I was the only one

Also I love how strong the mamavibes is with her hairstyle like this. She is enchanting

As for me I love all both short and long hair on her <3 she is just beatiful in anything

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the Son of Mine series by @ballvvasher is literally so good I highly recommend it I'm always waiting every week for that new chapter and I never want it to end I LOVE IT

OMG sameee!!! I love all the domesticity and Hux falling in love with Kylo outside of the context of them being The General and The Knight. I like them getting to know each other as people