“They rewrite history I don’t I believe in yesterday.”

Years from now when all the Black people who have witnessed the rise and fall of hip hop culture have passed away, silenced, or sold out. White folks are going to rewrite history and tell your black children about the Glory days of hip hop culture. They are going to tell the story in their image. They will have your children glorifying these white artists who stole the culture from black artists and reclaimed it as their own. White folks will monopolize the industry that black people created and slowly push black artists out. 

This is consistent with the past. Black people created Rock N ROLL, white people stole it, and now have Black People thinking that Rock N roll is for white folks. It’s really mind-blowing to witness it as it takes place. 

Black People always want to integrate some shit with white folks. But every time we do it they somehow always end up with the ownership of it. Black people continue to fall for the same shit over and over again because we are ignorant of the past and we want to seek acceptance from White folks who only have intentions of exploitation. 

If a White person wants to claim they feel Eminem or Macklemore is the greatest rapper of all time it’s actually understandable. Only thing worst than that is GROWN ass Black Men defending Eminem talking about he’s the greatest. So what you saying is they take our shit and then do it better than us? FOH 

Post Written by @solar_innerg