'okay ellen can read is ellen here'

me to my friends
  • me: have you watched tyler's latest video, it's hilarious
  • me: did you know that tyler was on ellen? yea he was. you should watch the episode, it's amazing
  • me: there was a new psychobabble episode yesterday, tyler and korey talked about clubbing boys with club sandwiches, I nearly got kicked out of class for laughing too much while i was listening to it
  • me: guess what? tyler wrote a book, it's called Binge, I can't wait to read it, you can preorder it at tyleroakleybook.com
  • me: tyler's coming here in september, on his tour, you've gotten tickets right, you can book them at tyleroakleytour.com so we can go together
  • me: tyler got a snapchat, it's hilarious, make sure you're following him okay
  • me: tyler was on ellen, he was on ellen, did I say that he was on ellen, i can't believe it, he was on ellen
  • me: tyler-
  • friends: okay thats enough

hi. okay, so i had this idea. i know we all have been dreaming of tyler being on ellen one day. 

i decided we should make it happen! im not kidding. ellen has a spot on her website where you can leave suggestions for her show. if we all message her talking about tyler and his channel and his prizeo campaign i think we can make it happen! that is exactly the kind of thing ellen wants on her show anyways! if enough people message saying that’s what we want to see it just might happen!!!

so go here 

attatch this picture (or anything like it):

and message her saying anything like this:

(you can talk about how passionate he is about the trevor project, or how he is a role model for the lgbtq community, or just how he is such a great person all aroud!)

GUYS I THINK WE SHOULD TRY! i sent mine in, so send your in too. and reblog this or spread the word. lets make this happen for tyler!