'now you say killing one as motivation is okay

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Can you do a reaction when exo tells you to stop procrastinating? Please and Thankyou!

In honor of those that have English papers(Me), History projects(Me), and exams to study for(Me) and haven’t, here’s some motivation to get things accomplished instead of procrastinating :)

Xiumin: “Say bye to tumblr and go study!”

Luhan: “You’re studying? And not procrastinating …Oppa approves, bravo!”

Kris: “Kris oppa doesn’t want you to leave either but you need to go study. I can’t let you fail because of me. Saranghae.”

Suho: “If you do well on the exam, oppa will buy you something with oppa’s black card ne?”

Lay: “What do you mean you don’t want to study?!”

Baekhyun: “This is what it’s going to feel like when you fail…. It hurts…a lot.”

Chen: Gif says it all. “Agioo… you like to procrastinate?”

Chanyeol: -highly disappointed-

D.O: “So.. you’re going to not study and procrastinate?”

Tao: Gif says it all.

Kai: Gif says it all, highly motivating. “Oppa will be mad if you don’t.”

Sehun: Gif says it all. “Go Study!”

*Was this reaction okay? I hope so. Now I’m motivated to go write like five papers…. (But am I really though?) Exams are coming up or already passed for some, so remember to study! Don’t let one mistake kill your grades! Everyone Fighting!

- Admin KP

Even just sleeping on it, this flashback is bad. It makes both Regina and Snowing look bad and should feel bad for it.

That’s my issue with a lot of the more recent Snowing and Regina flashbacks. In trying to expand on their backstory and struggle against each other, it reduces what should be a rebellion against a magical tyrant into into a silly little cat and mouse game. It cheapens not only their characters but also all the lives lost during the war (fun reminder that Regina is currently sitting at three massacred villages as of 5A in addition to her other kills).

I saw one person who’s fond of the Snow Queen friendship comment that this is proof Regina never “really” wanted to kill Snow. Okay one, no, we have ample proof otherwise, but beyond that…why would someone who claims to be a fan o Regina think it’s a good idea to undermine her whole motivation? Regina orchestrated Leopold’s murder, hell, married the man in the first place, so she could kill Snow out of misplaced retribution. It was classic disproportionate evil payback. And now you want to say all those years of tyranny, all those massacred villages, all those lives ruined…and you don’t even think Regina’s motives were sincere?

Get outta here. If Regina didn’t sincerely want Snow dead, then even more of her quickly-failing Evil Queen menace gets canned.

After this sneak peak it is hard to find any respect for Regina as a magically dangerous tyrant (guards taken out in an instant, no offensive use of magic even when Snow’s group merely surrounds and does not attack) or Snowing as rebel leaders (don’t press their attack and easily let Regina get away).

That is why so any people are frustrated. We want to like these characters but the show keeps finding new ways to ruin them! Give me, idk, Regina hitting a dwarf with fireball as a distraction to then teleport away. Or the rebels going in for an attack and she teleports to safety then. Something more than “okay, Regina, b-day ruined, now we’re going to hold still so you obviously have a chance to escape and prolong this rebellion so more people get hurt.”

Seriously, why does the show want me to dislike Snowing so much? I don’t wanna! They used to be so cool!