'omg sameee'

maijahmusic  asked:

girl Y am I so attracted to scorpios 😩 it's like a disease, every time I find out a guy is a scorp he's like a 690000000% more attractive to me and I'm like "wow I feel like I have an energetic CONNECTION" Smh @ me UGH. Gemini sun/Mercury/mars in 12, Aqua moon in 8th, Cancer rising, Taurus Venus in 11th, Pisces MC, got thoughts?? Also I'm in love with Aquarius boys but don't know enough. And I've only actually ever dated capricorns (Taurus Venus) but don't like them in theory lmao I'm a mess

that’s what everyone wants to know!!! like omg sameee lmao.. relate

taurus venus opposite sign attraction??? with your 12th house stellium and moon in the 8th, it could also be that appeal of secrets and mystery. and maybe your capricorn descendant (although if you say you don’t like them much then idk lmao). or maybe you just like the scorpio archetype and whenever you find out someone’s a scorpio you’re like !!!! because like personally same