'nothing personal.'

sorry that I’ve been a bit absent (again) from tumblr (and will continue to be). I’m still around, lurking and such, but responding to messages/replies and such is just … not something I can do right now. things with my dad have taken a nosedive and we’re basically in the ‘waiting’ stage, and on top of that, dealing with my lyme regime has left me with little to no energy for much else aside from hospital visits, scrolling this damn website that doesn’t even LOAD HALF OF THE TIME and giggling here and there at stupid memes.

I’ll be back, I swear … just wanted you all to know I’m not ignoring you :)

do i get that spiders are just out there minding their own business, trying to live their lives, and keep bug populations down? absolutely. but the second i see mr. many legs meandering abt the space i dwell in…. itendstonightbytheallamericanrejects.mp3


Delphine Cormier: a woman of her word

i think one of the worst symptoms of bpd is the lack of emotional permeance.

no matter how many good and loving people you have in your life … the second you are alone it feels like you were never loved. that it was all just a figment of your imagination and that feeling when you’re alone … the emptiness and sadness that feeds into self-hatred … that is the only reality.

and when you feel, like all borderlines feel, so goddamn intensely … people notice. & when you tell them how you feel people ask: do you really think so little of me? that i would be so heartless to forget you?

oh, sweet ones. there is no other way i know how to think. i’m sorry.